I'm Tryna Get This ASSet (BBL)

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Hey dolls! Before I introduce myself, let me just...

Hey dolls! Before I introduce myself, let me just say I'm just like everyone else, a stalker from far, then decided to join the site and make friends/ask questions about the procedures. Anywho, currently living in NY, college student, decent butt and nice body but of course I would love a smaller waist and a DONK (nothing too crazy though, just enough to make more heads turn lol)

I have a few NY docs and DR docs in mind but I have nothing but time to research more and get personal accounts from those that already went through the process.

Hope that ya'll lovelies will support and enlighten me furthermore!

Some wish pics

So, ideally, I know my body frame and am comfortable with it and don't feel comfortable with going smaller (is that weird?) I think it's because I used to be bigger (185-190 lbs) a few years back and have maintained my body at a 140-145lb range (lost it naturally w/ the gym and eating right). Anyway, these pics seem realistic enough to get!

Im back....starting to research again


So i basically gave up a little hope because I am super scared to travel to DR and get work done. I figured "hey, let me just work out and see how big my butt can get" but it's definitely not working lol

Duran is looking like a winner so far. I am thinking about getting it done sometime within the next 6 months. Anyone out there looking to get work done that soon with Duran?

Tanger Maria Altagracia Castillo....

My friend got her TT and BBL with her. Anyone else knows anyone who got it done with her? I am not going to lie, I'm kind of backing away from getting my BBL done in DR (and in general) because I am afraid of what can happen, like what if I have a horrible experience? I know research is important but IDK....

I have chosen a doctor, got my estimate and a possible date!!

I sent her my pictures (3 angles) and my wish pic…for a fat transfer and liposculpture, it is $3,000. I decided on Dra. Tanger Castillo because she did my friend's surgery and I feel more comfortable going to a doctor (especially in DR) that did surgery on a friend. I have been talking to her for the past couple of days and has been answering all of my questions.

I am torn between the dates because I would like to go during spring break (april 3-11), which is 11 days and I wouldn't miss any classes and would only need 9 days off from work but if I wait until after I graduate, I don't think I would be able to get the time off because like 2 of my co workers will be leaving (its a 8 person company) and I know it will be super busy.

I have tried researching the ideal time to go back to work but I have seen people go back after 7 days to 2 months. (I would love to take a month off but really, it is not ideal unless I quit…and what good is that???)

So, my question is, for a liposculpture and fat transfer, how soon can I return to work?? I plan on taking a late flight wednesday after work, have my surgery thursday, leaving thursday night + 10 days (return to NY on sunday the 12th) and return to work that Monday (maybe Tuesday if I can)

I guess 10 days is the minimum

I spoke with my friend who got her booty done with Castillo and she returned to work after 10 days (with her pillow and faja)

This is so unreal, y'all! I cannot believe that in 4 months I will be a "bad b*tch" LMAO I will finally be able to twerk!

Doctor says to start taking Iron pills in Jan, 2x a daily (hello constipation LOL) Get a physical in Febuary (2 months before surgery) and take vitamina c pills in March.

I am already making my list of things I need to buy for my trip.

Maxi dresses
Maxi pads
Tank tops
baby wipes
Boppy pillow

.....what else is crucial???

Now looking for NY doctors for a Lipo/BBL

Ah man! So much has happened since i last logged on here. I was initially going to DR for my BBL, had the money and everything, deposit never went through and then i gave up. But I am back and looking for NY doctors. I would love to hear from anyone who has had any work done in NY or any recommendations. Right now I am looking at Schulman, since he's top rated, 10,800 is kind of steep but hey...as long as he does a good job.
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