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I have just lost a substantial amount of weight...

I have just lost a substantial amount of weight for the second time, I have lost about 60 LBS this time around, and I am hovering around 163 lbs. The first time I lost weight it was about 120 LBS. I am convinced the reason I gained the weight back is because I have ALWAYS had this lose skin and fat roll around my stomach. I am 43 years old, and I have never enjoyed physical activity because of the excess skin. I love exercise, however I will wear compression garments because I HATE the feeling of my stomach bouncing up and down.

So today is 24 hours before my surgery. I am SO excited, and a bit anxious. I am in the health and wellness industry, and I know what to expect, however I am surprisingly nervous, but SO EXCTIED. I have never been diagnosed as having schizophrenia, but I may be a perfect case study at this moment, LOL. ANXIOUS and EXCTIED and ANXIOUS again – I need a Bloody Mary, but I have to get to work.

The recommended course of treatment is a Tummy Tuck (AKA abdominoplasty) with minor lipo of the flanks. The doctor does not think I will need muscle tightening; it will be more of a skin removal surgery. The surgery will take about two hours. I will stay near the outpatient center for 1 night then have a follow up the day after surrey, then onto home. I will have a checkup 5 days after surgery, then 2 more over the course of four weeks. I have been told it is necessary for me to be up and about right after surgery. This will help prevent any heart, lung or blood clot issues. People who have been overweight combined with other factors of previous lifestyle can create circulation issues, so it is very important to be up and walking about. I have RLS, this is a sign of lower than normal circulation, so I will make sure to sleep with feet elevated, and I plan on walking as much as possible. I was told by my doctor that I will be back to work day 5- I work a desk job, so I imagine this is why I am able to do this.

I picked up my RX last night, there were three prescriptions, and I believe 1 is a pain killer, 1 is a sedative to take tomorrow pre surgery and the other is anti-nausea medicine. I will go shopping today for good fruits and veggies- the brighter the fruit the better – HEALING POWERS. I plan on getting some smoked sockeye salmon and red beets. BEETS are great for muscle repair, immunity booster and the skin. I will plan on buying some prunes as well to assist with the BM. I think I am more frightened about the lack of bowel movements more than anything else.

I am posting some picks this morning, but need to head to work. I plan on posting daily blogs to help anyone out that is considering having the surgery. I am also having the procedure filmed, and I will be doing video blogs. I will keep you posted.

Well as you all can tell, yesterday went okay. The...

Well as you all can tell, yesterday went okay. The surgery took about 2 – 2/12 hours, they did not have to tighten the muscle, so that shortened the timeframe. Skin removal, lipo of the flanks were on the menu yesterday. Let’s see… Well I woke up yesterday about 4 hours prior to the surgery as it is a three hour drive to the surgery center from my house. The only real bummer about yesterday I have not had a BM as of yet. I usually use coffee as an aid in the morning to get things moving….well things aren’t moving at all, and as if right now, and now I am ok if it takes another day or two to resurrect number 2 potty habits. You will not be able to eat or drink ANYTHING (not even chew gum) the morning of the surgery, this is to protect your from aspirating while under general anesthesia. Here are some other post op care tips – Quit smoking, in my research I have found most will require you to quit smoking 2 – 4 weeks before they will operate. Smoking can cause horrible issues with healing and aftercare complications. You will need a caretaker for the first few days – make sure it is someone you have an intimate relationship with as you will need help in the potty and emptying your drain. They should have a good personality to entertain you with, as well as should not be offended when you accidently have gas in their general direction. Hey it happens! Shave and clean the area really well, although the DR will shave, it is always best to shave the shrubs to keep infection to a minimum. Bring your “dream” undies as if you are going to star in Magic Mike, you will want to make sure the scar is below the waist. Pack some snacks; crackers, fruit, etc. you will probably be hungry shortly after the surgery. I snacked immediately after waking up, but was not hungry to eat a whole meal until much later in the day.
So surgery at 9, in my room recovering and relaxing by 12:30. I slept off and on for the entire afternoon and evening, in two-three hour intervals. Emptied my drain 3 times, and I was able to get up and down to go number 1. Coughed and sneezed one or twice, the best thing here is to hug a pillow in the process; believe it or not it helps. I was able to get in and out of bed with little pain, however needed the aid of my partner. The best way to get in and out…stay hunched over. So I am always bending at the waist when getting out or getting into bed. As I sit in a chair, you are able to sit normally, however getting out or in, stay bent..
Today I will get checked out by the CS’s nurse. I am excited to see myself without the binder as she cleans the wound and goes over aftercare instructions. At the moment, I am very happy with the way I feel. The only thing I am feeling is discomfort at the waist, we will have to see how this progresses. For right now though, I am off like a shirt. I will write more, when there is more to write about.

