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I have been wanting this for years...after a...

I have been wanting this for years...after a natural birth,a c-section & a laparscopic assisted hysterectomy I'd like to get rid of the pooch,fat & scars as well as have my tummy flat,my breast back close to where they should be & feel comfortable in my skin again. I thought I had a Dr picked but after several talks,emails & an online consult I dont know....the price went from $12,000-14,000 then to $14,000-16,000 then once I sent pics for consult it went to $16,000-19,000. Thats for lipo of the chin,abs,flanks,lower back,full tummy tuck & breast lift or lift w/reduction...never addressed the thighs & hasnt seen me in person (suppose to go in Nov) & didnt answer any questions I sent w/the pics...totally discouraged & confused! Does anyone have an opinion on the price or a great Dr in the Houston or San Antonio area? Do any of you Drs have an opinion on what I should have done?....Thanks!!

Ok,apparently my photos did not upload with my 1st...

ok,apparently my photos did not upload with my 1st post,idk what happened so I will try again! I was really hoping for some drs input on what they would think I need done since I was quoted prices for different things w/o even being asked what I wanted. I have done more "research" after all the issues I've had w/the last Dr's staff & think/hope that I have found another Dr! I am debating on rather to go ahead & go to both consults as well as a 3rd Dr just to be 100% sure of my decision. Im sort of upset that I went from being so sure to being so disappointed & confused. I've waited so long to be able to have this done & this is such a big thing to trust someone to alter your body & pray for it to be better,not worse...I dont want to feel like Frankensteins wife :/

Im 34,married for 16yrs w/2 kids,a 15 yr old...

Im 34,married for 16yrs w/2 kids,a 15 yr old daughter & 13 yr old son. I have had natural child birth,a c-section,a hysterectomy all to have a family,get my children here safely,to keep myself healthy enough to be here to take care of them. I always put them & my hubby 1st & have left myself behind. I was never over weight,always between 110-120 until I started having health issues. The dr put me on meds & hormones & I blew up to 162 in 4 months time along w/alot of other side effects arising! Since having my hysterectomy I have winged myself off everything,have started working out again & even while it's so much harder now I am down to 142....still wanting to lose 12-17 more,Im only 5'2....My husband & children know how long & how bad I've wanted this....this one thing for me & they support it. They love me & accept me,they have said Im beautiful to them but they understand I dont feel that way & they want me happy,healthy & comfortable in my own skin so we can enjoy our time together even more.....YET gggrrrr yet I was told by someone close to me that I am being vain,selfish,stupid,wasteful,careless.....Im stupid to have such a vain surgery,waste the money & something could happen....all because I am shallow! REALLY??!! NEVER,NEVER have I put myself 1st,I wait & wait because it's not a priority or medically necessary & because I dont want us in a bind,make them have to do w/o me,them to have to take up my slack. My kids are beautiful & I dont want them thinking something is wrong w/them because I feel something needs fixing w/me. I have explained I dont mind the stretchmarks or the c-section,hell not even the hysterectomy scars because they all mean I carried life,delivered life & fought for life so how does that make me all those negative things? I just want the fat,rolls,extra skin gone & my body back to as close as normal as it use to be. I have asked my children their opinion because I dont want them to view me in those ways which they dont. They have said they understand & dont see the problem,to go for it,to do something for myself for husband said I think you are sexy,beautiful but if this will make you feel better about yourself then I want to help do this for you,for everything you have & still do for us. He is willing to take care of the kids & responsibilities around here as well as take care of me for the 2weeks he will be thank GOD I have my children & husband & their support even if I have no one elses! Ok Im done venting now

So here's my update so far. I've been...

