43 Years Young and Have Always Wanted Boobs! I Am 5'6" 135 Lbs and Have Always Had Small Boobs - Indianapolis, IN

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I've decided to do it!! I don't have a date yet...

I've decided to do it!! I don't have a date yet but soon. My goal is to get rid of these expensive padded bras from VS I know I'm not a 34C, I only wish! It would be great to be a nice full C that looks natural. I have had 3 children youngest is 25 and did not bf. At this time I still have tons of questions and finding Real Self very helpful!!!

I've always wanted to have a nice figure and am...

I've always wanted to have a nice figure and am tired of spending so much money on expensive padded bras, swimsuits, lingerie, etc. I've been following some great stories here on real self and it's helped me so much. I wanted to post my experience and hopefully help anyone out with any questions. I can't wait to see the progress the next 6 months and hope to share my adventure with you ladies!!!

1st day post op

I forgot to mention I decided on the 350cc silicone unders moderate plus profile. The second pic beside mine is the same and I'm hoping mine look that nice!!!

3 days post op!

They were very high at first but that was expected. It's been 4 weeks since my surgery and I'm feeling great! It was tough at first trying to sleep....I'm a side sleeper and had to sleep on my back. I did get the travel pillow that I read on another review and it helped so much! I was amazed that I had no bruising! Not much pain at all just tight of course. I just wanted to add some pics to show my progress and hope that it helps someone make their decision.

6 days post op....

More pics!

20 days post op

Starting to soften and drop a little bit!!! I love them! Had my stitches removed and scars look way better than I expected. I'm sure they will lighten and fade over time.

I did go bra shopping as I can start wearing bras at 1 month. Most of the 36 C's fit but I haven't been sized yet.

Some before pics!

Laying down

Love the little blue lace bra! Walmart 3.00 ????

2 months!!!

Thought I'd share a few pics from my 2 month Anniversary date. Everything is going great and I'm loving my new boobs! Dr. says the scars are right in the natural fold right where he wanted them. Originally he said 3 to 4 months to drop completely, they may drop a bit more he said but I wouldn't even notice. They are feeling great and getting squishy....yay! The scars are healing great also. I have a little numbness under my nipple area on both sides but I'm guessing that's still healing from the surgery. So here are a few pics I took this morning. I do think they feel softer as the day goes on.
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Very pleased with my PS he was very professional. I felt like he was confident and knew what he was doing. Just went with my gut feeling and he was great!

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