Upcoming Pannilectomy and Breast Reduction - Houston, TX

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I scheduled my surgery this am and am very...

I scheduled my surgery this am and am very excited! But a tad nervous at the same time. I have a huge belly that needs to be taken off as well as breast reduction (starting at HH-- at least). I will have 4 drains total, but she tummy ones will stay in for 2 weeks. YUCK! I am not looking forward to those. I've never had drains but heard they hurt. I guess I will get quite comfortable with my recliner, as I hear it's not easy to lay down. Any advice?


Dreaded before pics breasts and tummy

I am a 46 H or J and very ready for smaller breasts. I have had 2 c sections, double hernia, partial hysterectomy, ovary removal and bowel surgery all done at the same site, which had increased the belly each time. Since my heaviest I have lost a total of 80 lbs but the belly and boobs have not changed one size.

Upcoming breast reduction and pannilectomy

21 days until surgery

7 days post op

I post op day 7 from surgery, spent one night in hospital. I have felt pretty good minus these drains. What a pain in the butt. I have two on breasts and two on tummy. I had panniculectomy done as well as breast reduction. I started out as a 46HH and went to probably a 46D or DD. It's hard to tell right now at 7 days PO with all this swelling. I have tons of swelling on the sides of my boobs. The Dr removed 2.5 lbs from each breast and removed 19 lbs from belly apron. But with all my swelling it's hard to tell. I was t expecting swelling to be this bad.
I have this yellow flower spongy thing on top of my nipples, that I am not sure what they are there for. It's weird!! It's sewed onto the top of the nipple. I go on Wednesday for my week follow up. So hopefully whatever that is will come off.

One of my tummy drains fell OUT!! Scared the crap outta me, but feels so much better. I can't wait to get other three out. I go for 1 week post op apt on Wednesday.

I'm still sleeping in the recliner for now, just because it's more comfortable.

Swelling is bad

Are there any tricks to help with the swelling? I had breast reduction surgery and a panniculectomy done. My breasts are really full and hurt because of being so swollen. Any advice? Would ice packs do anything at this point?

Incisions and Swelling @ 1week


Dr apt one week out????

Went to one week apt today and got all of my drains out and those spongy flower things off nipples. I'm so excited and feel great!!! I have to put this petroleum paper on top of nipples for seven days just to keep healthy. Dr said for as much work as I had done the swelling is to be expected. I go back in two weeks. He said the swelling in breasts will last 2-3 months aprox and tummy 4-6 months. Pics posted! The one is my lap.... Did you know we are supposed to have a lap?? ????????

One week post op pics

Feeling good!!

3 week update

Doing better each day, but still wear out quickly. Breasts hurt worse than the huge incision on tummy. New belly button has bothered me a lot, I think it's trying to take on its new position and nerves make it feel strange.

The glue tape on my abdomen from hip to hip finally pealed off the rest of the way tonight after a warm shower.

I finally slept in the bed last night but still more comfortable in the recliner. I go for my three week check up on Tuesday.

Breasts have a thin spiral type wire around areola that is itchy and driving me nuts. I hope he takes that out.

Everyone says how great I look and how I am standing up straighter!! I bet!! 24 lbs lost with surgery, minus the fluids still from swelling.

Which dr said swelling will be around for 6 months until final product.

Here are some new pics.
The Woodlands Plastic Surgeon

My Dr. is very well known in Houston and does many surgeries like this each day. I have actually known this Dr for many many years.

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