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I had my child at 22 and I am now 30. I lost my...

I had my child at 22 and I am now 30. I lost my baby weight and my boobs went down so much! I gained 50 pounds back over the years and just recently lost it all and some. Needless to say my boobs are extremely saggy and needed a lift. My PS suggested a lift first let the sutures heal and then get an augmentation cause I want 600+ cc. Therefore he won't do the lift and augmentation at the same time. He also left a lil sag in them to be able to fit the implant. We will have to wait about 2-3 months then get the implants. I am ok with that because I trust him and he has only the best intentions for the best outcome. I've showed him many of my wish boobies and we both decided to do it this way. I think it will def be worth the wait!!

5 days post-op

1 week post op

So I'm one week post op and I'm still not fully back to normal yet but I have been off my meds for a couple days now. I go back in for my 10 day follow up on Thursday and I'll update what my ps says on how they are healing. They're still sore and tender around the bottom insisions and they are getting a lot more itchy so I think that's a good sign. I haven't worn a bra or any tape of any sort and I have showered every day using the sugical soap I bought at his office. I just rub them gently while in the shower and apply it twice. I have been wearing spaghetti strap shirts and tank tops that's it. He recommends to wear nothing unless it make me more comfortable then can wear a loose got sports bra. I don't pick my dried scabs or the dried blood that's around the glue at all I want it to come off on its own. I also have dissolvable stitches on the inside layer of the skin. the outer layer has a few he's gonna remove Thursday I believe. I'll update again then.

11 days post op!

I'm still sore of course but doing much better! My PS said yesterday everything is healing well and I'm starting the scar treatment today!!! He also said they will even out cause one is a lil bigger then the other right now and the nipples will too when all the swelling is gone and the skin is pliable and fluffy. At least that's what he said if it doesn't he will fix it when I get the implants. I can't wait for them to fully heal tho cause in 3 months hopefully then I'll get my implants for even more fullness!:-)

2 week post op

They are still real tender but healing well.

3 weeks healing from my Bteat lift

It's been 3 weeks as of today since I have my BL done they are still healing a little bruised still probably from massaging them. I'm still a long way away from the total heal and then I'm going to get my implants! I have been doing a lotta research and study of them on here and I'm thinking of not going quick so big. Possibly just 500cc. We will see tho I have wish pics and I'll do what the doc says is best to do to get what I want. Also I have started my silicone new gel+ strips I rotate brtween them and my silicone scar cream. So we shall see how that helps!

5 weeks post BL

My boobs are healing well. The insisions are so straight and healing so quickly. I don't have any pain anymore just Itchy nipples occasionally. I can't wait to get my implants in 2 months!! My right one is slightly bigger then the left but my ps said we will fix that with the implants:-)

8 weeks post op breast lift

I scheduled my breast augmentation!! It's scheduled for September 7, 2016. It's the second part of my beautiful boobie journey!:-) I can't wait, I'm getting 600cc silicone. I'll post more details closer to the operation date. My breast lift is healing great tho and my ps is so amazing!

Scheduled implant surgery!!

Hi ladies! I'm super excited I scheduled my breast augmentation for September 7, 16!! I'll keep you updated with the size but we have been talking about 550cc-600cc. Not for sure but that's what we're leaning towards.:-)

Tomorrows the big day!!

So hello ladies! Tomorrow is the big day I get my implants! I'm getting 616cc silicone under the muscle. I'll keep you updated with photos tomorrow!:)

Holy cow this is painful.

I've never experienced pain like this!!! Ugh... This is Sooooo painful! I ended up getting 616cc I my left and 575cc in my right. When does the pain and pressure start to go away?! This was literally an hour after I left the surgery. and holy cow they hurt SO bad!!!!!

Pics first hour I had them

Trying to upload pic

First day! So hard so swollen!

On way home from surgery.

I'm not judging yet it's still the first day I have a lot of dropping and fluffing to do.

In car ride hope from surgery!


1 hour after surgery

On way home

Day 5 post op

616cc my left (lil bruising on my left)575cc my right

I had an anchor lift done April 25,16 and I LOVED...

I had an anchor lift done April 25,16 and I LOVED my results they came out beautiful and the scars are diminishing very well. I decided to get implants after the lift because my doctor recommended that I would achieve the best results for what I was wanting. So even tho it took a lil longer then I hoped with the 2 step process I'm so happy I did it!! I just got my implants on sept 7,16 so I'm still swollen and healing from those bit so far I'm extremely satisfied!!

Very clean incision.

My left breast is more bruised cause it's the bigger implant but I'm sooooooo happy with how clean the cut is. As soon at the surgical glue washes off in the next couple days it's gonna look amazing!

7 days today

Trying to post pics.

I paid 5000 for my breast augmentation and 6000 for my lift so 11000 all together, this sight won't let me change it!

Scars 7 days



Left ones bruised.

2 weeks

2 weeks

616cc in my left your right 575cc in my right your left. Moderate plus silicone.

2 1/2 weeks

4 weeks post op

616cc left 575 right silicone I absolutely love my results!!

4 weeks

4 weeks post op

4 weeks post op

I'm trying to post pics!

4 weeks

4 weeks post op

4 weeks post op

6 months

Tampa Plastic Surgeon

My dr is OUTSTANDING! And his team was FABULOUS!!! I couldn't have chosen a better place to have my procedure. A huge thank you to Eberbach Plastic Surgery!

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