28 Year Old for Rhinoplasty - Illinois, IL

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Hey all! I'm a 28 year old who has a rhinoplasty...

Hey all!
I'm a 28 year old who has a rhinoplasty scheduled for beginning of July. I am so nervous and unsure words cannot describe! lol I have always been considered an "attractive" person and many of my friends tell me that I do not need the surgery. However, I feel like if all goes well I'll be happy and will never have to worry about how my nose looks in photo's again. I am also usually self-conscious about how i look from the side. The morphs below are those made by the doctor. I am looking for very small changes from the frontal views and mostly just de-projection from the profile. My doctor did mention he wanted to raise and thin the tip( shown in this morph) but I'm unsure it that's a good idea as im not entirely displeased with the original width and placement of my natural tip. Any opinions or suggestions welcome! Also wondering if losing sleep over an upcoming surgery is normal!?


Update on more anxiety!!!

SO I have my surgery scheduled for less than 1 month away.

I chosen a surgeon who I felt initially shared the same kind of aesthetics as I like. The surgeon is not a "big wig" or well known by any means. He practices in a city which is about 250,000 people so there is not a ton of reviews. However, his credentials do fit my criteria (Facial plastics + ENT board certified, practicing since the 90's, about 50 rhino's/year). On this website(real self) the reviews are pretty positive. However, on websites like rateMD, Vitals, etc...I noticed they are pretty bad!!!! I'm telling you guys 2/5 on average bad. People commenting "this person ruined my face". Needless to say...not what you want to hear before you upcoming surgery. Do only people who are not satisfied review? Why so negative? Are they legit?

However, I have spoken with a handful (about 5-10) of REAL patients who shared their pictures and are happy with their results. The real reason I decided to go with this surgeon is he spelled out exactly his plan (down to the millimeter). I felt like he cared about what I wanted. My consultation over an hour and it made me feel as if I was in control of what will actually happen to my nose - despite the fact that I will not be doing the surgery.

I started looking into other surgeons like Dr. Shah and Dr. Grigoryants but they are so busy and I'm not sure they would give me the person attention that the doctor I chose did. However, their reviews are all amazing and I do also like most of their B&A's. I also booked this surgery far in advance b/c I am in between jobs....now booking at this point would not fit into my schedule :( I would most likely have to post-pone surgery for atleast another year.

Is it normal to start doubting your choice in surgeon? Now I'm looking and B&A pics of the surgeon I chose and wondering are they as great as I initially thought? It depends on my mood LOL. The morph he made me looks amazing...but overall i'm just so scared of making a wrong decision. I really don't know what to do.

Help lol.

Thanks all.

A few pics

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