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I had a primary rhinoplasty and septoplasty by Dr....

I had a primary rhinoplasty and septoplasty by Dr. Siegel in Novemeber of 2014. I had a pleasant experience with him and his office staff, but I am not happy with my results. It has been over a year since my procedure and I wanted to be sure I was fully healed before writing a review. Although, I will say his office was very pushy in wanting me to write a review at my first post-op visits!

I presented with a large hump, crooked nose, and a severely deviated septum. I wasn't breathing well and wanted to correct my breathing issues, most importantly. During the consultation he explained the procedure and told me what he would do and showed me with computer imaging. In addition to correcting the functional aspect of my nose he proposed the following cosmetic changes - removing the hump to a straight profile with a very slight slope and straightening my crooked nose as well as deprojecting it. He said he would leave the tip alone as it was an appropriate size (not bulbous). I have very thin skin and was worried about irregularities and he assured me my skin would not be an issue and he would take the time to make sure everything was nice and smooth. I went into this very realistic and didn't expect perfection. I specifically asked how close he expected to get to the computer imaging and he told me it would be very close and he wouldn't show me anything he couldn't do. I felt confident in him and gave it some thought for a couple days and booked the surgery.

Surgery came and went and recovery was a breeze. I had some bruising, not bad, and minimal swelling. The worst part about the recovery was the splints placed inside the nose. Those were driving me crazy halfway through the first week until he removed them on cast removal day at 1 week. Once the splints were removed and he cleaned out my nose I was breathing great and was very excited about that! He gave me a mirror after cast removal and man was my nose super, super swollen!! I didn't like my nose then, but I knew it would be swollen.

Over the next year I was patient and gave it time to heal and the swelling to subside. At first I was happy enough with it and mainly because I was breathing so much better. Around 3 months I started noticing some things and expressed my concerns with Dr. Seigel. My nose wasn't perfectly straight, which I was ok with. I didn't expect it to be perfect and the crookedness was greatly improved. What I was concerned with was a depression along my bridge, a "ridge" along the side of my nose, and a residual hump. He told me it was swelling and to give it more time. I didn't feel like it was related to swelling, but I gave it more time. As the months passed by the depression on the bridge and the ridge along the side worsened. The "swelling" on my bridge didn't go away. I also felt like my tip dropped a little and that is was more bulbous than my original pre-rhinoplasty nose. Overall, I just wasn't happy with the way it looked and it wasn't what we talked about during the consultation. Over the course of the year my breathing got worse as well. My nose didn't quite feel right and it would get very dry and would whistle periodically when breathing.

At one year post-op I wasn't happy with the functional or cosmetic changes to my nose and I decided to seek out second opinions. I set-up 2 revision rhino consults and then a 3rd one in case the first two opinions differed. The first 2 surgeons I consulted with told me the exact same thing so I cancelled the 3rd consult (I don't like too many opinions as I feel like you start getting confused!). Cosmetically they both told me I needed my nasal bones narrowed, hump removed, irregularities on the bridge corrected, tip refined and rotated a little. They also told me I had an inverted V - the "ridge" on the side of my nose. As for the functional aspect of my nose - They both put a scope up my nostrils and showed me I have a small septal perforation and a large concha bullosa, A CT of my sinuses was also ordered.

I will admit that I didn't continue following up with Dr. Siegel throughout the 1st year post operative period. I believe the last time I saw him was around 4 months post-op. He made no mention of the perforation, concha, and told me everything was swelling and looked good. We were clearly not on the same page and I chose not to go to my next appointment around 10 months post-op...I knew I had issues and I knew I didn't feel comfortable with him correcting them.

I chose to go through with a revision rhinoplasty 12/2015 with one of the doctors I consulted with and, while I am only 1.5 weeks post-op, I am super excited about the results so far!! I am swollen, yes, but everything is so much different this time around, I will update as I heal on a different review.

I know I like to see photos with reviews and I'm sure y'all do too! At this time I don't really want to display myself on the internet.
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