Week 2. Everything seems great

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Hey guys! Well I'm not exactly new here. I found...

Hey guys! Well I'm not exactly new here. I found this site a few weeks back and I have been following everyone's story! Including the good the bad and the ugly! I am in the Tampa Florida area by the way!. I am 22 years old turning 23 in a few months and then 20 days after my birthday I am getting my boobs! I am 5"4 115 pounds and between a AA and an A. To the people who think they are completely flat chested. You guys haven't seen flat until you have seen me! I'm like a boy! Anyways I scheduled a few consultations about two weeks ago and I went with my first dr. Dr Eberbach. I got a lot of recommendations from many people I work with . Him and his staff were pretty awesome and his office had a 3D photo taker! So my boobs were put on the computer and they played with sizing. My desired result is a Full C small D. I don't want anything to huge and unnatural. And luckily I do have enough breast tissue to cover a 415ccs silicone! He said any bigger would be a very bad idea! So I've done sooooooo much research the past few months and I have sooooo many boobs on my phone. I have the boobs I want and the boobs the scare the crap out of me! apparently he has to lower my almost none existent breast crease so I'm afraid of the double bubble. Also my frame is way too small for moderate implants so I have to do high profile. Which I hope doesn't look to unnatural. And I wanted to to a arieolar(excuse my spelling) incision but he told me I will get a higher chance of capsular contraction because milk glands contain bacteria. Oh and thank goodness he us using the Keller funnel so my incision, which will be under the boob, will be as small as a saline incision! If you don't know what a Keller funnel is look it up on YouTube! It's freaking awesome! Anyways I know it's four months from now but I'm sure I will have plenty things to talk about :)

So I have a few worries about this surgery. I was...

So I have a few worries about this surgery. I was wondering if a lot of females got stretch marks from implants. I'm asking the girls who started from nothing. My family is really prone to stretch marks. And me. Also my doctor told me he has to lower my breast crease. Have a lot of you had that done and got any symptoms of the double bubble?

So I know a lot of people are good money wise for...

So I know a lot of people are good money wise for getting a breast augmentation. But for you get people like me , money can sorta be a issue. So what I did was instead of planning my surgery right after consultation, I made it a later date so I knew for sure I could afford it. I got my calculator out and I divided my income up and included the payments I was already making and set myself a budget. So every week I put the amount of money I need into a saving account to reach that goal and I leave enough money for myself to live off of. Of course if you are trying to save money it is unwise to splurge and go clothes shopping and go out to eat everyday of the week. Only use the money you need. you can splurge on your boobs after the surgery!!!!!

EBAY! eBay is my favorite thing right now because I just sold a bunch of unwanted and unused items and I made about 400 bucks in two weeks doing that. Now 400 isn't a lot but still, I think every dollar counts toward your goal. So sell stuff like unused electronics or clothes. I sold a bombshell bra for 15 bucks and unused hair extensions for 80. People will buy anything. Plus if its around the house collecting dust then why not do something with it.

Platos closet. I don't know if everybody had this store around them or not but this is a nice store to sell clean stylish clothes that you have really worn. So far I have cleaned out my closet and I have almost two bags of clothes that I can get something for. Also if you have clothes that you can't sell but it is nice and clean and still wearable you can always donate it instead of throwing it out. Donating for me always makes me feel good and happy that I'm giving clothes to someone who can't really afford nice things. :)

Ok last thing!! If your birthday is coming up! Plan your surgery after your birthday. I'm pretty sure you can convince your friends to give you cash or Victoria secret gift cards! That's what I'm hoping for! Lol

I hope this helped a few people!!!!!! - love me

Sorry for any spelling errors! i cant fix them! I...

sorry for any spelling errors! i cant fix them! I said for you younger people like me ! oops

So I had a funny dream last night about having my...

So I had a funny dream last night about having my surgery. I dreamt the day finally came and I went to the doctors house. Not his office and a football game was playing. So his friends were all over and it was weird. So he set me on the table and there was a big flat screen tv over it and he was going to watch it as he did my surgery! So he put me out but sadly I still was aware and he cut into my boobs and lowered my pockets and did who knows what. He didn't put the implants in. So then he woke me up and sent me home telling me to come back later for the implants! Dreams are so weird!!!!

So I have 3 months left and it's creeping up...

