56 Year Old, Mother of 2 - Thane, India

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My procedure is to take place at Jinemed Hospital...

My procedure is to take place at Jinemed Hospital in Istanbul, but other than taking my deposit I've heard nothing from the hospital, other than I am a good can't date and they will be happy to perform lower facelift and neck lift on me. I have had no medical questions asked and no follow up on how the procedure will be. I was told Dr was a member of ISPAS & ESPAS, but after conducting an exhausting search I learned that he is not a member of either. He is a member however of the Turkish Society of Cosmetic Surgeons. Has anyone ever had a procedure done by doctors at Jinemed? And in particular Dr Zafer?

Facelift/ neck lift

After way too many red flags, emails not immediately returned, absolutely no encounter with Istanbul doctor, no explanation of procedure other than yes facelift/ neck lift can be done on me, no other information I have cancelled my procedure. Although it has taken almost a month to get deposit refund, I did get it. Very very glad I did, remember if you can feel even a little bit uncomfortable, there is no shame in backing out. After more research I found my doctor in India .

56 Year old, mother of 2, Thane, India

After starting back at square 1, this one review kept popping up at top of page, this 64 year old Aussie grandmother, she was quite through and posted daily of her experiences in Thane. I originally reached out to Dr Sameer in April when I was debating where to go. Dr returned my email within 24 hours, over time we developed a rapport, Dr requested to see pictures of my face, I enclosed the ones I sent. He felt I was a good candidate for lower/ facelift and described in detail all the procedures that would take place, macs lift etc. I started serious communication with him around April 24th. After discussing price for procedure and cancelling my Istanbul trip, I decided to head to India instead for procedure August 10. All was decided I was going to stay 10 days all meals and accommodation medications and head garment provided for at hospital.

56 Year old, mother of 2, Thane, India

Wow, updated a whole lot and lost it when computer stopped, starting again. Left my country on August 9th, but with multiple country connections, did not arrive into Mumbai until the wee hours of August 12th. Hospital arranged for a driver to meet me at airport. Easy to find, he was holding a sign with my name on it. Just be aware driver tried to get me to pay for airport parking, but I knew all costs were included so I refused. Got to hospital at 3:30 in the morning, was shown my room and fell immediately to sleep. On the morning of the 12 th I met with Sharda the hospital coordinator, very nice lady who welcomed me to hospital, anything I wanted she said do not hesitate to ask her. After I met Dr Sameer for the first time, lovely man, soft spoken but very welcoming, again went thru step by step, detail by detail of procedures. In order to save time I was given a lists of tests he required prior to my coming, so when I arrived I already had all blood tests and ECG done. I still needed ultrasound of heart and ex ray of abdomen as he wanted to ensure I did not have a hernia as I do have a hiatus hernia. so went with Sharda to clinic to have these tests done on the 12th. He didn't want anything to interfere with new procedure I wanted. I've always been fit, but since menopause found some thickening around mid section that I could not get rid of, I wanted TT and aggressive lipo to mid section. Dr examined me and wasn't sure I could get full TT as skin might not stretch all the way down, but lipo was going to be aggressive. Total cost of all procedures, TT ,lipo, lower face lift/ neck lift plus food, medications, compression garments and accommodations now for 14 days was 4,85,000 Indian Rupees or approx $7,400.00 US.

56 Year old, mother of 2, Thane, India

I will continue writing, but just wanted you to know I checked Dr about the costs I quoted and he told me, it's a ball park figure depending on how extensive surgery is. How long your stay with them is also a factor. Also combining procedures will keep costs lower as all ops are done at the same time. Heading home today which is day 11 after procedure. Will bring you up to date from home including pics etc.

56 year old, Mother of 2 ,Thane, India

Home now and had 1st day back at work, I thought for sure everybody would say I look different, but so far no one has commented. My face feels really weird, cannot feel my ears at all, wacked my head with the telephone because I didn't realize it was already at my head. Numbness continues on my checks and neck, which also gets tingly. It has only been 3 weeks, do I'm sure there is still swelling to go down. Health wise I feel great. Because I have long hair I was able to get a more aggressive facelift from Dr Sameer, he was able to pull my neck up and tuck it into my skull, eventually these scars will fade, but I do have more scars than others. Again, if you would like to save money but still have an outstanding surgeon then I recomend that you look into to Dr Sameer Karkhanis in Thane, best surgeon ever. It was well worth the trip, I got a surgeon top in his fiel and much more affordable cost. There are lots of reviews on him and all shining.

56 year old, mother of 2, Thane, India

Well it's been a while and wanted to update my pics and review. I think my face has finally started to go down ( swelling) and I am feeling more like me. I love my new look and have been getting lots of compliments on how great I look, but nobody has guessed its from a procedure. If I had one complaint its that I have some bumps( lumps) on my left side. Again none has noticed, but I have. My Dr says to give it more time, I massage daily, so hopefully it will go away.. Here are my before and after pics, I'm almost at 2 months post op.

56 year old, mother of 2, Thane, India

So, you know all I did. I went over to India for what I thought was a neck lift and lower face lift, what I got is considered a full facelift without the eyes being done. I love the result, Dr Sameer is a world class surgeon at a much better cost than his North American collegues . For $8,000.00 U.S. I had a full face lift, tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I will be doing a separate review on those procedures, which I was absolutely thrilled with. My money was well spent! I did not have to pay extra for my 14 days in India,my food, accommodations, and medication was all included in that price.

56 year old, mother of 2 , Thane, India

Because I had multiple procedures done, I have decided to show the cost break down. The facelift was approx $5,100.00 U.S, Tummy Tuck with aggressive lipo was $2,900.00 U.S and the breast augmentation with removal of prior implants, $2,000.00 U.S. If you know you would like to do more than one procedure, it is cost effective to combine them all as there is significant savings to be had. Please check out my tummy tuck and breast augmentation reviews and pics in days to come.

56 year old, mother of 2 Thane, India

Well, it's been 3 months since my full face lift and I took these pictures today. All my swelling is gone and this is basically how I expect to look for the next 10 years ( hopefully,lol) . All I can say is this was the best decision I ever made, I always thought I had very little sagging and thought I looked pretty ok, but I had no idea what an improvement the procedure would be, I think I look years younger, and feel wonderful. In a heartbeat I would go back to India to have Dr Sameer do any further work, but I don't feel I need to do anything more, I'm very happy with my look. The pictures I'm enclosing are a side view of my ears, scar under my chin ( which is practically invisible) as well as the scars in my hairline. Dr Sameer did some extra pulling because he knew he could hide the scars in my hairline due to my long hair. What I had is considered a Full Facelift, without touching the eyes. I'll put these pics in until I know how to rotate them

56 year old, mother of 2, Thane, India

Better under chin picture.

56 year old, mother of 2, Thane, India

Under chin pic

56 year old, mother of 2, Thane, India

6 months later, loving everything about procedure. If you are undecided, spend the extra dollars and go to India!!!! Top notch surgeon, but affordable prices.

56 year old, Thane , india

6 months post, love it !!!
India Plastic Surgeon

Going to India and having Dr Sameer do my facelift was the best decision I ever made. He is a very skilled surgeon and answered all my questions and always put me at ease. He came to see me every day and his staff looked after me like I was family. I saved loads of money and still got a very experienced surgeon, far better than I had ever hoped for.

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