4 weeks Post op-question about stretch marks??

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Hello. I am a 31 year old mother to 3 boys, 5, 3,...

Hello. I am a 31 year old mother to 3 boys, 5, 3, and 16 months. I am 5'5" and hover between 138-142 pounds. I was at an all time high weight of 235 the day I delivered my first son and my poor stomach never regained itself. I managed to lose all the pregnancy weight and keep it off after all my pregnancies, but I have way to much loose skin and stretch marks to truly feel confident about myself.

I am an avid runner/exerciser, and I work too stinking hard not to be able to bear a bikini! I also have been left with some small, less than perky "girls", so I am getting a breast augmentation as well. I am currently undecided on how many CC's though.

I have a little more than 8 weeks to go, I am excited and nervous all wrapped up in one. I am going to try and post pics soon!

SO it is 5 weeks from today. I am so ready and...

SO it is 5 weeks from today. I am so ready and anxious. I had a nightmare last night that my scar was horrible and really high and off center :(. I know it just from me and my husband talking about it the night before, but I did wake up a bit panicked.

I got for my big pre op appointment in 11 days, I am very excited to get to talk the Dr again and ask about some possible lipo to my flank region. My husband thinks I am getting picky, but hey if you are going to have it done, you should have it done right.

we were also discussing last night on who all I was going to tell about the surgery. My really close friends and his parents and my parents know. And it is not that I truly care what their opinion is ( I know my mom is not that pleased) but I just don't want judgement either. Oh well, I am doing it no matter what. This is something all about ME!

T-1 month and counting. Surgery is a month from...

T-1 month and counting. Surgery is a month from Today! I can't wait. Last night after getting out of the shower I just stood there and stared and realized how badly I want this. The only fear I have right now is how recovery is going to go, not of the surgery itself. I am sure my feelings are going to go through all sorts of changes again, but as for right now, bring 'er on!

And this morning while at a body sculpt class, being tortured with some major ab workout, lol, I was thinking how I can not wait to actually see results from hard work, not just feel a tighter core.

So I had my pre op yesterday, goodness I wish I...

So I had my pre op yesterday, goodness I wish I just went ahead and did it! My Dr told me they are pretty seriously though about that whole not eating after midnight thing so we couldn't do it,lol. I really felt at ease with him yesterday and am happy that he will be doing the surgery.

I did decide on getting some lipo to the flank area, he says I don't need a lot taken out, but I just figure if I am doing it, I might as well have it all done. And I think I would like kind of funny with this flat stomach and a hunk of reverse side muffin top :0 I think my husband thought I was being a bit nit picky and was a little perturbed at adding to the cost, but he just wants me to be happy. Goodness I love him!! I am asking him to spend a lot of money on solely me and he is perfectly fine with it. I am pretty lucky.

As for my boobs, I am going with the moderate plus, sub muscle at about 375 CCs. I should make me right around a full C. And this is why I love my Dr. The pictures I brought in of boobs I liked seemed to be a bit on the bigger side and he asked me if running etc was important to me, DUH!, and that I may want to think about that with the high profiles that I originally liked because they were going to need almost 450 CC's to fill out in my frame and well, that would be quite big on me.

So the Money is paid, gulp, the prescriptions are written and now I just sit here and wait and get everything ready! luckily we leave Saturday for vacation in Puerto Rico so I can take my mind off it for a bit. But when I come back I will only have 2 more weeks to get everything in order, yikes.

I am ready, let's do this thing :)

T-11 days, eek, where the heck as the time gone?!?...

T-11 days, eek, where the heck as the time gone?!? Now I am thinking the vacation to Puerto Rico was not a good idea, lol. Put it should did take my mind off of the worry and nerves for a week. And the sunshine and warmth sure helped too. I couldn't help but think, that the next time I wear a swimsuit it will be a 2 piece, woohoo!

I have started all the pre surgery supplements and and I need to go get my scrips filled today and start making my last of todo's today. I also plan on going to buy a bikini today and taking some more before pics.

Finished up arranging sitters for my kids for surgery day and the day after so my husband only has to deal with me.

And nesting mode is really kicking in again, I need to get my house in the best possible shape.

Wow, 11 days......

Seriously, all I can think about is my surgery,...

Seriously, all I can think about is my surgery, ugh. I have stuff I need to be getting accomplished and I just keep coming back here and reading everyone reviews. Which speaking of, thank you all who tell your stories and post pics, they are SOOOO helpful!! I just wish it was tomorrow, I don't want to wait any longer.