So I have 3 months left and it's creeping up pretty fast. I have a few questions for people who have already got the surgery done! for recovery and sleep was it better to use a recliner or a lounge pillow for the bed. and I am going high profile! How natural would you say it looks on your body?

Well I changed my date to two weeks sooner so now...

Well I changed my date to two weeks sooner so now it's coming really fast. Also I posted a few new pictures so you guys can get more perspective on how small my boobs are lol. I swear I'm not trying to be ridiculous with the nipple coverings. I guess it makes me feel better about posting my boobs online. Oh i have been using the tanning salon to get my breast evenly tan so they are not snow white while the rest of my body is dark. it just looks funny when i see the difference. you can see the little heart tanning sticker on my boob to track my tanning progress :p...Anyways I didn't realize how different my boobs are. One nipple is definitely higher than the other and one is larger than the other so I'm guessing I will need different size cc implants placed in. Also I can't decide between nipple or inframammary incisions. I rather do a areolar incision to hide the scar better and I think it looks all around better. I guess I am more worried about the scar underneath .than again I am worried about losing feeling in the nipples. I guess I need advice from both sides.

Hey guys well my date is almost in a month. So...

Hey guys well my date is almost in a month. So excited. I have a little concern though, I'm on birth control and my breast have grown a lot the past month! I mean I still am in a A cup but before i didn't fill a A cup and now I'm almost overflowing an a cup. My point is , will that effect the sizing of my breast? I guess I'm nervous that after I get my boob job and for some reason I stop taking b/c I'm nervous that my breast will shrink over the implant and it will look ridiculous lol! I know it's a silly thought. But maybe I should be greatful for the extra tissue cuz now I will have more boob over the implants and it will look more natural. O well! Let me know if any of you are the same way !!

Ok so I know I'm going to have a lot of bras that...

Ok so I know I'm going to have a lot of bras that I won't need anymore and I really felt bad about thinking of throwing them out. So I called goodwill and they will take gently used bras ! So now I can give my bras to someone in need!

Soooo, today i will be applying for my loan, I...

Soooo, today i will be applying for my loan, I almost want to just skip the loan and pay everything at once and start saving again! but i know i can pay it off really fast. Anyways, of course I have been flip flopping on my decision, asking myself am I a Greedy girl to be buying this for myself and will this make me to confident and make me a cocky person? I guess i do feel greedy and feel bad about it sometimes but then i think forward in my life and i realize this is the best time to do this. No boyfriend, No kids, No serious payments yet, and getting my job life on track. And about the Egotistical thing, i feel awkward enough wearing shorts that are too short or dresses or skirts, so i think i wont be showing my boobs off!

Oh, and in Stores like victorias secret, I wouldn't even glance at the bras because i knew they would not fit me, I went straight for the panties! I cant wait for the change, I will go straight to the bra section now, I mean I already am oogling bras that i will wear once I know my size :)

Forgot to mention, I bought a 36,C danskin bra...

Forgot to mention, I bought a 36,C danskin bra from walmart, im a 32 A so lets hope it will work, I got bio oil and I have been rubbing that on my chest so my skin wont be as prone to stretch marks, and I was having fun on Ebay and i got two front closure hanes 34 band sports bra, it said nothing about the cup size so hopefully i wont have to tuck my boobs in like a putting a big pillow in a pillow case ;)...will update later of my pre op which is coming up on the 21st! cya then!

Pre op was today.

So my pre op went well. We are going with 425 ccs which will bring me up more then two cup sizes from a Small A to probably a large C or a small D

I was given a list of my prescriptions

Percocet- for pain
Zodran- for Nausea/ also a patch to stick behind my ear for before surgery and 72 hours after surgery
Restoril- for sleep if I can't fall asleep
Valium-for muscle spasms

Things I need to buy for home is compression knee high socks and just stuff like multivitamins and sports bra which I have. I am not allowed to do anything for the first 2 days of course. I am not allowed to raise my arms over my head too long, but I am allowed to brush my hair. So all if that normal boob stuff lol. I am not required to wear a bra though. That is just for comfort. And I'm glad I can still take my birth control even though I know my medicine will mess it up .

Also I can shower the day after surgery.

