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Hi everyone! I've wanted a rhinoplasty for the...

Hi everyone! I've wanted a rhinoplasty for the past couple of years. I only want a couple of minor changes to my nose: I have a slight hump that's more obvious from one side than another that I want gone and I want a liiittle more definition at the tip. I don't have breathing problems/a deviated septum/enlarged turbinates, etc.

I live in Houston, TX. There are plenty of surgeons here to choose from, but the list gets a lot smaller if you're only considering otolaryngologists/plastic surgeons. Right now, I've got consultations scheduled with 4 doctors here. I'm also going to be seeing Dr. Grigoryants in LA. He does full-body work, but I can't find a bad review on the man and his B&As are lovely.

Consultations (in chronological order):
Dr. Michel Siegel
Dr. Etai Funk
Dr. Fred Bressler
Dr. Anthony Brissett
Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants

I'm going to save specific comments on each of the doctors I've seen for after the surgery, but if you have any questions about my impressions of any of them, just PM me. We Houstonians have to stick together!

Am I ridiculous for wanting to see Dr. Grigoryants? Since my rhinoplasty will be very simple (or at least it seems that way to me), it seems like any good surgeon could handle my case. (I'd hate to be the guy that goes to a really nice steakhouse when all they want is a hamburger). On the other hand, why not go to the best? Anyway, let me know what you think!

Getting closer...

I've got my consultation with Dr.`

Getting closer...

Sorry, my cat decided to submit my update before I was done writing.

Anyway, not much new has happened in the last week. I've got my consultation with Dr. Funk this week, and I saw Dr. Siegel a second time this past Friday. I definitely feel like I've got a better idea of exactly what I want done and when I'll be able to do it. Definitely within the next 3 months.

My trip to LA to see Dr. Grigoryants is just before Christmas. My mom is going with me and there will definitely be some mother/daughter mani/pedis in order.
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