Went to go find a 2 piece for before and after and all Kohls had in bikinis were uniors sizes, way too skimpy and made me feel that much worse about myself :( Then I got to thinking what if surgery doesn't make me feel better about myself!??! Just trying to breath and relax and not expect perfection, but rather an appreciation. I am going to try to hit up JcPenny and Target this weekend. I live in a smaller area, so we have slim pickings on stores sometimes.

6 more sleeps, as I tell my kids before anything...

6 more sleeps, as I tell my kids before anything big......Had date night last night with the hubby and picked up the rest of my supplies. I have not bought a secondary binder/garment yet, the dr said he does not tell you you need one but that some like them. I think I will wait until after surgery and see how I am feeling.

I am planning on one more really long run tomorrow because I know it will be a while before I can do it again, and then I am pretty busy the rest of the week so I am hoping it flies by. My husband is also really busy at work right now too so he is a bit distracted from it all, which is kind of nice.

Please week, fly by, I am READY!

Help, I am an IDIOT!! And sorry for the TMI, but I...

Help, I am an IDIOT!! And sorry for the TMI, but I had this infected hair, zit thing on my knee. Well I picked at it, because I am a picker!, and well I think it has turned into a boil?! Gross I know, never had one, but that is what googling has brought me too. I jsut put in an email to my Dr to see if I need to start an antibiotic since surgery is this FRIDAY! Gosh, I am so stupid and if I can't have it because of this I am going to be PO"d!! Anyone got any advice. I have been putting neosporin on it and hot compress and I am about to go out and get Icthammol ointment.....Please please, let this stuff work. And tell me to quit picking :0!

3 days! 3 Days until I don't have to suck in my...

3 days! 3 Days until I don't have to suck in my gut anymore, 3 days until my boobs don't look like African tribal women's, 3 days until I don't have to have a muffin top in the back....but also 3 days and I won't be able to run for while, 3 days and I won't be able to pick up my baby, 3 days and I will feel pretty useless.....

Trying to remain positive because I am excited, I think it is just hitting of all the process that this is.

Went yesterday and finished up the last of my list shopping. I am making a big busy box for my kids and the sitter so she has something to do with them for 2 weeks and also for me so I can pull some stuff out when I don't have a lot of energy and I am by myself. I also found a bikini. I am planning on doing measurements and new before pics right before surgery on Friday morning. And tomorrow I am going to dream dinners to stock my freezer with meals. Okay, I am almost ready :0

Oh and update on my stupid knee, talked to my primary Dr, she was not worried and it already looks sooo much better. And even if it was MRSA, it was already draining on it's own and I was on antibiotics so it was no biggie. And I guess there is community MRSA which is different than the hospital MRSA. So anywho, crisis adverted!

Well, this is it, it is finally here! It did go my...

Well, this is it, it is finally here! It did go my fast, but I actually feel like today is going to crawl by. I was up way too early and now I can't even have coffee,yikes. Slept fairly well, had one bad dream about not getting all my skin off, but woke up and fell back asleep pretty quickly.

Thank you so much to everyone on this site who share the stories, concerns, prayers and advice. IT is such a valuable tool and I don't feel like I am going into this blindly.

Below are new pics and stats as of Surgery Day. I will try and update as soon as I can, either tonight or tomorrow morning.

March 9 Stats:


Wow,can't believe it's all done!! Got home about 6...

wow,can't believe it's all done!! Got home about 6 last night and I did was sleep. Between the phenergan, anthsesia, and Nucynta I can barely keep my eyes open.

He ended going with 400 ccs, holy crap I have boobs!!!!

My chest is sore and my stomac only hurts when I get up, lots of burning on the incision. I have not seen anything yet, can't shower until tomorrow so I will save my first peek until then and take some pics.

I did have a dry heaving incident last night, holy hell that hurt :-(

My hubby is so wonderful I am truly blessed!!

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers, more updates to come.

Day 2PO. Well my sleep was not as good as the...

Day 2PO. Well my sleep was not as good as the night before, but not too bad either. I had to get up to pee a few times and set my alarm to take pain pills. But I woke up with horrible gas bubbles and constipation this morning, yuck! I have taken some gas x and MOM and I had already taken colace all day yesterday. I really would love some relief in that department and I think I would feel better, ugh.

