Four More Days! Houston, TX

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A little nervous, a lot excited!! Four more days...

A little nervous, a lot excited!! Four more days until my procedure and mentally, I'm ready! My goal was to lose a few pounds before but, things haven't worked out as planned! :( I didn't gain any weight but I do feel lighter more refreshed! I've been drinking green tea and loads of water. Not too much red meat and more leafy know, the kind of things I should have been doing in the first place! lol! In any event just praying for realistic results and a speedy recovery! #fingerscrossed #ready

Compression garments...

I was told by the nurse that I'll be sent home with a "wrap around" type waist compression garment but, I'm thinking of going out and buying one at Marshall's or Target, etc! I googled/you tube some pictures/videos of this procedure of people that wore compression garments and some that did not. There were very mixed reviews! Anyone have any recommendations on should I, should I not, which ones are better than others? I was thinking that since I'm having the abdomen done that a whole bodysuit would be better; this would keep it from rolling down? Thanks in advance!!

Compression garments part 2!!

Just wanted to give an example....

Pre-op Pics

I wanted to post some pics now because I'm not sure what's allowed once I arrive and, I have a busy day tomorrow picking up meds, getting garments, etc! Oh, and rest!! These were taken at 5p on Thursday. I'm set for Saturday at 10a. I'm 5'5 & weigh 203. However, I've been told not to focus on the number which I won't! I'm just really anxious to see how my clothes will fit in a couple months! Anyway, I've only told the people that matter to me that I'm doing this! I really didn't have any patience for negativity in MY life and MY journey!!! I'm hoping I remember and also, that I feel well enough to document post procedure!! I want to give some of you who are considering Smart Lipo some insight! Talk to you later real selfers...?

Smart Lipo... ?

Had my procedure on yesterday and once the meds are outta my system I promise I'll write a more detailed review. For now, I'm posting these one day post op pics! Very swollen!

2016 To Do List: #1. Do something for ME!! Smart Lipo....DONE!!!

First of I have to say that Dr. Chang and the assistant were GREAT!! And I'm sorry that I forgot his name (assistant) but he was the cute guy with Armani glasses ;)!! Anyway, I went in for my appt. and started the prep, BP, meds, marking and IV. Blood pressure was too high, (nervous) and couldn't find a vein for the IV!! I'm like really?!! So I calmed down after meds of course, and the whole procedure I was checking the machine looking at my BP which was NORMAL!! Anyway, I can't remember much but I can say that the pain factor during was very minimal except right around the edges under my breast but, the assistant was great in talking me through having me do some little tricks with my feet that actually helped! And Dr. Chang was explaining that around my bra line in the back was uneven due to something and something else, wonk wonk wonk...(I was medicated y'all)! So, I do remember him saying to bare with him that he wanted to help me out and get that even for me so, the 5 liters turned into 6!! I brought a onesie which was perfect for the changing dressings. Honestly, the worst part for me was the medication! You can't eat or drink after midnight and then you go in and take the meds on a empty stomach! Being dizzy and nauseated is the worst feeling!! I'd rather deal with the actual pain over that any day!! I'm back at work, 3 days post and I feel ok. I was worried about how to sit remembering the doctor say say about a "scoop" which will lead to a pouch?! So, I been winging it hoping I'm not messy myself up! I've worn the compression garment the whole time; was told that if I had no more drainage I could remove the belt, so I did! I kinda feel as though I need a smaller compression garment now!! Anyway, I'm sure I missed a lot of details but I hope it helps someone who is trying to decide whether or not to go through with Smart Lipo! I did it for me! I didn't tell anyone that didn't matter to me! People can be so judgmental and with this new year, I'm slowly weeding those out of my life! DO YOU!! I have my one week follow up on Saturday and I'll post more pics of my progress! Also, it's the weirdest thing, I HAVE NO APPETITE?!! Did anyone else experience this?

2 weeks post...

Slowly but surely!! I finally felt like actually getting up and moving around so I started walking and changed my diet (a little), and I lost 8lbs since my procedure!! I'm trying get down another 15 lbs which would put me at 180. I've never been a skinny minnie and I love my curves, just not the belly so, at that weight & with this procedure, I should have the desired look I'm going for. In looking at these pictures, I feel as though my stomach looks smaller in real life! Anyway, some things that are still present: the numbness, the tingling sensation, draining from my naval (minimal) and the thing that almost sets me back to day one...when I shower and get hot water on my stomach, it gets sooooo freaking tight, and it kinda hurts! So, I shower with hot water everywhere else and lukewarm darn near cold on my stomach! I also noticed some lumps/bumps and just as I was about to call, I received an email giving me some 2 week post tips and expectations which they happen to be one one them! So, no worries! The other thing I was curious about and maybe someone can give me an idea but, when should I start to wear jeans? I'm afraid if I wear clothes that require button and belts that they'll leave umwanted indentions in the healing process!??

