33 Year Old With Tummy Tuck and Muscle Repair... Best Thing I Ever Did!! - Houston, TX

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A little about me! I'm a 33 year old mother of one...

A little about me! I'm a 33 year old mother of one...tried for another just never happened. Not to mention my one was 10lbs 22inches. He ruined my body. I was not one of the fortunate women who's body bounces back after babies. I finally lost my baby weight when he was 4 (he's 14 now) I've kept it mostly off until last year I gained about 15lbs while going through fertility treatment. That was the final straw for me. I have spent 14 years hiding my stomach... Even when I was a size 2... Tucking it in when I sit down, watching it float in the bath tub and hang when I bend over. Finally it's coming off!

10 days pre-op

My husband works offshore so I had to tale some before photos myself. I'm so ready to get rid of the giggle. Nothing I've ever done had helped. Wanted to mention I am 5'8" and weigh 165lbs. This is the heaviest I've been since I had my son 14 yrs ago. I'm content with the size but not the jello belly. Here's a few before photos.

Photos didn't attach..

Here are the photos that didn't stick. Did I mention I hate looking like I'm 6 months pregnant when I sit down :-( even at 125lbs it was that way.

Per-surgery shopping

Okay, so I know I haven't been through the procedure yet, but 2 of my family members have. I've taken advice from them, my Dr., and what I've read! Some things you may want to have around!
-get your prescriptions filled the week before. You are going to be in pain and the last thing you want is to hang out in the pharmacy drive through.
-go grocery shopping and stock up on things that are easy for those taking care of you to prepare. Also keep in mind your stomach may be a little on the nauseous side so try to avoid spicy and greasy foods the first few days. Also try to maintain a lower sodium diet. Your body will thank you!
- have comfy clothes like maxi dresses and skirts, pajama pants that are looser than normal and maybe even a bra without underwire for lounging in. Sports bras are not something you're going to want to mess with too difficult.
-know where you're going to stay the first few days, in your bedroom in the living room, and prepare that area the day before. If you have a recliner get to love it because it will be your bed for a few weeks. Gather pillows and blankets and whatever else you may want, tablets, books, magazines.
-gas meds and anti-constipation meds are a must. Narcotic pain meds will back you up. Colace is a good place to start but if you find yourself having trouble use Senna (easy on the gut) or glycerin suppositories (zero discomfort and prevents you from straining)
-non stick pads for when you change your dressing, buy a few you may not like the ones you bought. I purchased 2 different sizes a few of each. I'll send my husband to the store to get more of whatever I like!
-socks and slip on shoes. You will not be able to tie your shoes for a while.
-prepare a binder for the person who will be your caregiver. I places in it emergency numbers for the nurse and Dr office, parents phone numbers, a list of my meds I'll be taking and what is for what, pain, muscle relaxer etc.
-clean your house a day or two before. If you're like me you are the superintendent of your household and nobody can cleaned like you do. So, give it a good scrubbing because you won't be at it again for a while!
-if you get sick to your stomach easily ask for nausea meds, and maybe even for a dose before they release you to go home. Riding in a car after all that anesthesia on a empty stomach can result in not so good results, and the last thing you want to do at this point is vomit.
-cough drops, healthy foods, fiber gummies, multi vitamins, and all your meds. Gather into one place!
-now it's time to relax! Get a good nights sleep and good luck!!
If I think of anything else I'll follow up!

Tylenol is worthless :'(

8 days pre-op and I have a terrible headache... Which I normally take ibuprofen for but can't. I've taken Tylenol twice today and there is zero relief. I'll be glad when surgery day arrives and I can take decent headache medicine again.