so here's my update so far. I've been searching,emailing & doing online consults w/Houston area Drs. I had patients on here referr me to Patronella,Steely,Lomonaco,Basu (which are all ones I have on list to check out) as well as a few others. Lomonaco & Basu actually commented on my question w/photos as to what they think I need done,as well as Lomonaco returning my email w/pricing info. Steely & Patronella both did online consults w/me. I sent pics & what I think I need & asked what they thought I'd need & an est on cost. I now have consults w/both these drs come Nov. However as of right now to be honest Im leaning more towards Patronella....Steely's nurse really didnt answer any of my questions on the phone or when I sent to them,she just said oh we can answer those when you come in...where as Patronella's assistant answered a few over the phone & said sure send them,how ever many you can think of & I will have HIM answer them & will email them to you,which she did within 24hrs! Also his website is so detailed w/info on before,during,after,photos,etc. It tells you what each step is that's done w/each procedure.He is the only dr I have found who has discounts w/hotels nearby to stay,car company to get you back & forth. As well as included in his pricing*vitamin/med pkg for 2 wks before & 2 wks after surgery,scar treatment pkg,a complimentary massage post surgery,a home health nurse who visits,does a check up & changes bandages, seems they cover every area to help in recovery. Alot of people go by price when choosing a Dr but as my hubby said,dont focus on the differance in price,focus on what each Dr has to offer,study their before & afters,research their actual patients stories,this is your body,not something to get a deal on,if you're going to get it done,make sure it gets done right so you're happy w/the results,your dr & most of all yourself...sometimes you get what you pay for you know. This time I actually have to agree w/him.(Hell I've paid a little more for tattooes because I've gotten a deal & wasnt happy so learnt my lesson there,studied artists,pics,customer reviews,now I have an artist I trust,Im so happy w/all my tatts,covered,retouched & new so surely if I can do it for some ink I should do the same for something this major!RIGHT?!!) However even though Im leaning one way Im still doing the consults,questions,patient photos,etc because you never really know til you meet them in person & get a good idea of character,skill, when it's all done,I will have a clear choice on the one I trust the most to put my body,health & safety in their hands!

Well I checked out some hotels in the areas around...

well I checked out some hotels in the areas around the drs. Im trying to get an idea of where I can stay while recoverinng the 1st 8-10 days since I live out of town. As of now I have a dr appt Nov 16th & one on Nov 30. Now Im starting to get nervous!! Just hoping & praying that I click w/one of them,the cost is within budget,the surgery date thats available works w/hubby & kids schedule,that the hotel I like has a room available,etc.....guess we shall see.

After switching schedules & appointments...

After switching schedules & appointments around to fit all my online & in person consults all into Nov,I have my last consult on Fri! (11/16/12) Im praying I saved the best for last because frankly the Dr has been my 1st choice through this whole process. All the research on qualifications,years of experience,before & after photos,patient reviews,talking to office staff,doing online consulting,doing in person far I still want this dr! Not that the other 3 I have done all the same steps with arent great,it's just that there's just something in my gut saying this is the one & so Im praying all works out so they can be. Wish me luck :)

Whoohoo! I finally have a dr & yes it's the...

whoohoo! I finally have a dr & yes it's the one I have been praying would work out! I just had a gut feeling from the beginning that he was the one & today it was confirmed. Both my husband & myself loved him,his assistant & the rest of the staff. They are so informative,sweet & friendly. I had sent a list via email to his assistant which had him answer them personally & emailed them back to me all before we actually met so I wouldnt be so worried today about forgetting anything. Today I got to meet him & her,go over any other questions I had,do a view of my body,what I wanted,what he felt I needed(which was less then what I thought)scar locations,surgery time,over night stay,hotel stay period since I live out of town,etc. I never felt pressured or rushed,he actully came back in to answer a few questions I had forgotten,look at a few pics I had on my cell & took the time to draw a picture & completely explain them on paper,which my husband & I thought was awesome of him. I will be going in on Jan 31st for my mommy makever!! He will be doing the true form tummy tuck w/a very low insision (below my c section)but might have small vertical scar unless he is able to cut from the top of the navel,a belly button scar inside my deep innie,a breast lift w/slight reduction(from a DD to a D) doing an achor cut,lipo of the flanks,hips,back,braline,lateral chest,inner thighs & under chin. I was actually discounted for doing things together instead of separately & he is doing my chin for free!! This will take about 5hrs under general anesthesia & he uses a formula under the skin called exparel to help w/pain for a few days afterwards. I will have drains in my tummy but not sure about the breast & if I do it wont be but for a few days. Also included is a free botox area of the face,which you have 4 months to use. They give u a garment,vitamin pkgs for 2 wks before & 2wks after surgery as well a scar treatment pkgs as well as a home health nurse coming to check on you,help you & change bandages 2 days during the stay. We had originally planned to be there about 10 days which landed me coming home on my 35th bday :) but he sd 6 days would be fine so I booked 7 days at the candlewood suites before we left town so that we can go the night before (wed),get settled & relax before the big day. Then I go thurs for surgery,stay til fri morning & then off to the hotel. I will have a nurse come treat me sat,then again mon,go see the dr tues & should be able to head back home til my follow up appt that following tues before my hubby heads back to work. Seems like everything is working out...I sure pray it does,Im so scared yet so excited to finally be able to have this happen.

