Terrible Experience with Dr Henry Mentz & His Coordinator !!! - Houston, TX

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Wanna feel scammed financially with disappointing...

Wanna feel scammed financially with disappointing result? go to Dr Mentz and have the chance to deal with his stressful coordinator AnaLisa!!

So the disaster experience start with contacting Ana for quote for (rhinoplasty, lip filler, belly & thigh liposuction, buccal fact and neck lift) total was 18,535$ without the neck

rhinoplasty………………………………..……........... 7000$
buccal fact removal…….………………..…….……... 1500$
one Juvederm filler……………………..…………….. 1750$ !!
liposuction………………………………………………. 5100$
presurgucal vitamins (which I did not get)………….. 85$
garmet for liposuction…………………………………. 150$
anesthesia……………………………………………….. 850$
facility (honestly, they have to call it difficulty!!)……. 2100$

I asked for discount which is the normal thing that any clinic would do since you are for having many operations with one doctor and all at the same time but she said they cannot. I tried to discuss it but she insisted andI accepted. Even though I got lower price from another doctor (totals 11K$ for the same operations including the neck) but I decide to go with Mentz as I read good comments about him specially for nose ((which I am gonna call it now misleading comments!))

I am not living in US, so I started to arrange my annual leave, booked flight which is 17 hours, rented car, accommodation ….etc

I contacted this Ana again for consaltent and surgery dates, she said I have to pay the full amount first so she can share dates.. I told her I cannot pay 18K while I did not even see the doctor yet, and I was coming within days so I told her I will be there after couple of days and I will pay on the spot, she refused and insist on the full amount even for the appointment..!!! I would understand that she cannot book the surgery with no payment but even consultant ?? and she does not accept anything but full amount?!.. what the hell..!! I tried to call her but she never pick up the phone so I called the clinic and told them about this unbelivable request, they said they would accept 10% & no need for full payment.. (PS. when I came after Ana got mad that I called the clinic..! )… back to what happened, so I had to transfer the money, I sent 1000$ only telling her that I will do the nose with lip, and then after seeing the doctor I will pay for rest if I am gonna do it. ((again, when I met her and wonder about her unhelpful way, she said she helped me by accepting only 1000$ hhhhh, unbelievable person!..I don’t know if she tried to convince me or to convene herself!!)….. & by the way, I told her I am coming on the 1st at 4 pm she said your appointment is 1 pm… I am like this is a flight I cannot change my arrival and she just insist !!! I asked for other available time to choose what suite me, she did not give me options !!!! ((( seems as unbelievable story & too much ha?? I have this whole communication in emails to prove it))

Anyhow, I met the doctor & discussed what I wanted. For the neck he recommended liposuction as well so the total was around 20,000. For the lip I asked him about the fat as filler, he said it would be extra 1000$ and he prefers the Juvederm since I want certain shape and he cannot do that with fat… finally I discussed the total again with another nurse and him and they gave me 10%

Lets see after surgeries…!!

NOSE: right side of the tip doest not look like left one. I had like 2 corners on my tip, he removed one and left one! I understand the final shape needs 6 months cuz of the swelling, but there is a big difference between swelling and having uneven shape. when I asked for solution he suggest steroid,, sorry Dr. Mentz this is for inflammation not to correct mistakes!!

BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL: I don’t see result, they said its due to sweeping you need 10 days. after 10 days they said you need another week, then a month. After a month and one more week of not seeing a result, he said the buccal fat as big as olive oil, result won’t be that obvious..! Sorry again Dr. Mentz but the swelling reason was much better!

LIP FILLER: I had it during the surgery, days after & I don’t see the shape I asked for. Since I got only one filler so I contacted them asking for one more. The doctor said its 750 but will give it to you for 650.. I found out later that other clinic give Juvederum for 400$ while I paid 1750$ at first for one and now they want to charge 650 more.. and please notice, they give me good price ha ha.. when I told the doctor I paid 1750$ for the first one he said this is over price there must be something wrong. when they asked Ana she said because she had it under anesthesia…?! I was like sorry but I am having the anesthesia anyway as I did other surgeries so its not a reason. then they said so you asked for another one and we did not take the money of it for you…. ((admitting is better that just arguing smart Ana!))

Liposuction: belly is fine. Thigh has one flat side while the other is more round. After more than a month I still cannot walk properly but they said it needs time & I hope to get better by the time.

Report after surgery: I asked for the report 2 weeks after the surgery and they said its not ready & they will prepare it by my next visit. after a month still not ready and when I asked when I am gonna get it they said they don’t know!!!.. until the doctor comes and I told him that he promised to have it ready and now its not there plus they said they cannot give me a time…. ?! so he went and prepare it ..!!

All in all, the experience was very annoying & disappointing from the starting to the end. if I just get good result I won’t mind the rest… I tried my very best to handle the unacceptable coordinator behaviour until the end, I did not mind to pay more for same operations that I can get for less with other doctors, but when I accept to pay more I expect perfection. Don’t tell me ya not the same shape from both sides of the tip but its not very bad so its fine. Don’t charge me 1750 for filler while you cannot give me the shape I asked for.

I chose this doctor and accept his price & rules to get great final look, not to have another so so look that need other surgeries to be good!!

Yes doctors, its your business to make money from patients but remember, your are dealing with live body and person's life. You can make it or break it.. be honest, give each patient the care you would like to have for yourself if you were the one having this surgery. Focus during operations and go extra mile if needed. This is people life!!!

one last thing I have to say as well, Dr. Mentz is nice as a person but work wise…….. I am sorry!!

his coordinator needs lessons of how to be good as much as she can be ******!!

nurses were nice.

Photos for nose, lip, buccal, lipo & quote

with every photo I take, each time I look at mirror, I regret it MORE!!

much clear for before

How amazing is the 1750$ lip filler after 2 months?!!!

As promised from the clinic, better healing and look is coming by time,,, but turely, seems more shocking result is shown!!

not swelling, its weird tip for real!

not swelling, its weird tip for real!

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Can they admit that its not swelling ?! Its wrong weried uneven tip doctor Mentz that need another surgery to fix it not steroid shots cuz its NOT swelling. And sadly enough I cannot breath with the left side while I had normal good breathing before & plz dont tell me to use nasal spray as obviously I can feel that I got permanent breathing issue!.. So instead of better look, I got bad one with health issue......

After 6 months..!

Before 6 months, whenever I ask about any issue regards this nose, the answer was swelling/ u have to wait 6 months and it will b good...
Now, 6 months r gone, so what would b the new excuse for this tip?! Indeed its the work been done with no care!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mentz is nice as a person but work wise…….. I am sorry!!

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