33 Yr Old Mother of 2 w/ Severe Diastasis getting TT W Lipo and Silicone Implants. Hudson, FL

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Just booked my pre-op and made my deposit to hold...

Just booked my pre-op and made my deposit to hold October 7th for my surgery. I'm so nervous I actually cried when the assistant emailed me that she wanted to call me. I'm 5'4 147 lbs I have 2 small children 4 yrs (7 lbs 9 oz) & 8 months (9 lbs 10 oz) that I delivered cesarean. I was diagnosed with diastasis about 5 months ago. I've done the exercises got the corset and still look prego. In fact just Monday a woman made a comment about how cute of a prego I was...unfortunately this happens to me all the time, it sucks. I was informed it will never fix itself I'll need muscle repair, so I did my research. I made some consultations and off I went. 1st one was horrible, month later I tried again and so on until 5 apt later. I met Dr Eberbach n immediately felt comfortable with him, and not like he's my doctor but I'd actually go have a beer with him after work lol (best way I can describe it.) Talked about a 5 hr surgery w 490 cc (which I think is too big), removal of cesarean scar, fix unbiblical hurnea, incision below bikini bottom, n NO drains plus he uses the Keller funnel! So I told my mom Sunday n my sisters Wednesday with mixed reviews, they all think I'm rushing it. My thing is I'd like to heal before the holidays, I don't want to wait until January because I'd like to go back to work around then. I've been a stay at home mom for over a yr now n I'm ready to get back out there. Pre-op scheduled 9/25. Please feel free to give me advice my baby is huge 25lbs + he's my main concern my 4 yr old is pretty self sufficient but has VPK from 9-12. I was told 5 days with my husband 24/7 is plenty that I'd be able to drive after I'm off my meds and that I can hold my baby just not pick him up until 6 wks. I'm hoping I made the right decision.
P.s. thank u all already these stories have helped my confidence so much. I thought I was crazy for thinking about doing this, at least I know I'm not the only one lol.

What now

So it's getting close and pretty much all last wk I've dealt with sick kids, so now I'm in over drive about getting things ready. I have questions, concerns, thoughts I wanna share... so I start to tell hubby tonight just before bed well he's tired and "now is not the time" WRONG!!! This is huge give me 5/10 minutes so now I'm up n annoyed and on RS looking for info any important info/wisdom/experiences. I just received my new compression bra (34 D) it's kinda small considering I'm only a 34 A/B is that normal? Should I be looking for another binder as well? Should I look into silicone scar tape? Or items like arnica gel or arnica pills ? My PS said a walker for my TT is a huge luxury if I can get one, along w a toilet seat riser...I dunno about u but I'm spending alot of money do I really need to spend more... will these items make my healing better in the long run? Oh and I found out my implants will be Allergan Natrelle silicone smooth round any opinions?

Pre Op in 30 minutes

Hung out with my girls Wednesday for my last cocktail as the old me (went to drag queen bingo) :) Had an OB apt this morning she was so excited for me and reinforced my diastasis will never fix itself (I'll always look prego w/o this surgery) so that helps my decision to do it now, why wait. Tons of questions to be asked/answered w/ tons of paperwork holy paperwork... hope I get all my questions answered today for piece of mind...my mind needs peace lol 12 days OMG 12 days!!! Plus this big ass check I just wrote, shit is definitely real! I hope this is the right choice I just want to be happy w myself put a shirt on and not feel like I have to prepare myself for the question or comment of aww such a cute prego or when r u due lol THERE IS NO BABY IN THERE!!! Just want to see the new/old me and my feet I'd like to see them too ;)

