I'm Hating my Double Jaw Surgery Results - Houston, TX

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I feel like my upper jaw was moved forward too...

I feel like my upper jaw was moved forward too much and now I look like a chimp. Originally my upper jaw was supposed to be moved forward 6.3mm and my lower jaw was supposed to be rotated to the right. My doctor then changed it to 7.5mm upper jaw and lower jaw also moved FORWARD 1.5mm. I was very uneasy about this because my lower jaw was already long and I didn't want it to look longer. I have always been very insecure about that. But since I was also getting chin reduction he said it would even out. I also said I didn't want to end up looking like a chimp. He said it would be ok and I would not look like a chimp. I trusted him and now I regret it. I don't regret the surgery itself, I regret not being more firm to him about what I wanted. People kept telling me to trust my surgeon, he knows best. Well, he obviously had a different perception then what I wanted. Even though I showed him plenty of pictures of what I was expecting. He is an amazing surgeon and was recommended by many people and doctors, but I don't know what happened in my case. I know I am still swollen, but by this time most people are very happy with their results. All I see is my long jaw still there plus now a chimp-like upper jaw. I am so depressed. I talked to him about it but he says that I look fine. My sister agrees with me. I am trying to get him to do a revision. He said he can consider it but insurance will probably not approve it. I'm so upset. He told me before surgery that if something didn't go right he wouldn't charge for a revision. I don't know what to do.

I think my upper jaw should have only been moved 4-5mm forward and my bottom should have been moved BACK (not FORWARD) 2mm or so.

Still very unhappy

I haven't had time to post an update on this site and I am at work right now so I will be quick.

I'm still very unhappy with my results. It is not what I discussed with my doctor. I know a lot of people like the ante face structure but I don't. I showed my surgeon pictures of other'a results that I liked and he assured me he understood what I wanted. I got a second opinion and although this other surgeon still thinks it is too early to tell, looking at my past pictures and X-rays and comparing them to now, he did say he would not have moved my upper so much. I have an appointment with my surgeon in two days and I need to convince him to redo this. I'm so depressed. This is affecting my life so much. I cannot identify with this person I see in the mirror. I preferred my old face than this. I feel like I lost my hereditary looks as well. I used to be told I look like my mom and I don't anymore. He should have moved my upper forward only about 4mm and my lower back about 2mm. It frustrates me south to think that I waited for this all my life, all the money I spent, the torture of braces twice, and the torture post op and to be this unhappy.

Just wanted to show a few more pictures

In this picture you can see how my face looks too big for my body. I'm only 5'2". For some reason when I tell people how I feel about how long my jaw looks they keep comparing me to Angelina Jolie...I wish I looked like that! That is why I am adding a picture of her so you can see just how off that comparison really is. She has high cheek bones, a jaw that is almost parallel to the floor (not steep like mine) and her upper jaw is in line with her forehead, not protruding beyond it. My features just don't look normal. I preferred my face before surgery. My surgeon has taken new pictures and xrays and supposedly will try to get insurance to approve a second surgery to fix what he did. He still claims that I look great, because of course he is going to defend his work.

Another issue that came up, I have been having pain on the roof of my mouth on the left side for about two months now. It turns out that it is a lose plate that will need to come out in two days. I don't think it is just that thought. The pain is not where the plate is. I have heard that sometimes the bone does not fuse together after surgery. I know this is weird, but in my case, I hope that is the case so that my surgeon can have a reason to go back in and fix me with insurance covering. Up to today, I am still not eating properly because it hurts. I'm still on a soft food diet, which I think makes me even more depressed.

I just cannot identify myself with this person I see in the mirror. I used to be told I looked like my mom and now I don't. It makes me so sad! I really want both of my jaws to be brought back about 3mm.

and one more picture

this is to show what I wish my results would have turned out vs how they actually turned out
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