TT LIPO LIFT With FAT TRANSFER to breast on August 22

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I have followed so many journeys in the last few...

I have followed so many journeys in the last few weeks. I just wanted to thank everyone. I'm not the type to post just read. I was going to replace too big implants but have now decided to just get explanation and lift. I never had a problem with my 18 year old saline I just could not stand them anymore. I decided I don't want to take the chance and have to go though surgery again when I am pushing 70 in ten years so out they stay. The reviews I have read have helped me make that decision. I go for preop on Tuesday and will let surgeon know I changed my mine. He never pushed for new implant. He even said I my be happy with the tissue I have. I am lucky to find a doc I think so far is good and close to home. Original surgeon pushed me bigger then I wanted This one let me make my choice. Getting nervous with a couple of weeks to go. I had a lot of pain and bruising with original surgery so not looking forward to this just thinking of outcome. Thanks for listening.

New plan lift fat transfer, and TT

Wow. I told doc yesterday I did not want implants. He's great not pushing them like some I read. However I did not understand what a lift really did so he explanded more. He said I would not get the fullness back on the upper breat without implant or I could do a fat transfer. If I don't do TT with it I would have saggy sink on stomach. Well the whole idea is I want to look better right? So I am going with TT also. Lots more $$ more pain and more down time. We had to reschedule for August 22 as he's day was too tight to do all that. This is fine as I needed to have 3 weeks off work. In the end it all works better. We are short handed si me taking vaca was not great for work I also have a sister dying of uterine cancer and she has started I think her final decline so I don't have to worry how I will head north if I just had surgery. I already went to see her a couple of months ago to say my goodbye. We also have a few other things going on so my stress level has been pretty high. I am not one to usually get flustered but we all have our limits. I did walk out of the doc office believe it or not more excited and calm about this change then my first plan to replace implants. No silicone so hubby is happy. Just a long wait now. Will just keep reading other journeys to keep me going. Thanks to all you ladies again for your stories. So glad for this site


I keep reading of all the lotions and scar strips , things for decreasing bruising, everyone has to go out and get. Also extra for pain meds in incision area. With the money we are dropping why don't these docs just increase the price a bit and give out a care package We would think how wonderful,we are getting something for free even though you are paying for it. It would save a lot of hassle finding all these products and you would be using what doc feels is best. Just thinking out loud here.


So the Internet is good and bad been in healthcare too long. Had to watch TT surgery on YouTube. Now I know why you hurt like hell!

33 pages

Got the paperwork from dr on more confused. So much information and one thing will be different directions then the other. Will get it all clarified on Thursday. Then I get a text from cvs that not all my script is ready butwill be tomorrow. Didn't even know they called something in. No clue what it is at this point. Thought all pain meds would be called in on Thursday. Since June trying to get family doc office to fax medical clearance. Now I will have to go pick up myself tomorrow. They keep telling PSit's not faxing. Really! for two months. Just got this dr when we moved. I thought last office staff was bad. They may be worse. Will need to look for An other if they can't get it together. Maybe j will get brave and try to post some pics soon. Also in the reading the abdominalplasty is hlt. Hope I got that right. Didn't know they were different so had to do some more reschearch


So I'm trying to post some pics. We will see if it works. They look upside. Will see how it posts. You ladies aren't kidding. This is the worst thing to see. All those pics they took yesterday at office, I just could not wait till she was done


So yesterday was preop. I was so nervous my BP was up. It's never up. The day before it was 116/68 at dentist. 144/80 at PS. Had bacteria in urine. May be start of UTI. Everyone was great the nurse went over every detail and was never in a rush. Doc also came in and again I was asked to state all procedures we were doing when and where. They wanted to know why I was so nervous. I said my simple exchange morfed into a huge surgery. I new little about TT and LIPO so had to do some reading. This site has helped but I told him the Internet is a wonderful and terrible thing. He agreed. I have confidence in him. He said I could call it all off right now, but I think I could see him holding back a smile. I think he hears this a lot and most don't back out. But I have to love my doc right now. He lets you shower the next day YEH. And he uses experal They don't want you to have a lot of pain. They already called in meds. I am not to use anything they don't tell me to use no pills creams etc. have to follow a high protein diet afterwards. No sodium as possible. Had to go get multi vit and a robe that buttoned or zipped in front. No pants or panties post op. Told to get spanx but they will let me know when to use. Binder to start. Get to take off 6 hours after surgery for first night and breaks afterwards. No ice no heat. And how many docs tell you to go buy a bikini! Text hubby that yesterday. He asked if I had a script for it. Since I didn't have a two piece anymore I picked one up about the style I use to get. It's for insicion line. As nurse said they are all on clearance so good time to get one. Not much else special except don't eat any of the foods listed Eat healthy and wait. Oh and 64 oz of smart water the day before.


