5'5'', 124lbs, BWD 13.4, 500cc Saline Unders

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I have always been probably a 32AA, wearing an A...

I have always been probably a 32AA, wearing an A cup and always wanted a BA since as long as I can remember. After having 2 kids and breast feeding them for a new months, I ended up with small, even more deflated looking chest. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and I was getting my BA. I was done talking about, it was time to DO IT! I was referred to my ps by a friend of a friend who went to him and was very happy with hers. She told us that he regularly holds seminars and if you attend one, you receive 20% off surgeons fees. My husband and I attended one of his seminars. We are so glad we did. We got to learn about his education, certifications and previous patients. Attending this seminar made us feel SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE with him and the entire plastic surgery process. We waited a few weeks and I scheduled my consultation. My consultation went great. I found out I have a BWD of 13.4 and I started sizing implants. Before we even went in, my husband and I decided that I would get saline. We are both much more comfortable with saline. If I have a rupture, I will know right away and what is seeping into my body is only salt water and I can still be screened for breast cancer. Anywho, so I used rice sizers pre consult and had an idea of how many cc's I wanted. I started off in the low 400s and just went up and up and up the more I got used to myself actually looking like I had breasts. The ps's office had a weird range of sizers. I tried on 493's and they were almost just right. The next step up was 533's....Those seemed like a big jump to me and too large on my frame. Since I am getting saline, I am hoping that whichever size is put in, i can get overfilled to a little over 500. Part of me feels like, starting out at 12 year old boy status, I may want bigger and won't really achieve the look I want with 500s and that I may need to go bigger. Other parts of me feels that 500s will be just right. I really don't know, but I will definitely not be going lower than 500s considering the look I want. (I would like to end up a 32ddd). If anyone has similar stats and advice they can offer, I'd appreciate it! My pre-op is on December 30th and I am anxiously awaiting that day! I will post wish pics and eventually before pics (once I build up the courage) :)

My wish boobs!

Pre-op in a few days!

My pre-op is in a few days and I am getting so nervous. I initially wanted a friend to go with me so I could have a second set of eyes, but that didn't work out :( I've waited for so many years and it's all almost finally here! I can't believe it!! I have one teeny tiny fear about getting salines...I have the fear that one is going to rupture at some awkward moment leaving me with a deflated boob. Did any of you with salines ever have that fear? I hope it doesn't leave me holding myself back from normal everyday things.

Calling all petite 500s!

Ok, my pre-op went well. I paid my balance and got to talk with my ps about the look I want and went over some questions I had. The day before I got a call from the hospital with my surgery time. 7:30 a.m. YAY! I was hoping it'd be early. So anyway, the reason I'm calling all 500s. I'm nervous. I don't want them to be massive on me. I loved the sizers on me--I feel like i can dress them up or down and they don't look like "too much." Ok, here's my fear. My fear is that they're going to settle massive and I end up hating them. I've looked up other 500s with my stats and think they look great. I'm just always worried I'll end up the exception. I will post some photos in the sizers.

490 sizers

The girls are here!!!

Surgery was done on Thursday of this week. Ps said everything went perfect. It was my first time going under, so I was out just from the "cocktail " the anestgesiologist gave me to calm down. I don't even remember being wheeled into surgery. Waking up sucked. I was really really groggy all day and vomited about 6 times. I should've known that would have been the case since the same thing always happens to my mom and brother. Anyway, I'm 2 days post op and love the way they look, but just down bc I underestimated the pain. The pain sucks and it's hard to just sit around watching my husband take care of our 2 kids. Below is a before and 1 day post op pic. I'll probably take pics every other day or so as they settle more.

One week update!

I went back to work on Tuesday. It was a tiny bit rough, but I was able to do it. The only uncomfortable part was the drive 40mins to/from. Had to drive into work with an ice pack on them due to "morning boob" tightness. I was a little down this week, but I think it's bc at wor I felt I had to keep them "discreet". Once the weekend hit, I perked up and put some regular clothes on and am so excited about them. Before regular t-shirts made me feel frumpy. Now, I put them on and feel like, "man, I make this look good!" Haha. Here's the girls at 1 week post op.

2 weeks post op!

Feeling MUCH better this week! I've started slowly getting back into a normal routine. Still have soreness so onice it starts, I slow down and take a rest. I started picking up my 9 month old again. Not for long periods of time. Just taking her from point A to point B since it's still not comfortable. I'm still not comfortable carrying her up against them. Just doesn't feel right. My boobs are starting to look and feel more like boobs. I'm excited to see how much they change week to week. I took a shot in a sports bra that I'm pretty excited about since before I had no reason to even wear a sports bra haha.

Another 2 week post op

Feeling boobalicious!

3 weeks post op and I'm feeling good. They still get tight and uncomfortable, but I'm almost to the point of feeling like normal! I still have bruising and my glue is still around my incision, but once that subsides, they'll be looking great! They're dropping nicely. Hopefully not too fast, is that a thing? Here are some updated pics.

Not much to update. ..

See my ps this week. Hopefully will be going shopping for some new bras that are not sports bras this weekend! Very excited about that. I bought some steri strips for my scars, which look amazing, btw! Hopefully I will get the green light to get back to working out.

9 weeks post op

Feeling more and more natural everyday!

My boobs/ wish boobs- NAILED IT!

Here's an updated pics. I'll take more soon.

Absolutely love them still. I have got use to the size so I have moments of boob greed, but then talk myself down and know that they are just perfect. With my frame had I gone bigger, it would probably be more uncomfortable than it's worth. They're just right :)


Shopping for swimsuits this season has been interesting. Lol. I'm now completely on the other side of the size spectrum....but I'm not complaining. I either have to buy ones that come in bra sizes or large that have a tie back otherwise the band is too big. I normally don't buy more than one, so here is the one I chose. I love it! It was hard to figure out what was the "appropriate " amount of boob to show since I've never had them before! I think this one is just right. I can still wear it around the kiddos and still can show the girls off. The other pic posted is my implant with a flashlight up to it. Another group I am apart of gave me the idea. You forget how large the sizers are, but this pic definitely reminds you of how big the implant in there is!

Boob greed is real!

I remember trying on 420cc rice sizes thinking, "man, those are big! " next thing you know, I got use to seeing myself with 420cc boobs and then 450 and then 500. Now that I have 500s. I am use to seeing myself with them and feel I could go bigger. The hubs says I'm ridiculous and deep down I know he's right, but isn't it funny how things change like that?
I posted a pic of my scars. I feel like they're a little red, but then again, I have nothing to compare it to.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Like any other person curious about their first ever surgery, I was extremely nervous to start the breast augmentation process. My husband and I were referred to Dr. Diederich by a friend. We decided to attend one of his seminars in order to slowly ease ourselves into the process. Boy were we glad we did. Attending the seminar made us feel SO much more comfortable with the doctor, his education, his experience, his staff and the entire surgery process. Everyone was very welcoming and full of information--immediately after I was ready to finally take the steps to achieve what I’ve wanted for years! Everything from my consult up to post op could not have gone better. It was a very smooth process. Appointments with the doctor were quick and all my questions answered thoroughly and there was no sugar-coating. I was given realistic expectations, which I very much so appreciated. My surgery and recovery went great. You can see the attention to detail that is there. I am so happy with my results and would recommend Dr. Diederich and his staff to anyone.

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