Type 1 Diabetic Joining the Flat Side Soon :D - Houston, TX

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I have been wanting this for 10+ years, but hard...

I have been wanting this for 10+ years, but hard core for 4 years now. I am 29, 5'7" weigh 182. I have two beautiful healthy children 10 & 4. I am Type 1 Diabetic and have been for 27 years. My 1st was a huge baby at 10lbs 3oz & really did a # on my midsection. I had c-sections with both my kiddo's and was left with a large flap of stretch marked skin hanging over my c-section scar. 

Being Diabetic gives me some extra things to worry about without & with surgery. I want to help other type 1 diabetic's who are needing info about this surgery.... So I will talk a lot about Diabetic stuff, just ignore it if you're not diabetic.

I am very limited as to site placement for my insulin pump. My pregnancy's left me with very damaged, loose, crepy skin & what Dr's call a "Pannis". (Hate hate hate that word!) So site placement is almost non existent on my abdomen. As a life long diabetic I know that you can put sites a few other places, but absorption is no where near as good as it is in the abs. (That is at least how I have experienced it and all the info I have read tells it) 

So I talked it out with my Endo. and we agreed that it would be medically necessary for me to have the extra damaged skin removed for improved site placement and insulin absorption. So I had a consult and booked my surgery for June when both myself and my husband could take vacations together. 

I will be payed for the procedure at my pre-op and will be filing a claim to insurance after surgery because my Dr doesn't do any insurance. I only want to get the skin removal, hospital, and anesthesia fees reimbursed by my insurance if I can. I and my Endo. feel that those are medically necessary and will greatly improve my insulin absorption, glucose control & A1C. 

So I am now about 2 weeks from my surgery date, impatient & excited :) I am not a patient person, so all this waiting is causing me to fidget something awefull!! I scheduled all this back in March. I envy the ladies out there that went in and booked an appt for 2 weeks later, that must be soooo nice! At the same time I think this decision needs a little "sink in" time too. 

Goals for this procedure:
1- Loose disgusting skin gone
2- Site placement!!!!!!
3- Hopefully better absorption = need a lot less insulin
4- Less insulin = less weight
5- FINALLY be able to see some results from working out
6- Just feel comfortable in my own skin again :)


Did any of you end up having to pay more because the surgery took longer than expected? I'm a little worried about that. We saved some extra, but would really like to just keep it if u know what I mean... :)

More Diabetic stuff...

I moved my sites up to Just under my bra line a few weeks ago, because I was just having terrible luck with my numbers. Endless insulin and still high w/ sites in upper ab area. The skin is normal right under my bra line & MAN what a difference!!! I am truly convinced that this surgery will completely change my world Diabeticly! So so so Excited!!!!

1 week & 3 days!!!!!

Need to start buying all my surgery supplies... Have a little list all made out. I've been freezing things for the kids, and cleaning the house :). All the normal stuff...
Yesterday I wore the 1st dress in about 11yrs!!! I felt good, but kept thinking after a few more days this will be soooooo much more fun!!! It was a tent of a dress, and I kept trying to suck my blob of a stomach in, but my legs looked good lol. Hiding my pump wasn't fun, but that won't change...
My #'s have been good with the higher site placement I commented on earlier. Very anxious to see how absorption turns out post-op. I am worried about what my #'s are going to do after surgery. I guess I might run high the 1st day or 2, just trama of surgery and all. But... there is this little voice in the back of my head going "What if you go low!!!" "What if I go low and don't want to eat anything?!?!" "What if I black out low and rip all my stitches thrashing around?!?!" I keep reminding myself that my husband will be here with me for 2 weeks, and we'll monitor everything, and it will all be just fine... SIGH...............
Other than a few nagging worries I am over the moon about the whole thing & can't wait!!!

4 more days!!!!

I have for more days to go... well 3 not including today :) :) SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!
We've been pretty chill about the whole thing so far. I think my hubby is worried, but is putting on the "brave face" for me. He is a sweetheart. The day before we will be dropping my kids with Granny. I'm more nervious about that than I am about surgery lol. I don't like the thought of not having my kids at home for a couple days, but it is better for them. They will have fun going to the park and such while I'm all drugged up and sleeping on and off all day.
We go get Rx's tomorrow or the next day, I need to work on laundry, & sweeping/ cleaning a bit more. I'm all prepared on other supplies, I think lol.

Can't sleep......

Driving to Hospital in a little less than 3 hrs, can't fall asleep for anything... Thought I'd type :)
Had a few conversations with both my PS and the Hospital today about what to do with my pump. The hospital called with pre-op instructions and told me not to eat or drink anything or take any insulin post 11:30pm. I had to call her back and ask if I should disconnect my pump at 11:30 or just not bolus any more insulin after that time. After calling my PS and leaving a message with the lady who answered my PS himself called me back. I LOVED that :) ! So they ended up telling me to disconnect at 11:30pm and they could "dose" me when I get to the hospital if need be lol. Little worried about how all that will go, but at least I'm less likely to go low on the way there.
Dropped kiddo's off with Grandparents this afternoon, and started crying at goodbye time :( I miss my tid bits :( I know everything will be ok and I'll be video conferencing them tomorrow after surgery, but it's the first time I've been away from both of them over night, let alone a few nights.
Well I have to do last minute blood sugar checks and last nibble/bolus now, so I'll see how it goes tomorrow:)
Happy healing to all, I'm joining you REALLY soon.... :D :D

post op day 2..... I think??

I'm not exactly sure how to count the days. Is surgery day post op day one???

Anyway .....
day one sucked!
day one sucked

post up day to continued....

this is really hard to do on my phone.

