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Hi there! I have been following a few of the folks...

Hi there! I have been following a few of the folks that have posted regarding their Rhinoplasty experience, and I wanted to share mine as well. It helps so much to read about the journey for all of you, so this is my way of paying it forward for anyone else who is contemplating surgery. I am 35 years old. I have been wanting rhinoplasty ever since I was in my teens. When I was in my 20s, I really started to research and seriously think about having it done. However, money, time, and various other circumstances made having the surgery pretty much impossible. I'm finally at a good, stable point in my life and I have already chosen my surgeon, paid the money for the surgery, and in less than 10 days - I will be on my way to the nose of my dreams. Thanks for sharing in my experience. Feel free to leave comments.

A little pre-op video

I'm already receiving so much support on here! Thanks again for that. Because I came out to this site when I was doing research, and based on how much other reviews helped me, I wanted to pay it forward. So here is a little video of the start of my journey. Enjoy!

RhinoReasons- How I told my friends and family and how I found my doctor...

Rhinoplasty Reasons and Choosing a Doctor

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It's interesting to see the reaction you get when you tell friends and family about the fact that you are going to have Rhinoplasty. When I was in my 20s, I was so ashamed of the fact that I wanted to have the surgery. I remember waiting until everyone left the house so that I could search for more information on the internet regarding Rhinoplasty, and I told only my sister about the fact that I wanted to have a nose job. I learned over the years though that if you don't put things out into the universe, they won't happen. You have to say your goals out loud, and it doesn't matter what anyone else has to say about the matter. In the end it's your decision.

I also know how scary and intimidating it can be to find the right doctor for you. I had two consultations. The first doctor was very nice, and we had an awesome conversation while I was there. He even was sweet enough to send a thank you card. But the price, and the answers to a few of my questions just had me a little concerned. When I asked for examples of noses like mine that he had performed similar surgery on and had the results I was looking for, he only had one example. Also, when I asked about what the procedures would be in cases of emergency, he was stumped and it was a bit concerning that he didn't have a plan of action that they normally follow in those cases. The second doctor was not only very easy to talk to, complimented me on the fact that I brought the questions with me to ask, but he also had great answers to every question I asked and told me that any time I had questions for him - the door was open. That is the feeling I needed. Reassurance. He also had a ton of examples to show me of noses like mine. I hope this list of questions and the videos help you as well. :) Buena Suerte!!

Surgery is a few hours away!!

A few hours pre-op!!

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Soooo they called me late Friday afternoon and asked if I would like to move my surgery up a few days. I said YES! It's happening tomorrow at 7:30am!!! Gosh, I am insanely nervous. The things that are helping the most are encouraging comments from my family and friends, and also reading posts on here. I'm going to brave it and try to take some video tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!! :) xo

Before surgery and after videos

In the car on our way

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Right before going into the operating room

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All done!! Car ride home

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Surgery went well!! Yay for Valium!! I'll post more later :) soo excited!! By the way, after surgery in the recovery room I hit the panic button and kept telling myself to calm down and breath. I cried a little bit and my whole body was shaking. The pressure from the packing was really freaking me out. The nurses were insanely sweet though. They held my hand and gave me some pain meds. After that- I was good as gravy. Then I saw my sis and the world was right again! ;)

Day 1 Post Op

Things are so much better than I thought they were going to be for recovery. Yes I look like I got hit by a mack truck, but there is very little to no pain. I figured I was going to bruise pretty badly though. But this isn't as bad as I thought it was going to look.

I slept well last night, and I even could breath out of one of my nostrils! Going for my follow up today at 3pm. In the meantime, icing, rest, and more icing.

btw... the tingling sensation is for real. I do feel that at times. And I didn't believe the tip would be numb because I could feel it yesterday. But today.. it has that numb feeling. I can still smile for now though. So that's a good thing. :)

Day 2 Post Op

Not much to report over here. Just more swelling and bruising. I'm taking the bromelain and arnica pills and then putting arnica gel on the areas that look the worst. The bad part right now is that I keep sneezing. I have tried my best to sneeze through my mouth, but let me tell you.. it is super hard not to have any of the sneeze come through your nose. I called the plastic surgeon's office and they are going to see me on Monday to make sure everything is healing properly. They did say that since I have the splint, it should keep everything in place.

Day 3 Post op

More chillin for me. :) The swelling and bruising continues to improve. I haven't been sneezing as much, and I'm just excited to get a little out of the house this weekend. The splint doesn't come off until Monday or possibly Wednesday of next week. So I need to be patient, but in the meantime.. I'm getting a little cabin fever and I want to get out of the house. Eating, sleeping, and everything else is going great though! No complaints on that end. I'm sticking with a low salt diet, and I have been steadily taking the arnica, bromelain, putting the arnica gel on, and eating pineapples. Patience really is the key to all of this.

Post Op Day 4

wow.. I can't believe how fast this bruising and swelling is going down. I'm still sleeping well, drinking lots of water, and the whole thing has been relatively painless. I may even venture outside today! lol.

Post Op Day 5

Splint is still on, swelling and bruising continues to improve. I had to cheat a little and get out more so than I have other days. It is too nice of a day (70 degrees and sunny) here to not enjoy the fresh air. Tomorrow is my appointment with the PS. Hopefully I can get the splint off. :)

The Cast is off!! The Cast is off!! I love my nose!! :) PO Day 6

The Cast Is OFF!! WOOHOO!!

