700cc's HP under the muscle

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I am a mother of 4 and have breast fed all of my...

I am a mother of 4 and have breast fed all of my children.. 5'8 170lbs....I am currently a 34B and desire to be a DD.... at my consult we discussed a "crescent lift" and 650/700 (2 different sizes on each side) allergan natrelle hp silicone implants... I knew from the time i was a teen i wasn't going to have the breast I wanted.But I knew having children would affect the implants so I decided to wait until I was finished with my children. I have been reading stories good and bad like most of you Im sure! I had a consult with two local board certified surgeons and decided on Dr.Eberbach in Hudson FL...Today is my Pre Op before my surgery on oct 10th 2016
I will take my bras and vitamins to this appt that I intend to use to discuss with the Dr.. I have looked into some homeopathic vitamins 2 particular "Arnica Montana " for preventing bruising and "Bromelain " for preventing inflammation I will see what he says about them today:)

Picked up all prescriptions and supplies

Pu all scripts for after the surgery and some vitamins and stool softners (colace 100mg)

More pix

More wish pix

Boob greed is real!!!!

6 days until BA and I called the PS.... unsure if 700cc's would be big enough..i guess i just have a vision in my head and Im getting nervous... they assured me they will be a good size and they are only willing to max me out at 700ccs (chest is 15") Im not wanting huge fake boobs just a good size like my wish pix..fingers crossed!!!!

Side by side

Tomorrow is the day!!

I am scheduled to be at the office at 10am surgery is at 11am... not so nervous yet but i am sure tonight it will kick in...i was told to shower tonight with the wash they gave me and then shower again before i leave with the same wash and place the anti nausea patch behind my ear that they provided... I am to also bring 1 anti nausea pill with me to surgery that they provided..they said i should expect to wake with no bra,bandages,nothing.....they glue the incisions shut and dont use bands or bras due to wanting them to drop properly...they said that is the new technique and some PS still do it the old way (sending home in bras etc) also they gave me my instructions...NO bra not even sports bras for 1 mo!! I guess ill be wearing camis...i will update once its done pain permitting for all of you that are curious about 700cc hp implants :)

Made it to the other side!!!

700ccL/650ccR with crescent lift
Will update more tomorrow:)


More pix

Lots of rib and back pain..but eating and walking around

Day 2

Today was very rough..i was told not to use ice at all which i did over night without knowing...very high and swollen..they are in my armpits they are so big...700ccs are no joke girls lol

Extremely painful!!!

The muscle relaxers are working wayyyy better than the pain meds..

Softening only a little today..very nauseated

Weight gain and constipation

I gained 12 lbs from the time I walked into the surgery and the night of surgery.. assuming thats normal :/ I started colace 2 days before the surgery thank goodness i did because i had 2 boqel movement's today..had i not started them before surgery i think it would have been alot worse...

Alotttttt better today....

Iam having regular bowel movements and i can tell they have dropped a little.. sensation in my left breast and nipple are back the right is taking a little longer but i can tell its coming back..i think because the right had more cc's.. I am off all pain meds and only taking the muscle relaxers.. Iam using the arnkia montana pills and gel for bruising...the only bruising i have is around the crescent lift which are starting to diminish...they definitely feel like they are leaving my arm pits which is heaven sent.. I tried on a sports bra for some relief which was for a DD and it was to tight:/ thinking these are gonna be some big girls...so far loving my results...