#1 set up a med schedule!!!!!
that one is huge huge huge!

so after we got married settled

stupid phone...

ok, got the lap top set up now. My phone just would not cooperate with me, so you can ignore the last two attempted posts :(
Surgery Day-
They had me remove my pump at 11:30pm the night before. That was a huge skrew up! My numbers were in the 420's when I got to the hospital, and nobody was there to authorize me to connect my pump back up. I should have known better, never give over control of your diabetes. Anyway, so I was all prepped for surgery, anesthesia arrived & let me reconnect myself, but then they said they didn't know if my PS would go through with surgery if my #"s weren't in the + - 200's!!!! So I bolus-ed a bunch of insulin and held my proverbial breath. PS showed up, gave the ok, marked me up & the party started!
They gave me a valum and started to roll me into surgery, I remember kissing my hubby, then I woke up in recovery. I looked down and just groggily smiled. I looked soooo small!!

After Surgery/ PO Day 1-
Hospital was very nice, staff and nurses were all very kind and helpful. My sister & my husband were there :) Had a good long visit with sis before she had to go for the night. I had a pain pump and other than being sleepy I was pretty with it. The IV made my hands and arms swell, and they were numb. Not sure if that is normal, nurses seemed to think it was ok. All the machines they had me hooked to would start beeping the second I started to drift off to sleep :(. So didn't get much rest in the hospital. I'm guessing it's normal but they had me start breathing treatments, which were quite hard at 1st, but are easier now. I had one freak out session where I got some Flem stuck in my throat and couldn't breath very well, but the nurse showed me how to hug a pillow against my stomach and cough to clear my throat. Immediately better after that!
PS came and saw me the morning after, showed me my stomach and said how tiny and tight he got me :) He said my Panis alone was a little over 6 lbs of skin and fat! EWWWWW !!!! I haven't gotten the total amount removed, but I will ask at my post op appt on Monday.
Came home. WOW that wasn't fun! We had a 1hr 45 min trip back home & had to stop in the middle to walk around and go to the bathroom. Hands are still numb and swollen. Had to borrow a recliner from the in-laws, couldn't get into bed :( Had a lot of pain & general panic. Got a med schedule & the recliner to potty routine set up, everything calmed down after that. PS office called we scheduled my 1st post op appt.

PO Day 2- Overnight in the recliner was pretty good. Need a nap now..... post more soon.....

PO Day 2....

Ok, I woke up lol. That is an on and off thing right now. Kids will be coming back home in a few minutes. I am both excited and nervous about that. My 4 yr old will be a hand full to keep him from trying to climb on me, but once he gets the message I'm hoping for gentle snuggles. My 10 yr old will be fine.
Other than that, my numbers have been running pretty great, a lot lower than expected. I was worried about being high right after major surgery, but nope, actually needed to lower my basal a bit to keep from going low to often. :D Can't wait for all the swelling to calm down I will have to lower my insulin some more.
My hubby is being such a huge helpful teddy bear about all this. He had to run to the store for something this morning and came back with a big vase of flowers :)
Yeah kids just arrived!!!! I'll update again soon.....
Best wishes for all of my fellow tuckers :) !!

PO Day 3

Hello everyone!
Slept pretty well last night. Med schedule has been wonderful! No real pain, just soreness and stiffness. I must admit that I wasn't prepared like I thought I would be. This is major surgery and will take a LONG time to feel normal again. My hands are still numb and tingly, but getting better. I have had my pump on my thigh since surgery and my numbers are doing extremely well. No highs as I had expected. I am actually using a little less insulin than before, so I am thinking that part will only get better and better.
I'm a little light headed from time to time, working that out as it happens. Today was my 1st dressing change. That was a very humbling experience! Oh, and yeah, I started my period :(!!! When it rains right...?!?!
So changing my dressings wasn't to bad. Taking off the compression garment was both re-leaving and humbling. I piled antibiotic stuff on my drain holes and my belly button, then covered everything back up with clean gauze. I had to have my husband strap me back in. Put some maxi pads in the bottom,to help cushion the incision between the garment and my leg crease. So much better no more pinching or rubbing :) highly recommend if you're having issues there.
Getting super tired in spurts....
Nap time, I keep drifting off while typing. More later...

Day 6 PO

So yeah I've been lazy and haven't been updating. So I've got lots of things to talk about, so bear with me....

Ok so I had my post op appt on day 4. I could have sworn that I read that I wasn't supposed to take a shower for at least 3 days after surgery, but my PS seemed very surprised when I told him that. He said No I should be taking one every day and soaping all the incisions and drains very well! That threw me so much that I didn't remember to ask all the other questions I should have asked while I was there. But otherwise, he said everything looked great. He didn't remove any drains, said they were still draining to much and the liquid needed to be clearer. I didn't expect them to be removed. I was a bit surprised that the Dr nor the staff helped me re-suit up in my binder. I was kind of hoping they would, so I would know if we were doing it right. It was a full house for them that day, so it could have just been that they didn't have time. We'll see on Friday at PO appt #2.
We left and went to dinner. I had a diet coke (which was awesome!) and some spicy Alfredo. VERY VERY bad decision! I swole up like a hugely upset blow-fish! An absolutely filled to the brink beach ball would be soft and squishy in comparison! It was hell!
I had an attack of diarrhea on the way home. I had to hobble into the most backwater boonies gas station potty ever! TMI I know, but that's the way stool softeners go. Over-do it and pay the price!!!
I had my first BM at midnight twenty on day 3. I forgot that I hadn't updated you all on that yet. The 1st was pretty solid and took at least an hour of weirdness on the potty to complete. TMI TMI TMI!

