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I had a great experience meeting Dr. Casas - Glenview, IL, Chicago, IL

Breast Implants

jennadream, Chicago, IL

Doctor Review

30 Nov 2016

1 day ago

I had a great experience meeting Dr. Casas - Glenview, IL - Chicago, IL

I have to say that I was very happy and impressed meeting Dr. Casas. She took so much time with me and answered all my questions! I didn't expect all the things she did on the first visit. She showed me all the implants, measured my chest and explained what she would recommend be the best fit for me! She fitted me with her recommendations for sizing and implants. She went through pre surgical recommendations and what to expect postoperative. After she went through all that she then walks you to her scheduler/financial area and sits you down with her very nice staff (can't remember her name) to go through the details and prices. The staff was very kind as well. Glad I made the drive to meet her! She was by far the best consultation I had! The only down side to it was I will not be able to afford the surgery. But if or when I do get the money I will definitely be back and would be honored if she would be willing to do my surgery!!