5'5'', 124lbs, BWD 13.4, 500cc Saline Unders - Illinois

I have always been probably a 32AA, wearing an A...

I have always been probably a 32AA, wearing an A cup and always wanted a BA since as long as I can remember. After having 2 kids and breast feeding them for a new months, I ended up with small, even more deflated looking chest. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and I was getting my BA. I was done talking about, it was time to DO IT! I was referred to my ps by a friend of a friend who went to him and was very happy with hers. She told us that he regularly holds seminars and if you attend one, you receive 20% off surgeons fees. My husband and I attended one of his seminars. We are so glad we did. We got to learn about his education, certifications and previous patients. Attending this seminar made us feel SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE with him and the entire plastic surgery process. We waited a few weeks and I scheduled my consultation. My consultation went great. I found out I have a BWD of 13.4 and I started sizing implants. Before we even went in, my husband and I decided that I would get saline. We are both much more comfortable with saline. If I have a rupture, I will know right away and what is seeping into my body is only salt water and I can still be screened for breast cancer. Anywho, so I used rice sizers pre consult and had an idea of how many cc's I wanted. I started off in the low 400s and just went up and up and up the more I got used to myself actually looking like I had breasts. The ps's office had a weird range of sizers. I tried on 493's and they were almost just right. The next step up was 533's....Those seemed like a big jump to me and too large on my frame. Since I am getting saline, I am hoping that whichever size is put in, i can get overfilled to a little over 500. Part of me feels like, starting out at 12 year old boy status, I may want bigger and won't really achieve the look I want with 500s and that I may need to go bigger. Other parts of me feels that 500s will be just right. I really don't know, but I will definitely not be going lower than 500s considering the look I want. (I would like to end up a 32ddd). If anyone has similar stats and advice they can offer, I'd appreciate it! My pre-op is on December 30th and I am anxiously awaiting that day! I will post wish pics and eventually before pics (once I build up the courage) :)

My wish boobs!

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