Supposedly "Weekend Procedure" Turned Nightmare

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I went into Lifestyle Lift to simply lose the...

I went into Lifestyle Lift to simply lose the jowls that are hereditary in my family. At 45 I was a fairly attractive woman but looked like I was frowning all the time.

Well let me warn all of you that the MD did more than a "simple weekend lift". I was told I would only have a small incision into my ear and at my hair line but they felt I needed lipo of my neck also so just a tiny incision would be under my chin. I now am postop 7 days; the MD literally removed my ear and tightened my neck muscles. My ears are crooked, numb and I have sutures running all the way around my ears, up the front of my hairline and approx. 3 inches in the back of my hairline.

I am a nurse and realize that this amount of surgery should have been done in a hospital under general anesthesia and I should of had an ovenight stay. Instead I was rushed out the door for my son to take care of me. I have developed Bells Palsy, have cellulitis on the left side of my face and neck and am in intense pain. Has the Lifestyle Lift MD helped or even called to check on me? NO! I insisted on returning 4 days postop and was given methylprednisolone and acylclovir for the Bells Palsy and a script for Loratab for the pain. I have ran a temp on and off the whole week and am horrified after reading other stories of women that have been manipulated by this place and have poor results. How can they stay in business and what can we do to shut them down for good?

I return today to have my sutures out but if the redness and swelling is not better I am going to have to go to the hospital where I work and probably have IV therapy which of course Lifestyle Lift is not responsible for.

My 4-7 day simple lift has turned into a nightmare! I have had to take medical leave and am praying that I look normal again in my lifetime!

I am retracting the previous posting since much...

I am retracting the previous posting since much research on my part. the LSL MD has been very caring and seen me daily since I developed the infection. My Bells Palsy as well as infection were not due to anything the PS @ LSL did.

The URI I had for 2 weeks prior to the procedure was why I developed the Bells Palsy as well as the horrible infection that did has inhibited my healing as well as made my ears feel like they are coming off my head!

I truly believe that once my infection is gone and I can start to heal then I will be much more satisfied with my results even though it's more than I bargained for. I know that i will always question more and ask for exact specifics plus plan better than I did this time.

Now as far as the PS, he has truly been great! I am not getting compensated in anyway and I realize other women have had horrifying results however I pray that once I heal I can post pictures that show positive results.

The advertising is misleading and the consultants should have some medical degree, this I do believe. This would be a great job for nurses wishing to get out of the hospital setting.

Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon

He has been very caring and compassionate since I developed the infection and has seen me daily. Truly seems geniune in care of your well-being.

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