So I told the nurse at preop that I haven't given my husband the big picture. I cut my finger badly last month and went to the ER and they glued it up no stitches. It looked bad as I slice it though the nail top to bottom. He started retching when u showed him and I thought he would throw up on the living room floor. So I have not giving all info on scars and size. He also said no way he was giving me injections. She said he will have to help you do time to go into detail. I gently did that night. The next morning he got out of the shower and stopped looked at me and said. You know I love you just the way you are. You don't have to do this and not for me. Got to love the man. For 33 years all he ever said was keep your hair long. Even that I told him is not a given as we age and it gets too thin to keep that way. He also told me before u left for work that he better go in with my the next day on first post op visit. I'll have to learn haw to do that injection. I had told him I was taking first dose with me day after OR as i felt I might be too loopy to do myself. He just keeps surprising me. We are getting house ready to sell si we have been doing a lot and packing up while i still can. I have really pushed him to get repairs done. We just moved here a year ago then decided to sell it and build. Got the property. Found a model we like it has been a busy year then I spring this on him. I got one whopper of a surprise for him in January to make up for it.


For those of you who had pics on surgery day I have a question. Did you take your camera or get pics from doc? Who did you ask to take your pics? I would like some pre and post before I get wrapped up. Also if what they cut off.

Clean up

So I went crazy this weekend. I think it must be like moms to be getting easy to nest. If it got in front of me I cleaned it. Bedding , Windows, woodwork, dogs. Told hubby to stay away or he may get covered in pledge windex or simple green. I moved furniture I flipped it over. The place has not been this clean since we moved in last year. I work next weekend so needed to get done what I could. I did get someone to work next Sunday for me but will still have plenty do clean and do for final prep. Still not really sleeping. You would think I would have been exhausted. I sleep a few hours and then up. I guess I will make up for it next week. Got hubby to take some pics ICK Don't know if doc will give me any. Have not asked.

Shower chair

Are they really needed. My husband doesn't think I need it. Most reviews in them are not good. Need to order today if j really want one. I think I will need it when he goes back to work. How long do you use one if you purchased one?

Sodium Police

This past week my hubby has really gotten on board. I think he realizes I am doing this. We went out last Sunday to get the last things I may need. We went to BB&B and got a back massager that someone showed. I already have a herniated disc that acts up so I figured it is something that we both will use in the future so not a waste of money. Had a coupon too! Next to Sams. I found the high protein drinks, Premier, that another lady and her doc also made a comment on that were good. After that on to Wally World, and Publix. Between them and Sams we searched for low sodium foods This some how became a challenge for my hubby. He really got on board with this and could not believe how much was in food products He is the one who found most of the food we brought home for me. My doc stress the low sodium diet and I see why for the swelling. I have been watching the foods many have been buying and from what we just saw they are high This could be the reason for Swell Hell?? I will be watching closely so we will see if it helps. I am no living with the sodium police so I have no choice Its really cute. I don't get home from work till 0730 so we usually have something quick and easy. Not happening now. salt salt salt Monday my hubby made me a chicken sandwich He's the one who suggested on Sunday I grill some chic breast for this. He told me how much sodium was in my meal. Last night a big salad with more of the chix breast. Before he left this morning told me to make sure I eat. I said I would have one of those oatmeal cups NO NO too much sodium Now the funny part is he is the big salt user not me I don't cook with it or use at table. He said I would take care of him and have. I guess I have. He has had back surgery in the past and just had shingles a couple of months ago. Lots of pain with that. Maybe a higher being did that so he is more sympathetic with me in the next couple of weeks. In case anyone does not know, I had to find out Low sodium is 1400mg a day. A product is considered low sodium of it has 140mg per serving So afterwards I went to Kohls to try on CG. They had a sale so why not Doc office once again not gotten back to me so I guessing on what to get. Too much information overload at preop and didn't remember. Also not remembering if I was suppose to get a bra too. With the fat transfer I know it changes everything. Anyway I must have tried on 12 different ones. I was looking for the ones that were open bust but went over the shoulder. I am thinking they will stay up better. I did purchase 4 but they are in bag with tags till I know they are right kind. and size. Will take with when they tell me to bring in and go from there. Once again with sale and coupons I got 4 for under $100 since they are close to $50 each I felt I got a good deal. When I go back to work I can work 3 days in a row and 4 on the week I do my side job so I need to have enough to launder I have no plans to go anywhere during recover. Today is my last day off without hubby around so I need to finish up my robe and run and errands I have. I did get someone to work for my Sunday. Since I got major cleaning done last Saturday it will be a finish it up, finish up laundry and set my stuff out day. I did decide to get s shower seat after Squeezful told me how tired she got in showers. Hubby goes back to work on Thursday and even when he is here I don't want to fall. Nurse did say I will be unsteady. It was only $25 bucks at walmart and they will ship it free to the Wally JR 3 miles from my house. Hubby will need to pick up on Monday after my surgery. Just in case I haven't said or forget later I just want to thank everyone on this site. Posting reviews, pics, your trials and tribulations. I know it sure is helping me. I like others am obsessed with this site. When this is all over I am going to feel like I did after I finished my BS I am going to be wondering What am I going to do with all this free time :) Thanks Ladies