Other than that my chest just remains to be heavy and sore but not awful and my incision burns when I get up and down. I am noticing a bit more back pain today though. My left arm by my breast is swollen and keeps throbbing, not awful just annoying.

The inlaws bring back the kids today, I am a little nervous for that, I want to see them but I am also worried what they are going to be like around me. The babysitter comes in the morning though,thankfully.

SO how long did it take you to get the garments off and on for shower etc? WE are trying to plan out before my appt tomorrow morning. IT is early so we would have to get up that much earlier to do all that...

I am in the WTH did I do myself points, but I think that will be better when I can see some progress.

MY inlaws are bringing the kids back today, I am a bit nervous

DAY 3 PO. Went to see the Dr today, ride over was...

DAY 3 PO. Went to see the Dr today, ride over was not too bad, did get a bit of motion sickness because I took my pain pill right before we left, but luckily no heaving. Then I about passed out as the nurse tugged on the drains, yikes, I am not looking forward to the actual process of getting those suckers removed. He says I can come back to get out Friday along with getting a lymphatic massage. I will be very excited to take a real shower!!

Dr was pleased with everything and I was happy to actually see my tummy. I do have this weird scar where my old belly button is. He had told me this would happen because I had a high belly button before. I am really hoping it is covered my a bathing suit and gets lighter as it heals cause it is not very pretty :(

Then after appt hubby and I ran a couple of errands and grabbed lunch and picked up our oldest from school. I had to use the scooter cart at Sam's, LMAO, I was site to be seen. But I did walk through Dick's.

Besides my armpit area being really sore and some burning across my incision I feel a ton better today, I did get worn out from the day and have to take a long nap, but hey what can I say.

OH and on the pooping front, I managed once yesterday which was little eh hem hard to get out but today's was much easier. I will plan on still taking the colace until I am totally of the nucnyta.

Going into 5DPO, well I think I did too much on...

Going into 5DPO, well I think I did too much on Tuesday because I was so SWOLLEN yesterday, I think I got my first taste of swell hell, ugh. I am going to take it much easier the next couple of days because when I got into the shower last night (WHICH DID FEEL GOOD) I was kind of upset looking at myself :( I mean, my waist was tiny but my belly didn't look any different really because of how swollen it was. I am chalking it up to one of my bad days.

I am barely draining anything, so I wish these suckers would come out today but I guess I have to wait until Friday morning, boo. And my left boob as yet to drop right so my nipple looks funky, and well I am just not liking myself right now, but I know I just need to give myself some more time.

My incision is also really started to hurt a lot last night, but luckily I did sleep fairly well. Awaiting for the sitter to return after dropping off my oldest and then I am going to take a nap.

I was going to take picture last night and I just could not bring myself to do it :(

Oh and anyone else having issues with their binder digging into them?!? Mine is actually causing a welt and HURTS and I am supposed to have this thing on 24/7!

Morning of 6po, I did get a picture taken last...

Morning of 6po, I did get a picture taken last night, but my lap top is acting funky so I will try and get it uploaded as soon as I can get it too cooperate. And I called my Dr because I was actually getting blisters where the top of my garment was digging into skin. I actually had to talk to the other surgeon in the practice, as he was the one on call. He said to put gauze under it (which I had already done and it was doing nada) and to unhook the top set of hooks and zippers and roll it down it bit. It did take the relief off, but the damage has been done so now I have an extra line of yucky running across the top of my tummy, ugh.

I am not going to have a bad day today though, by god, I promise myself that. I need to get up and do some little things around the house just to feel somewhat normal. I am really not in pain. just a bit stiff and sore. And I am going to try to stick to Tylenol
today to help my mood a bit.

I am ready to turn that next corner tomorrow when I get my drains taken out and I can shower on my own and start getting a bit of a routine back to my day. It has not helped that we are having freaking record breaking weather this week and it is gorgeous outside and I am stuck sitting in my bedroom all day, blah. I just don't want to be in the baby sitters way and confuse the kids :(

Oh and I really don't have an appetite and I keep feeling almost sick to my stomach, and I will get all hungry and try to eat something and then not want very much. Ho hum, I will quit being debbie downer, I know this is a process, I just am not liking this part very much, lol.

Here's to a happy day!!!

What day is it?! Going into 8 DPO and I think I am...

What day is it?! Going into 8 DPO and I think I am really turning the corner, thank you sweet baby jesus :) Had my one week check yesterday and got my drains out, woo hoo. That process did hurt a bit, but nothing in the grand scheme of things. He also took out my belly button stitches. And then I got a lymphatic massage on my breasts and taught how to start massaging my implants. I am sure it is mental but I think that they feel softer already.