Feeling Better

I was all flustered after my pre op apt, I felt very rushed and not happy with my visit! They had me pee in a cup n the 1st thing they tell me is I tested positive for morphine... wtf how is that even possible! Plus they told me too get naked for my pre op pictures (all in the same breath) talk about a curve ball that's all I focused on for the next 10 min at least! Then my PS comes in n immediately I feel better he has a way about him that's relaxing, he asked if I was nervous I said YES he asked if I was excited I said YES he said ok as long as I'm excited we'll go around the nervous. I had tons of questions which he joked about not wanted to answer, he said he was just "popping in to check on me" but politely answered my page of questions reading them over my shoulder. However I had some I didn't write down, plus tons of pics I wanted to review. In that moment they all slipped my mind so he left :( Then the nurse was ready for pics of me (n my vagina ewwww) I don't even wanna be naked around my husband let alone exposed to a stranger behind a camera, she wasn't very comforting either! OK ur all done she said... no I'm not, I'm supposed to see the surgery center (last time I couldn't it was a surgery day) n try on sizers (imaging wasn't enough for me) plus pay my balance (wouldn't mind forgetting that part lol) ooooo yeah she said... not happy with her at all, good thing she doesn't do post op I asked lol. So I do the sizers gonna go with 457cc Allergan mod plus under muscle. They gave me a huge breast implant book, showed me the surgery room, I pay the balance n home we go. Reading this book I discover no I don't want mod plus I want high profile. I want top boobs (not natural) full with lots of cleavage but not too big. So I over react n stress out all wknd over "the wrong implant". I called this morning n got the explanation on the decision to use mod plus based on my measurements giving me the result I want, supposedly if I do HP my cleavage would be further apart n stick out more! She explained it better than me, so disaster averted lol, back to being excited :) 10 days left!

Tomorrow's the BIG DAY

Kinda freaking out, I feel like this is my last breakfast, my last lunch, my last load of laundry, the last time I'll rock my baby to sleep for a nap! Very emotional... not as excited as my husband, he must have called n text me like 10x's already lol! I'm just hoping to get a good night sleep n piece of mind. I'm done being stressed and I'm overly prepared!

Done & Done ????

Feeling great, trying not to jinx myself! Little tight, little burning, sore throat, n very tired. But I made it out, flat tummy w/ some nice boobies that I keep looking at lol ;) love my PS right now!

1st day PO

Feeling better than expected trying to stay positive, post op in an hr or so I just got outta the shower. Surprisingly not draining much at all hoping that's ok. I had some eggs a peice of toast n a smoothie for breakfast (a little too much) but need my protein. Slept ok on & off but ok in my comfy recliner. My kids are doing well even though they can't touch mommy they just smile ? all and all ladies this is so do-able ;) here r a few (scary) pics but what do u expect this just happened yesterday. NO more pregnant belly n bigger boobies yayyyyy!!!

Drugs make me loopy


Yesterday evening was kinda rough but the 2 hr drive sucked so yeah, I slept well last night but this morning I was late for my pain meds.... ouch! Im feeling better now not great but still manageable this binder is fine but having to remove it every 4 hrs along w the padding for 15 min sucks, plus I have to shower every day... however I'm not allowed to stand up (90 degree only) kills my back n legs! My belly though compared to my before holy shit lol I'm a happy skinny girl ???

Happy Birthday to me

So today is a better day, again rough morning but I'm thinking that's just from sitting/sleeping over night. I get up every 4 hrs at least to pee or take meds but otherwise I'm up every 2 hrs to pee/waddle around (its so much better walking upright but 90 degree angle sucks lol) I'm not allowed to be upright for a wk. I do have a walker which helps drastically, got one from the salvation army along w zip up/button up pj's outfits for easy excess, great idea by the way. All in all ladies this is very do able no regrets ;)


Trying to cut my pain meds in half (not easy) plus my hubby is going back to work tomorrow :( I'm so not ready. I still can't stand up straight per doc orders I have a hard time moving my recliner myself n can't even remotely move or pick up my 8 month old. My mother in law will be here, but still whoever said 5 days will be sufficient time lied. I'm feeling okay but I'm just extremely useless. Very tight as well, feels difficult to take a big breathe maybe swollen a bit more today in the abdomen. Still no BM going on 4 days taking stool softener n Chia plus flax in my smoothies not uncomfortable just think that's too long any suggestions besides a laxative?