So I just get a call from hospital to register me for Monday. Not going to hospital. Doc even ask at preop. Where are we doing surgery? Argue with lady for five minutes. Figure out they do the registering for st office. Sill not sure or if this is in case of emergency?! Told u own $2500. For what. I already paid. Ding know if I will bother to call since I never get a return call unless I call several times. Only thing so far I am very disappointed in. I hope I don't need to get ahold of them post op. Will be mentioning this to doc in Monday


They say on phone. Response in 24 hours. They have 1.5 left. Also tried the message on line. That was last Friday


So doc iffice nurse finally called me back. Got questions answered then I asked why hospital was calling me. Oh let me transfer you to Jennifer. Well their AC broke. Was going to call me , dint think hospital would call already. Thier trying to reach me again for more info just before office called so I was very confused. I'm not happy. Don't want to go to hospital. Don't want to run into anyone I know. No choice
There is no way a can change time off at work again. ????????????????????????????????????

Shower safe

My shower stool has come in. Hubby picked up on way home. I am sure it will be assembled when I get home tonite and will be in shower. I am sure he will have me sit in it an test it out. If not I will be very surprised

Awesome hubby

Before I left this morning. Hubby said. I know you don't want to hear this but. I like you going to hospital because if something happens you are there. It would take 40 min from doc office. By the time they called and transported you. He said I can give up everything in the world I have but you. He's tossing and turning at nite. Not sleeping well these last couple of days. I'm barely sleeping a couple of hours. Makes these 12 hour shifts even longer.

Tired tired

This no sleep is finally getting to me. I have 6 more hours to work then off for 27 days. I know because my boss keeps reminding me ;0 I was hoping to take the Harley's out on Sunday to clear my head but just too nervous and it's already defensive driving down here. So we are going to have coffee in the hot tub, clean the house up then head out for a late breakfast and final errands. Told him light early fish dinner then he can snack on whatever he wants. If it doesn't rain. I'll get one last dip in the pool. That's going to suck in this hot weather.

Sexy girlfriend

So last hot tub this morn and last dip in pool this afternoon. Hubby helped clean up house this morn. We then went out for breakfast. Waitress was so helpful but we all could not believe the sodium in food. She had a sheet she brought out. We are talking 3000 mg in the breakfast. She was amazed too. So all I could get was eggs and potatoes. Not too hungry anyway. Was mostly to make sure hubby ate well. I'm floating from all this smart water. One moe big bottle to go. Got the last of shopping and errands done. Wanted to do pedicure well hubby had haircut but place was closed. Will do self tonite. Not going to sleep anyway I think. It will save the money for later when I cannot do it. Polish is out and waiting. I'm setting up pills and pillows. Changing bedding before we leave in am. I have to be there at 600 having a light dinner of fish. I remember someone posting they had Mexican say before and was sick. Too much sodium anyway. Well this is it Will tell doc in am not happy about hospital so make me happy again and do an awesome job. Here's my sexy wardrobe for at least this next week

Away we go!!!!!!!!

About an hour and a half and I'll be there. So nervous I'm shaking inside. Thanks again for all the profiles, stories and support ladies. See ya on the flat side as you say!

