Wife & Super Mommy of 5 Giving Herself a Gift. Miami, FL

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Hi, Babes been in shadow's of rs for quite...

Hi, Babes been in shadow's of rs for quite sometime now but its a wrap.Its official my long awaited dream is about to happen. Mommies we love & provide for our babies year round what about us we deserve a little special treatment. My bbl will be mine searching for good doc right now looking at Dr.stover at image..but the coordinator Mercedes is trying to push me to use Sergio Alvarez. Heard he is nice and all but are his bodies Banging!!!! That's the question......researching now....babes if you have any info please chime in

Scheduled with Dr. Sergio Alvarez

Ok Babes scheduled for march 15th for lipo/bbl. Loss for words so excited I don't know what to do first. Help!!!

Scheduled... 2 weeks away

Help help......lol wow my appt with Alvarez is set for 16th of march. Im trying to mentally prepare myself for this surgery. I have been told physically & mentally it will weight on you so I want to at least try and preparations for bootyland....babes it just got real...


Ladies my husband will be coming with me for my surgery. I've heard so many horror stories about a few not all RHS But I dare not chance it for me. So I figured I will have hubbie help me I trust him versus a stranger. He may not be a rn,LPN,cna but he will take great care of me. But I need a massuse and clean hotel near images on 8th in Miami near airport.... Any suggestions please and thank u

Oh My GG!!!!!!

Butterflies,, tense and nervous as everrrr I need a drink..,.ugh just a glass. Of wine. But I know I can't ...


I know there's tons of dolls like me that needs & wants to see Sergio's before & after ladies I will make sure to follow up with them because I am also yet to meet anyone on RS to post from beginning to end..... I truly want to ease mine & everyone elses on Sergio's work if it ain't right we will see and if it is we still gone see.....whew...!!! 2days dolls....

My Journey without judgement

Ok I just want to say to all my Rs Sisters who have not judged me for sharing my journey . Thank you because it takes deep digging to pour your pictures and lives onto this site and community to share what we feel our experiences and even our day to day for support. And at the end of the day we are all looking for positive support from one another. Prayers are going up for each and every women ,mother, daughter, sister or guys that are venturing off into the unknown putting our lives into the hands of these doctors.father I ask for your protective hedge around me and all who desire your safe haven.....Prayers going up.

Booty land I made it one day post

Hi rs sisters I made it .let me say I'm still here and will post pics as soon as I can move..Recovery is real .please get ur prescription before you go under I woke up in so much pain I knew it was over. I had pushed out 5 babies it doesn't compare. As soon as I can lift my head that bootay will be in camera.,

Day 2 post pics

Pics of after I'm very drowsy.

More pics of after

I'm super itchy....guys help

Ladies!!!! help

My tummy is on fire the shit is real can't move focus or nothing.... Making my mood even horrible

19 days post op

Ok ....whew I'm back guys here are . Few pics
Miami Plastic Surgeon


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