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Hello, I'm a young woman living in NYC. I've never...

Hello, I'm a young woman living in NYC. I've never been happy with my body and I decided since I'm young, I should invest in something that would make my self image of myself better and that is to change my body. My weight has fluxuated over the past couple years but I was at a good place in April 2012. Fast forward a couple months - new boyfriend, constanly eating out, now 15 pounds heavier.

My main problem with my body is that I have this weird "shelf" in the middle of my back. I absolutely hate it and I can't wear tight fitting clothing because of it. I would like to curve that back out and create a sexy arch and round my butt out too. I don't think I have a flat but but I would like for it to be perkier and rounder - definitely not too big. Of course, minimize the love handles, and stomach too!

I'm living in NYC and I know the doctors will be super expensive here so I'm looking to travel. I've looked at Dr. Yily, Dr, Campos, Dr. Cadernas, and Dr. Salama. I'm leaning toward Dr. Salama. I really like his results. I like Dr. Yily too but her results are a little too dramatic. I want subtle change. I don't want to be skinny. I want to keep my "thickness,curvyness".

If anyone has suggestions on doctors it would be greatly appreciated!! I've requested quotes for the doctors I listed above.

I'm also going to be using a financing option like carecredit or fundmydr or so. I have good credit.

I've posted my before pictures! Jeez, I never...

I've posted my before pictures! Jeez, I never realized how bad I looked. >,< this really makes me want to go ahead with the procedure. I'm still researching and trying to find doctors to get quotes from. Realself has been so great with helping in my research.

I've also posted my wish pics yay! Still need to find the perfect booty wish pic though.

I told my boyfriend that I wanted to do this and he is totally against it. I didn't think he would be so negative about it! We got in a fight... this is the first thing that we have ever fought so hard about. I never saw him like this. I was going to bring him on the trip with me so he could take care of me. I ask him if he would go and he replied absolutely not. I wonder if this procedure would ruin my relationship... I really dont want it to but I want this procedure so badly, for myself! Has anyone ever lost their relationship because of surgery? Ladies.. I'm scared.

Just uploaded pics!

Just uploaded pics!

Posted current pics, I have been workng out in...

posted current pics, I have been workng out in preperation for surgery to get better results!

Hello ladies! Hope everyone is doing very well!...

Hello ladies! Hope everyone is doing very well!

I received my quotes from some doctors recently. Salama quoted 8,499, but no dates available until October 2013. Cardenas quoted $3,900 and she said I will have beautiful results. Hyman in NYC quoted $6,600. And Yily quoted me $3,000.

I can't go with Salama because I cannot wait until October 2013. There's a possibility I will be living in Italy to study abroad and I would leave August 2013 and I want to be fully healed before I leave. Also, Salama is not the PS for me because he gives big ol' bootys and he doesn't do that great on African American women. Just my opinion. I like Dr. Cardenas, her reply back to my email was very nice. I like her TT results but her BBL are just... ehhh. Dr. Joshua B. Hyman was very nice. I met him in person, he is based in NYC. He also wasn't as expensive as I thought he would be but he doesn't do aggressive lipo. It just seems like he "sucks out" (as LittleBoyPink would say, she is my best friend lol) and doesnt sculpt small waists. He also said to me he isn't sure if BBL would stay. So I've decided on Yily cause she is the queen of sculpting! I want a small waist and flat tummy and that stupid shelf in my back to be gone and I believe she will be best to do it. So I will be going with Yily.. yay! (March 27)

Another reason why I'm going with Yily is because of LittleBoyPink's is my bff, she went to Yily and her results are amazing!! We went to a club together and I mean the guys were going crazy over her!!! I remember this one guy, he said goes "DAYUUMM SHE DA BADDEST CHICK IN HEREEE" lol. Her waist is super tiny and her hips and booty as bigg! So jealous.

So I'm adding more before pictures **sigh**

Hello ladies! I just received this super long...

Hello ladies!

I just received this super long but informative email from Yily. She has my date down!! Yay!

All the ladies who are trying to get in contact with her this is what she says:

You should wait 3-7 days for a response because I’m getting 85-95 emails per day and I have to do surgeries, attend meetings and I also work in others institutions.

Please just send me one message with that I mean that you can email me a lot of times but it’s better if you do in the same message so I don’t have to click on ‘’filter messages like these’’.

Please don’t send me messages from 2 or more different emails because I can’t filter them and it’s difficult to know who I am writing to.

The day you have surgery you should be in the clinic at 7 am.

