I cannot recommend Dr. Lee's practice enough!

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Bryn Mawr Oculoplastic Surgeon

I have been a patient of Dr. Lee's for years, receiving Botox and fillers, and have always been happy with his results. I was referred by mother who had her upper and lower blephs done by him, which look great. I am admittedly very picky when it comes to my appearance (even my hairdresser knows this!), and had tried several other doctors in PA before finally finding doctor Lee (if you look through my account, you can find a negative filler review from when I had went to another doctor prior). Dr. Lee listens to your concerns, provides expert feedback, and is nothing short of an artist when it comes to his execution. When I walk out of his office, I look like I've dropped *at least* 5 years from my appearance; people I know will compliment me, and never have a clue as to what I've had done, as his results are that natural. I feel compelled to write this review now because I was in his office last week, and decided to get my tear troughs and upper cheeks done (I usually just do filler on my nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and nasal bridge). I am prone to anxiety, and it spiked this time while he was injecting me. Though it wasn't particularly painful, I didn't anticipate the weird feeling I had in my eye area from the numbing agents and pressure of the filler being applied. Despite me making noise and actually moving during the procedure, Dr. Lee was so understanding and professional – managing to distract me with conversation and calm me down. Once the numbing agents wore off about an hour later, though, the strange feeling subsided. Well, it's been a week later, and WOW, what a difference! Totally worth it. I look so much more well rested and am not having to pile on concealer on my eye area like I did before. I would like to add, too, that I've previously been to Dr. Lee's office for just botox and have requested more filler then, and he has actually turned me down, saying that I didn't need any more filler at that time. This is not a doctor who will just take your money and do needless procedures at the expense of your appearance (as many will do). I trust him implicitly and will not let any other plastic surgeon touch my face! Also, I would like to mention the aesthetician at his office, Jennifer. While I haven't had a procedure from her yet, she's been great with helping me with my skin care regimen. If you're in the market for effective skin creams/ cleansers, please save your money and skip the trip to Sephora! The products at Dr. Lee's office are so much more effective, and Jennifer will work with you to come up with a system that is tailored to your needs. I cannot recommend Dr. Lee's practice enough!

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