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The cast is off everybody!!! :) Oh my gosh. What a relief that I still look and feel like me, except with the nose that I have always wanted! Albeit, there is some swelling and the avatar phase everyone has spoken of. But honestly, it's really not that bad. Even my mom and my boss who were the biggest skeptics of all, are just happy I still look like me. :) it's only good things from here on out as far as reducing the swelling and getting the shape that it will progress to once that goes down. :) Yay!!!

Even crazier.. I know I still have congestion and some blood, etc.. but I am breathing better! That surprised me! This was purely cosmetic, and I feel like I can breath better! Ugh.. sooo glad I did this!

Not feelin so great..

Hi all!

Sorry I have been m.i.a. Yesterday I was enjoying my new found freedom and my new nose a little too much. I think running around and pushing it made the pressure build up too much. I have been in bed all day today and I vomited post op for the first time today. Going to see the doctor tomorrow morning. :(

I'm all better!!!/Product Review

Whew.. that was the worst couple of days ever! But I am feeling much better and I'm back to my old self again!! :) Thanks again for all of the well wishes.

I finally did a video on the product review as promised. Below is a list of the products I reviewed and made sure to pick up prior to surgery:
- Filled medications prior to surgery.
-VitaMedica Bromelain with Quercetin (supplied from my PS. Started 3 days prior to surgery. 2 pills on an empty stomach 3 times per day)
-VitaMedica Arnica Montana 30X HPUS (supplied from my PS. Started day 1 post op. 3 pills sublingual application on an empty stomach 3 times per day)
-Arnicare Gel (amazon purchase. Applied topically to areas of bruising and swelling. Be very careful around eye area though!)
-Medicine Mama's Apothecary Sweet Bee Magic All in One Healing Skin Cream, 2 Ounce (Amazon purchase. Applied at night to my face to moisturize as well as heal any bruising/swelling. I am still using this as well in my nose to keep the inside of my nose moist. I LOVE this stuff!)
-Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser/Humidifier/Aromatherapy Air Purifier Mist with 7 Auto Color Changing and Mist Adjustment Mode (White) - LOVE this thing!! Purchased on Amazon
-TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges - purchased on Amazon. Besides doing a helluva job when my throat was dry due to breathing through my mouth, these came in handy when I was vomiting as well to settle my tummy. I'm keeping these for later for sure!
-Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray - purchased on Amazon - LOVE this stuff!
-Organic Baby food - purchased at Whole Foods. I liked the Happy Tot Pouches. Lowest in sodium/highest in protein.
-Nasal Saline Spray -purchased at Target.. generic brand.
-I forgot to mention it in the video, but I purchased Micropore hypoallergenic surgical tape. My doctor wasn't big on me needing to tape after cast removal, but at night and when I wear my glasses, I like to tape to keep things safe.
-Ice Packs. I saw another post where the girl used wet sponges and froze them! Genius! Wish I would have thought of that! Shout out to you @jacq264 for that brilliant idea!
-Water - I drank about a gallon of water a day
-Low sodium diet for a while .. I boiled chicken, ate low sodium tuna fish, fruit and veggies galore, but trying to stay clear of high sodium foods.. except for Tuesday when I balled out and just had tacos and chips and salsa haha. Gotta have a cheat day, right!?
-Love from family and friends helped me stay positive
-Good movies on Netflix, TV, and Redbox kept me entertained
-Magazines and books when I could sit up and read
-Don't overdo it! Take it easy, get lots of rest and enjoy the time off. Stay positive and know that the end results are worth the temporary inconveniences. :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

My nose is 2 weeks old

So it's official! My nose is 2 weeks old today!! Bruising is gone. There is still some swelling on the bridge. I have a tiny bump on the bridge, but from what I was reading, that should go down and is due to the swelling and the bones healing. I have two bumps on each side of my bridge, which I googled and YouTubed.. Which I probably should not have lol. I had a closed rhinoplasty with an osteotomy. Umm yeah, don't google that or watch videos before your surgery or after!! Hah. Trust me on that. But you will have to remember to be super extra to your nose after everything. :)

So far, things are great though! My co-workers saw me since yesterday was my first day back to work. They loved my nose and were so impressed with how natural and cute it looks!! Kudos to my surgeon!!

One Month Post Op

So sorry this has taken a minute to do. I have either been busy at work, or sick with this darn gastrointestinal virus that is going around. I look super pale in the video and for the pics I had to really try hard to smile because my tummy is upset, but I didn't want to wait another week to post a video or picture to show my one month post op results. I still love my nose. I have swelling at times, but I notice that it is mostly when I don't tape my nose at night, or have some alcohol or too much salt. For as much chicken broth as I've been taking in these last few days, I'm surprised my nose is not more swollen. But like I said before, I was prepared for days when it would look swollen or lumpy/bumpy because that is the nature of the beast. I am still very happy with the doctor that I chose, and even more thrilled with the results. Here's to the coming months and my new nose taking shape. :)
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I have to say that Dr. Augenstein and the staff at Hunstad/Kortesis have made me feel so at ease throughout this process. Dr. A has taken the time to listen to all of my concerns, and we have talked extensively regarding the procedure that he will perform. I have seen other examples of his work, and he is a specialist in the field. I feel very confident in my choice of Dr. Augenstein for my Rhinoplasty.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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