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I am a 43 year-old mother of three. I brought...

I am a 43 year-old mother of three. I brought these beautiful beings into this world by c-section. After my last baby (in 2008), I began to notice that while I got down to as low as 116 pounds (I'm 5 ft.), there was a little bulge in my tummy. I began to call it my kangaroo pouch. LOL. Well, after this child, my husband and I also decided to go on birth control. With this, I began to slowly gain weight. Then last year (2012), I began to experience some pulling and sharp pains behind the c-section scar, in which I finally went to my OB in the fall to find out what was going on. I was told that I may have endometriosis, and was put on a different birth control, that had stronger hormones to reduce the pains and see whether this would help my condition. Well, in doing this, I literally blew up! I ended up adding pounds just for smelling food! In January (2013), I ended up having a laparoscopic procedure to determine and treat my abnormalities. For the most part, I feel so much better from the procedure, and judging from the two-hour procedure and images that were taken, I had quite a bit going on inside. But I am now sitting at 144 pounds and totally disgusted in the mirror. I was a very small person when I first got married, weighing in at around 98 pounds, had a 24 inch waistline and was always energetic. Now, I just want to look nice in my clothes and work toward the rest of my goal (at the gym). It has been a little over 4 weeks since my laparoscopy, and I am feeling my motivation and able to move around with so much more ease. Endometriosis can be very debilitating. . .

Sooooo. . . with much appreciation for this site and all of the stories I've read, and lots of research, I have decided on Smart Lipo. My procedure will be March 14th and I can't wait! I am very excited and a little scared, but will be posting my experience. So far, I have met with the coordinator and the doctor, we decided to take care of my upper/lower abs and flanks. My pre-op is March 8th and I will be sure to take in a list of questions for post-op care. The coordinator and I met last week, and she recommended that I cut sodium down in my meals, drink plenty of water, and to begin taking the Arnica and Bromelain tablets twice a day for at least a week before the procedure to help with bruising and swelling. I'll be starting this next Thursday, since that will be the two-week mark. I also understand that I cannot take multi-vitamins, prescription drugs, Motrin (as it acts as a blood thinner), or other pain killers, with the exception of Tylenol. So a few days before my procedure, I will most likely post a few Before photos and during my progress afterward.

Wish me luck!

3/15/13 I had my procedure yesterday. Everything...

3/15/13 I had my procedure yesterday. Everything went at the doctor's office. I arrived and was greeted by Lucinda and Ana, then moved on to a room where I was put into a robe and got started with photos and markings by the surgeon. I was made very comfortable both before and during the procedure. I know this sounds silly, but as the surgeon worked on my rib areas, I couldn't help but laugh. It felt as though I was being tickled. (Please don't laugh at me, but with me. LOL) Throughout the whole process, either I was well-medicated or the doctor was very gentle. Perhaps both(?) And when I did feel uncomfortable, I was attended to quickly. So I can also say that during the insertion of any needles or the instrument, it was not bothersome. The overall experience was a lot easier than I expected. When they rolled me out in a wheelchair, they provided a really appreciated and much needed cover that fit over the seat so that any leakage wouldn't get onto our leather. (That would just crush me.) They advised my husband of what to expect and when to start taking my meds. So . . .
Once my husband got me home, I don't remember much except that he got me into bed and kept our little ones occupied throghout the evening. I remember waking up in the 2 o' clock am hour in some pain. He gave me an antibiotic and I thought I would hold off on the vicodin until I felt I really needed it. He helped me to the restroom, where I realized how much leakage I had and we had to change the dressings and the garment. (Getting into the garment is a pain, for the record.)Then off I went back to bed. . . until around 5 am. My body was in quite some pain, so bad that my teeth began to shatter, like when you get out of a pool in cold weather. :-) So then I became comfortable again.

I am posting the before photos now. Sorry that I didn't get a chance to do this before, as it is not easy to get clingy children out of one's bedroom. I am going to be showering in a while, so once I do, I'll try to get my husband to take some more photos so that I can post an update. On my cell phone, Anna took a picture of the removed fat from my procedure, so I'll get that posted soon as well.

3/18/13 I'm on Day 4 now. I was moving around...

3/18/13 I'm on Day 4 now. I was moving around pretty slowly the past couple of days. And after my shower on the 15th, I just wanted to climb into bed. Felt like it took a lot out of me for some reason. I've been doing so much better since. I've taken about 3 Vicadins total and feel that Motrin will do. I continue to take my arnica and bromelain several times a day and have been very careful with my sodium intake, and have stocked up on papaya and kiwi. . .These are known to have enzymes to help with swelling and bruising. And healing in general. I've lost a total of six pounds from the morning of the procedure to this morning (after breakfast), but I know that I am still swollen. While I know that I won't lose much for weight, I am happily surprised for the six pounds that I have lost. This may be attributed to discipline in the portions in my plate.
My husband took me out for a little walking around (just at stores) yesterday to help strengthen. I feel I did fairly well. I will be returning to work tomorrow so wish me luck. I have posted photos taken yesterday, which was day three. And the photo of the melted fat that was removed on the morning of my procedure. Perhaps over the weekend, I will be able to follow up with more photos.
James Kern

The staff is very welcoming and informative. The doctor makes a conscientious effort to be thorough and gentle during the procedure. I can't wait to see more results.

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