We finally got home and I took my 1st shower! It was more panicking and awkward than releaving. It did feel good afterward to be clean, but it was such a vulnerable feeling during. " I took a good rinse off, I wasn't able to do a full all out shower, but I soaped all the incisions and drains. I am a little scared about my belly button. I wasn't able and was a little scared to fully dry off the inside area. I blotted it as best as I could, then filled it with neosporin, the same with my drain tube sites. Is that the best way to care for my new navel and drain sites?? My worry is that any moisture that gets trapped in there could cause infection. I'm probably just worrying to much, but I wanted to see what you thought.
As far as walking and moving around....
I have basically been leaning on this walker thing my husband got me. I can straighten out quite a bit and walk like that, but not for very long or very far because my back just starts screaming and I am forced to lean down on whatever counter is near for support. Should I be trying to work up to walking as straight as possible, or is leaning on the walker a better option for now?
I've been taking my pain pills every 4 hrs, yesterday I moved to every 5 hours. Should I finish this bottle and then switch to Tylenol, or do you recommend refilling the Rx again and just spreading them out more and more until I don't need them anymore? "

All that was an email I sent to my PS's office. I am quoting the whole thing and their reply's because they contain a lot of great info both of my personal journey and also info for all of you who might be going through the same things. Their reply follows...

" I hope you are feeling better! It sounds like you are taking care of your incisions properly. I would not worry if a small amount of water was left after you blotted. Keep the antibiotic ointment on your incisions and you should be fine.
If you can straighten up when you walk, this would be ideal - but at the same time do not push yourself too hard if your body is not ready just yet. Most patients are able to stand up and walk straight at this point, but it may take you an extra day or so (this is normal).
It is up to you with the pain medication. If you can stop and start the Tylenol, then this is great - otherwise, go ahead and get your refill and work at weaning off the pain medication so you are taking only Tylenol and maybe one pain pill at night. "

So, I have been working on walking without the walker, little bursts at a time. I am doing much much better and am almost walking completely without it. Working up to that was a must for me. I think the walker spoiled me a little in the beginning. I was relying on it instead of learning to do it myself. Lesson learned.
I am refilling my Rx today, then going to every 6 hours either tonight or tomorrow. I want to be off the pain meds, but don't want to cold turkey it and get into trouble. I have to be semi operational for my family, so I am being a chicken as far as pain goes. Not that I would recommend it otherwise.

So there are the past 3 or so days up to date. I am adding pic's from the hospital and also from home. I heed to get some more pic's but it isn't as easy as it should be most of the time. I'll work on that....

All you lovely ladys and gents out there have a beautiful day and keep up the healing!


I hit post on my last update before I had attached all my pic's. I put descriptions on all of them. I am hoping to get some better standing pic's today, we'll see how that goes....

What is up with all the hiccups!?!?!?!?!

I haven't had hiccups in years!!!! I mean years, but now I have them all the time! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying!


It is easy to forget updating about #'s. It's not something I talk about with anyone. lol
My numbers are amazing! I haven't had a single problem with them post surgery. I had been afraid of going very high or dangerously low and being on a total roller coaster! Come to find out that my numbers are blissfully steady and in a range of excellence I haven't seen in quite a while. :-)
Now any diabetic's out there I have no way of telling if your results will be the same as mine. If you have similar skin and absorption issues as I did, this surgery is so far is very worth looking into.

Pic's from PO Day 6, Update PO Day 7

I took some pic's after my shower yesterday, but didn't get over to the comp to upload them till now. Sorry, I just got lazy yesterday! I figure I might as well while I can :) I wish I had taken pic's before my shower and after just to show how swollen I got while I was in the shower! Before my shower right when I took the compression garment off I looked pretty darn good! Post shower not as much. It is however a very easy way to tell that my end results are weeks, perhaps months away! If I swell that much in just the time it takes to shower I definitely know my body isn't done healing! I'm going to do PRE & post shower pic's today.
It was funny though, yesterday I was commenting to my husband on how good I looked right after I took the garment off, and he goes "Stop staring at yourself and take a shower already!" all flirty like :). Lol, I haven't wanted to stair at myself in over 10 years!!!!!!!!!!! He's a little squeamish towards my incisions, so I kind of do as much of that care stuff as I can myself. I told him "Oh shut up and let me look!", he just laughed. It was a fun moment :)
So yeah, doing better today...
I am still on pain meds every 5 hours. I am starting to get a kind of burning sensation in my mid ab area a ways above my belly button. It is quite uncomfortable and I have to take some Tylenol to calm it down. My worry is how am I supposed to space out my pain meds more & more if I'm already needing extra Tylenol???? I'm hoping that I will just do it and the Tylenol will start to replace the Rx. ???
Other than that..... I am walking better. Still bent a little, but working on it.
I'm putting up a pic of my cat. She is absolutely loving my invalid status! Me sitting still and resting all the time means she has a constant warm spot to abuse! Merciless feline, LOL! I actually enjoy her company even if she's just using me for warmth :)

OK, that's it for nowish I am making the hubby wash my hair hehehe ;) You lady's stay fabulous and keep up the healing!!!!

Merciless Feline warmth Pirate!

I posted about kitty poo last update, but then forgot the pic! That post button just taunts me so! It's so hard to shift attention over to the add another photo button, HA! I guess I just don't have tons of attention to spare really. It's good to be in a good mood again :)

PO Day 8/9

Hello lady's (& gentlemen?),
Well we went to see PS for PO visit #3- Got my drains pulled out!!!!:-D I'm leaking like a crazy thing, but feel so much less like a tube creature! I have a neosporan covered gauze & a folded over maxi pad over the drain sites. Feel like I'm a guy pretending by putting a sock down his pants!! LOL!