Oh I forgot to mention,Dr P said if I lost 10lbs...

oh I forgot to mention,Dr P said if I lost 10lbs that would be anyone have any ideas on how to do that within 8-9wks? Also anyone wanna share ideas on what to buy ahead of time to take w/me? Meds,ointments,lotions,garments,foods,drinks,comfort tthings,etc?? Thanks!!

So,I havent blogged in awhile,been super busy! I'm...

So,I havent blogged in awhile,been super busy! I'm working on losing the 10lbs & have lost 4.6lbs w/the help of advocare 10 day cleanse,eating clean & exercise...I have 8 wks left to be at my goal but I'm scared I wont make it...feeling rushed,idk. Im really happy I found a blogger who has already been to my Dr & I can talk w/her,look at pics,read her story,it helps me w/what I might expect but yet Im still getting more & more nervous as time goes by. Im scared I didnt ask all the questions,or wont have all the supplies,or the right kinds of foods,etc. Guess Im just gettine paranoid! Anyways if anyone has any advice please feel free to let me know,thanks!!

Ok so I have 5wks til pre-op & 7wks til...

ok so I have 5wks til pre-op & 7wks til surgery,need to lose another 6lbs I guess by pre-op date. Getting really worried because my husband's job switched him again! He is now gone for 3wks & then back...suppose to be 14 & 14 but I have no idea!! If he comes home & keeps his days off then days on how they are then he will be here for everything as planned...if not then IDK!!! I will not only need a sitter but someone to take me to surgery,pick me up nexy day,take me to hotel,stay over night,someone to get me to dr tues & home wed,ggggrrrrr my bp is high right now from stressing over this. We thought we had everything planned & lined out then get smacked w/this mess....please pray all this works out for me,it's been yrs of waiting!! Thanks!

Just posted 2 wish pics. Believe it or not all...

Just posted 2 wish pics. Believe it or not all that fatness in my before pics wasnt always so bad! I use to be able to wear those types of bikinis! If I can find an old pic of me I will upload it as proof lol. I was 95lbs forever,then weighted 105 lbs 34C,24,35 on my wedding day,weight 136lbs having my daughter & 162lbs having my son. Never weighted more than 115lbs after having 2 children til I hit 25! That's when all my health issues started as I stated here before...I have lost 20lbs,off all meds & ready to get my body as close to normal as can be. These pics depress me yet give me motivation to move forward & strive for my goals!!

Ggggrrrrr Another thing to get me paranoid! My mom...

ggggrrrrr Another thing to get me paranoid! My mom watched some sick kids a few days ago & I was around them a whole 2hrs...not knowing they were sick at the time & sure enought Im sick now! I went to dr yesterday,got a shot,some deconex IR for fluid behind my ears & amoxil for the infection in my throat! Then my hubby called last night,he's so sick & is stuck at work 2 more wks. I told him to at least go to a walk in clinic & get a shot & meds so he can take them at work. Really cant afford to take meds,get well,him come home,get me sick,then surgery get cancelled!! So worried now. I finish my meds on Dec 27th,he comes home Jan 2nd & go for my preop Jan 15th....please pray all goes well,thanks!

Just a short post since I really dont have much to...

Just a short post since I really dont have much to say until my preop. It seems everyone is over being sick,thank God because I was worried! I just realized that my hubby comes home the 2nd,I go for preop the 15th & I have bought NOTHING for surgery,hotel,food,etc! So if anyone has any input on what to have at hotel for my wk stay,what to eat,what to wear,please give ur input because I hate shopping but really need to get w/it & Im scared I wont have everything I need,especially while being away from home,Thanks!! Oh also I had said when I found my skinny bikini pic Id post so I did along w/my scars pic,my dream tummy results & my hubbys awesome belly :)

Im really upset! I've had 2months to lose just...

Im really upset! I've had 2months to lose just 10lbs & no matter what I try it's not happening! I've only missed 2 days of working out,(1 mile on treadmill,boflex-leg presses,chest presses,biceps,triceps,rows...brazilian butt lift dvds) I stay exhausted & hungry! Im doing the clean eating meal plan w/drinknig only water & green tea while everyone around me eats when ever & whatever they want...I did the advocare cleanse & lost 4.6lbs & havent lost anything else since...havent gained any back but havent lost what I needed to :( I dont want the dr to think Im lazy or think that this is a weight management type thing for me beause thats not the case at all. I've tried everything that all my in shape,athletic friends & family have told me (even tried what my marathon running,2 yrs ago tummy tuck patient,116lb younger sister told me) While it works for all them,none of it seems to work for me. Idk wth.... a friend told me,I no longer have the hormones which apparently effect your thyroid,which effects your metabolism,which effects your weight...ALL of this is effecting my attitude,stress,depression....tomorrow I am going to start "alamased" liquid diet & see how it goes the next 4 days since my post op is in 5 :/ Im hoping I lose some more by then so he can see that at least Im trying & hopefully will meet the 10lb mark w/n the 2wks before surgery!! Pray for me & wish me luck!