Done and done in

Every tihimg is ok. Hospital nurse. Had TT and said she would do again. With her it made it better. As I said was not happy to go there. Dr E was great we did tell him of the communication problems at iffice. He said he would talk to the gals hubby said I was hard to wake up and breath. On table was 5 hours bunny said. Hour in RR and I think two in same day surgery. Took two nurses ti get me to bathroom and back in wheelchair. Had a Hugh amount of drainage. There and at home. Hubby is fantastic. Said he was ready to call 911. Everything was soaked. Glad I padded it well Pads blank sheets nightgown changed three times. I was pretty out of it and he had to do a lot. Very much pain when moving out of bed. In recliner now. While everything had to be washed even bedskirr I was out of it for 17 hours. Woke up at 3am didn't fallback asleep. Was waiting as long as possible to let him sleep. Didn't want to take pecoset till after shower. I am loopy again but helping with pain. TT on right side is horrible pain when I get up rest is bearable. Don't want to take anymore till post op visit at noon. Back was killing me. Hubby did not want to be ther when dr draw all over. Said he doesn't want to go in today as he doesn't want to see it when he doesn't have it. I may make him so if he needs instructions and question he's also watching robe and everything else. He threw my padding say. Good thing he put one in bathroom and I saw it ! He also didnt know binder goes back on and almost though that away. Garbage day is today yicks. Saved them I did need shower chair. You do yet dizzy. Glad I got that. Dr did tell hubby that everything went well just had that problem waking up and breathing. Gave me there things preop to prevent nausea. So far none. Did put that dam patch behind my ear in preop. I hate those. My mouth is dry enough hubby did job he checked on me constantly last night. He new when to remove binder last night too what a guy. He hates bring a caregiver but he's getting though it. He has to help me get up. I could not get legs in bed no matter how I tried. NO DRAINS yeh I never asked. Good thing for hubby too. I think he was happy to. I gave my camera to circulating nurse and asked for pics. Don't know if she did. Haven't looked yet. She did of the marks before she wabed me up with betidine. Just she and I were in room for that. Then the OR table is heated and draped with steril sheets. Never say that before so I had to be very carefull getting in there. Nurse said doc it very maticules with being clean. The room is even warmer then usual for an OS suite greatful as I always get the shivers postop. Was warm this time. They even had me under bear hugger in preop I was toasty. I was so upset with having to do this at hospital and nausich for two days my BP was very high. I usually run 112/70. The first time she took I was 145/90 the next time 175/100 never been that high in my life. She said well am not taking that again. They could not give me any thing because I had to stand up in OR for nurse to rub me down. As soon as I wa in table. Verssaid and that's the last I remembered please excuse spelling. and grammar today. Loppy again things are a bit fuzzy got the one pic now. Cannt stand. up without help.

Post op

Not much to sat. Nude not dr there yoday. I go back on Thursday to see him. Now that bed is cleaned up hubby pick me back in bed. It s more comfortable Instruction. Eat protein. Keep on the low sodium to prevent. Swelling Poop before I come back and I was not walking bent enough. So i took a Valium to prevent back pain. Daytime TV sucks.

A first

Got up to bathroom all by my self. Hubby wifi be pissed but I was ok with cane. He's got in his workshop and I just want to give him a break no Percocet since am so my head is pretty clean. Next one I take soon will put me bad in that fuzzy state.

Day two

This is short Nd sweet pain kicking in. A bit more not going to be my best day. Did accomplish my homework. Trying to forsce myself to eat some solid food protien even though I have no appetite. Trying to move a big more with out hubby as instructed. He goes back to work thusday but has to be back to take me to appointment at 2:15. Poop was success after ducolax suppository and mag citrate I am defiantly benign over right as my back is killing me. Nurse said if it don't hurt your walking wrong here's some pics. Best I could do with my phone. My hubby said yesterday I had z big bubble butt. Has going down a bit today. Didn't know he was LIPO there. Hey what ever it takes.


Thanks for all the encouragement it means a lot. Today is a bad day. Pain is real. I had so much anesthesia that I was difficult to wake. All has worn off Experal dine. Was hoping it would last longer. Woke up at three in horrible pain. Even took some Tylenol pm last night to help me sleep. It didn't do s thing. As soon as I tried to move. OUCH. Crying pain today. Took a Percocet. Didn't help. Hubby made me take another. Helps some but it's going to be a bad day. Only two hours and I can feel it starting up again. I usually don't need much for pain, don't ever use much so I'm pretty sensitive to it. Not this time. Hubby went back to work today but will be home to take me to 2:15 doc visit. Told him best he did cause I think it's going to be a very tearful day. Crying not good makes tummy hurt. Hard to even blow nose.