Yeah so after the PS I was feeling pretty ok, so I made some bad decisions...
#1- I moved my Rx back another hour without having anything else to substitute in case I needed it. I did.
#2- We went out to dinner, rather than going home and getting some Tylenol to smooth things over.
So I was already hurting. Dinner was good though.
#3- Me & my stupid hard headedness decided to join the family grocery trip into walmart. I wasn't comfortable, but I kept telling myself that walking might help. It doesn't! So I hobbled around wally world practically draped over a cart for at least an hour.
#4- I took Milk of Magnesia (sp?) when I got home instead of just trying to chill and recoup myself.
The MOM was because I haven't had a BM since maybe day 5. :-( The experience with the laxitive scared me off using them anymore. I took a single one on day 6, nothing happened. I just couldn't make myself take anymore. I think it was the layering effect of them over a few days that caused the backwater boonies rest stop incedint. So yeah, I never want to experience that hell again! So the wally world trip was to get more natural BM helpers. Lol! Natural BM helpers! ;-) Anyway. .. we picked up some coconut milk, MOM, & prunes. We wanted prune juice, but couldn't find any.
So, there I was hurting, bloated, tired, & miserable, taking some MOM thinking that soon I'd have a BM and feel so much better. WRONG!!!! I had almost explosive gas nonstop for the rest of the night/ this morning & No BM!!! Super sad face :-(. I'm sure this is all tmi, sorry, but it's just the way it is. So I had to get up & or tilt a cheek so to speak every 3 seconds all afternoon/night and didn't get anything to show for it!

So this morning I'm trying the prunes & coconut milk hoping to get somewhere with those. I am very very stiff, creaky, & probably swollen today. Regretting my wally world romp & rethinking my meds.
I'm on Rx every 6 hrs & Tylenol about two hrs before the next Rx. It seems like getting off the Rx = getting on more meds :-( lol. I guess it's basically switching one for another.
I like sitting back with my legs bent up a little less than indian style. I don't think it's very good for circulation, but I keep finding myself doing it anyway. I have to stretch myself back out and wiggle all my joints to unstiffen them. I feel like I'm 100 years old!

Ok, I'm done grumping for now... hopefully I'll have cheerier news for my next post. I took more pic's pre PS visit, but I haven't gotten to the comp yet to upload them. I'm on my phone now. I'll work on that in a little while....

Happy healing everyone!!!

Yeah coconut milk & prunes!!!!

You guessed it! Had a happy BM! Lol, It's funny how taboo a subject that is until you start having trouble with it!
I am willing to give partial credit to the fart factory MOM, but the coconut milk & prunes had a much more expediant and side effect free result. I highly recommend them to anyone having trouble in that area.

Tons of pre/post shower pictures as promised...

PO Day 6 I went on a rant about swelling pre and post shower, these are pic's along those lines pre & post shower PO Day 8.

well poo, apparently my phone can't post pictures

I'm sorry. I will get my creaky butt over to the comp and upload the pics again.

Ok re-submitt of Pic's - Tons of pre/post shower pictures as promised...

Geez, you make up your mind to post something, then everything in the world gets in the way...

I guess I'm posting to many pic's at once.

I will try to just post a couple at a time. These three are pre-shower PO Day 8. You can really see the compression marks.

A few more...

These three are still pre-shower PO Day 8. Front, right & left side. My side views are rather depressing. I keep telling myself that it is just swelling and to ignore it.

and some more...

These are post shower PO Day 8. Front angle, front, belly button, & close up of end revision.

Sodium madness! PO Day 9

It's amazing how when you put the nutritional cross hairs on something you never even thought about before you realize that you really eat a ton of it! My hubby has been making me box oatmeal. I always make the real stuff, but I know he has a lot to take care of with kids & me, so I'm not complaining. Anyway I've been eating a lot of it, because it seemed safe enough and easy. Well come to find out that it has about 300g of sodium! I have no idea how much was in the stuff I ate at dinner yesterday, but apparently it was a lot!!! I've been super swollen, and creaky all day. I thought it was because of all the activity yesterday, and that could still be some of it, but all the sodium is a big reason too!
I take pic's before and after showers. It just seems to be the only time I take all this stuff off. I knew better than to unwrap myself today, but did it anyway. :-( I felt the swelling before I even attempted to take the compression garment off. I blew up so fast as soon as I took it off I couldn't even bend over to start the shower water! I took pictures, but I don't know if I'll post them. I feel like I'm starting a nude library or something!
I had way to much drama getting the last pic's up anyway.
So yeah, if you're having issues with swelling check the sodium content of your food.

PO Day 10

Ahhhhhhh, what a difference a good shower can make :-). I got a little down last night, just sad that I can't move around like I want to, and that I'm still so creaky all the time. :'( This figuring out how to move my meds back is quite stressfull! I just got to worn out yesterday.
I'm feeling better today :-) Took a nice, standing shower. Managed to wash my own hair!!!!! Major win for me ;-);-)
Really lowering salt has helped with swelling enormously! I feel like I went from pregnant hippo to slim hippo, lol. Yeah, still a hippo, but a slinky one ;-).
I want to be bad and weigh myself, try on all my skinny jeans, bikini shop! I want to just eat and not worry about what I'm going to feel like later! I've said before that I'm not a very patient person. Well, I'm not. I like to think that I've done really well with that so far, but I still have a long way to go.
Maybe being just a little bad will help get all that out of my system. ;-);-) Hey, sounds legit right!?!? We have to run an errand this afternoon, maybe I'll wear a dress, or buy a new one, bikini shop just a bit??? Let my bad girl side out to play ...........

Hopeing all you bad girls & guys are happy and healing :-D I'll hopefully have some bikini pic's when I come back ;-);-)

Props to my PS!! PO Day 12

First off I just have to say how awesome my PS & his office is!!! I email them questions and they always reply within the hour, most of the time in under 10 minutes! I have never, and I mean NEVER had a Dr's office treat their clients that well! Not to mention my results are AMAZING, and I'm only on day 12!!! So anyone looking for an excellent, highly recommended, and personable PS in the Houston, TX area go to Dr Steely!!!