On a whole different note,I actually went shopping...

on a whole different note,I actually went shopping today. I got slippers w/grips,socks w/grips,no show socks,2 button up gowns,2 button up pj sets,3 pj pants,5 athletic pant suits w/zipper tops,2 shorts(in case hotels hot),3 tanks(to wear under garment since peeps say it helps),3 flat sheets (to throw over the recliner since peeps say you ooze w/lipo) 2 reg pillows,1 body pillow. Also grabbed a lg bottle of germ-x & a 1st aid kit w/gauze,bandages,bandaids,gloves,butterfly stitches,tape,etc...sadly most of it have latex so I cant use them :( Basically I got all clothing I think I will need & hopefully I got big enough for the garments & swelling. I still have to get all of my supplies & then get all my food before we head out of town. I feel a little better but still have so much to do before my surgery date gets here! I go for pre-op tues the 15th then my hubby leaves wed the 16th,comes home wed the 30th & shortly after we have to load up & head to Houston,then surgery is thurs 31st. We still havent mentioned it again to anyone else other than my younger sis & closest friend who know the details because they are supportive,but we are debating on telling my mom & older sis..maybe his parents all before we head out...since we figured they are gonna find out anyway & dont want them hearing it from someone else...but idk...we just dont want the bs & stress of their mouthing,judging,etc. Guess we will c.

Wow! So tomorrow is my pre-op! Starting to set in...

wow! So tomorrow is my pre-op! Starting to set in that this is really gonna happen...Im sure it will hit me when I have to hand over that lump of money :/ We had already put $2800 to hold the surgery date & we have decided w/the amount left it would be best to put down half & finance half w/care credit just to be on the safe side financially. Last thing I want is something to come up that causes us to be in a bind because then I'd feel so guilty. Hoping all goes well w/labs & we can move forward w/the set surgery date!! Really need to get the rest of my supplies together as well....I have 2 wks...wish me luck :)

Yay!! Pre-op went well. I filled out...

yay!! Pre-op went well. I filled out paperwork,talked to the nurse, visited w/DR.P,went over everything again like Im only down 6lbs instead of 10lbs but I have 2 more wks...scar placement & such.Told him not to be vain but I want the smallest & the lowest scars possible so instead of hiding flaws I can embrace the new me w/o worrying about hiding scars. He sd just tell me where you want them & I'll do it...of course I told him do what was absolutely necessary to do the job right but still & he sd he understood & would do. I trust him & so does my husband so we are good to go. I got my bag of goodies,vitamins,gauze,pads,soap,etc & did our payments. Guess theres no backing out now!! Surgery is set for Jan 31st so all thats left to do is get prescriptions,supplies & food :)

Had to stop my almased shakes yesterday,went &...

Had to stop my almased shakes yesterday,went & got all my meds filled & started my recovery kit today. The recovery kits has a.m vitamins & p.m vitamins that you begin taking 2wks before & continue for 2wks after surgery, Bromelain w/Quercetin that you begin 3 days before surgery 3x a day & continue for another 10 days after (as this helps your tissues heal) & Arnica Montana that you take 3x a day from the day of surgery for 7-14 days to help w/bruising & swelling.The meds I got filled were Xaretto,a blood thinner,Nucynta for pain,Cefadroxil(sub for Duricef) an antibiotic,Alprazolam(sub for Xanax) for anxiety & Ondansetron(sub for zofran) for nausea. Got my rubbermaid packed w/supplies....just have a few more things to add to it & buy some food & I'll be all set. Getting really nervous/excited/scared......

WOW! I cant believe it's only 1wk away. Next wed I...

WOW! I cant believe it's only 1wk away. Next wed I will be traveling to Houston for a wk to have my mommy makeover on Thurs Jan 31st....seemed time went slow at 1st but now it's zooming! Luckily I have everything together,supplies & bags are even packed already. Just have to buy food & add last minute things to my this is getting real :/ My kids sd last night--son,"wait,next wed,ur going next wed?" daughter,"Dang it's approaching quick" I was like " Im scared" they of course sd not to be, it will be fine & they pray that Im kids are awesome!! My hubby asks me everyday "r u ready,getting scared,getting nervous? He sd Im praying it works out,that everything goes smooth...he even sd I hope you r so happy you cry!" (Anyone who knows me knows I dont cry too easily :) so at least I have my 3 loves & their support....