Really tired! Tired of this recliner, tired of walking bend over, tired of ppl asking what I need, tired of just being tired lol! Greatful for tons of help but I'd like to help myself, I have my 2nd post op today n I'm hoping they say I can walk not bend over (SO HARD) also hoping they explain how to wash the foam under my binder cause that shit doesn't come clean w water/ soap/ alcohol n pokes my right hip, it's very tender nie lol!

POD6 & 7

Yesterday was rough BR issues, had another pre op every thing looks great found out he removed 1.5 lbs skin & 4 lbs fat big difference from what I was originally told. Also I had no BB Hernia just needed an Xtra stitch whatever that means. But was forced to take an enima (nothing else was working) so my belly was upset all night & today, but I went so my PS was happy, that makes 1 of us lol. I no longer have to walk bend over, thank goodness my back was killing me. I can wear spanx now n I got a look at my BB (ewww lol) which needs some tlc. Definitely noticing the swelling but feeling pretty good, only taking a muscle relaxer twice a day n 1/2 pain pill as needed. Not cleared to drive yet or sleep in my bed. But I tried on a bralette today pretty nice looking :) hope everyone is feeling good happy healing ladies!


Trying to keep a day to day update but Im pretty over it lol might be doing wkly as of now! Today I did too much I think, I made dinner last night, made breakfast this morning, then took a long shower w/o my hubbies help, after I tried on 2 dresses (wow I look so different) but then couldn't get comfortable for the rest of the day. Plus I am emotional n tired, sleepng in this chair alone makes me sad. There is still glue n sharpie under my breasts n on my incision that won't come off I am using the antibacterial soap n showering daily... they said no sponges or washcloths or Qtips just fingers so I'm slowly peeling away glue but it feels weird. I'm almost out of pain meds n hate to ask for more but I tried just tylenol today n it wasn't cutting it probably contributed to my rough day. I do get up alot to pee then stroll around the house so I'm not just sitting, I'm eating protein w every meal staying away from salt n eating fruit as snacks. Only drinking water n taking a multi vitamin w a fruit smoothie in the morning packed with fiber (chia, flaxseed, kale, no dairy yet). I have another apt tomorrow tomorrow. Oh n this tickle in my throat that keeps trying to make me cough every time brings tears to my eyes it hurts so bad. Over all I'm excited to be healed but nervous on how long it will actually take, of course every day is better but w/o drugs that's debatable lol!!!



Did my hair put on spanx n got dressed that was alot lol this is definitely a long process but I look so different ;)


My best day by far. I had some tummy issues early morning from the stupid laxative I had to take (pain pills are needed to function why does my BM not comply with that). I don't know why but I'm hoping it only gets better, plus I only had to take tylenol today. I took a shower, put on my spanx, went to lunch, sat on the floor w my baby (the floor... that's huge progress) n helped w dinner pretty impressed with myself! Then I tried on some bathing suit tops just to see, wow what a difference (mind u they were my old tops so I looked huge, but I kinda liked it lol) will definitely take some time to get used to them. I know they are still swollen n need to drop but it was fun to compare so I decided to share what else I compared with some pics ;)


Feeling great today I actually felt productive fed the kids breakfast, and lunch, put away laundry, showered, now going w hubby to run an errand pick up some dinner then I think I'll be done ;)


Having this day to day journal just reinforces how much progress I've made, today was a good day. Slept like crap, had a little stomach discomfort but went to the BR w/o a laxative which is great cause I hate the gas cramps they give. Very sore breasts lately my "exercises" hurt more on one side n under where the incision is. Felt a knot like bulge plus the actual implant on that side but nurse said not to worry just keep rubbing so I rub lol. The things we do ;)