He wants be to keep wearing the hospital bra for one more week, ugh, but I know it will go fast. I can not wait to sleep without anything on me!!

We ran errands and grabbed lunch and I followed my husband around with him for a couple of appointments. I went into his one of his banks and a lady that he works with is like "did you lose weight? " I didn't say anything, but I wanted to be like, nope that is the large chest that you are looking at lol. I was definitely swollen big time by the end of the day though. I just wish I could get my inside of my body to match how I feel on the outside, sigh.

I did have a couple of really rough days that I felt totally useless and miserable. The nice weather coupled with not being able to spend some time with my boys, my internet going out and just being totally bored did not do me good. But I am switching today officially from undecided to WORTH IT! I know after all this swelling goes down I am going to be ecstatic. My hard part right now is to slow down on what I am doing, and to stop myself from not running before 6 weeks, oy!

Happy St Patrick's day!! and happy healing.

PS I will get pics posted asap. I am waiting for the blister to heal a bit before I take anymore because I just don't like looking at it lol

So it is going into 12 DPO. I feel totally back to...

So it is going into 12 DPO. I feel totally back to normal, I mean, I really wouldn't not even know I ad done anything if was not for this sausage suit I am stuff in and my large boobs! Which is bitter sweet because I feel like I should be doing more and it is hard to stop myself....But I am trying.

We did have an interesting weekend though that made me swell even more (how is that possible) Our septic tank over flowed, YUCK! and we had to evacuate to my in laws until we could get it pumped. Which means that we had to pack up and move for 2 nights which was a little hard, but we survived. Needless to say Saturday I was the stay puff marshmallow girl. That truly is my only complaint right now, besides not running, is that I am so swollen. I mean I could almost look PG swollen at times, I have an appt Thursday so I will ask if there is something I can do more for that....

had an awesome day yesterday though, took my oldest son on a date to see the Lorax and get new shoes :)

I think I "might" take some pics today, I just feel so swollen.....

Ok, gonna post some pics. I serisouly think I am...

ok, gonna post some pics. I serisouly think I am more swollen than any one else around this time. And I can't tell too much of a difference in my lower tummy area than before :(

OK, first off sorry about the pics, I don't know...

OK, first off sorry about the pics, I don't know why I can't get them to rotate, I am working on it.

Second off, I am losing my damn mind, I swear, I am sitting here in tears because i don't think I look that much different right now, in fact my belly is sticking out further than it used too :( I am not normally a whack-a-doodle I promise. But I feel like I have done something wrong and I am hating the way I look right now.

Son of a bitch, I woke up feeling so good too. I am going to chug lots of water today, although I really have been except for at my inlaws because I don't like their water, and I will sit with my feet up reading a book, I promise.

At least my boobs look good, I think :0

WTH is wrong with me?! I am not taking pain pills any more, I do think AF will be here this weekend unless surgery messed with her, so i could be PMS. Please someone who was really swollen in the beginning tell me it gets so much better in a couple of months because right now I am about to switch my opinion on this whole thing :(

18DPO-Been a while since I updated. Our internet...

18DPO-Been a while since I updated. Our internet was all messed up and I hate updating from my phone. Anywho. had a Dr appt last Thursday, 2 more weeks of my Sausage suit, woot woot. And bra, ugh, I just want to sleep without a bra!! My left one still needs to drop a bit so he told me to start getting more aggressive. I also need to start using my scar therapy sheets. Oh and he gave me the clearance to walk, not speedy, but walking none the less. Took my oldest for a walk before his Dr appt yesterday and it felt good. I could definitely feel my abs pulling, but not uncomfortable, just more noticeable. I was TIRED last night though.

Had the sitter take the kids to playgroup to give me the morning off to jsut sit around and relax, she is still coming the rest of the week. I don't know how much I truly "NEED" her, but it is nice to not feel like I have to do it all too.

Other than that I am still super swollen, ho hum. I am also going to get AF any day now and I got a Mirena placed yesterday, so hello hormones,lol Should be interesting for my poor family. I am try not to look in the mirror because I get upset. But I did try on pre surgery jeans and the fit just fine, so at least I know I am not any bigger than I was before........

I will post pics Friday at 3 weeks post op, I bet my SWELL hell will be in all it's glory :)

3 weeks today, sometimes it feels like an...

