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I was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after...

I was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after surgery. After much research and meetings with different doctors, I met with Dr. Sigalove, Plastic Surgeon. I loved him. He was honest, warm, reassuring and just a nice man. He promised that he would do the best job possible with an implant (unfortunately, I did not have enough belly fat to rebuild my breast) and would do fat grafting down the road, if I wanted.
The implant was not pleasant as you go home with drainage tubes and all but it was livable. However, 24/7 in surgical bras really suck. When the stitched came out I was afraid to look but you could hardly tell there was a scar. My goodness, a miracle. I saw his PA, Nichole, several times who is such a sweetheart you can't help but love her too. This last July 28th, the implant had settled enough to do some fat grafting on the right breast to stabalize the implant and round it out more. He also did a slight implant in the left breast so they would match. They never matched before but they sure do now. He is a master of his job. You can tell he honestly cares how you feel and does his very best to attain perfection. Any procedure you are having done, I would consider him. He takes great pride in his work and is extremely personable. Very, very pleased with my results.
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