6 days to go and counting

So, I think I have everything together if finally. Just have to one big grocery store trip a few days before! My husband works offshore and will be home for 4 days before my surgery. Sad part is it takes him 2-4 days to recover from having worked so many days and so hard. I'm trying to eat right, take my multivitamins and remain stress free. Easier said than done. Had some major family stress that was brought on my my psycho in-laws, and today I had a frozen pizza and a hand full of chocolate chips for lunch. It made me feel better but guilty :-( my husband told me not to worry about them he'd deal with them. He doesn't want me stressed out either. Even though this is elective surgery most people don't understand it's a huge emotional thing for us..and scary for those of us who've never had surgery. I'm doing my best to remailed calm, taking hot baths and today just vegging out of the couch! Good luck to all the ladies going for their surgery in the next few days. I'm really enjoying following everyone. It is comforting knowing you're not alone in your journey!

Less than 2 days to go

The time is quickly approaching. I'm getting more and more anxious. I'm trying to keep myself busy, without completely wearing myself out. We went to an offroad park yesterday with our friends and family, and I didn't even mix me an adult beverage. The nurse said I could have a few if I wanted, but I'm just in an odd mood and it wasn't even appealing. I'm positing a few more pictures. Hopefully some of the last of my disgusting belly. Can't wait for Tuesday to come and go!

Post-op day one...

Holy moly are things tight!!! The pain is manageable it's the tightness that is frustrating. My back even hurts from being pulled on. Yesterdays surgery went well. They put a nausea patch on me and I think it has helped greatly. I threw up as soon as they laid me down on the OR table...nerves. The next thing I knew the nurse in recovery told me to wake up I was in recovery...first thing that came to mind was I'm not an alcoholic why do I need recovery. Then remembered where I was! My CG has a hole I pee through...which I think I did 500 times yesterday when I got home. I've made a few laps around the house not too bad. Just ready to stand straight and for the tightness to fade.

Day 2 post-op

Things are better today...still uncomfortable but I know that will eventually pass. Took my first shower...felt amazing. My husband got me a shower stool and got in the shower to help me wash my hair. Here are a few photos. Still can't stand straight and I'm SUPER swollen.


They didn't attach for some reason.

Third times a charm hopefully




Trying photos again

Very swollen...only have 1 drain

Way too tight

Oh my geez...so the nurse gave us a second CG to wear. I'm having to shower and change more often than usual thanks to aunt flow, worst timing. I showed today, and changed all my bandages... Felt so good! I just couldn't get comfortable all day in my new garment. My husband and I thought maybe I was that swollen and maybe my swelling was getting worse. Every time I got up I felt a pulling, and before my shower I was walking straighter. I finally couldn't take it anymore. We went into the bathroom to adjust it and I was starting to cry, I felt hopeless. It was so tight and uncomfortable, and we just couldn't get it right. Finally he said we needed to try my other one that I had been wearing before my shower...thankfully he had washed it. Omg...that was it!!!! The second garment was a size smaller...yikes no wonder I was miserable. I'm finally comfortable again and walking isn't as hard as it was!

Day 4 Post-Op

I am beginning to feel like a human again! The fog that my brain was in the first few days is gone. I do find it so hard not to laugh at my husbands silly jokes! I just smile real big...he knows I can't laugh. I have taken my second shower, and even put on a little eyeliner and mascara!! I'm still taking it easy, but I'm walking with much more ease. I have 2 black labs who can't figure out what is wrong with mommy! They take turns staying by my side most of the day, and at night they sleep as close to me as possible! I know I've said it but I'll say it again, motorized recliner and shower stool is a must! I even use the shower stool to sit on in the restroom if I need. Every day is easier. This is definitely a long recovery, but I was prepared. I am still extremely swollen, and experienced swell hell last night. My drain (I only have 1) was clogged for probably 24 hours. We worked on unclogging it, but it is taking time. The clots are coming from within and keep clogging it. The Dr said 9 out of 10 of his patients have this problem, and to just keep milking the drain and eventually it'll flow. I've attached a few more photos. I wanted my scar to be as low as possible, and to do that he had to give me a small vertical incision, that was my old bellybutton. Most of my loose skin was below my bellybutton. This hasn't been easy, but I'm so blessed to have such great support at home and online! I would do it all over again if I had to!

