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Hi everyone, I have finally decided to get my BA...

Hi everyone,
I have finally decided to get my BA done. I have always wanted this and I am finally getting it done! YAYYY!
I have set my BA date for Oct 7th with Dr. Eberbach in Hudson, FL. Has anyone had work done by him. I've heard lots of great things!

I am 22 years old, 5'3 and 135 lbs. I have decided on 500 ccs silicone high profile implants. If you have any advice for me please let me knowww!


Here are some wish pictures

Soooo I'm Having second thoughts

I'm having second thoughts on the ccs size that my PS advised. He said I should go with 500 ccs silicone HP under the muscle. Okay everything sounds great in the office but now that I am 2 weeks away from my pre-op appt I need to be 100% sure with the size. I just want to know if it will be too big on me. I want to be a full D small DD. NO BIGGER!!
Here are my stats:
Height: 5'3
Weight: 130lbs
Bra size: 32B
Breast width: Right-15.1cm Left-14.5cm
Breast Base Width: Right-13.5cm Left-12.9cm

Implant Info
Brand: Allergan
Style: 20-500
Type: Gel
Shape: Round
Texture: Smooth
Profile: High
Volume: 500cc
Diameter: 13cm
Projection: 5.2cm

Pre Op

Soooo I had my pre op on Friday (Oct 2nd) and I have my to do list:
I have to get my prescriptions filled
I have to buy a multi-vitamin
Compression stockings
2 quarts of gatorade
Stool Softener
Chlorhexidine Soap (to use before my surgery)
Sports bras (that close in the front)

The doctor also prescribed me with
Percocet (pain)
Zofran (nausea)
Restoril (sleep)
Valium (muscles)

My surgery is Wednesday Oct 7th at 1:15pm. I can't wait.


So I made some rice sizers..these are 450-475. One the left is the before and the right is after.

Today's The Big Dayyyy

So the big day is finally here..
I surprisingly sleep great last night and I woke up this morning not as excited as I should be.

So I washed with the chlorhexidine soap this morning and put my nausea patch and compression socks on. Now I'm here at the office with an IV and warm blankets until they bring me in.

I decided on 475ccs HP Under the muscle SILICONE.

I'll see you on the other sideeee!

Here on the other sidddddeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Soooooo...I had my surgery today. I got 475ccs HP Silicone implants Under the muscle. I am doing great for my first day. I am very alert, but if I close my eyes I could definitely go to sleep.
So here is how my day went:
Woke up around 10am
Took a shower with my Chlorhexidine Soap
Put on my Scoplamine Patch behind my ear.
Got dressed (zip up sweater and sweatpants)
Then put on my Compression Socks and left.

Got the surgery center at 1:10.
Kissed my love goodbye
Went in the back, changed into the "sexy" gown and hair cap.
They took some vitals, pregnancy test and started an IV.
The surgery before showed up late and took longer than they anticpated so my 2pm surgery didnt start until 4:15pm -_-
But then I met with the Anesthesiologist and she was AMAZINGGGG ( just like everyone else)
The the doctor cam in, drew some lines, and then it was time to go.

Surgery was only 30-45 mins long, they let me recoever for an hour and then I was good to go.

I was not nauseous, very little pain, but once I got home I needed some pain meds.
I drank some water, to make sure I was able to hold the food down and them my lovely boyfriend made me some Mac N Cheeseeee!! Then I took my oxycodone and fell asleep. i woke up an hour later to take my muscle relaxer and ate again, and now I'm on Realself checking on everyone. Let me know how your days went my boobie sistaaasss!! :)))

Day 1 to day 3

So here are some pictures of my new girlsss!

2 weeks post

So I just wanted to come and give a quick update. I am about 2 weeks post and I am lovingggg my new boobs! 475ccs was absolutely PERFECTTTT!!

I can sleep on my side now comfortably. My boobs are really bouncy and soft for only 2 weeks post. I'll post some videos.

The only thing is that my nipples are SOOOOOO sensitive. Every time it gets cold it's the most annoying feeling EVERRR.

32DDD or 34DD??

Sooooo I know that I'm not supposed to be looking at bras until I'm 6 weeks post but I had to go into VS just to see because I feel like my breast have dropped and fluffed very quickly. So i went in and the said that I would be either a 32DDD or a 34DD!! That is crazyyyy.

Left not dropping as fast

20 days post
So I'm 20 days post op..

Almost 4 months Post!!

So sorry that I haven't been on in a while... But the boobs are doing amazing!! The only thing that's a little bit of a bummer is that I do have a lot of stretch marks that are hard to get rid of. But other than that they feel real they have left and dropped and everyone thinks I look real!

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