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Went for my consultation a few weeks ago and have...

Went for my consultation a few weeks ago and have confirmed my surgery date of December 30. I would do it sooner but work is very busy at the moment so it will be performed during Christmas break. I'm very excited. I can't believe it's taken me a few years to go through with it. The cost was one thing as we all know life gets in the way; and, being a career woman and mother, I don't have much time to be off. I just finally got tired of dealing with the pooch and my breasts not being perky let alone remotely large. Ready to feel more womanly again.

Tminus1.5 days

Got all medications filled, preop necessities obtained, and everything in order before my surgery on Friday. I am a little nervous. Had a nightmare one night that my breast augmentation was done but looked only slightly bigger and not the large ones I wanted. Right now, I'm hoping surgery goes smooth and recovery is swift. A prayer would be most welcomed. ????

My husband will be in charge of household and our children plus taking care of me. He does a lot around the house and with the kids that I feel a little guilty having to rely on him for everything. But he seems happy to help. God bless him.

I will post preop photos tomorrow or Friday so you can see the complete before. Until then, hoping all is well.

Post Op Day 1

I wasn't able to post picture before surgery. I'm still in much pain. I will write more when I don't feel so groggy. This is what I could manage to take. I was hoping for 533cc but my PS was only able to put 492cc. My breasts are so tight along with my tummy. Will post more tomorrow. ????
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