One week since I said good bye...

It's officially one week since my surgery. Honestly I feel amazing for someone who was cut in half a week ago! I'm still walking a little hunched over, but my Dr said to let the standing straight come on its own. Went into see the nurse this morning about my clog. She managed to get a hug part of it out!! She said I look great, that the swelling I'm experiencing is completely normal. I got another CG, hopefully this one isn't as tight as the last one she gave me. (Couldn't wear it, we think it was mis-sized). Went to eat after the Dr office visit. Was nice to get out, but I'm ready to be in my recliner. Sitting in the chair at the restaurant wore me out, I'm not use to sitting so upright. I can go all day with just ibuprofen, however I took a muscle relaxer and pain pill before the Dr visit since I knew she would be messing with the drain...it's so tender there. My shower was much easier this morning. All in all I'm doing well!! Even in my worst day I have not regretted it at all. I have such a great surgeon!

Day 10

I'm 10 days post op today, and feel so much better just still so restricted. First off I still have this stupid drain...that isn't really draining :-( I wanted to have it taken out but my surgeon is out of town for the week, so I have to wait till Monday (just my luck). Got out of the house today, did my hair and Eben put on make up!! Hair didn't last long, I live in Texas and it gets too hot to wear your hair down after about 12noon. Went out to eat, to visit a friend, and a few small erands where I just sat in the car. Back home now and ready for a nap. I haven't taken any pain meds except for 600mg of ibuprofen at 9 am. I've found ways to hide my drain and swelling... Which is slowly going down!

Research, research, research... you can't be too picky

My surgery day has come and gone, and I am very happy with my results. I thought about this for years, did a crazy amount of research, looked at probably 100 surgeons online and visited 3 before deciding on mine. I have seen so many crooked, and bad scars. My heart really breaks for these girls. This is something that takes lots of guts to go through with, and we do it because we want to feel better about ourselves. To live the rest of my days with a bad plastic surgery job I think would be worse. So, please research your surgeon before you commit. Look at their photos, even ask to speak to an actual patient (they may only put their good work on display) I did. Also, know that the scar can be as low as you want it...mine couldn't get any lower. I actually agreed to a small vertical incision, which is my old bellybutton, so that the rest of my scar would be extremely low. Another thing...a good plastic surgeon won't use staples on the outside of your incision. Make sure they are a member of the 2 plastic surgery groups we have in the US American Society of Plastic Surgery and I believe American board of plastic surgery. Also, make sure they are members of the American board of surgery. This is your body...make sure you ask every question possible. Good luck ladies

Off Day...

So today is my off day. I knew it was coming. I've been positive for 12 days now. Today I am tired, sore, aching and just all together not a good day. I climbed up in my bed for the first time this afternoon... Epic fail. Got nice and comfortable for about an hour, was ready to get up and guess what...I couldn't :'( had to call my husband to come help me. We got a good laugh out of it, but ended up with tears in my eyes when he walked off. I want a massage and pedicure, but the nail salon was full by the time I got around to it and I wouldn't know how or where to go get a massage since I can't lay flat :-\ I'm also anxious about the drain coming out tomorrow...but oh boy am I glad!!!! I'm just ready for bed already so I can wake up shower and go to my Dr appointment. Sitting here watching Netflix with the heating pad on my back. Sorry, just had to vent! On the upside I saw my bellybutton 2 days ago and it looks amazing! I'll post a photo soon!