New day

Yesterday was almost day I had so much pain. I missed some going to their surgery. I know I woke up in the middle of the night and did some posting but don't remember much. Doc appointment was short and sweet. I was still crying when u got there and they were very nice. Told doc I have one spot that nothing helps. It feels like some sticking a knife in me. He says. Well I did! Was ice he was trying to liter mood. He thought everything looked great. Asked if I have seen, not really, did I want to, not really. I had so much pain I just wanted to go home. Hubby has been in with follow ups and he is just so upset with the way I look that I didn't want to put him through more next week I told him he stays in waiting room. He's good with that. Said he doesn't want to go back in anyway. I will bdabke to ask questions. I want to ask what he cut off , LIPO off and how much he reinjected. Right now if the boobys stay. They will be great. I know I'm swelling and bruised do I don't know what will be the result. You have to remember. I did thus LIPO and TT for the fat transfer to boobs to avoid implants. I took some pics after shower this am best I could. Hubby won't even take pics. Just does not want to look. He helps me shower and put binder back on. I told him the shower is the highlight of my day. Doc, nurse, hubby all got on me yesterday that I have to eat. I know I know. Yesterday was just bad. Forced some chicken and plain rude last night. Hubby going to pick up some thin slices steak today and potato. He has just been awesome. Trying to feed me watching my sodium count. I can now eat any foods but must stay low sodium good thing the sodium police is still on the job. Told me what he set out and I better eat it before he gets home. I think doc and nurse even cringed at my bruising she said eat pineapple it helps. I have read that on here somewhere I have always bruised badly so that's why I watched the foods for two months not two weeks. Got a cleared head today but don't remember if I discussed OR day. If not will let you know about that. Here are some pics I tried to take myself today.

New day.

Hopefully I am. With it better today. I think I slept more of yesterday and last night. Only took half a percoset and the rest of the time Tylenol. Dr sent in a new script but I don't want to take anything I don't need. Believe it or not after the horrible pain I had on Thursday I been pretty good. I get up to laps sit back down. Hubby trying to do his job and force food but he's tiring too much at once. I got up and rinced out my padding and binder. Got yelled at. I took off again while he's out mowing lawn it was still wet and driving me crazy. Hope I can get back on before he comes in. He has taken his job very seriously. Got to love him. My little bed buddies don't understand why I won't help pull them up on couch or chair but are surviving they got some of breakfast sausage when hubby not looking I do fell pretty good so if I continue like this I will be happy. Here is pics if what I have not been able to live without and what hubby expected me to eat this morning. Only pic not here us most important one. An awesome (but pushy) caregiver. I have used my cane , travel pillow all the time. Shower chair. Cannot do without. Wedge pillow makes bed easy. Deep breath with IS and footies from hospital with traction. and he really thought I would eat all that ! Oh no he came in house I my be busted for having brace off. Got to go.


The healing must be starting because I'm iching. My nipples the worse!!! Put. T shirt under binder today as its starting to bug me. I think it's the foam that's flaking off. Hubby back to work tomorrow so I'm trying to move more. Won't have him hovering over me to eat and drink. He is still awesome on planning what I can eat to keep sodium down.

One week

So a week ago I was being wheeled back to OR. Today is a good days so far. I sound like the old people at work but vowels seem to be moving back to normal. Yeh. I have pain but am sticking to Tylenol only. Having more nausea then I expected but could be diet. Going to shower in my own today. Hubby back to work. The only help todayis my bed buddies and you would think they had surgery they have so little energy. We have storms coming and then it will be a problem. I know there are a couple of gals having their surgery today and I'm thinking of you. One. Week is a difference. I don't think my pics today look to much different but I got to say Dr E us an artist. That TT line is amazing. So far the boobies look great too so much bruising hard to tell. Will have more info on Wednesday appointment The lift definitly worked and it looks like the fat transfer filled out the fullness. Time will tell.


I cannot believe people wear these CG by choice. I don't know if its because I am so bruised or this is normal but this is a day back not forward having to put this on this morning. If I stand up its better but I can't stand all day. Taking two back as soon as hubby can take me to Kohls this weekend. I think I will also buy a larger size. How many weeks I have to wear this?!

