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1st day after surgery was awful. I was by myself...

1st day after surgery was awful. I was by myself all day. I basically stayed on the couch and stayed medicated. 2nd and 3rd were a little better. Now I'm on day 14 and I still have major nerve pain. They are still hard and sensitive. At least I don't have to wear that band any longer. My under arms and upper chest are sore. I hope it gets better.


I do feel better tomorrow makes 3 weeks. I can't get used to all the air moving around. I will be glad when it is absorbed. Sleeping is better the"morning boob" is minimal. Not much pain anymore. Just little zings. I have one issue that will be addressed at my next visit. A cystic lump, that was there before surgery, has moved into my nipple and that is painful. Not sure if I should aspirate or see if it moves when they settle more.


Ok. Not feeling to good about my BA. I know I'm not even a month in but I have so many issues. They look wrong to me. My nipples are to low. I am finding more cystic lumps. They are painful to touch. I don't know what to do. I don't want to be in pain. But I don't want to spend more money to have them drained all the time. I'm so depressed.


4 weeks

Well 1 month in. Still not sure about my breasts yet. Since the swelling has gone down my boobs have gotten a lot smaller. So not the size I wanted. I am disappointed. I go to my PS tomorrow and I will express my feelings and concerns. Which is the 2 inch lump that has moved in to my nipple. It hurts a lot. My breast center where I have my mammos. Said since it has been since January. I need to have a new mammogram and ultrasound since I have dense tissue. They will not aspirate the cyst until this is done. I am very disappointed in this also because my PS said that the cyst would not be a problem. If he will not aspirate this cyst for me then I am S.O.L. After spending $4500 on BA I cannot afford to have a new mammo ultrasound and aspiration on this cyst. I have stopped caffeine completely which can cause pain and aggravate the cyst and I have also started birth-control which is supposed to help shrink the cyst. I am in a rock and a hard place right now not quite sure what I can do.

New pic


I have finally found some one to aspirate my lumps that I have in both of my breasts. I hope everything goes well and they don't pop one of them. I am worried and I'm stressed out and I have to little bit anxiety.

Week 5

6 weeks

well I had my aspirations yesterday. They drained over 10. There are many more. The tech said I take the cake on the most she has ever seen. I can still feel some but hey the big one I had that was pushing through my nipple is gone ya! No more pain. Other than that things are ok. My right breast is still flat and nipple is pointing to the right. Kinda worried about it.

7 weeks post

wow 7 weeks. Already. I am still having a few issues with the lumps. They keep finding more and you still can see them through my skin. Other than that I do not have any more pain! I am so far becoming more happy with them I can still feel them which is still is a Another pic of what seven weeks looks like.

week 6 pic

week 7 pic

8 weeks

seems like it has been a struggle these past 8 weeks. I am slowly getting used to them. I try to massage them but is cause more pain at night. They look better ????. I'll keep updating.

9 weeks

Found more cysts. This getting to be such a pain. Many said be patient that I will love them and so far I don't. They are so much work. My ps says I have to wait another month before I can have my cysts drained. You can see them through my skin! It's gross. Still waiting for them to soften in the middle. I can feel the implant in the side and on the bottom of my breast. I don't have money to have them out. I am stuck. I hope everyone else has more luck than me.

9 weeks


I just got my bill ugh. Before insurance 7800.00. After insurance I owe 2500.00. This is ridiculous. For that much I should have had them removed and my boobs would go back to normal and I wouldn't feel the cysts. Oh ta I have to go back in to have more drained or i can stay this way with lumpy boobs. Removal is an option too. I have no clue what to do???????

Week 10

still not sure if I like them or not. My right one has dropped more than my left but they are even at the bottom. Are they going to be uneven if my left drops more? I hope not. They don't hurt anymore except for the cysts.

11 weeks

once again more issues. This is really getting old. I woke up Saturday morning and my right boob hurt so bad I had to take a pain pill that didn't help. Same on Sunday more pain when I woke up. I switch from a sport bra to an underwire. It has helped some. I have sleep elevated again and no side sleeping I go to my ps soon to find what the heck is going on. Also more cyst I know have one moving into my nipple area again. Ugh when will it stop !?!?

12 weeks

I go to my PS tomorrow. With once again more issues. More cysts, not setting or descending. I can still feel them they feel wrong. A lot of muscle spasms. I'm not filling out. Still feel sloshing "air". Hot flashes uhg severe pain in right breast. They slide up when I bend over. I'm so over this. I hate them!!!!


went to PS today. He told me everything was fine. My boobs are hard in the center because of my breast tissue. The implants are fine. I have another order for aspirations. Ya me. I have flexeril for my muscles ????. I really hope it's gets better at least it's not capsular contracture!

13 weeks

i had my second aspirations today. Geez those hurt well like 18 gauge needle being put in your boob. ????. Hopefully this will be the last time. Now just waiting for my boobs to become soft. I quit my underwire bra and for a loose bra. Hopefully my boobs will descend more.

14 weeks

Had another aspiration last Wednesday. Went better than last time. Hopefully no more cysts will arise. Still having pain in the morning. Can't wait for my muscles to relax. I still feel them move around especially when I bend over. Still not sure if it was worth it. Hindsight is 20/20 I would not have done this to myself.

almost 4 months

Not as much pain in the morning. Still not happy. They seem to be stuck. Not dropping anymore. One is more round and pretty the other is flat and has no volume to me. Left fills bra right does not. I knew I should have gone bigger. My surgeon said he will not go bigger. I will wait for 6 month mark. If there are no changes. I will look for a different surgeon.

almost 5 months

Happy to say that no more cysts have come to the surface. One is still higher and round. The other is flat. I go to ps on Thursday for check up. My boobs are finally in a place where there aren't in pain. But my scares itch like crazy. People probably think I'm nuts always scratching my armpits lol. I still can't wear low cut tops unless i stuff one side to make it perky like the other. Stupid. Looks a revision in my future.

5 months

Still not happy!!!!!! They are odd shaped and hard and painful. I would never recommend doing this to anyone. I hate them. I might have to go back in for revision for my left. God they still hurt in the morning and a night every time I move. This totally sux.


I do not feel I look ridiculous. The pain however has subsided. Thank god. They are still firm In the center. I don't hate them anymore. Still trying the maneuvers. But it's more than likely that I will need a revision to make my pocket bigger.

capsular contracture :(

Saw my surgeon yesterday and I have a slight contracture. so I have to keep pushing to try to make the pocket bigger for the next two months and try singular . Or I get to go in and have my implant removed pocket bigger and then implant put back in and hopefully that will work not looking forward to that not looking forward to spending anymore money on these damn things sick and tired. Wish I had never done this to myself.

wow almost 8 months

Not much of a change still don't care for them. They are not soft. I capsular contracture in my left. Which means I'm going to need more surgery. I'm torn on that. I don't want to spend anymore money cause well I don't have it. But yet I want them to look the same. Hell I'll prolly come out looking worse. Not to mention I have more cysts you can feel. Just a matter of time before they show through. This whole thing has been a nightmare. Im taking singular to help the contracture. Hope it works. I can't sleep on my stomach yet. They feel like 2 hard rocks. There is so much that the doctors don't tell you before hand. I would never have this to myself had I known what I was in for.

going on 9 months

Sad to report no change . Still confused on whether I should have surgery or not. Pushing and massages no help. Singular minimal only helped with softness. Which wasn't much.

Almost 2 years

Well almost 10 years August will make two years I still have cysts not pleasing and I'm gone to have to go back in and have them fix a lot of scar tissue in my left side so they need to clean that out and I'm going to have silicone instead of saline put in so they will be softer
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