Ok, I'm done now ;-)

I'm halfing my pain meds and alternating taking them, then Tylenol every 4 hours. I have been on 1/2 a pain pill every 3 hours, but I want to see how I do with Tylenol instead. Working out the Rx has been a true pain in the butt. I've never had any issues getting off pain meds before. Both my c-sections & any dental I've ever had done I always took them a day or so, then that was it. I always threw away 80-90% of the whole bottle of meds. So this is extremely weird for me! I guess I'm just being a bigger puss than normal!
I'm feeling really great today! Get to go sit around the inlaws pool and watch the kids and my husband swim! Wish I could join in, but I have a little while longer for that. It's ok though I get to hang my feet in the water & work on my non-existant tan! Lol! I'm so pale I reflect enough sun to burn everybody around me! HA! It's so sad, but true! Anyway, I took some more pictures and I'll get over to the computer in a minute to post those up!
Cheers ladys! Hope everyone is healing quickly and feeling amazing today!!!

PO Day 13

Hello ladies (gents),
I'm still messing with my meds, but I'm much less worried now. I was scared that I wasn't going to be able to get off them without having more pain than I wanted to tolerate, but I think I'm out of the woods on that one. :-)
I was going through some before & after pic's of myself, wondering if this was all worth it. I can tell you YES, YES IT IS!!!! :-D:-D:-D I was going to post them up, but I got distracted internet browsing and forgot. :-( Sorry, I'll post them up tomorrow morning sometime.
I seem to be getting past the extreemly low salt tolerance phase. We came home very late from swimming with the in-laws the other day, & we were all so tired, we picked up a pizza on the way home. I figured that I would eat a slice and balloon up like a big dog, but I didn't! That was great! I'm still eating very low sodium, but it's great to know that if I choose to eat a more normal meal I won't explode into a mass of swollen unhappyness!
Oh, and I'm #2ing without having to eat or take anything to help it along! TMI, I know, but it's good enough news to shair! :-)
Well, that's it for tonight. I'll be back and posting pic's (hopefully) tomorrow! Happy healing to all, and goodnight!!

Pic's from PO Day 12

I took some after shower pic's PO Day 12, and then I did a before and after collage so you can see how far I've come at only 12 day PO!!!! I hope the collage pic works, we'll see ................

PO Day 15

Feeling pretty damn good today!!!! :-D
I'm only taking Tylenol during the day, and I haven't taken one since 6am!
Last night the sides of my garment were digging into me, so I took it off wrapped a towel around myself & with hubby's help put my garment back on. ( I emailed my PS to see if this was ok just before, but it was about midnight so I didn't expect a reply until morning. ) Oh it's soooo nice! No more digging, or sharp stabbing pain on my tender sides! Ladys don't be afraid to ask your PS about anything that's bothering you! If something is pinching, poking, a little redder than normal, ask ask ask! Get a good email address or call. You paid a lot for this, if you want an answer ask them! I mean please post about it, both the question and what your PS says about it, but don't be afraid to ask!
I emailed pictures of my towel arrangment to my PS along with pictures of my navel/ incision & the left end of my incision. They said the towel looked just fine & if it was working for me I could keep doing it. They said the pucker at the left end of my incision was normal. That it is quite common and usually flattens out over time. It is very rare that a revision is needed, but if that happens it would be done in office under local anestetic (sp?) and there would be no charge. Did I mention that I am overjoyed with my PS!
I'm going to post pictures of my towel arrangement so anyone having issues with bunching on the sides of their compression garment can try it. Remember to ask your PS though.

Pic's from PO Day 15 & PO Day 16 update

I'm finally posting pictures of my towel arrangement so anyone having issues with bunching on the sides of their compression garment can try it. Remember to ask your PS though.

PO Day 16....
Had sex last night. It was a little weird not being able to move normally, but otherwise was fine. No pain during, or after/overnight. Pretty sore this morning (stomach muscles). Calmed down after a couple of hours. Lots of swelling when I took my CG off to take a shower. Note to self - wait a while longer on getting some ;);).
Otherwise taking a lot fewer meds now. I was on 2 Tylenol every 9hrs yesterday, going on 11hrs today. Still creaky, and stiff all the time, but not so bad that I'm constantly on meds. I'm getting a little scared about going back to work. I have a fairly physical job and have to stand for 4-5 hrs at a time. Right now I can't stand up completely straight and can only do that for a few minutes at a time without having something to lean on. I have another week, but I have no idea what I'm going to do! I guess I'll see how I feel next week :(.
Need a nap now..... Keep up the healing ladies!

PO Day 19

Well It was all smiles and beautiful improvements for a while, now I'm back to swelling like an angry blowfish! :(
I don't know if it was having sex to early that kicked it all off or if it's just the way it naturally goes, but the last few days have been back to hell. I'm swollen, extra sore and creaky, and my husband is back to work! Taking lots of Tylenol and trying to be positive!
Last night we had a incident where my daughter was trying to make some food and ended up setting the microwave on fire! LOL,We caught it before it was anything huge, but during the scramble I bumped a hip into a door frame and nearly died being jarred like that. Very painfull! I'm better now, but wow that was rough!
I go through spurts of trying not to cry because I just feel so weak and miserable. I know it will pass. I will never say I would rather have all that nasty skin back, I just wish this process wasn't as intense! I've said it before, but I just was not/ am not prepared for how long and intense this recovery is and will be.
I was emailing my PS and they were astonished to find out that I wasn't standing straight yet. So I've been working on sleeping flatter. I've been sleeping in my recliner, comfortably, not trying to stretch out. Well now I am trying to stretch out. It feels weird! I feel like I'll bust a seam or something, but it has helped a lot in just a day or so. I might try moving to my bed today or tomorrow, I just haven't figured out how to get up on my own yet. LOL, I wiggled around like a walrus the other day trying to get out of bed by myself. Had to eventually call my daughter over to help pull me upright! You just feel so stupid after something like that, but I did it again today too!!! She gets a kick out of it I think. I don't find it funny, I feel pathetic, but that's what I get for not pushing myself.
I modified my towel wrap into two small cut up blanket squares instead of an entire towel. It moves less and is less in the way this way. Plus I think I can get the CG tighter with the padding just on my sides.
I'm faxing paperwork to submit my surgery to insurance and put in a claim for short term disability, wish me luck on both please!!! We'll see how it goes!

