Rhinoplasty - Tough Afterward but Still Satisfied - Illinois

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I had a nose job done back in 2004 and it was...

I had a nose job done back in 2004 and it was something of a difficult choice for several reasons. The most important detail has to do with the fact that I am a man and men generally do not get these types of procedures done. Men are supposed to be less vain than women. It took me years to even make the decision. I had a large hump in the middle of my nose since childhood, and couldn't even tell you how it got there. I went through my teen years watching my friends get all the girls, while girls looked at me and laughed at my nose. My friends would even call me "camel-nose" or "hump nose" in front of girls, which made my teen years awkward. I was even teased by my own sister at times.

Other times, in high school, when I could get a girlfriend, I was eventually dumped without reason. I always assumed it was my nose, or what other girls were saying. I could be cuter, they would say, if I didn't have such a huge bump in my nose. My nose was extremely crooked and the tip drooped down in the front. I tried to tell myself that it didn't matter what people thought. I wanted people to like me for the person I was inside, but that train of thought only got me through some of the ridicule. Other times I would look at myself and kind of tear up. I would take pictures of myself and alter my profile.

Eventually, by the grace of God, I came into a significant sum of money. The first thing I wanted to do was get the rhinoplasty. It was all I could think about. I knew nothing I could buy would make me more happy. I knew I could finally live my life outside of the shadows.

The surgery took maybe three hours, and I was under anesthesia the whole time. When I awoke, my nose was covered in bandages and my entire face was bruised. The doctor demanded I call a family member to pick me up, but I hadn;t told anyone I was doing the procedure since I would be so embarrased. They had an ambulance pick me up and they dropped me off in an alley behind my mother's house where I left my car. I got in my car and drove to a motel where i stayed for about three days. I bled out of my nose and mouth so much I thought I was dying. The doctor told me I would have blood leakage to some degree due to clotting, but this was extreme. I left the motel as if I had just murdered someone, towels and sink and bathtub covered in blood. I finally went home to face the music.

Eventually, the swelling went down and I could finally look like the person I wanted to look like. Years later, the small circle of family that knew about it don't even mention or bring it up. I am getting the kind of attention from women I always wanted when I was a teenager. I even married a beautiful spanish model and we had children. Now I can't keep the women off of me. I am satisfied now with what Idid, and the best part is, when I look in the mirror I never have to see that horrid hump in the middle of my face again. However, the recovery process is something I would never go through again inmy life. I was extremely unprepared for that much blood to come out of my face. I would recommend anyone who wants to do this to get as much information as you can before doing it. You will love the results, but be prepared for the extremely painful and ugly recovery process.

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