So yea final payments were made. I really can't believe I have less then two more weeks with these boobs. I think I am in shock and I will start freaking out the night before. I guess we will see. Ta-ta fellow boob bloggers.

can't believe it's here guys!

So I got the call today! Have to be in at 11 a m on Monday !

Oh also it's my birthday today!!!

Happy 23rd bday tooooo me!! I'm getting old ;p


Getting last preparations and arriving at 11. I will be glad to join the rest of you!

So I had surgury about a hour ago and I feel

I feel fantastic I feel bad for my poor nurse. I talked her ear off right when I woke up. All my nurses were so pleasant though. I got 425 hp both sides. So I was brought in the room and I was given my i.v. Not as bad as I thought. And they took me to the surgery room. the last thing I remember was that oxygen thing they put on my face . Then I woke up and I was like holy crap that was fast! I looked down and was like holy crap boobs! I had minor discomfort but nothing serious. I have minor discomfort now actually. But I'm a big girl and can tolerate it. My mom did give me pain medicine though. And the doctor has this numbing stuff he put in my boobs that are supposed to last for 3 days. Anyways I'm going to finish watching ice age then go to sleep. Il talk to you guys later. Ta ta. Ha get it? Tatas? Lol ok I am still loopy lol

8 hours post op and feeling good

I have slight dull ache put that's going away because I took my medicine . I looked at my breast and I am happy. I know I can't judge them now because its way to early. But I will be posting some photos and my right side (dominant side) does noticeably look bigger than the right. In hoping it is just swelling. Did a y of you have one side swell more?


Ok here is a skimpy tan through bikini that I never wore because eBay never mentioned that it was see through lol but now I can use it to show my progress so it is useful yay!!

Last night

So last night I couldn't fall asleep till 2 . Then I woke up at 4 because my boobs hurt. I was literally moving around like a sloth I took a pain pill then it felt good around 430 and I fell asleep around 5.and like right on que I wake up 4 hours later and I'm experiencing morning boob again! So I guess taking my pills will be a every four hour thing

Morning boob pic

So I almost passed out for

I almost passed out for the first time ever. I was in the shower because I need to shower before my pre op. and I took my pain pill. I probably should have eaten something with it. Back to the point though. I was self conscious about my incisions and I think it put my body into shock because I'm not loopy from the anesthesia anymore. I started getting nauseous and my hearing start disappearing and I felt everything going black. So I called for my mom and she got me out of the shower and lifted the toilet for me just in time to dry heave . Lol then afterward I sat trembling until I felt better. It was just a weird experience

Pre op dr appointment was today

My nurse told me everything was ok. She was mad though because I didn't eat any protein. She told me I have to eat and i can not be worrying about my calorie intake . I guess my incisions could not heal properly if I don't have the right nutrition. My next dr appointment is next week and they are going to trim my sutures. Thank goodness that they are dissolvable so I don't need to get them pulled out. And for those who are getting your b a soon. Make sure to stay on top of taking your pain meds on time. I wasnt following right and damn it was a bad idea. So much pain that I had to take two pills! Now I am loopy as hell! So stay on your pills till you think you are ready to ween off of them. I am not allowed to drive until I wean off of the drugs so I'm going to try to wren off of them the next day or 2. Oh and for some reason I feel like I'm still dreaming. Like I'm going to wake up and my boobs will be flat again. So weird

Danskin foam bra

It's a 36 band / C cup

Pain meds maybe?

So I'm wondering if the oxicodone is keeping me wide awake. I have prescribed sleeping pills but they don't seem to work. And the pain meds make me feel really restless.!i do get tired but when I close my eyes I feel like I am dreaming awake. Who else has this problem? It's my third day after surgery at least so things should start turning around and getting better.

Post op day 2 pictures

I feel so spread apart in my chest. Probably because my pecs are really tight . And when I press down in the middle I feel bubbles! But I have not heard my boobs gurgle yet. I'm waiting for it though

Two weeks later

The past two weeks have ran smoothly. I have been done with my pain medicine since day 5 because it caused depression and severe nightmares. And I stopped using Tylenol. I have really no pain. I can sleep on my sides. I just need to get my stitches clipped. I was sopposed to be a C but I was measured a 32 DD at Victoria's Secret. I am hoping I will Shrink some so I can just be a D because DD bras are more expensive. Overall I am happy with my results . They are already dropping fast and they are getting soft.
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