PO Day 24

So it's been a little over 3 weeks since surgery! I really thought I would be pretty much back to normal by now. That didn't happen! I've sent in all my paperwork for ST disability & my claim for surgery. I haven't gotten an answer for either yet :-(! Really wanted an answer for ST disability! I am supposed to be back at work this comming week, and I don't know yet what's happening there. I have an appt with my PS Monday, and they will fax notes from that to the disability people. Hopefully I'll get an answer after that.
Otherwise swelling is great some days, terrible others. I've been having a hard time finding an appropriate tightness for my CG. I can pull it to where it's tight on my stomach, but my bum swells and goes numb. Or, I can keep it a little looser but it doesn't hold my stomach. Catch 22. So about 90% of the time I have a num booty :-(. I just try to not have it painfully numb. My PS office said they might put me in a different CG.
My thumb and pointer fingers are still numb since surgery. Does anyone else have this problem?????? I'll be asking my PS about it too. It probably is a CG side effect, but we'll see.
That's it for now, I'll try to post new pic's later..... Happy healing to all!!

PO Day 26

Ok, went to my PS office yesterday. He said everything looks great and FINALLY removed all the tape from my incision! I really wanted to see it, but then I felt so exposed! PS told me to start applying mederma twice a day & said I could wear spanx.
I took a shower this morning and applied scar sheets, PS office said they were better, but cost more. I bought them before I even had the surgery so I figured if they are better, that's what I'll use. I put on a spanx thing I already owned. If you've read all my stuff it's the same one I used when I 1st washed my CG on day 4. I can't believe I could wear this thing before surgery!!! It feels sooooooooooo tight! I measured myself today and I've dropped 3 inches around my waist!!! I really was expecting more, I feel tiny! But I'm happy with everything, and I'm still swelling!!! Anyway, my incision is very thin and nice. I still have some stretch marks, but they are way at the bottom and I should be able to cover them up. I can't say enough how happy I am with my PS and all his staff!!! They really take good care of their patients!
I'm not 100% happy with this spanx thing I'm wearing. I think I'll go shopping for a new one tomorrow. I'm posting pic's from this morning. My bum is still swollen lol! I don't mind much, at least I have some shape now even if it's large on the bottom. I'm going to start walking and doing light exercise tomorrow. Not only will it keep me busy, it might help my butt! HA!
Great healing to all you in realself land :)

PO Day 33 or almost 5 weeks

Went to my first Endermology (sp?) sesson yesterday. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as pain, but it wasn't that bad at all. My sides and the very ends of my incision were the only slightly painfull spots. I am very happy with my results right now. If this was my end result I would still be thrilled, but apparently I am still very swolen. So now I'm even more excited! I tried on a pair of pants from 1st year of college and they almost fit!!!!!
I will be posting some pictures of me all swolen up today. This recovery takes a very very long time. I am looking forward to getting back to running, but it will be a while. I will have to work my way back up very slowly.
Anyone who isn't using scar sheets, you need to!!! There are places where I can't even see my scar and I'm barely 5 weeks out! I mean I tend to scar well, I'm very pale, but I do think that the pads help.
Oh geez.....
This last week myself and my family seems to be running all willy nilly through the lighter side of every little illness imaginable!!! Ear aches, colds, bladder infections, yeast infections, you name it! I'm juggling so many meds and doses it's actually pretty darn funny! I sure am glad that I'm far enough out to take other meds! It's all good though, we're getting through it.

Here's hoping you lady's are doing the same! :-)

Pic's from PO Day 33 ( almost 5 weeks )

Alright I'm posting some picy poos! These are PO Day 33 & I was super swollen the 1st time I took pic's that day, then alot better the 2nd! These are a great example of why you don't actually see your results for a verrrry long time. I swell after eating, in kind of funny ways. I get a mid belly softball like bulge and everything else just feels super tight. I don't worry about it to much, I just try to avoid a repeat of whatever it was I ate :).

forgot a pic! He he he

They type of scar sheets I'm using

PO Day 35 Feeling Freakin AWESOME!!!!

