Consultation review: I was poorly treated and very disappointed ( Consult- No Surgery)

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London Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fallahdar was one of the better surgeons I found in London. ( There aren't that many in fairness) . He had quite a few women who were pleased with his results but not many with fantastic pictures. so naturally after doing some research I booked a consultation hoping to see some more work of his and to finally have my dream boobs! I was 19 at the time and understand that surgeons might not take you as seriously. I had already saved at that point and was really just waiting for the right surgeon. Some info on me, for reference. 5"2 Petite Build 32d ( a bit lacking volume at the top of the breast ) No children, 20 lb weightloss which created lack of volume. A nurse sat in with us during the entire consultation which I was very uncomfortable with, as I had to pay either 100 pounds or 150 pounds for a consultation which was somewhat rushed and I was made to feel like a child. He insisted on teardrop shape implants which I made clear I was not fond of because it can make a slightly sagging breast look worse and that I wanted a high profile look and that " overly natural" is worse than a little fake looking. He also insisted I needed a lift. That was laughable. I saw three surgeons after him- all said that I needed no lift whatsoever and it was a needless scar. This was completely unnessisary and I felt like he was using me for a guinea pig for his own surgical resume and because I was young or inexperienced. My nipples are quite evenly placed and he wanted to use a bellini lift, so a scar around my entire nipple- as well as a crease scar for the implant. He suggested no larger than 275-300 ccs which I knew was not enough for the look I wanted, and after all of this he said he could not give me the look I wanted because my breasts were basically too " flawed" to begin with. His work is good from what I see, but not spectacular by any means. I ended up going to a surgeon near New York in the USA and he was able to give me what I wanted and I was treated much more kindly and with the respect a lacking confidence woman deserves. Dr. Fallahdar was insensitive, made me feel like I had horrible breasts to begin with and that he was doing me a favor just by looking at me and assumed I was not serious. He told me somewhat cockily that I couldn't find better than him and was very annoyed at my questions that I had written down previously. He said I had a 50/50 chance of developing a snoopy deformity ( another scare tactic lie which proved to be untrue) and that in general, I was just underwhelmed and left feeling hopeless. This was my first BA consultation and I still think about it til this day so I wanted to make sure other women see this and understand what I went through. His staff were kind, facilities beautiful but this does not make up for his simply adequate work and horrible demeanor especially towards younger patients.

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