Post Op visit

Had doc visit on Wednesday. It was short and sweet. Hard to get any information out of him. He does not bring in chart so really unable to answer all the questions I had about surgery. I'm curious like everyone else. I went into this pretty blind. My main goal was fat transfer as I no longer wanted implants. The information I got was from you tube and RS. Thank you ladies. I didn't even realize the muscle is stitched together till I watched a video on Monday. He really never explained anything. My fault for not saying wait, sit down, lets talk I guess. So many are so informed that I think he just figured I knew.. I never got an answer about amount of fat removed, pic from OR nurse thank you. Never got answer about what was lipod out. Had other questions, at that point, forget it. He did say I think I injected 150cc. Well the good part of having to go to hospital is I can go get surgery record and note from medial records. Did this at last surgery when they thought I had uterine cancer years ago. Its informative. I was so out of it this surgery I could not tell you anything except someone kept telling me to take a deep breath, and heard someone say we need to put IV back in. I have never been so out of it post op that I cannot even remember time in RR. So when I"m up to it in the next few weeks I will do that. Nurse did cut off a few stitches . Said I can use spanx NOT. Scar therapy as soon as glue comes off, but don't peel it off. That should be a couple of weeks. Ordered biocorneum from Amazon. Nurse told me I could get from them Gals up front said no we no longer carry because you can get on amazon. Once again the communication in office is poor. Also told time to clean BB daily. Just use finger and hibicleans no qtips etc. Looks good so far. I did have to call yesterday and they did get back to me same day this time. I had stitches on back side an wanted to know if I could snip as I felt we missed them day before. Yes, so hubby reluctantly did this am. Poor guy he's had to do so much. I have big surprise told Squeeful about. I think it will make up. Since they called I told them I could not stand spanx. Maybe the bruising or maybe because I never could stand anything on tummy. Yeh and I have this surgery I know. Anyway I quit wearing support hose at work years ago because I could not stand it. Got turned on to thigh high compression hose by an older therapist and have used them ever since. Nurse said I can use CG if I prefer it does not matter. I ordered another on line and am so much more happy today. It may be bulky under clothes but I was not a nice person yesterday . Got others I purchased in bag ready to go back to kohls this weekend. Hubby getting massage so its next door will give me a chance to walk a bit. I also must stayy on low sodium diet. No problem there the sodium police is still on the job. Told him he's going to come home one day and see me laid out on the floor with orange cheeto dust on my mouth and fingers and probably all over little dogs. He will be OOT all next week so its going to be lonely and self discipline . He did some reading this morning and said we can make tacos if we make our own spice mix. Been craving them. God he is so sweet. Oh have some swelling in left breast but they think it should go down on own if not call. Well thats all I can think of right now. No real new pics besides these. Still quite bruised. I think Arnica is worthless at lest for me. Also could not get back to doc till Oct 13 for my 1 month visit. You would think they would plan out better for post ops. People do go back to work. Doc saw no problem with my returning on Sept 17. Don't drive unless I feel I could handle an emergency when driving. While not yet I guess, not feeling like it anyway. Over all I like doc and staff but feel somethings in office could be better. I think he did an amazing job. Feel he did talk to nurse and office gal I complained about it and feel it when i'm there. I get mad and get over it. I don't hold a grudge. I work in a hospital and know people don't feel good and take crap from them all day long. I cannot let that effect my care or how I treat them. I think at Christmas I will bring all those pretty ladies what I do best. COOKIES I can bake, very, very well. Everyone looks forward to my christmas cookies. Hang in there ladies. Heal fast and well.