2 wks that's crazy, I feel like I just did this yesterday but at the same time I'm so over being sore lol! This is such a long process... I get that it's major surgery... but I just wanna sleep in my bed or hold my baby w/o being petrified they'll touch me lol! I'm still super sore from my chest to my knees n flinch every time someone gets close to me. These spanx r sooo tight but if I don't wear them I feel like my insides will fall out! I have to remind myself shoulders back head up trying to walk straighter n when I raise my voice I feel like a baby kicked inside my belly, it is so weird. I'm getting better everyday it's a bit easier to move around, I'm just really slow. I'm a slower/swollen/hotter version of myself lol ;)

I wasn't done yet!


I understood I'd be swollen but I didn't really get the term "swell hell" yeah I understand now. I'm pretty much swollen 24/7 its uncomfortable, it sucks, I am over it, but I understand it stays around for some time so I'd better get used to it :( My spanx hurt me everytime I move I have a medium n a large pair of shorts spanx n recently purchased a medium tank for some relief at night while sleeping. I'm not a back sleeper so that's hard enough, but I make due. We were told to wait 6 wks for some "sexy time" but after sleeping alone for so long I decided why not just try softly n it was a success ;) my hubby has officially cheated on me w the new me lol. Not often do I feel sexy but nice to know its a possibility. Still a tiny bit sore under my breasts but over all that was easy. Making progress on removal of glue but it's hard to pick off incision, it's still very tender n swollen as well. Gonna try to participate in Halloween but I don't know how far I'll actually make it...was hoping to be in better shape by now I still have a slight hunch when walking! Patience is not my strong suit now a days. Hope everyone is healing well ;) ???


Well I must say I'm almost there :) the swelling really sucks but I can shave my legs, pick stuff up off the floor, sleep on my side, drive... the little things make u happy! Halloween wasn't so bad I made it a whole hour. Spanx are easier to put on n off, I'm still in dresses not a fan of pants. Luckily I'm a stay at home mom so I don't have to rush back to "work" but I will say if I did I wouldn't recommend doing it until 4 wks. My mother in law is still with me cause I can't lift my son :( which kills me especially now that I'm feeling better. Just about ready for some scar treatment any suggestions on what really worked?


Had a follow up yesterday, I have hypersensitivity which is why I'm so uncomfortable. I just assumed I was a baby n of course it hurts! Well it's not supposed to still hurt like this so he put me on gabapentin to see if it helps. Had a white staple surface he told me to pick at it eewww, so I got it out today hurt like hell n left a hole. I'm super swollen which I'm sooo over, I feel like it's getting worse he seemed concerned also and wants me back next wk :( oh n I hate my belly button.... on a good note I can pick up the baby n got the ok to shop for a bra maybe that will cheer me up!


I've been given the okay to resume regular activity. I'm feeling better and the medication is working. Still super swollen but I've been reassured it won't last forever. I got fitted OMG 34DD at Victoria Secret!


Wow 8 wks. Crazy how quickly it goes by, I was just complaining how horrible I still felt n bam 8 wks! Don't get me wrong I'm still not back but I'm almost there. I'll put it this way my baby kicked my stomach n I didn't die but don't ask me to jump rope ha ha ha! Started back at the gym that's weird, every exercise feels kinda weird plus I'm so sore omg feels like I'm doing heavy weight. Plus this swelling has got to stop I'm so over it. I'm still in spanx most of the day n all night, I'm trying to ween off them lol. My scars look great n my bra collection is coming along I ? Victoria Secret. Something about buying an expensive bra with so much more material compared to what I used to wear lol (makes it worth it). I'm looking forward to the new yr so I can focus on the new me & get all this holiday food outta the way! Happy Holidays ???

Been too long

I was in denial for a while about having this surgery, then to not be blown away by the results sucked. Plus I'm not gonna lie it hurt (for so long) I didn't think it was worth it for the longest time. I'm still not 100% happy with my results but I'm getting there.
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