Breast Implant Revision, 12 Year Old Saline Implants to Silicone. 34 Years Old, Skinny and 5'-10" - Huntersville, NC

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I've been unhappy with my 12 year old saline...

I've been unhappy with my 12 year old saline implants for a while now. After college I lost a lot of weight and my breast looked deflated so I had saline implants put in. I didn't want to go too big, I just wanted to restore volume. I don't remember what cc I ended up with but I want to say it was around 200cc in each. I loved them at first but the past 5 years I've come to hate them and really need to get them redone. The left implant has "traveled" and now lives underneath my armpit when I lie down - not cool. Also, I don't know if they have leaked or what, but they ripple so bad and it's very apparent that they are not filled even close to capacity. I don't remember them feeling like this when I first had them done. Lastly, my lack of breast tissue makes it obvious where my current implants are. Their small size doesn't help either, they don't seem fit my chest size. I decided to go with Dr. Bill Kortesis of Hunstad and Kortesis in Huntersville, NC. I chose him based on photos of his work but he is also a board certified plastic surgeon and is a FACS, meaning he is a Fellow, American College of Surgeons. I'm a nurse and work with surgeons everyday, so I personally wanted a FACS trained surgeon.
Over the past 3 years I've had 3 consults with Dr. Kortesis, but due to timing and finances, I just couldn't do it. My last consultation was last week and I picked a surgery date, this is going to happen! I showed Dr. Kortesis pictures of my wish boobs and expressed my concerns of picking the right implant/size for my height, shape and lack of breast tissue. He suggested 500 cc or 550 cc moderate profile, silicone implants. He will also perform a capsulotomy to fix my left pocket - yay! I do not have hard capsular contracture, rather I have a soft capsule that is allowing my implant to travel. I'm not going to lie, 550 ccs freaks me out, I want a natural look and am terrified of them looking too fake. He assured me based upon my chest measurements and height, these implants will be wider thus needing more silicone to fill them. I go back to the office three weeks before my surgery date for my pre-op visit where we will go over pre and post-op instructions. I can't wait!

3 days post op

I had my surgery Thursday and have been pretty much in an out of sleep for the past two days. I was nervous about general anesthesia because I usually get nauseous and vomit after but it was smooth sailing this time. Dr. Kortesis ended up putting in 565cc high profile, smooth, round sientra 107. I was so scared at that number but honestly I think I could've gone bigger. My left left breast hangs a tad bit lower and said he could lift it during the surgery but after he fixed the pocket and put the implant in it there wasn't much left to fix so he left it alone. I'm not worried about being perfectly symmetrical, nobody is, I just really wanted that left boob fixed! I was achey in my shoulders, back and lat muscles so I've been taking Norco as prescribed (every 6 hours). I saw Dr. Kortesis on Friday for my 1 day post op appointment and he said everything looks great, I'm still a little swollen but what I see is pretty much what my end result will be (size wise). I have a lot of swelling in my lat muscles which I didn't have with the first surgery so I'm trying to be good and applying ice ever so often. The incisions under my breasts are really, really, really tender to touch. Post op day 2 was a bad day, I started my period and subsequently had a migraine for pretty much 24 hours. Migraines are the worst, if I didn't have the migraine I think I would've been feeling a lot better. Anyways, here are some pics! Today is post-op day 3 and have switched over to tylenol

27 days post op

I cannot wait for them to drop and fluff! I'm not patient when it comes to this part, I still feel like I have torpedos sitting on my chest. I love the size, just really want less upper pole fullness and need them to get softer. I go and see my PS today for my 4 week follow up. Right now my issues are pain at the incision sites - super tender and even really sharp pain if I sleep on my right side. I developed Mondor chords but they have softened up - not completely gone though. Also my pec muscles are still really sore, like when I stretch my arms behind my back - wow is that ever sore, don't remember that from the first time around. I went and worked out yesterday but only did legs, holding heavy weights wth my arms is not a problem but I haven't tried engaging my pecs.
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