Moving Onward

I no longer post much. Not much to say. I am three weeks post. It is still a bit hard to get around and I am going to bed early every day. I go back to work Saturday and sunday 12 hour shifts so I got a few days to get it together. This Thursday I go to my side job but will only be there a few hours this time to slowing get back into the swing of things. I made plans to go to lunch with my girlfriend so I hope i survive the day. This is a hour drive both ways. I have Friday to recuperate as I used one last vacation day so I did not start back with 3 days in a row. I was told it has been busy so I hope that changes by then. After that it is back to routine. Labor day weekend was my first venture out. Hubby took me out shopping etc on saturday and sunday. On monday I decided to pull weeds in the yard and fertilize my plants. After all that activity I paid for it on Tuesday. Hubby was out of town last week for work so I was also on my own. He was so worried about me. He didn't want me to drive or go anywhere. I told him I need to start venturing out but would stay close to home. He said I am only a few hours away so call if you need me and I will come home. I was fine. I have been on the hunt for a spanx type CG I can tolerate. It has been very difficult. Everyone has that thing on their body they don't like messed with . Me its my tummy. Yeh even hubby said i can't believe you did this when you won't even let me touch your stomach. Me either. I could never stand support hose for that reason. I mostly wear the binder but I don't think that will work well at work under my clothes. I have purchased several different ones and think I finally found one but its not for 12 hours. I quit wearing to bed a couple of nights ago as I feel my skin is too irritated and needed a break. I have had no swelling so I think it will be OK. I do have swelling on the left breast still. I talked to doc office yesterday and was told it can take 4-6 weeks for it to go down so not to worry. I was never given a time frame at last appointment so needed to check. I don't go back till oct 13 so wanted to be sure. No infection no problems I can see. I'm just waiting for the glue to come off. As soon as it does I can start scar therapy. As I said before I don't think the arnica does anything, but I did buy a stretch mark cream when I got the scar treatment. My stretch marks really look bad since surgery. I never had kids, but was a fat little kid and did not lose weight till high school so I did get stretch marks. Hope it helps a little. I tried to take some pics this morning, but don't know how well they will post. Most of my bruising is gone,but when i look where the CG is it looks like a bit of bruising. This is also why I am only wearing daytime.
I also feel like my tummy is sucking in. You know how it feels when you hold in your stomach? That started last week for a couple of days and again today. I think its the closing of the tunnels made by the lipo???? Just my option . I am also down to141 as of this morning. I have not tried to lose weight, but I am not eating much. Of course I'm not doing much. My appetite may return as I start working. I was 156 at the beginning of the year. Too much for me. I tried to stay 150 tops. I guess this is a good side effect if it lasts.
Tomorrow I am going to get a haircut, then a pedi/mani. Thats something I rarely do but cant do my own feet right now. Clothes shopping will not be for sometime. I'll be back in scrubs anyway. I did find an old knit dress as I was packing. Think I mentioned we are getting ready to list our house and build. It did look pretty good. I just my be wearing it to my hubbys company christmas party this year. Still need to get the veracious veins fixed . Had planned that this winter before all this so i have to find out how long I should wait.
Overall, I am getting better day by day. More pain and soreness then I was hoping for at this time. Wish I could be off a bit longer but I was lucky to get this much time off at work at one time. Sticking to a low sodium diet which I think helps a lot. Drinking my protein drink still. Increasing my activity but not being stupid. I won't lift more then i'm suppose to.
I did go out and buy a mattress topper. This is something I was never interested in. MY back had pressure points that were killing me. Got a great deal on it and it seems to help. Still not really able to lay on sides. Its the incision ends of the TT that hurt, but try eveyday now for a bit. Of course since it is so thick I had to go out and get deeper sheets . Got a great deal on those too. With Kohls 5 miles from my house they have been getting my business.
Hope everyone is doing well, healing well. To those who are getting ready to start, Its not for the faint of heart thats for sure. I never planned on doing this. I was happy with my old lady bod, but think in the long run I will be happy. Because I was a fat kid, I never had a flat stomach even when I weighted 118 in collage. Hubby getting randy so got to get healing HAHAHA


So I'm 4 weeks post healing well. Went back to work this past weekend. I have two days off and back Wednesday Boy did that wipe me out. Still tired today. This morning I have a rash above TT line. I want to scratch my skin off. I don't know if it's from wearing the CG for three days, the biocorneum cream or the Tylenol. So I put Benadryl cream on it and took a Benadryl Back to a beach coverup and staying home today. My skin has always been sensitive. Thank god not as bad as my mom. Never could stand tight clothes or anything on tummy. Good news my weight is fluctuating between 140-143. Haven't been that light in years. Have been 150-156. Hope I can stay there. A better weight for me. It is so hard to lose past "the change " it started raining so I hope it lasts a while. Won't be so bummed about being stuck home again. Need to take something to take edge off of pain but kind of afaid to use anything right now. My go back to plain old aspirin I usually stick with that anyway. No more Tylenol for me.


I just asked a couple of ladies directly but I would love to know from many how long the numbness remained in the stomach. How long till it didn't hurt to stretch I still have pain in the stomach area combined with numbness.

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