I need you to be sure before sending the deposit and please confirm

When you decide to have the surgery you need to say to me the date you want to have surgery (I don’t work on Sundays and I prefer not to do surgeries on Saturdays and Thursdays) and once the date has been set and you’ve booked your flight you have to send me your flight information and a deposit of 500$ US through Western Union:
Name: Yily Loramny de los Santos Rosario
ID number: 001-1280722-7

I will write down your dates but only lock the date to people who have sent me the deposit. The first you send me the deposit is the first patient of the day. I will create a paypal account and send the information to all of you.

I said that March and February are full already but if someone doesn’t send me the deposit I will give her/his date to someone else who have sent it to me.

Once you’ve sent the deposit you need to send me in an email your MTCN number and the state you sent it from.

You should call Western Union and confirm that my name is written correctly because if not I can’t receive the money. No missed letters and don’t join ‘’de los’’. Some patients have done that and I cannot pick up the deposit. In the Western Union site there’s no space to write the letter o in Rosario and they won’t allow me to receive the deposit with that mistake.

I only accept cash. I don’t accept financing, credit card, care credit, check orders or checks.

If you want to speak with my assistants, you can call Yira Perez 829-870-8815 (my new assistant, she works with me every day in the clinic and she speaks English) or Massiel Lee 809-878-0526 (she will only read my emails and set the dates. She won’t work in the clinic until June).

I really prefer that you ask me all the questions via email.

If you have someone who speaks Spanish you can call at my office: 809-331-5050 extension 208 and Teresa will help you.

This is some of what she sent me in the email.

Date set, deposit sent, and the countdown...

Date set, deposit sent, and the countdown begins!

Is there anyone else going to Yily March 27 or around then? Would love a travel buddy since I'm going alone?

Is 3 days enough healing time? I found a cheap ticket to Dr from March 26-29 but I'm afraid that won't be enough time.. my surgery is the 27th and I'm the last patient of the day... then when I come back home that friday I'll have the weekend to heal then its back to work monday! So that would be a total of 5 days healing time. I also have a pretty active job... I'm constantly running around NYC and running errands... *sighhh** I really hope I recover quickly!

O'm not even nervous about the surgery, I'm more nervous about the plane ride O_O. I'm soo afraid of planes havent been on one in about 8 years. I knowwww I'm more likely to get struck by lightening than to die in a plane crash.... but still!!

10 more weeks to go! And in the time I'll be focusing on losing as much as I can (20 lbs) and compiling my list!

Till next time ladies.

I had a lot of trouble finding good wish pics that...

I had a lot of trouble finding good wish pics that are realistic for me. I was looking for someone close to height and weight (somewhat). I finally I found a good wish pic! Brooke Bailey from Basketball Wives LA has the perfect body to me. Tall, athletic build, big boobies big booty but not so ginormous that is looks fake.I dont want to look fake at all. I would like her curves but a little less booty. I posted pics.

I know Dr. Yily is AMAZING! And she does an amazing job but I'm afraid I won't get the results I want. I want a booty... but not a huge butt. I want a small waist but not so small that my upper body looks weird. I have a large frame after all. Ughh I'm getting extremely paranoid!

I also feel like the communication between patients and Yily's assistants are lacking. I sent her my western union info and that I want to stay at Spa Jaq then her assistant replies back with:

One you're ready for the surgery, fill this and send it to me.

1. Height

2. Weight

3. Day of Surgery

4. Place where you will be staying

5.Flight Info

6. Deposit MTCN # and state it was sent from

7. Quote and procedure.

I'm getting quite annoyed because all this information I sent to her already minus the flight information because I told her I didn't book my flight yet but I will very soon. And what does she mean when I'm ready to have surgery? Does she mean when I'm absolutely sure I want surgery or the day of the surgery. I sent the deposit already.. I'm ready for surgery!

*boyfriend update*
A couple weeks ago, we sat down and taked about the surgery and he finally came around and said he will help me in anyway possible.. BUT he thinks that I don't surgery. Well I'm happy we came to this! He even helped me make a surgery finance/saving plan lol. So now I'm in Western Union about to send the deposit to Yily then he starts acting up saying "you're making a stupid mistake" "you're gonna regret this" "surgery is dangerous". At this point I'm pissed off because he would help me fill out the Western Union slip and I filled it out incorrect and I had to do it over again and get back that long ass line. He finally fills it out for me. Just had to rant about that... boyfriends can be sooo annoying. -____-

*making my list, help me check it twice*
Lymphatic Drainage liquid herbal medicine - to help drain Lymphatic system/reduce swelling
Iron liquid supplement
Feminine wipes
Stool softener
Wee Wee pads
Mederma scar cream
Female urinal
Lipo foam
Extra Strength Tylenol
maxi pads

Hello ladies I hope everyone is doing well...