Two Week post op (13days)

Had my 2 week post op visit today and it went great! First line of business was to remove that annoying drain. I am SO glad I took a pain pill before I left the house because OMG...very uncomfortable. I felt like my insides were coming out with the drain. I was so uncomfortable I got extremely nauseous, started sweating. The nurse and my husband sat me down started fanning me gave me water and a minute later I was okay. Glad that's over. He said my incision is healing beautifully. I do have a small bit of necrosis where my vertical incision is, but he said it will scab over fall off and be just fine. He said it happened because he pulled the skin so tight right there. It's not bothering me, it will be under my panties anyway. I was told to remain in my compression garment 23/7 until I'm at least 6 weeks post, only taking it off to shower. I got into trouble for walking as much as I have been. I told him it helps my back, he said take a muscle relaxer, sit on the heating pad...just stay put!! He has told me since I first met him that the 3rd week is most critical. It's the first week without a drain and that I should do less in week 3 than I did in week 2. He told me that if I lay low week 3 that I will recover faster! So...I'm going to try my best to stay in my chair, thank goodness for Netflix! Lol... Oh and I am in love with my new bellybutton!!!!! It is irritated right now but it looks amazing...I've never seen a PS do one like this during a TT!! Way to go Dr. Layton!!!! I didn't feel like remove my pads again, I'll take incision photos whenever I shower again.

2 week mark and husband leaves for work

This is a time when oilfield officially sucks :-( my husband left today for 23 days. I had a extremely emotional day that started last night when I wanted to send my husband back to work the right way (if you know what I mean) and just didn't work out. We're both too afraid to try that yet. Then I got stuck in bed...again...won't be getting in bed while I'm alone. Nothing would be more embarrassing than having to call the fire department to come sit me up! I didn't sleep well last night, because I knew he was leaving and I'm nervous to be alone. I was so sleepy when I finally got up at 10:45. Decided to go make is sandwiches since he was spending his last few hours home helping his 82 year old granddad (who I adore!) Upon reaching for the lunch meat I hit a bottle of hot sauce and it fell and broke. I went to tell my husband, and ask for help because I couldn't get down on the floor to clean it. He was frustrated with what he was already working on and my mess didn't help. I was trying to get him paper towels and the trash can an he yelled at me to get out of the kitchen...which of course set me into tears because I was already on the verge. I marched back to our room to cry. He felt really bad, apologized and said he just didn't want me stepping in glass (I was bare foot) that was the last thing I needed. Well, shortly after the time came to take him to the airport. He drove our 4x4 truck, which requires a stool for me to get into right now, and I drove home. I had a melt down on the way there, which I was trying not to because I don't want him to feel bad for returning to work. I'm so fortunate that he has the job he does and provides so much for us. We both pay the price him being gone half the time. Anyways, I sucked it up said my see ya laters and started my drive home... I won't be driving unless I have to. Can't twist and turn like I need to to see when changing lanes, and then there is every bump that just feels so awkward. It was different than riding. So, I returned home to my disorganized house (he didn't have time to straighten up) and fought the urge to clean. Finally broke down and did a little, just putting things in their place and folding clothes. After my shower and all that doing that requires I'm exhausted. Hope I sleep well tonight, and I hope the emotional mess I am today goes away. Can't wait for the weekend, my mommy is coming to stay with me!!! She'll clean, cook, and maybe even take me to get a pedicure and see a movie!!! Come on Friday! I'm attaching a few new photos. I need to start working out again, something I quit doing pretty much a year ago, and need a tan!!! Coming along slowly though!

2 weeks no pain meds

In all my whining I forgot to mention I didn't take anything today for pain! Just took a muscle relaxer for my back, and sitting on the heating pad.

First day alone

So, my first full day alone was boring. I drove about 5miles up the road to buy my dad concert tickets, and Aerosmith tickets for my husband and I in August!! That was my highlight of the day! I've always been a fan, now I can cross Aerosmith concert off my bucket list! I've decided that driving further than my area of town is not going to happen right now (Houston and surrounding areas is huge) it isn't because it hurts, just uncomfortable. I have this weird sensation in my tummy when driving/riding and I can't really turn to see in my blind spot or to back up. Once home I was bored out of my mind. Did some photo editing (I'm a photographer) folded clothes and cooked. That is about all I can do. I want to mow the yard, mop my floors, pull weeds...the stuff I normally do, have to wait just a few more weeks! My swelling has gone down a little more, probably because I've followed the Dr's orders and I'm being still. Tomorrow I'm going to try on some of my clothes for the first time...can't wait!!!

