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I am in my 40's and have spent my life doing...

I am in my 40's and have spent my life doing things for other people. This year I decided that, for once, it would be all about me. I am four days post-op and am so thankful that I have a person in my life here to help me. I am sore but that gets better with each passing day...especially after having lymphatic massages.

I will add more to my review (including pictures) at a later date.

One week and a day on the flat side

I can see my new shape in spite of the swelling. Dr. Sukkar definitely exceeded my expectations. My bruising is fading away as is the soreness. I am able to shower, wash my own hair, cook and wash dishes by myself and will be driving myself to my massage appointment tomorrow. I still have my drains in and have to remain ever aware of them as I ease myself back into my normal activities. I have slept a couple of nights flat on my back. This is not my norm, but I have gotten much better sleep than when I was in the "lawn chair" position.

Wearing Drains is a Drain

I went to a follow up appointment today. Reality check! I had let myself accumulate way too much fat. I am too embarrassed to give you folks the numbers, but NEVER AGAIN!

My drains and stitches were removed today. The stitches were easy...drain removal will certainly wake you up in the morning! I do have a small abrasion below my belly button but that will heal with proper care. I was told that this is not an unusual occurrence and the likelihood of it becoming a difficulty is slim to none.

Let me tell you, being rid of the drains gives me a whole 'nother level of feeling better...let's face it, wearing drains is a drain and it darn sure isn't cute/sexy. I actually attended a party a few days ago and I could hardly relax because 1) what if one of these babies opens and leaks on my clothes? 2) what if one detaches from my tie and drops below my shirt line in front of people? And, 3) the stitches around the drain had loosened a bit so as I walked, sat down, and stood up, the tubes shifted and pulled giving me an irritating little pinch ever so often.

Word to the wise, any advice your surgeon/nurse gives you on getting the drains done quicker, take it. Light physical activity, limited sodium intake, lymphatic massage, and drink lots of water!!!!


Here is where i started

More ups and downs

At this point my incision is mostly healed. I am using ScarGuard to help minimize the scar. I have a couple of internal stitches that are still holding on so I have a couple of dimples.

I am moving around easily but I am still slightly hunched over and experiencing some pain in my back and abdominal area.

My moods are still swinging but I think discomfort and frustration with being limited are the driving force behind the swings. thank goodness for supportive people in my life.

None of these things come as a surprise. I was warned pre-op and my results are my own. It appears I am one of the slower healers and I hate it. I was hoping I would be down a couple weeks then back to business as usual but when I try to reach/bend too far, I get a sharp reminder that I am not 100%. Usually, I am a soldier about these things but in this I have to just chill out and let the healing happen at its own pace.

At the end of today I still feel this was totally worth it. I look great and am down 14 lbs from my weigh in just before the operation. I have more weight to go as I am still swollen and of course I have to firm up my arms and legs :)
Houston Plastic Surgeon

From the first consult, Dr. Sukkar and Mary made me very comfortable with decision. It was clear that Mary had a lot of knowledge about the procedure and what to expect as the op-date approached and after the op-date. The next step was having my blood work done. I was sent notice to make the appointment and I did. While we did have a small break-down in communication, it was easily corrected. Next came the pre-op appointment. Cathy was absolutely wonderful. She is a straight-shooting, tell-it-like-it-is type of person. Her wealth of experience shined through like a light...any anxieties I had prior to this visit were completely alleviated by the time I left. May 23rd was Op-Day. Again, everyone there made me very comfortable with my decision. Upon waking (if that's what you call it...LOL) I was dressed and wheeled out to my vehicle. I spent the night in a nearby hotel and returned the following day for a quick check-up and lymphatic massage. I cannot tell you how wonderfully Dr. Sukkar and his Staff have been with regard to this surgery. It is too early to tell what my final result will be, but from what I can see, I will be more than happy.

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