I am feeling great great great today! I might not tomorrow, but I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it while I can :)!! I weighed myself this morning and was 171! Granted that isn't where I want to be, but it's a # I haven't seen in years, and it's still dropping!!!!! I was 185 before, 171 now, so 14lbs down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I still have a lot of swelling! I'm just busting the gate down to be let back on the exercise floor! I can't wait to run full out and not have all that skin flopping around! I'm so happy with my stomach I want to work really hard so everything else will match! lol!
I went shopping a little yesterday, and it's sooooooo much easier and more fun to try things on! Before I basically shopped for tents, anything that covered everything up! And always ended up so depressed that nothing ever fit right. I would just come home, wipe a tear away and put on an old baggy shirt. It's so different now! I actually smile when I look at myself in the mirror! Believe me I'm no where near perfect, my version or anyone elses, but I'm happy with me again. I know that I can work real hard in the gym and accomplish my other goals.
My numbers are even and beautiful, my A1C is dropping, and after a little more healing I'll be able to put my pump sites wherever I please! I couldn't be happier with everything right now! :D :D !!!
lol this post is like taking shots of pure blinding sun shine! Geez! Lets talk about something annoying to calm it down!
Insurance is being a real pain in the butt! So, I paid cash at the hospital. They said they could file the claim, but almost guaranteed it would be denied. So we said no thanks, we'll file it ourselves. At some point insurance contacted them wanting an itemized bill for my surgery. The form the hospital sent had (I guess) what the hospital would have charged insurance on it. All it's numbers were a total of $27,000 over what we paid!!!!!! I contacted my insurance and asked them wtf is this claim! I explained everything about how we paid cash and that those numbers were VERY VERY wrong! They were about to put a check in the mail and pay the hospital all that money! It was all approved, and ready to go! So now that I stopped them, and kept them from paying almost 30,000 dollars!!!! Now they're telling me they don't have the info to process the right amount! WTF!!!! I save them $30,000 and now they're screwing me!!! It's a bunch of BS! We're still fighting them, but it's just amazing sometimes how an honest act can get you slapped in the face! Hopefully it will all work out, but I'm seriously pissed off with it right now!
Anyways.... I'm going to post some pic's and make some more calls, then boot my kids around (not literally..... or maybe....), then I have to cook something, clean everything, and do my best to enjoy the fact that I feel really good today! Hope you ladys are feeling good and healing like champs!

PO Day 38

Why am I so cold? I have on 3-4 layers of spanx and under things, t shirt, pants, jacket, and socks, and I'm still freaking freezing! It's about 73 in our house, which should be comfortable. Is this happening to anyone else? I just bundle myself up, but it seems so strange! I'm wondering if it's a reaction to swelling or ??? Maybe it's normal, maybe it's just me.. Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask...

6 Weeks PO

Went to PS appt yesterday. All's well. He said I can take my spanx off or wear them as I see fit. That is both a huge "YIPPEE!" as well as an "I don't know?!?!", I want to take them off, but it still feels very odd. I will just see how it goes. I will leave them off until I get uncomfortableish, then put them back on if I think it will help. PS also says at 6 weeks I should be able to do whatever I want, as long as I'm carefull. He suggested wearing a back brace thing when I go to work or am doing anything heavy lifting wise.

Sooooooooooo I GET TO WORK OUT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Super excited about that! I must however try to control myself and not go full blast, must...ease...into....it....again! I'm not very good at that, but I will have to chill!

I am still swelling, mainly in the upper abs reagion, but it is a lot less than before. I seem to be getting a little less sensitive to the salt in foods. Well, at least everything seems to puff me up the same now, instead of going super puff with some! lol!

PS seemed super happy with my results so far, and next appt is in 6 more weeks. I take my after pictures next visit!!!! I will probably swell on and off for up to a year or so, but at least the worst is behind me. :D

I will get some new pictures up sometime today or tomorrow, depending on how things go...
Happy healing everyone!!!

PO Day 52 or End of 7/Starting 8 weeks

Wow, my flat little dream of a waist line has turned into a base drum! I am swollen all sorts of strange! All the swelling is at the top of my abs down to the top of my belly button and then I'm flat again?!?!?! Oh yeah and the top of my butt looks like a spare tire! HA! It's odd because when I sit down the swollen part kind of lops over the flat part and it makes me think it's fat instead of swelling. It could be of course, but I looked so different when I wasn't swollen that I just keep telling myself that it's swelling and not to worry. Fingers crossed!!!!!!
I admittedly haven't been concentrating on low sodium lately, but I don't think I've been that bad about it really. I have been exercising, which could be part of the reason for the swell hell. I really thought that exercising would help rather than cause such bloat, but o well!
I may be returning to work today. I am supposed to find out sometime this morning. I work the night shift, so I get daytime to make my calls. I have a very physical job and am a little nervous about going back, but If the Dr can't prove that I need to stay home, then I don't get much of a choice. :( I actually like my job, I just worry about hurting myself somehow.
I will get pictures up eventually, I just have on so many layers of compressive things right now that pictures are a real hassle! ;P
Hope you ladies are much less swollen than I am!

When will the stiffness go away?

I hope it's just swelling. Everyday I wake up stiff and tight as a board. I go look in the mirror and I don't look swollen, I just feel it. I guess this is normal. I'm just getting impatient for normal to actually feel normal!

