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41 140lbs ready to get rid of stretch marks from...

41 140lbs ready to get rid of stretch marks from pregnancies...all are below navel so should all be gone with ttUpdated on 25 Nov 2011:One week until tt surgery....anxious, nervous, can't sleep. Life is comsumed about thinking of surgery and reading blogs about healing processUpdated on 25 Nov 2011:in one week it will all be over and done with and only healing to do...which is "my" part..sleeping through surgery will be easy, its the listening to your body and not doing too much that seems to get people..
making list of what all i need to be pre-surgery so i will be ready to go when friday gets here..loading up my kindle and dvr to keep me entertained once i can stay awake long enough to read or watch a program
i had my pre-op appt at hospital earlier this week...everone was very nice but the nurse asking me 1000 questions also did my vitals and had a slight temp at 99 and she was about to freak out..i felt fine and hope that is all done so i wont have my surgery post poned...that would really break my heart..i am so looking forward to this, been wanting this surgery for 6 yrs or so when i have really lost some weight..and i want to get back to running asap so i can start races in march (hopefully)
i am curious what kind of pants for post-surgery? sweatpant, yoga type pant? i want to pick up some cheapies in csse anything drains or gets on them no big expense to throw away and never want to wear those type again unless i am working out..
the one part i will hate is not showering..i hope that i can bend over ok to get my hair washed in the sink at least, no worse feeling to me than dirty grungy hair
told the hubs he would be in charge of pulling out pain pump cath and his facial expression alone was enough to tell me, i will be talking him into that, nurse said it was better to have someone else do itUpdated on 26 Nov 2011:in one week i will be at home recovering...bought some items i needed today and tomorrow need to hit kohls for some granny panties and a few more things....
wonder if pulling on and off a t-shirt, sweatshirt is doable? love my soft sweatshirts and it will be turning cold here in the next few days
realized today that my nose ring will need to come out and that may be the biggest PITA, the cartilage has grown around the stud and may need the hubs to cut it off and put in a plastic stud, the nurse said that would be ok for surgery...scared if i wait through the surgery time that the hole may close up too much to get a regular stud back in..going to tattoo store to see what they have
took a walk today thinking i wont be doing this or enjoying it as much next weekend, some realizations have set in
i need to call my ps office on monday to speak with the nurse concerning a few quesitons..esp with travel for christmas, i would be 24 days post but need to make sure if that is ok...we have a 9 hour drive to make to nc
i am so tired...been staying up too late looking up everything i can about tt's, i have done research before i decided on the surgery but now its like i cant read enough. just want to go in knowing as much as i can and feel prepared for whatever comes my way
good night and God blessUpdated on 28 Nov 2011:called my nurse to answer a few questions...she seemed to be annoyed that i had called to ask q's...just short and snippy with answers..or imo at least
got to make it through 3 more days and then it will be Friday and surgery day
need to pick up a few more pairs of sweatpants
trying to decide what to wear on surgery day that will be easy to get back on and comfy
with out wearing pjs
did pick up meds today...getting all the loose ends tied up so i can relax and only worry about the house and doing laundry..hubs likes to cook so i am not freezing any meals for him and kids
only thing i am still concerned about is having the cath when i come home and being able to sleep with that the first night..hope i can sleep tonight!!Updated on 29 Nov 2011:2 more days to go...making a list of what needs to be done at home so i dont forget most people start wearing the girdle type garment after surgery? the nurse said i wouldnt be wearing mine until the drains came out..about 2 weeks...i am worried about swelling now...thank goodness i have been able to get some sleep this week!!Updated on 30 Nov 2011:everytime i walk past a mirror i pull up my shirt and imagine what will all be gone in 2 days...i bend over to see the "hanging" part and say good bye...i hope others have done this so i am not totally off my rocker
havent had much sleep...really tired but my mind is going 100 mph thinking about surgery in 2 days..going to make the hospital payment today and it will be a done dealUpdated on 30 Nov 2011:in 48 hrs i will be at the hospital!!!!!! i am so ready and excited!!
and so happy that i found this site with women that have been there done that...and hope my posts help someone that will be having surgery
making my list for final things that need to be done
going to take some more before pics today that are more clear and diff views.the one posted was off my cell phone and quite bluryUpdated on 1 Dec 2011:holy crap less than 24 hours to go!!!!! doc office called to verify surgery and time for tomorrow!! trying to finish up some things before tomorrow.
getting my "nest" area ready also so i have all my meds, comforts, blankies, pillows and other items i will need...Updated on 1 Dec 2011:ok i am ready...cleaned the house and scrubbed my tub...wont be using it for several weeks but i had to have it nice and my nest all set up and just waiting for tomorrow...hope it is comfortable, got the recliner in the sectional fave spot to sit anyway...oh and just me freakin luck..i was supposed to start monday well guess who is early?? yep stupid mother nature decided to spend the weekend with me stupid $$$$^**(&)(*_*_Updated on 1 Dec 2011:well it is offically december tt day!! this has been in the planning for many years and now my dream will become a reality :)i have all my clothes laid out so after my anti-bacterial shower i will be all set to head to louisville and get it going...pls say a prayer, i will need them!!!!Updated on 3 Dec 2011:1 day post op and going much better than i thought it would...thee right dosage of pain meds sure do help. i am taking tylox, which has oxycodone and tylenol...the higher dosage i was hallucinating, doc was willing to go with a lesser dosage of a diff med but we decided to try one pill at a time instead of far so good...eating fine and drinking lots of liquids