Last night was a bit rough from a sleep...

Last night was a bit rough from a sleep perspective. I struggled with getting comfortable in bed, chair, etc. I developed a couple of blisters as a result of the binder – since these were located on my back I lined my binder with one of my favorite soft cotton T shirts, Oh' the small comforts. To be very honest, pain is almost nonexistent. The biggest challenge is occupying my time with something productive.
Today is day 3 PO, and I have included a new pic. I am still really swollen and have not had a BM in 4 days. So today I can will be drinking prune juice –Oh Yummy! One note, make sure to have throat lozenges as the tube they use to keep you from aspirating during general anesthesia can aggravate your throat.
I think I am healing well. My new navel looks amazing!! There was very little seepage at my wound today when I redressed it after my shower. Take your time in the shower, it is a wonderful thing. The water helps relax and massage the skin from adhesives in the tape. Don’t tell my significant other, but today’s shower was better than sex!
So here is a recap of recommendations I have for the first three days.
• Lozenges for throat
• Comfy T shirt to line the back of your binder with
• Switch from pain killers to Ibuprofen with your Dr’s permission of course. Pain killers kill your potty habits
• Stock on a mild laxative and drink lots of prune juice
• Keep feet above the heart to prevent swelling and retention of fluids (double check with your MD)
• Take a long shower! It feels great to massage all the areas irritated by your procedure
• Walk as much as possible. This is great for circulation and encourages healing
• Have a support system of people you want to be locked up with for the first four days. Remember to be thankful for them especially if you are a BIG SUCKY Baby like I am
I think that is all I have for Day 3. I will keep you posted. Now back to my movie – Spice World, hopefully that will get my bowels back on track! Cheers

Hey There! Today is day 4 Post Op, and I feel...

Hey There! Today is day 4 Post Op, and I feel pretty good. I had a descent sleep; I slept 6n hours on the sofa in the recommended position then switched to a chair and ottoman also in the recommended position. I am still swollen and walking hunched over a bit, however I feel it’s a bit better today. The greatest news of all is I finally am back on track with my BM – You all will be happy not to hear about this again, but it does cause one to feel like poop – pun intended.

I showered and redressed the wound areas today without issue. I am still wrapping my binder with a comfy all cotton T shirt to prevent blisters. I am working from home today, and have a nap planned. A good balance of activity with sleep will help the body heal appropriately. Not too much to report except that I am a day closer to a full recovery. I will post a pic later this week, not much has changed. Hope your day is fool of cool people, love and self-confidence.
Be Well!

Well I think I must thank Dr B with BLUE Cosmetic...

Well I think I must thank Dr B with BLUE Cosmetic Sugery Huntsville. Today is only day 4 PO, all things considered I feel great. I stopped Ibufrofren yesterday. Last night I did not sleep well, but I feel pretty great. I am almost able to stand up straight. He checked on me again today and it appears drain will be out Thursday- fingers and toes crossed. Here are a couple of tips- the binder can cause blisters as I have mentioned- get a men's spams t shirt and layer it over your wound dressing then apply the binder. Also if you are considering the surgery after weight loss- save some of your older pants so you have something to fit over the swelling, binder, etc. I have attached another two pictures, I'm excited for the sides to stop swelling as the TT looks good and I think the lipo is going to be nice as well. Cheers- be safe and don't forget to vote!

Yesterday was day 8. I am up and about, worked...

Yesterday was day 8. I am up and about, worked yesterday, however I took it easy. Drain came out today, amazing to shower without having to balance the darn drain while cleaning myself. Blue Cosmetic surgery arranged for me to be looked at by the Dr. in Atlanta, since I live here. Thank goodness I did not have a 3 hour drive. Both the Dr. and I are thrilled with the incision; it looks like it will heal nicely. It is much easier to get around, I feel well, just a little sore. I am still having issues sleeping a full 8 hours, I am up to 5 now. Last night I slept on the sofa laid back, fee propped up-nice change from sleeping in a chair. I have attached someday 8 pics, I think they look nice, however I am little cautious about my sides, did anyone have similar swelling in the flanks that has pictures before and how they tightened up? Have a great day!

It is day 25 and I have updated my pictures online...

It is day 25 and I have updated my pictures online. I must say that I feel and look amazing! The wound is healing great and body is taking shape, I can't wait to get back into the gym! Two more weeks of my man girdle then it comes off! This has been an amazing experience!

Hi everyone. I am posting a video diary of my...

Hi everyone. I am posting a video diary of my before surgery, surgery and post surgery procedures and results. I hope you will review, and my experience and results help you make an educated decision when deciding to have your surgery. Best, -S
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