3 weeks today, sometimes it feels like an eternity, and sometimes it feels like a blink of an eye. Just how it goes I guess. I " think" i might be just a teensy bit less swollen, I have been trying to ice more. I have an IRL friend who had a TT and she said that really helps. And Finally AF has started after surgery and my Mirena, so hopefully some of that bloat is on its way out too!

I don't go back to the Dr until next week for my 4 weeks check. I am soooo hoping that I can not have to wear this stinking suit 24/7 I just want to sleep without a bra!

I have been doing 30 min walks at a mod pace, that is all I have been cleared for. Its not a lot, but at least its something until I can get back to running and spinning.

My boobs are definitely feeling softer and I need to keep remembering to keep the massages up because they help so much. I have also started the silicone gel sheets for the scar treatment. honestly my TT scar does not bother me in the least. It is so low I would never see it anything. Now my old BB scar is a different story and I really think I am going to have to have a revision on it. He told me I would have one, but it is so high and I know it won't be hidden very well in a swim suit.

Keep up the healing ladies!!

Ps sorry about the crappy picture quality, I...

ps sorry about the crappy picture quality, I should really take one with my camera and not my iphone......

4 weeks today! Had my check up yesterday and...

4 weeks today! Had my check up yesterday and everything is looking good. I did have a small issue with my incision under my right breast. He had forgotten to remove this piece of fishing line type thing that was in my incisions and it had gotten infected. I was not looking forward to the removal, but thankfully not too painful and i just need to continue with peroxide and neosporin on it, as I had been doing.

Got the all clear to quit wearing my CG and my bra, woot woot! Although last night sleeping was kind of weird and and little painful. I am going on a many shopping spree today to get fitted for a bra and get some type of spanx garment for a little support. It just felt kind of weird for everything to be "exposed."

I am feeling about 85% when it comes to energy levels. I took the kids down to see my parents and had to "do it all" so to speak because my parents are not in too good of health. And I could definitely feel the effects of it all. I am hoping I will feel better in the weeks to come with the energy. But besides lasts nights sleep and occasional back ache, not really much pain. And when I do, advil is just fine at curing it.

I have to wait 2 more weeks before I can begin exercising, boo, but I know it will be worth it. And he made me promise to ease into and not make up for "lost time" so to speak. I will continue with my 3 mile walks until then.

Hope to post some pics over the weekend. But all in all, I am in a good place right now. I am sure that could change tomorrow, lol, but that is healing for you.

Happy healing and happy Easter ladies!!

That's going on a Mini shopping spree, need more...

that's going on a Mini shopping spree, need more coffee!

So I never really cared about the stretch marks...

So I never really cared about the stretch marks before, because, well with all the skin that was the least of my worries. Anywho, now I have noticed some pretty good size ones on my hip stick out that much more. Anyone try that bio oil or something of the like and think that it makes a difference?

So, Um, I need to get my act together when it...

So, Um, I need to get my act together when it comes to diet. I am not weighing myself right now, I said I wouldn't until after my 6 week mark. But I know what I am shoveling into my mouth is not good :/ I have 3 or 4 really good days and then I am bad over the weekend. What makes it worse is that I always feel like I eat to fuel my exercise and since I am not exercising I kind of feel "lost" on what to eat......

Forgive this next part, but I am making a deceleration on here to get my ass in check and start fueling my body the right way. MFP is my BFF and I am tracking everything. OH and no more drinks either, because I am not training for anything right now my drinking on the weekend has picked up and well that is NOT GOOD AT ALL, coupled with the extra hormones from now bleeding for 13 days from after the Mirena placement. I am a hot mess, lol. but not anymore,TODAY it changes!!!!

Ok, if you read that far you are a saint!

And in actually surgery news, I go for my Tummy lymphatic massage today at the surgery center, they say that it really helps with the extra swelling so I am excited for it.

Happy Healing ladies!

2 years out! Wow, can't believe it...

Got an email that is has been 2 years since surgery, seems like longer than that in some ways, and shorter than that in others. I am still so incredibly happy with it, best thing I ever did. And it's funny, I was just looking at my pre surgery photos and it made me think, wow, you really do look pretty good now. I will quit over analyzing every little stretch mark or roll that I think I still have.

And want the truth about my boobs, wish I would have went bigger, lol. Don't get me wrong, I love them and they look really natural, which is what I wanted. But all said and done I wish I would have went a teensy bit bigger.

Going to try and get a recent pic put up!
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