Hello ladies I hope everyone is doing well.

Holy moly... so many girls are going to Yily. I hope she doesn't burn out and do a shitty job on me lol. I booked my flight today. I am leaving March 26. My surgery is March 27 and I'm leaving March 29. I'm returning back to work April 1. I know its such a short period of time but I can't take the time off. I'm going to take a lot of pills so my recovery is better and faster.

I've also started water fasting and tea fasting for weight loss. I do not consume anything but water and tea for 3 days. I started yesterday at 9 am and I was doing fine until I went to work and had to cook. I broke my fast some chicken and pasta. I felt like such a failure. So today I decided to forgive myself (because I've never done this before) and to continue with the fast. I have been doing pretty great so far.. I do not feel hungry at all. I just keep drinking water and tea. It's also great for me because I'm not at work and I've just been home surfing the web, doing homework, and studying. I plan to stop the water and tea fast monday morning and continue with a juice fast. For the juice fast I can only consume tea, diluted 100% juice, coconut water, and vegetable broth. This will be until Friday morning. Hopefully I make it through the week with school and work..

If you're curious about water fasting, google it! It's helpful for weight loss, detoxifying, and resetting your system. You're skin becomes clear and develops a glow, your nails and eyes are brighter, and you feel lighter.

Will update when fast is over. Wish me luck!

Hello ladies! Wanted to update you all on my...

Hello ladies! Wanted to update you all on my fasting.

My heaviest weight was 198 and I was so shocked I nearly cried and I vowed I will not go passed 200. When I started fast I was 195. I weighed myself at the end of my water and tea fast and I was at 189.9. Wow, 5 pounds gone for only 3 days! Now I'm on the juice cleanse for 5 days and I'm hoping to be at 180. I will even be happy is I make it to 185. This is not water weight, I can see the difference.

Yesterday I tried to eat a fruit bowl to give myself fuel before I started the juice cleanse. I couldn't even eat it. I was so turned off by food. Day 4 onward is the fat burning stage. You're body is already sensing it will not get food so it will use your body fat for fuel. And no you will not lose muscle because you are only fasting for a short period of time.

Also I changed my dates to March 26-April 4 because a lady from the forum contacted me and asked me to stay longer because of health complications. I dont want to my health in danger over a couple of $$$$. Thank you to that person, I'm sorry I'm forgetting your username at the moment lol.

Noooooooo. My best friend is leaving RealSelf! But...

Noooooooo. My best friend is leaving RealSelf! But honestly, I don't blame her because she has so much going for her right now in her real life and the fact that she has taken so much time to blog about her experience is awesome. I know she has helped me in so many ways!! I was so clueless in the beginning and her insight has helped me tremendously. She still helps me, every single day.

The only reason why she started blogging was to help people! And girls have lost sight of that. Why would anyone post pictures and spend time writing about their experience to be a bitch, and catty to other girls? I know her personally and she is not afraid to say what is on her mind, and she does not hold back. But I also know she won't do something maliciously and I know she has a good heart!

So I thank Littleboypink for sharing your story because it helped me so much! And I really wish you all the best! I totally can't wait to get my surgery so we can go clubbing together and make everyone drool over our hawtnezzzzzz.

***Fasting update***

Wooo. I completed my fasting successfully! I've been eating very clean and healthy since then and I've managed to maintain my final weight of 188.2. I'm going to up my calorie intake and start exercising everyday for an hour. In another two weeks I will start my fasting again.

I've gotten some medication and pre op and post op pills from Littleboypink. I have a few more things to buy. I need to look about my passport though... :/

I'm so excited about my surgery with Dr. Yily....

I'm so excited about my surgery with Dr. Yily. I've done my research and I had a lot of help with my research too. I've seen the good, bad, and ugly of it all and I'm glad to say I'm still very sure about my decision.

I have realistic goals and expectations and I believe I have a good canvas to start with. I know surgery alone can't fix everything. I most live a healthy and active lifestyle afterwards. I think that's why a lot of ladies went back for round 2.. even round 3! Haha.. but no that won't be for me!

And with surgery comes risks. Many risks that a lot of people sometimes forget. Things can go wrong in any type of surgery besides cosmetic surgery. Even some surgeries have gone bad with the most reputable doctors that are popular among bbl including Jimerson, Salama, Cardenas, Yily, and Robles.

