i decided not to do bbl

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So I've decided to do a tummy tuck revision. I had...

So I've decided to do a tummy tuck revision. I had a tt about 4-5 years but had my second son about 14 months ago. The first time i had the tt I was completely satisfied with the results but hey anything was better than that saggy stretch mark mess I called a tummy. Well I want a BBL but want to go with Salama for that later next year but early or late April I want to go with Cortes for my tt. He is only 3 hours away an his work looks really promising. Just waiting on my quote! This may be TMI but I also have a fat ummm kitty so to speak like this lump of fat over my kitty cat not sure how to go about asking for a quote to get that done lol an ideas? Perhaps I should just say "um Dr I have a fat monkey it bothers me how much to suck the fat from the top portion so I can wear a bathing suit an not be embarrassed?" If you ladies have a more graceful way of putting it do tell because I have no clue how to ask about that part lol

Decided to cancel

So after consultation it has been decided I really don't need a tummy tuck revision just need to drop a few pounds so I'll be getting a BBL with Dr Salama an canceling the tt
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