Just realized how swollen I am

So on my way to the shower I grabbed a few clothing items to try on... Wow I am swollen. I grabbed stuff that I wore right before surgery. I've lost 10lbs since surgery (part skin removal the rest just lost) and I can't even get on my old pants. I am so swollen in my hips and pubic area. I wasn't about to force them on so I just gave up. My poor lady parts are so swollen too...I noticed when I put panties on for the first time in weeks. Here's a few pictures. On the bright side, all the scabbing fell off my bellybutton!!

Ready to be normal

I am so ready to be closer to normal. I want to sleep in my own bed, and wear my old clothes, and do things without getting so exhausted... Oh and ready to clean my house!!! I'm trying to do my best and be a good patient. I was told to take it easy and that's what I've been doing. I took a 4 hour nap yesterday! I just felt drained.
My mom has showed up and is keeping me company and driving me around. I can drive I'm just not comfortable doing it. One of my closest friends had her baby via c-section yesterday, and I went to visit her today. I took my camera and did a hospital session for her. Felt good to be behind my camera again! I remember being in her shoes 15 years ago. I have to say my c-section was much easier. I did however over do it when I had my son and took me longer to recover. So, I'm doing my best to follow the rules now!
I made a very strategic trip to the store last night after dinner to purchase a few dresses and tops to go with my black maxi skirt. Since I probably have months of off and on swelling ahead of me.
I think my nerves are coming back, I'm having an all too familiar feeling where my incision is that takes me back to c-section days. Not painful, just these shooting aches. The spot where my drain was is finally not as tender as it has been.
I feel like this week has just been in pause. Because I'm not doing much I feel like I'm not making progress...although I know I am. I know my Dr has told me to take it easy this week for a reason, I just feel like I'm no further along today than I was on day 11 or 12.
I forgot to take pictures when I bathed yesterday... I'll update my photos tomorrow.
On the good side...! Swelling goes down a tiny amount every day (I'm sure the popcorn I had tonight at the movies didn't help...lots of water in my forecast!) I am only taking my muscle relaxer at night, I can shower myself with no problem, and my necrosis is going away!! Also, it is so nice to sit down and not look 6 months pregnant... Or for the wind to blow your shirt up against your tummy and you don't have to pull it out or suck in because my belly is flat! So...I'm reminding myself to have patience!!

Things I would add to my pre survey supply list

A few things I've learned that have been a great help to me!
- if you are having muscle repair, a lift chair is a lifesaver!! My surgeon told me not to be opening and closing a recliner myself for 6 weeks. I thought wow, that won't be easy. Then I remembered my parents had my grandmother's old lift chair and 2 days before surgery they brought it to me. I don't know if I could have made it without it!
- a shower stool...if your surgeon is like mine and will allow you to shower early on then this is so helpful. I had a hard time standing in one spot for about a week because my back ached from being hunched over.
- bland foods...even now spicy, greasy, and my favorite, mexican food really doesn't agree with me. I think because of the girdle. Also, my appetite has drastically reduced! Good thing, it needed to! Lol
- 3x8 non stick pads and soft tape. I got my tape from my surgeon, you can't buy the good stuff at the pharmacy. The tape I got from CVS was ripping my skin and giving me blisters. The nurse said you can purchase it at a medical supply store.
- Netflix!!!! I would be bored out of my mind without it!
- night gowns... I have found these the easiest to wear and deal with. I am not someone who normally wears them but I can't stand pants or shorts at night.
-skirts and dresses to where while recovering for when you do get out. Preferably looser fitting, like maxi skirts and dresses. Keep in mind you will be hiding a binder or some type of compression garment.

That's all I can think of for now!!

