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I have been wanting to do a rhinoplasty ever since...

I have been wanting to do a rhinoplasty ever since I was in high school. I first noticed the width of my nose in pictures..since I love love love taking pictures!! I noticed that I have a small face and when I smile or laugh my nose just really expands which looks so gross. I felt that my nose was taking over my whole entire face. I became so conscious of my nose that I don't even smile in pictures anymore and I would tilt my face slightly to the side to give me that illusion of a smaller nose. The width of the base of my nose is the same width as my lips to give you a mental image of how my nose looks. I had my first consultation in Brea, CA with a particular doctor. He was a nice doctor but I felt that he did not spend much time with me during the consultaion. Also, he was listening to my concerns, but I wasn't sure whether he understood what those concerns are. Listening and understanding are two different concepts. I then decided to do a second consulation with a different doctor. I felt at ease with this particular doctor. He showed me an image of what an "after" pic of my nose just to give me an idea of the transformation my nose will endure. I know it is not accurate but it is nice to have an IMAGE of what I can expect from this procedure. He also showed me his previous works, his awards and articles made about him which made me feel more at ease with this doctor. My concern at this time is that I am charged $4700 for the procedure which I thought HONESTLY speaking was a bit cheap. I know the average cost of a rhinoplasty in Southern Cali ranges from $6500-$8500. Should i be scared that I will be paying $4700 only?

To be honest with you guys the more consultations...

To be honest with you guys the more consultations I do with different surgeons the more confused I get. The main concern I have with my nose is the width of it and a little trim is just what nose needs. Correct me if I'm wrong but trimming the nasal wings (sides) isn't as complicated as cutting through a bone or adding a cartilage from the ear to build a bridge. I noticed that j have the tendency to do a consultation with a certain doctor, but as soon as I read one bad review on him online that will just make me cross his name off the list of my potential surgeon. I don't think that's a great mindset to have because no plastic surgeon is perfect. I'm sure at least once in their career they had at least one un satisfied client. We just gotta choose wisely and weigh the pros and cons.
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