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Hello there. I can't wait to schedule my tummy...

Hello there. I can't wait to schedule my tummy tuck consult!! I've got 14 more lbs to go before I will schedule it. I've lost at least 70 lbs without surgery over the last 2 years with the majority of the loss in the last year. I got up to 320 with my last pregnancy and I'm at 214.1 lbs as of this morning!! I've got a lot of excess skin and fat around my belly, especially my lower abdomen. I can't wait to get it removed so I can wear the clothes I deserve to wear after all my hard work. Plus I would like to try running/jogging but it's uncomfortable right now with the excess flab bouncing around!! I've lost inches all over including my belly but it's not getting much smaller :( I'm so looking forward to being able to see the Dr and discuss the procedure. I may also look into a breast lift but not sure I can afford both procedures right now. I'll update as I go and I plan on posting pics in the future!!

Photos at 214 lbs.

No sucking anything in like I normally do LOL. If I do, I am quite a bit flatter. The more weight I lose, the worse it looks! Have never been self conscious before, even when I was heavier, but now I hate looking at my stomach! I have some flab on my upper arms and inner thighs but that doesn't bother me NEARLY like my belly does! Can't wait til it is gone!!

TT Consult scheduled!!

I can't wait til my consult on June 7th!! I'm sure the PS is going to suggest I lose some more weight but I want a plan in place and hopefully a time frame where I can hopefully schedule the actual procedure. I'm hoping I like the PS because he's only about 20 min from my house. If we don't "click" then I will definitely schedule another consult at a different office. I'm currently 207.2 today so I'm getting closer to my goal weight which is very exciting!! I'll update after my appt!

Tummy Tuck Consult

Had my consult appointment today. I was very happy with the experience. Dr Jackson was very nice and answered almost all of my questions before I had to ask them. All of the staff I met today was very courteous and made me feel comfortable. I am looking forward to getting my surgery scheduled as soon as possible.

I scheduled my TT today!! I can't wait! November...

I scheduled my TT today!! I can't wait! November can't get here fast enough. I'm definitely going to start researching things I will need before and after my procedure and start making my "Need for Surgery" list! Looking forward to reading about everyone else's journey! I was at 320 lbs at my heaviest, but that as when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was approx 280-290 about 2 months after I had her. I was 205.5 this morning :) It's taken me 3 years to lose the weight but I'm finally about 20lbs from my goal weight. The more I lose, the worse my stomach looks! Hate all the hanging, flabby skin :( Can't wait for it to be gone.

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