It's also important to prepare your body before surgery with the correct vitamins!

I've done my research, have you done yours?

Hey guys! Less than two weeks till I'm yilyfied!...

Hey guys! Less than two weeks till I'm yilyfied!

I'm looking to have a travel buddy. I'm leaving March 26 and my surgery is 27. I was hoping to go to the beach of site seeing or something. Also, I'll be staying for 8 days and it seems like I won't be able to afford Spa Jac. I'm looking for a roomate too.

If anyone knows another recovery house. Please let me know!

Thanks for the help everyone! **le sigh** Not...

Thanks for the help everyone! **le sigh** Not really! No one seems to want to answer questions and actually help but rather jump head first in the drama and give their two cents.

Well I decided to only stay one day at spa JM and when I live CIPLA I will stay the rest of my time at a hotel. Spa JM is really not that great from what I've seen in the reviews. The nurses are horrible, they dont feed you a lot, and they are not doing discounts anymore. That is not worth $90 a day in my opinion.

Right now I'm getting very nervous and anxious. I don't have everything I need and I'm running around New York City like a chicken with its head cut off. I even didn't have the money for the hotel but my boss said she will front me the money. She's an angel.

I keep thinking what if something goes wrong. But I know I have been keeping myself healthy and taking all the vitamins I should be. It's very important to take care of your body pre op. I'm going to DR with realistic expectations and goals.

Will update you all once I get to DR. I may post up pics again.



$2,500 for yily (already sent $500 deposit and plane tix was $360)
$90 - spa JM: I can only afford one day (March 26, surgery March 27 will spent night at CIPLA)
$350 - hotel casa del sol for 7 days (March 28-April 4)
$100 - vitamins, extra clothing, supplies, snacks
I've got about $150 in extra money ** le sigh** thats all :(

Just two days away till I fly down and only 3 days...

Just two days away till I fly down and only 3 days away from my surgery. I'm so ready and I'm super excited. I've given myself a headache from all this back and forth - worrying and then feeling okay then back to worrying again.

I will write a about how my day is going to far in...

I will write a about how my day is going to far in DR. It's been a crazy day and I just want to sleep!!

But I just wante to let you all know I've made it safely.

Hey girls! Thank you for your prayers, my surgery...

Hey girls! Thank you for your prayers, my surgery was successful. I fly back home tomorrow afternoon and I'm really relieved to be going home. Right now I have little energy and I'm typing on my phone so sorry for the typos. I'm going to write my experience with Yily. Hopefully I capture everything.

So I started off the day bad. I missed my first flight and I had to get on the next one. I'm pissed because I was going to meet up with some yily girls at the airport. I get to DR and of course Spa JM is not waiting for me which I knew would happen. I call them about 20 times but no answer I start to freak out cause I'm in a country that I have never been to and doesn't even speak my language. I texted Littleboypink and asked her what to do and then she gave me info to Angela's Recovery house. I call and THANK GOD!! Angela speaks English and she comes to get me in about 45 minutes.

I get to Angela's recovery and there is all Yily girls. One girl went for tummy tuck and two girls were at CIPLA. I eat nice dinner made by Angela and I prepare my things for CIPLA.

I get to CIPLA at 6:30 and there are about 4 girls including me waiting for Yily and two girls waiting on tummy tuck for Guerrero (I think). More girls start to come in through out the day. I didn't get started on my blood work till 8:30 or so. No one even starts work till about 8:30 so if you're running late dont freak out. I'm done with all the blood work by noon and I wait around till about 6. I'm the last person of the day. They gave me two white pills to take I fell asleep for like 30 minutes but then I'm up again. Yily comes in to mark me up. We talk about exactly what I want. She also tells me to defend her name because there are girls writing bad things about her in the websites. Yily speaks a little English now. She is taking classes because she has no many English speaking patients.

Also CIPLA is very clean and modern looking. It's decorated very nicely with paintings in the wall and such. I was surprised by that.

Now I'm being wheeled out into the surgery room. The anesthesiologist is there. He hooks me up does his business etc. I undress and I lay on my back then I'm out. I walk up on my stomach and I can feel the cannula. It does not hurt at all. My throat is super dry so I ask for aqua and they gave me some. I'm in and out of consciousness. I remember them putting me on the stretcher, wheeling me to my room, then putting me on my bed. Btw, I had a room to myself.