Compression Garment/ Girdle No Binder

So many women are wearing these horrible looking binders. They remind me of a back brace that is just over sized. Since day one I've only worm a surgical compression garment. They have a huge hole in the bottom the you use the bathroom through, which took some getting use to. Here is a photo I took off their website... Mine is nude color which I think is the ugliest color in the world for any kind of underwear! The brand is Sculptures compression garment.

What a day...

So, I had a small melt down last night. The very middle of my incision is giving me HELL...it is where I have necrosis. I was freaking out last night in fear that it was getting infected. I went to the Dr today, he looked at it and said everything looks good... No infection!!! Yippie...except I want it to heal like the rest of my scar :-( I slept last night without my CG and to be honest I didn't like it. I'm giving my incision time to breathe. The difference between what it looked like when I went to bed and when I woke up was big! I'm going to keep my garment off for several hours every night till that part heals. I'll put it on to sleep though, much more comfortable.
After my appointment, I went to the mall for a fathers day gift. I didn't walk too much, just enough! Then stopped at an ice house my friend works at and visited with her until it was time to go to my Dad's retirement party....which on the way there I was involved in an accident. :-( I was side swiped. Thank the lord nobody was hurt, I'm sore and have a headache but nothing major. Also, thankful for the folded up towel I lay across my lap before I put my seatbelt on. Took 45 minutes for the police to show up...and it's hot here in Texas. Needless to say I'm exhausted now. Going to take some pain meds and go to bed early tonight. I'm fairly swollen, probably from being on my feet in the heat after the accident. Good night ladies!

Day 22 photos

Taken this morning after sleeping with no CG...still swelling. I know that will go down with time.

Better day

Today was a much better day... I didn't get into any car wrecks! My stomach muscles are sore, I think I've been using them more the last 2 days. Kind u comfortable tonight. I'll be taking another muscle relaxer and mild pain pill before bed. I had a reflexology massage today, and it was amazing!! I laid flat on my back!!! Yeaaa...except I have to still keep my knees bent :-( still a ways to go with that. It was a step forward though! I use a massage therapist that has studied reflexology since she was a child. The things she can tell you are amazing! She asked me why my heart was so broken, and told me I needed to let it go. I was shocked...I saw my real father yesterday and he refuses to speak to me. Been this way for years, and I think I'm dealing with it...till I see him then it all comes back. Anyways, great alternative to a full body massage...that I'm oh so craving right now, along with a Jacuzzi bath!! I also saw my PCP today and mentioned my headache. He said everything looked good, but I'll probably be sore from the wreck for another 2 days. Just glad still that I wasn't hurt!

Happy Dance!!!

So, I finally got in the top to my bathing suit and OMG!!! I haven't been this happy with my body...ever!!! I was a twig in high school being 5'8" and 115lbs and my dad would tell me I'm fat. Took me till being a grown up to realize he was being mean. I in love with my new body...despite the fact that I've done a lot these last 2 days and I'm super swollen... It is a look at what the future holds and I am SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I accidentally ordered some yoga shorts, thought I chose the shirt, but I don't care I'm keeping them!!!!

A little necrosis... yuck

It is slowly getting better, this picture was taken in day 22

4 weeks come and gone

So tomorrow I will be 4 weeks (28 days)!! I'm able to do a lot more, like shaving my legs!! It isn't as easy as it was yet, but I can do it! Most of my cabs have come off. I'm just waiting for the necrosis to heal completely. I am still very swollen, especially through the hips. I won't lie, my diet isn't the best. I live with a 14yr old and an oilfield man... Health food what?? Lol... I try my best, but I don't eat like I would if I lived alone! I drink lots of water. I actually have very little appetite. I ate a tuna sandwich at 1pm yesterday and at 9pm realized I hadn't eaten anything else. I took a few pain pills a few days ago when I had a rough night. I wasn't even thinking and didn't take stool softeners and I paid the price yesterday :-( I start my scar therapy in 2 days. I've been placing silicone scar strips over the parts of my incision with no scabs, mainly to keep it from rubbing my garment. I'm going on vacation in a 3 weeks and I want to be much better. I want to fit into my pre surgery clothes. I wear my CG 23/7 and drink water like crazy, don't know what else to do. I'm very happy with my results...just ready for the swelling to go down. I am sleeping in my bed...with 100 pillows! I'm going to get a body pillow tomorrow. For now that is all ladies!! Oh and the nurse missed a stitch when removing my drain. I started bleeding so she covered me up real quick. When the scab came off I was trying to pick the rest off...then realized it was a stitch. She'll take it out Wednesday.

