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Okay sisters I have been going back and fourth to...

Okay sisters I have been going back and fourth to write or not to write a review- I have been with RS since 2013 and I love the fact we are honest and willing to share are experience THE good and the bad.

The part I've been struggling with is that the PS is very likeable and I am no way discounting this or his performance, I know he did his very best. The "girls" from the start were very difficult to work with one being smaller then the other and deflated too! I have seen similar situations that have came out beautifully . I was praying mine would too!

I was advised to have a lift in which I declined, since I've been knowing my husband for many years and really he is not a breast kind of guy-thank god or he would of ran for the hills a long time ago.. LOL

I did the BA for myself so that the shirts /blouses would look great and also the girls were deflated and I wanted my fullness back. I must say with a bra and shirt the girls look fantastic !!! But its a different story without a shirt on just my nakedness is what I have the issue with :(

I initially wanted to go with the HP since I've been reading and looking at other girls that were similar to what I was working with and I wanted to go with the 500 or 550 cc but in the consultation Dr. Lomonaco felt that the mod profile would fit my frame - He did explain the girls would not be identical but he would get them as close to being sisters, which I understood .

My recovery was smooth sailing no pain some numbness but I do have the feeling in the nips back , my scar is relatively small too.

Getting back to my nakedness is where I have the issue with, you see I have ptosis (sagging) plus with asymmetry from the start I knew it would be difficult- I did visit with few other PS I was ready to go with my former PS who did a fantastic job on my TT but what made me go with Lomonaco was meeting his surgical team during my consultation, it was great to meet everyone and plus when I was doing my consult with my former PS his nurse kinda rubbed me the wrong way when I was trying on sizers she was not helpful at all.... she was new to his practice

I now have a double bubble which I hate!! I was hoping the girls would take on a more rounder or fuller shape,I didn't expect to have a double bubble- it looks terrible!! I ended up with 325cc and 425cc I think I could have had more cc added to the 325 this is the breast that was larger from the start, there is no upper pole fullness and at my last consult we discussed exchanging implants to a larger size and also using the HP profile implant, this is the implant I wanted from the start!! Dr Lomonaco was nice to waive his fee . I could tell the Dr. L genuinely wanted to accommodate and make the corrections again he is a very likeable person

I plan to revisit my former PS for my revision although doing the revision would save me money if I stayed with Dr Lomonaco, I have decided not to go back. I plan to up load photos of the current situation and the revised situation once it is completed.

Chela and Destiny are great have always been wonderful when I need to speak to them with a concern.

Happy healing to all my RS sistas- love the support this forum gives back!
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