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Had my pre op today. My breast lift is scheduled...

Had my pre op today. My breast lift is scheduled for Thursday but not sure it's going to happen. I've had the start of a cold for the last few days. The receptionist told me as long as it's not in my lungs I should be okay. I just hate to get there then find out they won't do it. I have to travel about an hour to the hospital. Really thinking of getting a hotel for night before. Has anyone else had an illness right before?
I really haven't been very nervous till I went for the pre op. Just seems so final now. I really hope he makes them smaller. I really wanted a reduction but he says I can get by with a lift and he'll take a little out. Insurance won't take care of anything because I don't have enough to remove. Very excited to get this over with!

65 And so ready for this

I called yesterday and said i still wasn't feeling well and I had started coughing. She told me to wait till morning and see how I felt. Well I coughed all night, so I called this morning and said I needed to reschedule. I have just read too many posts that it isn't a good idea to go through with it if you are sick. So I am scheduled for next Thursday Feb 25th. I'm hoping i am over this by then, I know how colds can drag on.

breast lift

Had the surgery for my breast lift yesterday. Came through just fine except I threw up a couple of times. A lot of anesthesia I think. I really have not had a lot of pain. I'm taking 500mg Tylenol instead of the percoset they gave me. How long did some of you take pain meds? I will take bandages off around 3 today. They said wait 24 hours after surgery but leave tape strips on then I can shower. Been in bed most of the time till I get this anesthesia out of my system. I'll update more pics after I remove bandages.

65 and I'm so ready for this.

Just got my bandages off. I am so pleased. I think they will be perfect after swelling goes down. Dr Stephen Miller is a wonderful Doctor. Hes funny but very professional and I really felt I was in good hands!

4days post op

I'm doing really well. Hardly no pain at all. Just little zingers every once in awhile but most have said that's nerves coming alive again. So far I'm ver pleased. I go tomorrow to have tape reapplied. Will post more pics then

More photos. 2 weeks PO

Feeling pretty good. Took my tape off. I've been using VitE oil. Had to snip more stitches that were sticking out. They keep getting caught on my bra.
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