Getting back to normal... almost!

I've noticed the last few days I am walking completely upright all day...even in the evening without my CG! All of my scabs have come off, just the little piece of necrosis left that the nurse will cut off on Monday. I started Embrace scar therapy on Wednesday and noticed last night that where the patches are placed the scar is already lighter...just in 24 hours! I can now comfortably sleep in my bed...yippie!! Also, I buttoned my jeans this morning... They're still tight and not comfortable because of swelling... But I got them on! Looking forward to another week passed. I now wish I had done a breast lift & reduction while I was at it. Finding a cute bikini top is difficult for a 36 DD :-\ something else to think about in the future... Have to finish paying for this first!

8 Weeks Post Op... Free to do everything!

Yesterday I was 8 weeks post op. I've been somewhat neglectful for a few weeks, life has been crazy. Anyways... I can do just about everything finally!! I saw my Dr at 6 weeks and he wouldn't release me to work out, ride in a boat, vacuum, lift anything over 10lbs nothing till 8 weeks. I am still experiencing some swelling, especially in the evenings. I haven't worn my CG during the day for 3 days now. I'm aching at night, but I'm a very active person. Over the 4th of July weekend I was miserable. We went to my sisters lake house, and I was beyond swollen everywhere... My face, legs, hands, and looked like I was 6 months pregnant. I drank probably a gallon of water a day and took bromelaine for swelling, but nothing helped. After a day of rest at home all was better. I am sleeping so well...almost too well!! I'm fixing to start looking for work again, not really wanting to! I'm spoiled to being home with my family! This has been such a great experience! I have been using Embrace for 4 weeks now. I will attach a photo next time I change the dressing, but the difference in where the Embrace is and isn't is huge! I would highly recommend it. Only complaint is it hurts like a SOB when you replace it weekly. I am still numb around my bellybutton and down, I expect that to last for a while still. Having sex is almost back to normal!! I will say that everything was pulled tighter when he pulled the skin tight!! My husband definitely has no complaints! I wore my bikini to the pool last week and was so confident!!! I did however get a small sunburn on my tummy :-( I applied sunscreen 3 times over 3.5 hours, and kept my bellybutton covered... The sun is harsh this year. My bikini covers my big incision. I have no problems getting dressed, actually happy now to go find fitted shirts! For years I wore baggy tops...not anymore!!! Loving my new body...ready to get back to working out. I'm officially down 12lbs since surgery!

Almost 10 weeks

Just 2 more days and I'll be 10 weeks post op! Feels like just yesterday I was going in for my surgery! I can do just about everything now. I sleep like normal, I've begun working out lightly. I ride my bicycle about 4 miles a day, which is nothing for me. I can't wait to get back to my 10-16 mile a day rides and my 40-60 mile Saturday rides! I still however can't quite do abdominal exercises. I can do some, but full sit ups, Russian twist and planking... No way :-( it hurts too bad, and is almost impossible. I'm listening to my body and pushing myself, but knowing my limits. I bought a new bikini...looking forward to next summer after months of working out I'll finally be bikini ready!! My scar has faded so much where my Embrace patches are, but they're beginning to itch so I'm not aire how much longer I can stand to wear them :-( The center of my incision has to have a scar revision to make it look like the rest of my incision, due to the necrosis. The surgeon will do it in the office in a few weeks. I am still sore and swollen, especially after being very busy during the day. I am still so very glad I had this done!