Some more pix and lotsss of massaging

Ps suggested to massage today..there super high and tight... today is definitely alot better!!! No pain pills and a relaxer here and there:) still alot of bruising around nipple due to crescent lift

Updated healing

Crescent lift and inflammatory incisions...still applying arnika montana gel on bruising (not directly on incisions)

Gonna be some big girls....if thinking of 700ccs be prepared:)

This peach bra is a 34DDD after drop n fluff assuming it may not fit ....it is already very snug... Ive had request for more pix so heres a few more..Im 5 days post op.I am only trying on a few loose things here and there due to not wanting to damage healing:) no poan pills or relaxers now and laying on side and tummy while sleeping (ps encouraged me to do so:)

Feeling more like myself again

Update on bruising...still taking my arnika montana pills and using arnika montana gel...also takimg Bromelain....no other medications not even pain meds:) went out last night with the girls for dinner felt amd looked great! Still alot more dropping and fluff to take place..praying for continued success :)

Morning boob

Probably one of the worst things about this.....im not for sure how long .but, you get morning boob....your boobs will be hard every morning...the best way to describe it is like waking up with severely engordged boobies because your breast feeding baby slept through the night and so did you...(for those of you that have BF you know exactlyyyy what i mean) lol

1 week post op complete

Showed me how to massage alot more amd still have alot of softening and dropping to do...other than that everything looks great..I also got sized....drummmmm roll 34DDD!!!!!!! Can squeeze into a 36DD if I want extreme pushup they said..but the DDD def feels better...well see what happens once I D&F :)

The 34DDD i purchased today...already snug

34DDD still didnt D&F yet :/

Updated healing

Crescent lift and inflammatory incisions

Without arms up

This bra was a 36DD and wayyyyy to small but you can see i have LOTSS of D&F that needs to happen

PO update 13 Days

Updated photos 13 days PO... have most sensation back in left breast except my left nipple is very sore...the right nipple is still numb BUT starting 2 days ago i started getting little electrical shock like pains in my right breast and it started to itch (the itch you cant find) and i noticed some sensation coming back in the R breast today.. still alot more dropping and fluff needs to happen..Massaging constantly and trying to shape them as i massage...i can tell the difference n weight between the 2.. L650 R700ccs..its not a big difference i know but i can definitely tell the difference in the weight in my breast..i can tell there slightly off but probably because i look at them daily...the one scar I wish was a lil further down in my under breast crease but that could change as more dropping takes place....they are going thru so many phases its very interesting..i can sleep on my sides and short times on my belly...starting to feel ALOT softer...but they are harder up top where the implants need to drop...i have started my scar cream and bio oil to massage my breast...i can tell my skin is stretching around my nipples i noticed a few spider veins (thats what it looks like) barely noticeable but i notice it...so that's why i started the bio oil...my top ribs started hurting friday (they feel raw) i think its the implants settling and post surgery injuries setting in...all bruising is gone thanks to the arnika montana gel..I went back for another fitting out of curiosity measuring a 34E but 34DDD still fits although all of the implant that hasn't dropped (which is alot) is all out of the cups so once that happens 34DDD wont fit more than likely...Its weird because they are big but don't seem that big to me... I think i have covered everything for now!:)

Updated clothing pix

An update of pix in clothing...

More pix

15 days po..now have sensation back in both breast and nipples...the little electrical shocks in R breast has stopped...ribs still sore called PS they said completely normal :)

Updated scar pix

Crescent lift and inflammatory incisions 18days PO

3 weeks PO

Updated photo

Still fitting into 34DDD but alot differently now that they are dropping

1 month PO

Alot of dropping has happened!! Had a ever so tiny piece of the crescent lift incision open but nothing major:)

Updated pix

Swelling is gone.... have D&F alot now...they haven't gotton bigger if anything a tad smaller

Arms down photos

Per request.... photos with my arms down

Another arms down pix

Per request more photos

2 month update

Update scars and size...they are the same size 34DDD /36DD but definitely look alot different...not much upper pole Anymore they look very close to real.

Wish i went bigger..mayne next time :)

Still a 36DD/34DDD fully dropped...sounds big but honestly wished i went bigger...next time i will..still love them though!!

Update pix

Low crop dresses
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr.E is a boob genius!!!!!!! Absolutely love him and his staff....He doesnt wrap you like a mummy and put you through unnecessary things...you go home completely unwrapped day 1...no bras or bandages...i love that he does internal dissolving stitches and glue over top...my cs was done the same way and you can't even see the scars...I had a crescent lift and 700ccs hp

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