This is where the bad starts. I wake up and my ass is on fire!!! It's burning so bad idk why. I switch to my side somehow and I fall asleep. Some guy comes in my room and tells me I have to lay on my back so I switch again. The pain comes back so I call a nurse. She comes in and I tell her I'm in pain I want to lay on my side but she says no. I ask her for a blanket and she's says ok. About 20 minutes go by I'm shivering and no blsnket. I call again and I ask for a blanket. They say ok. No one comes again. At this point I'm extremely cold and in so much pain. I start to tell out HELPP ME AYUDA MEE but no one. No one was ever going to come. I get up and I'm so weak. I don't even care. My drain falls in the floor. Blood everywhere. I'm dizzy and I try to open the fridge for water but I fail. I manage to open the door and I scream!! They finally come running down. I just keep repeating help me I'm in pain. They just say take it easy. They're not even listening to what I'm saying. They put me back on the bloody sheets on my back, clean up the blood on the floor and close the door.

I try to go to sleep but I wake up every other minute. I just want to sleep but I'm so cold and I'm in pain. I'm shivering so hard I look like I'm having a seizure. I call them again. I say please a blanket. No body comes. I call at least three more times and I get up again. I couldn't make it to the door I'm just screaming and a nurse opens the door. Three other nurses come. One nurse tells me to not get up and to call. At this point I'm hopeless, I just feel hopeless. She puts something in my iv cleans up the blood and leaves. I break down crying. I call my boyfriend at like 6am and I just cry. Thank god for him. He makes me feel so much better. I was crying from frustration mostly. Anyway, some lady comes in my room and I ask her for a blanket, she goes.. oh we don't have anything like that. -____________________- yo, I can't even laugh. I fall sleep and I wake up feeling much better oddly. I eat my breakfast which is just soup, tea, crackers and I'm up walking around my room slowly. Eventually Yily comes with Yira, and Dr. Henriquez. She checks me out, tells me I'm okay, and tells me about post op instructions. Yily is so beautiful!! She was nice to me the while time through and I have no problems with her attitude.

1) make sure you bring all the cash you can. They charge you 5% for using your card to pay for surgery plus your bank will charge you 3% the convert currency.


3.) If you can bring someone with you to help you. I regret going by myself even though I made it through somehow.

I will update about my stay at the recovery house and how my recovery is going so far. But I'll let you guys know that so far I'm happy and ill try to post pics.

2 months post op *team yily*

Well I'm exactly 2 months post op and I love my results. I have no regrets and I'm happy I chose Yily as my doctor. She gave me exactly what I wanted. She just made me look like a more enhanced, better version of myself.

I'm not going to post before pictures and I'm going to delete the new pics very soon because I honestly don't trust this site anymore.

I love my results but sometimes I can't handle the attention!!! Men state at me and women give me the side-eye constantly! When Littleboypink and I are walking around, we get sooo much attention it's unbearable!!

This will be my last post on realself. I hope the info I posted helped some of you girls and I really hope you all get what you have been dreaming of and have a great recovery.


6 months post op

I will do another review when I'm one year post.

Loving every minute of my new body and I still don't have any regrets! In the beginning I was 200 lbs and boxy now I'm 170 and curvy. I was 40-32-42 now im 38-28-44. Surgery combined with eating and exercising right has done my body good!

I really don't know what else to say other than that I'm just so happy! My confidence is through the roof. I can wear those cute right body con dresses, with the cut outs, low back and everything with nothing hanging out... everything is tight! I'm still not at my goal but I'm damn near close to it.

I plan on getting my inner thighs, arms, and maybe a little of my tummy in the future.

The pics with the leggings were taken when when I was 4 months post, pics in the underwear was taken a couple of days ago. I have lost weight but don't get me wrong.... ass is still fat!! Lol


2 years, 5 months post!! *yilydoll* Going for Round 2 in Colombia!

Hello Dolls!

I've returned to Realself because I'm going for Round 2! As you can see I have already had sx in April 2013 and I'm very happy and honestly don't need to go for round 2 lol but I want to touch up my sides and get arm and inner thigh lipo and possibly get ab etching. If you know any DR's in Colombia that do amazing ab work please let me know!

I've been doing really good maintaining my results. Before sx I was pushing 200. About 3-4 post sx, I was around 175-170 and I managed to lose another 10-15 pounds eating right and working out. My lowest weight was 155. After going on multiple trips and eating way too good, I'm back up to 170 which Im not tripping about because I plan on going on a 2 month clean eating and kickboxing program.

So here are some post op pics taken 2 years or so after surgery.

2 years Post sx with eating right and working out!

Yily Doll!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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