2 Photos from 8 weeks post op

One close up and one full. Still swelling mainly in my pubic area

Back at the gym

So, I quit working out back in March and had my TT May 20th...I am so weak. I decided it was time to get back to the gym since the weather and life doesn't always allow me to ride my bike. I like in Southeast Texas, hot in July and August is what we have in the morning and evening... Scorching is what we have during the day. Anyways, I decided to start swimming again. I took it slow, started with my kickboard, and after a few laps graduated into real swim strokes. I can feel the tightness, and some burning but mostly felt good. My cardio sucks right now. Going to keep swimming for now, and start body pump class in about another week or two.

Activity = Swelling

So I'm 11 weeks today!! Woohoo!!... Kind of! Can I just fast forward to December?!?? For the past 2 days I didn't do much and the swelling almost went away (with the exception of my pubic area which I'm convinced will forever be swollen)... Almost. You can see the swelling above and below my bellybutton. I got very active this evening, and am fixing to head to the gym to swim laps. I still feel some tightness, and actually feeling some soreness today. I love my new body... Just have to be patient for final results. By the way I'm the most impatient person!

Lost track of time... 98% back to normal!

I just realized I never updated after my last post op visit which was at 13 weeks. I honestly stopped counting I know 4 months is coming soon! I am about 98% back to normal. There's still a few things like flopping down on my stomach onto the bed, or stretching my abs that I'm afraid to do. I've been back to lifting at the gym for a week now...and omg I could barely walk last week! My abs have also been sore but on top of lifting I've done a few abdominal exercises during my workouts! I'm wanting to tone up and drop another 5-10lbs just to be where I was before fertility treatment. My surgeon is doing a revision in the very center of my incision in November. This will clean up the scar and get rid of the vertical incision for good! I still have swelling in the evenings especially in my upper abs and pubic area, and still some tightness. I am more than happy with my results, and would do it again tomorrow!!!

Forgot photos!

Some swelling can be seen...didn't help I had a hot dog and fries for dinner... Can we say sodium?! Lol

photos didn't attach

Less swelling

So, as of this week I no longer sleep with my compression garment. They are all too big, between losing elasticity and my swelling going down they didn't compress much. I wake up with minimal swelling which is great! The swelling that does show up during the day isn't bad, and is not painful... So I'm fine with it! I have been going to the gym and lifting for the last 2 weeks... And I've probably done more squats in the last 2 weeks than I ever have in my life! Lol... Feels good though!

Forgot one

A Year and a Half Later

So, I haven't updated in a while..but here I am, a year and a half later! I would do it all over again tomorrow! I began working out about 3 months after my surgery, then quit...In June of this year I went back to the gym. I went through way too much to let myself go! I am proud to say I have not had lipo...just a tummytuck and some hard work! I'm not perfect, but I'm much happier in my own skin! I still have some tightness every now and then, and I am still numb in some spots. My scar is nearly invisible, the only part you can still see is where I had a scar revision a year ago. I am so happy with the new me, and I encourage others who want it but are afraid, just do it! It isn't fun or easy, but it gave me back my confidence!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I saw 3 surgeons prior to deciding on Dr. Layton. I knew right away he was the one! He and his staff made me feel so comfortable, even in uncomfortable situations. I felt he was the most competent surgeon I was going to find. 19 years of experience! I looked through books and books of pre and post op photos and his scars are beautiful, and even spoke with ladies who had the same procedure with him. He has always answered every question I have had, and his nurse has gone above and beyond to make sure I'm confident in my decision! His nurse gave me her cell phone number and told me to call her with any questions. A few days after surgery I was having anxiety about a few things, wasn't sure if what I was experiencing was normal. I messages the nurse she called me right back and set my mind at ease! It is rare to find that level of care these days! I couldn't be happier with my results. Dr. Layton have given me back my self esteem! Best doctor ever!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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