Finally Decided to Take the Plunge at 58! Houston, TX

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My stomach has been bothering me for about 5 yrs. ...

My stomach has been bothering me for about 5 yrs. It got worse after menopause, then I have a back injury and couldn't exercise for almost a year, so now I've decided to go ahead and have a TT and some lipo. I won't lie, I'm really nervous about it. I am going to a dr. that is 12 hours away and that also makes me nervous, because #1 I'm so far away if any problems come up and #2 we have to drive back 2 weeks after the surgery, and will have to stop often so I can walk to keep any blood clots from forming. My age makes me a little nervous too. I'm healthy though and not overweight, and believe I'm a good candidate for the surgery. I won't see the dr until the day before the surgery. Anyone else decide to do this at this advanced age?

Tummy Tuck scheduled Oct 15

I've gotten everything I think I will need. A wedge for under my legs, a walker and a chair for showering. I will be in a hotel for a week. Luckily I got a handicap room, but don't think there will be a recliner. I will have to prop up with pillows, and it will have to do. I'm excited reading about everyone's great recoveries, and that encourages me!

Had to change TT date.

My husband had an accident a cracked a bone in his knee and has been on crutches for 5 weeks with 3 more to go. So needless to say, I had to reschedule my TT. It's going to be Dec 3rd. I'm excited, just concerned with it being so close to Christmas and no one knows beside my husband that I'm getting it done. By Christmas I better be able to hide the fact. ????

Finally got a couple pictures

Ok, so I'm not good at taking pictures of myself. I'll have to have my husband take some better ones. I'm just hoping the ones I took are too blurry or distorted.

Tomorrow morning is surgery time!!

I finally met my dr today. I really liked him. Surgery is early tomorrow morning. I will be staying one night. What surprised me is that they said to cover the car seats when I leave on Thursday morning with trash bags or a shower curtain because where I had liposuction will be runny and messy!! Yikes! I really dread that!!! I will update when I get back in my hotel room. Much success to those who are having tummy tucks this month!!

Finally home

Finally got home from Texas today. I haven't written much about my TT journey because I have had a problem. I have necrosis in the center of my incision. It will be about a 3 month journey as it slowly heals from the inside. I'm going to go to a wound care dr where I live to help it heal, then back to Houston for scar removal. It's extremely rare, and usually happens to diabetics and smokers, which I am neither. Other than that, I've done extremely well. It will be 2 weeks on Wednesday, and I'm put and about like nothing happened. Yes, I move a little slower when I first get up, but I believe I'm doing quite well. It's just kinda hard to get excited about no belly when I'm facing the wound healing. Glad to hear all the success stories!

11 weeks PO.

I can't believe its been 11 weeks since my surgery. I'm still going to a wound specialist for the nercosis I got from the surgery. I'm doing very well and the wound has really shrunk. I'm just now going to post a picture of the wound.
I never looked at it after it was debredid on Dec 27th. I just now started to look at it in a picture. I'm so thankful for my husband that takes care of it for me! I still don't regret having the surgery even with the wound. My wound specialist says that it will look good after it has totally healed and probably won't need any additional surgery. I hope she's right.

Not as gross

This is from today. The other one was right after my wound specialist had scraped around on it. The skin is really growing from the bottom. I believe it's all going to be fine.

Nercosis update

The wound specialist that has been taking care of my nercosis said I'm 95% healed! Yippeee, I'm so happy!!!

5mo po

Can't Believe it's already been five months. My necrosis has finally healed, and I will need to go in the fall for a touch up on it. I knew this was a major surgery, but had no idea how long the recovery is. I still have muscle tightness, particularly on my right side. The small mark above my belly button on the right side was a blister from tape, I hope it will fade.
All in all I'm gladiator had the surgery. It's so nice not to have that wad of fat!!!
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