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Los Gatos Hair Restoration Surgeon

OK, just for the record, I don’t do many reviews, but every now and then I feel compelled to do one, and I am now feeling compelled. I have to honestly say that this is one of the best experience’s I’ve ever had, in fact, I would say this was life changing. When I first came to see Dr. Diep, the hair on the front of my head was almost gone, I had just a few strands that I would try to comb in such a way to make it look like there was more, and make it look fuller, and would kid myself into thinking It wasn’t that bad. Until one day someone was joking with me and told me there were shampoos that would help my hair grow, and I also tried Rogaine and all those other over the counter products. Then I found MHTA! I went in for a consultation thinking no way I could afford to have this done, and thinking this is just for rich people. After spending a few minutes with Dr. Diep I quickly realized I didn’t need to be rich to have this done, this is totally affordable for regular guys like me. So I did it. I have to say, I have never been happier in my life, I have a FULL head of hair, and in fact, my hair line which Dr. Diep re-created was nicer than the one I was born with. My hair is beautiful, I love it, and I don’t have to get creative when combing it now, I just comb it. No thin spots, no weird clumps, it is so natural, he put them in one at a time. Think about that, one at a time, they feed me, they always made sure I was comfortable and this is the Gods honest truth; nobody in my family even knows I had it done, due to the way in which Dr. Diep did it. I asked him if we could make it gradual so nobody at work or home would notice. My own Mother doesn’t even know I had it done. If you want to look like the old you, want to look 20 years younger, and you want it done right, someone you can trust, with no hard sells, you need to go to MHTA and see Dr. Diep, the man is a perfectionist and won’t be satisfied with just ok, he won’t tell you just want you want to hear, he will tell you what you need, and how it needs to be done. Thank you Dr. Diep. You are the man!

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