getting up and sitting back down seems the worse part for me..
took big bandage off as per docs instructions and could see more of my tummy..even with the swelling i am already ecstatic..very tired so calling it a night...thanks for all the prayers and good thought you sent me wayUpdated on 4 Dec 2011:day 2 postop early...needed to potty so thought so since i was up might as well see what is going on here...
i am sore but more of a stretched muscle pulling feeling...i have ice packs on the incision site and for me that sure does help
not much of a appetite but i am nibbling on some turkey amd pineapply, chicken salad mu son made me...anyone needs to chat on the phone pls send me a mess and i will gladly give you a way to get in touch with me...
worse part is i have a nasty congested cough...well to try and cough is pure hell...thank you all for the prayers and good thoughtsUpdated on 4 Dec 2011:later day 2 post....i am doing well, getting up and down are a lot more easier than this morning..medications were give me hallucinations so he advised me to take one, still didnt help, so they called in a new rx right far so goodUpdated on 5 Dec 2011:3rd day post op and feel great...been up walking around the house...I can walk upright not hunched over!!!! Hubs pulled my pain pump out today so now i only have one drain to deal with so not too is buging me at the insicion site where it is stitched..
i am ready for a good warm shower and to relax some more...
thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers. i know they helpedUpdated on 5 Dec 2011:not sure if i had mentioned before but originally i was put on tylox but statred having hallucinations so doc said to just take one..they kept helped pain but hallucinations kept happening so he switched me to a hydrocodone. no problems with those so far...hpoe tomorrow will be down to just extra strength pain is mostly in my obliques and my insicison has a burning sensation...over all pain not what i thought it would be..i am a weinnie dealing with painUpdated on 6 Dec 2011:4 days pot op..OMG can see the biggest difference....i am happier every day that goes by...i slept most of the day. woke up and my son is on the couch and asked what he was doing and he said he just got home from school...what a good nap!!!
the drain site is being a pita, ready for it to go...still draining too red and a little too much for them to take out yet, but hopefully by end of the week..
incision looks pretty good, has started to itch, people say that is a sign of healing!!
over all going much better than i had thoughtUpdated on 9 Dec 2011:got my drain out yesterday....OMG did that freaking hurt...the nurse even numb it with a injection and some cream and it did only sting for a couple seconds but was the worse pain from all of this...
nurse commented on me walking upright, i have been since the surgery, doc came in and took a qick peak and commented, damn that looks good, so that is all i needed to hear...get to take a full fledged shower today
my incision is itchy and some internal sutures are sticking out which freak me out but over all i am doing great, was thinking yesterday what a mistake i had made.Updated on 10 Dec 2011:8 days post op and got to sleep in my own was wonderful
still not much of appetite but have to have something to not feel sick on my stomach.
i cant imagine throwin up with such a sore ab muscle, i had my first sneeze last night and PAINFUL....the lil coughs i have been able to deal with
a week of course has made a huge diff and loving my result...need to take pics today since hubs finally got me some batteries for my camers (the cell phone ones just sucked)Updated on 10 Dec 2011:posting some new pics todayUpdated on 10 Dec 2011:List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer othersUpdated on 11 Dec 2011:day 9 post op....slept like a baby all night...well i did have a xanax so that did help...woke up with a tiny bit of stiffness but 2 tylenol was all needed to handle that...can now get up from lying or seated position and feel completely normal like pre TT....such a turning point...all and all my recovery has not been bad at all..
I do have my undies lined with panty liners just so nothing rubs the incision but the incision keeps looking better and better everyday....Updated on 13 Dec 2011:wow everyday is better and better.....took a short walk to the drug store today, doing some light housework and resting this had told me to use a q-tip with hydrogen peroxide on my bb before my shower and it would help to loosen the dried blood gunk and it is all gone!!!!! looks so much better
have had a bad day with other crap going on but i just go look in mirror at my cute little tummy and it makes me smile!!!!Updated on 15 Dec 2011:had a little scare tonight, my incision looks great but one area had "opened' up some call the doc and was intructed to put a bnd aid on it...i do have a appt at 130 and will check it then....
on some good news some of my pre surg pants shorts are always fitting....plan to tak more pics later today to post..thnk you for all the support, means the world to meUpdated on 15 Dec 2011:going to see ps about a ba and lift...i am wearing blue jeans for first time in almost 2 weeks....of coourse i have my girdle thing on but my size 6 are on and i feel awesome!!!!! hopefully my 4's will fit soonUpdated on 22 Dec 2011:OMG i have had one rough week...sick on my stomach and have been in some bad pain!! i was ready to tell any and everyone that it is NOT worth it but now i am much better and wouldnt say that...just one bad week after such a good week last week..will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow, got to remember this was a major surgery and there will be up and downs of recovery
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

excedded my expectations...dr salzman takes tiime to make sure you feel comfortable...every staff person introduced themself amd always with a small.. Dr Salzman is a highly regarded surgeon that has continually worked to improve surgery techniques and less discomfort for recovery.... i had to call him over the weekend over my meds and he was the mosthelpful and understanding and didnt mind being "bothered" at home

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