PO Day 68 so 10 & 1/2 weeks

Hello hello, I've been lazy and not updating.... shame on me :)
Alrighty... so I've been swelling on and off. My weight when I'm what I term not swollen is 172 but I swell up to 176-178 on and off :(. Can't wait till that ends, but I have a long way to go.
My numbers have been fairly bad this month due to problems with bubbles being in my tube. I'm working with the pump tech's to figure that out, long story...
Other than the bubble issues my numbers are moody with swelling. I take the same amount of insulin when I'm all swollen, but when I'm not swollen I go low a lot. So I know now that once the swelling goes away I will be taking much less insulin! I am super happy about that! I don't like the uncertainty of it all right now. I never know when I'll be swollen or un-swollen, so I just have to wing it and keep extra snacks around all the time. It's actually a bit scary at work.
Oh btw I'm back at work! I can't remember if I've updated about that yet. It kind of sucks because I'm all hot and sweaty and it makes my incision sting, but otherwise I'm doing ok. I am all swollen when I get home, and that sucks, but the actual work part isn't as bad as I was worrying about.
I was starting on a get back to running exercise routine, but I was swelling so badly I took a time out to heal a little more before trying it again. I want to exercise, but the swelling does such odd things with my numbers I don't want to push to hard. I'm not extremely worried about it, I don't eat enough to support a bird so I'm not gaining (other than swell). I would just love to keep dropping :). I hadn't realized how small my hip bones are! It's pretty awesome to have them back! I want to get the swelling under control then I'll hit the work out hard!
Half of me thinks that swelling is just an excuse. I really burnt all my confidence on working out. All the sweat your butt off, barely walk the next day soreness for ABSOLUTELY no results for years kind of does that. I know now that I had abs hiding under all that skin and that helps, but I really need to push myself to give it another full hearted go. I'll get there. I've seen a tiny amount of change in my arms in the little bit of work I've done on them, so I know things are looking up in that department.
I change so much from day to day, hour to hour right now. I'm just going to relax about it for a while and let myself heal, worry doesn't help anything.
Ok, so right after surgery I had my period (earlier than expected), then I didn't have one again for a month and a half. I am finishing it now, hopefully. I say that because I don't really know if it will be extra long because I skipped a month or not. My hormones are a full on mess! I had this issue when I got off BC when I got fixed too. It took at least a year to get evened back out and it was a miserable year!!!! I cannot take going through all that again! I'm going to call my OBGYN and see if she has any ideas on how to smooth things out. Moody, restless, aggravated, emotional, irrationality is just wayyyyy to much for me. It's terrible because I can see myself doing it, and I know it's just hormones, but I can't stop it. It's like watching yourself act crazy from outside of yourself. I am very self controlled, and so not being able to make myself act rationally just drives me crazy! Maybe it was just a one time thing because I skipped a period and all, but I'm not quite naive enough to believe that. I will research my options about it and see what I can do. Anyone else have hormone changes after surgery??
School starts for the kiddo's soon! Both excited and not about that. This will be the 1st time both kiddo's are in school so I will have to figure out how to behave without them being at home. Again exciting and odd at the same time :). I know a little me time will be nice, just takes some getting used to. Wish me luck!!!!

12 weeks po

I will put pic's up a little later today (once I've had enough coffee to manage it :))
So I started a new workout program on the Xbox :) I swell like crazy after working out, so I've taken most of the weeks workouts off so I hopefully won't be swollen when I see my PS on Tues. So I figured out the other day that I am now constantly at my un-swollen weight of 172, but still completely swollen!?!?!?! I'm hoping that means I've lost weight & will be even smaller when everything settles down :).

I'm steadily lowering my insulin needs a tiny bit at a time :D! I REALLY REALLY REALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY want to start using my stomach for sites again, but I'm still swelling on and off to much to trust them.

I am going to talk to my PS about possible dog ear like bunches at the ends of my incision, see if he thinks they will go away or will need correcting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my stomach, no question! If it turns out that they need to be fixed but it will take a lot of re-coup time or pain etc... I might just say never mind, but if it's a simple fix and no additional down time I'll go for it. My stomach is such an improvement I can't even begin to explain how a little puckered skin at the ends is no big deal. I would like it to be flat, but I won't throw a fit if I can't manage it. At the same time I paid for it, so I know he'll fix it if that's what is needed.
My stomach is always sort of oddly tender, like a bruised feeling. It isn't painful, but I still catch myself favoring it or guarding it. lol! The term "hot mess" comes to mind ;)

14, starting week 15 PO

Ok ok I have been waaaaaayyyyyyy to lazy about updating pic's, my bad :)! I have been working out the last couple weeks and am super happy to report my new lowest weight is 170 even! Still a long way to go, but dammit I'm FINALLY seeing the scale drop so I'm thrilled!!!!! I still swell like a champ, but it's getting better on and off :).

My numbers are steadily dropping, I'm getting enough consistent lows that I need to adjust my insulin down again :D :D :D!!! LOVING LOVING LOVING that! I don't like the lows, but I know lowering insulin will fix them. I'll mess with my settings in a minute and fix myself up :). My numbers are so much more responsive to insulin it just about blows my mind! I knew this surgery would change my medical needs, but it's still blowing my mind just how much it already has!

I've ordered a scar cream my PS recommended, but it hasn't come in yet. I was using the scar sheets until I took my compression garment off. I loved them, but without something to cover them they tend to peel off on my clothes and I got to fussing with them so much I stopped wearing them. I think my incision is still lightening nicely without anything, but my PS wants me to use Spectra Gel, so I ordered some. I expect to get it soon, so I'll update on my thoughts about it after I've used it a little while. You know The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly run down :).
Now I need to post a bunch of pic's, so I'll yammer at you lady's later! Keep up the healing and being foxy everyone! :D :D

Ok 6 Months PO

Hello Everyone,
Been quite a while since I updated... You know how it goes life just keeps on trucking along :)
So yeah, no real changes. Scar is getting lighter. Went to see PS yesterday. He said all is good and took more pic's. I asked him about the "dog ear" things at the ends of my incision & he said give it 6 more months and if it doesn't flatten out he can do a re-vision in office to fix it.

I was hellashiously sick the ENTIRE month of December!!!! I had the flu twice, and a major sinus infection right after! TOTAL SUCKAGE! I'm gratefull that it was a light flu, just fever and lots of snot. Sincerely happy all that is over with now :D Being sick made my numbers go ab-so-freaking-lutly bananas!!! My A1C jumped like a point and a half!!! After I finally kicked the sinus infection my numbers almost immediately dropped back to normal. Such a relief!!!

Posting some new pic's. Front, side, and "dog ears". It's funny how having a nice stomach makes you realize how large your butt and thighs are :( LOL! Need to hit the treadmill, do TONS of squats, all that jaz! Ug! But Ma.... I don't wanna! To bad your ass isn't going to magically get in shape! (That's a damn shame! :( )

Lol sorry about that little rant.............
Hope everyone is healing and loving their mirrors! Till next time..............
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Love the Dr! Very easy going and instantly makes you feel comfortable.

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