1 month update...

Well, it's been a month and I'm happy to say that I'm very pleased with my results so far! The doc says that at 4 months I should really see the desired look I seek so, so far so good! It took me a minute to realize and let sink in my head that this is a body sculpting solution and not a weight loss solution!! I joined a gym and started doing cardio and light weights for my uper body. It seems that the fat I consume now is settling in my side boob, thigh, and upper back area so the cardio is much needed to keep my shape in equal proportions but, not too big of a deal considering I am dieting and exercising. As far as any remnants of the procedure, there's still some numbness in the center if my stomach, tingling, and hardness. Everything else has softened up...some! I didn't purchase a 2nd stage garment from the doctor but instead I bought a couple spanx that hold pretty good! Anyway, can't wait for my 3 month check up! In the picture, the first column is one day before, the 2nd is 2 weeks, and the last is one month!

7.5 weeks since procedure...

Well, it's been almost two months and things seem to be slowing down. The doc said I should be seeing results all the way up until a year?!! Interesting, and of course, I have no choice but to wait and see! Anyway, my stomach is starting to get that smooshy real tummy feel again! This may sound crazy but, I actually like that hard tight feel I had after surgery! There are some lumps but I was told that this is normal and just as I had concern about them, they started to do what they told me they were going to do, smooth out! I still have some numbness and hardness in the center of my tummy. My belly button has taken on so many shapes...sad, happy, and confused! Wonder what it'll look like at the end of this!! The entry points still have some sensitivity and every now and again, I get these little "nerve shocks" as I call them. They last for a few seconds and they do not hurt but they get my attention!! I did not get a 2nd stage garment until now, only because I now feel I want the "extra" hold. I've been wearing spanx and they keep me smoothed out but I tried to do some jumping Jacks and I felt like my belly was going to fall off my body...not enough support for exercising! I ordered Fajas and should receive this week so I'll update once I get some wear out of it. Just an observation but, It seems when I take a really hot shower ny stomach feels tighter and again, don't know if there's a correlation but... I must say, I am still very happy with my decision in having Smart Lipo altgough, I wish I would have had sime of the fat transferred to my butt!! I mentioned in another post that it definitely was not a weight loss solution but a body sculpting solution and, yes, I still feel that way. The day of the procedure is was 203 and today, I'm 195!! I've said before that I love my curves and all I ever wanted was to have a flat midsection. It didn't have to be toned, just flat and that I would keep all the thickness. Yeah, my body is making me stick to that thought!! It's sooo freaking hard to drop this weight! I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I changed my eating habits but, this weight is being stubborn. I only want to get down to around 180 but it's been a struggle and honestly, I think it's my hormones! I am getting up there!!

New Year, New Start!

I've been reading about "Smart Lipo" for a while now. I wanted something a little less invasive as far as surgery goes so I thought this would be best for me! I have three grown children, newly single, and definitely in need of a fresh start so I called, had the financial consult, paid, and scheduled the procedure! I've always been the "big boned" girl and honestly, never had issues losing weight until the last few years! I walk everyday (for exercise) and watch what I eat but, it seems I can't get that flat stomach I'm looking for! I've been saying that if I could get the flat midsection, I'd keep everything else!! So I've been reading reviews and looking at YouTube videos and most seem to have good results! I'm scheduled for my consult with the doctor and I do have a few concerns though. I did see where some, and although they were mostly men, had lumpy skin afterwards and also, a female had unevenness in her back?! I guess the laser didn't get that specific spot?! IDK but, I'm praying I don't need corrective surgery later! I'm scheduled with Dr. Chang at Sono Bello in Houston, Texas and in my research, it seems he's very well qualified! lol! Thank you Jesus!! The pictures posted are 2 weeks pre procedure. I'm actually started to walk a little more and do a detox hoping I'll have the results I want!

Consult done...Ready for procedure!!

I had my consult this past Saturday and met the doctor! Dr. Chang was very nice and informative! But, I was soooo nervous my BP was all over the place! It started out as 91/ am I alive??!! Then 145/90...then she took it manually... 155/90!! It never fails that EVERY TIME I see a doctor for ANYTHING, my BP goes haywire but still, a little alarming considering I have no medical issues but, changes are going to made to my diet, for surety, and I'm going to really try to calm myself beforehand!! I don't need him to stop sucking that fat!! But, I'm sure the Xanax will take care of that; probably knock me out!! Anyway, I was concerned that I didn't need the "waist" done but once he started with the consult and showing me what actually defined the waist, I was in agreement! And yes, the waist is totally different than the upper/lower abs them self! Received all my instructions on prescriptions, clothes to wear, things I'll need afterwards, etc., ready to go!! Nervous but ready!

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