26 year old no kids travelling to philippines to get rhinoplasty and liposuction. Dr. Eric Yapjuanco

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I reside in Australia, and cosmetic surgery is...

I reside in Australia, and cosmetic surgery is super expensive! After a two year long research on the best asian/ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons i decided to settle on travelling to Manila in the Philippines. I'll be getting Rhinoplasty with Goretex Implant, Liposuction to:
-Upper/Lower Abdomen
-Imner thighs
With the possibility of fat being transferred into the lateral buttocks. This will be decided once i get there to do the physical consultation.

For the liposuction and rhinoplasty i'll be charged $6,993.90 AUD ALL INCLUSIVE:
And if i need to stay overnight or as long as i would like too, it is free.

A complete Breakdown:
Rhinoplasty + Goretex Implant + Alarplasty+ Tiplasty

Two people return $2,000.00 TOTAL

NOTE: All prices were converted to the current, currency exchange. However i will post the exact prices. As for the fat transfer i am unsure until i get there l.

The dr i decided to go with is Dr. Eric Yapjuangco. I have been in constant contact with The Iconic Clinic and they've been very speedy with their replies explaining all the details via whatsapp. I haven't spoken to the doctor directly and im most certain that im talking to his administrative team. I did feel that, after i sent my photos to them via whatsapp for a consulation they tried to upsell me on a mini tummy tuck. However, after much research and after feedback from other doctors where they mentioned that i wouldn't need a mini tummy tuck and that the skin would contract back once the fat is removed. So i told them, that i don't want a tummy tuck at all. The then said it will depend on the physical consultation.

I als have a secondary doctor aswell who i may visit who i've done research on and will most likely go and have a consultation to get his feedback and then decide which doctor i feel has my best interest at hand. Although, Dr Yapjuangco team tried to upsell me on a tummy tuck i noticed that he operate on alot of foreigners aswell.
Overall im in good shape and i work out 6 days per week and weight lift everyday. However, i do have stubborn fat that im finding difficult to shift.
Dr. Eric Yapjuangco

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