Well Im hoping I have everything packed &...

Well Im hoping I have everything packed & ready. We will be heading to Houston tomorrow evening when the hubby gets home. My surgery is set for Thursday at 8am so I have to be there by 7am. Idk if i will be able to post pics b4 I get back home...we will be in Houston til the 6th but I will post as soon as I can.....wish me luck & pray all goes well.

So yesterday was eventful! Hubby had to go to...

So yesterday was eventful! Hubby had to go to meeting right after work so we left hours later than planned, but got to see our kids b4 we left. Get to Houston hotel n they say they have no room! Then was trying to work things out,the lady finally realized the man was looking at the wrong people since their were 2 of us w/the same last name checking after 30 mins & mine & my hubby's BP going up they figured out we were booked into a room we booked over a month ago...except w/o a roll in shower but we will make it work! So instead of a relaxing getting ready day we had a stressful long day & finally got to settle down about 9:30pm. Took a nice hot shower together, got intimate & called it a night :) Was up at 5:20, now showered & ready to head to the surgery center by 7,surgery's at 8....wish me luck!

Finally getting to do my checkup: Thurs 31st was...

finally getting to do my checkup: Thurs 31st was surgery date,got there, did all the pre-op stuff & finally got started around 8:45a.m....I remember nothing after being marked & getting a cocktail until waking up in recovery. Apparently surgery ended up taking about 6hrs to complete. I had chin,bra line & love handles lipoed,breast lifted w/slight reduction which was done as an anchor scar,a new belly button & the front of scar an inch higher to avoid a vertical scar & each side about 3 inches longer tp avoid dog ears....however I brought bikini bottoms to try & the scars are covered so it's a;; good :) I stayed over night in & out of it & not making any since. My husband & kids came in Fri Feb 1st to recovery to pick me up & talk to the dr. We got to the hotel & got me settled in. My kids & hubby were wonderful at taking care of me,helping me to the rest room,giving me meds,making sure I get food & drinks,getting me showered,bandages changed,etc. Kids went back home w/their aunt Sun night & the hubby stayed & continued to take care of me. Today is Tues Feb 5th & I had my 1st post op appt. had bandages,leggings & drains removed then had steristrips support bra & girdle placed. Dr P sd everything is looking good so I will see him on the 12th. He was even nice enough to take pics during surgery & make me a cd which I will upload from as soon as I can :)

So recovery had been going well until I woke up...

so recovery had been going well until I woke up Wed (2/6) in terrible pain! The left side of my back,rib cage,under arm & breast in throbbing,unbearable pain,me in tears & my hubby & kids not knowing what to do because Im not a cryer! I had knots the size of my fist & so swollen I couldnt lift my arm...not good,Im left handed. My hubby got me into the shower where I cried uncontrolably & had to sit in a chair n just hold myself the pain was so bad. When I was done showering & covered he rubbed the knots as more tears fell til I finally got some relief. The kids went to school & I laid up all day in & out of it because it hurt to move,to even breath. I was scared something was bad wrong. I dealt w/the pain til Fri when my hubby sd enough & called the Dr. Come to find out it's from the lipo. Apparently fat cells,fluid,etc can get trapped so I was told to have hubby apply vitamin E & massage,use a heating pad a few times a day & they called in an order for pain meds,Loratab....since I've been on nothing since being home. You would not beleive the difference all that made. My daughter sat by me & rubbed all the knotted areas for about an hr,I then applied the heating pad for 1/2hr & took 1/2 pain pills as I was scared it would make me sick. By bed time the knots were down about 80% & I felt sooo much better. 3 days of crying,terrible,unbearable pain....I finally found some relief,thank God & my wonderful hubby,kids & Dr for all their help & fixing the problem. Today is sat (2/9) I woke up feeling alot better w/many of the knots gone & the ones still there have gotten smaller. I got up,took 1/2 a pain pill,turned on the heating pad & got on realself :) letting the loved ones who have been so good to me sleep in. Im so thankful I have kids & a hubby who have been so supportive,helpful,loving through all of this. They amaze me on how willing they are to help w/pets,dishes,clothes,meals,getting me water,blankets,meds,helping me shower,bandage,get in my garment,get settled in at night (as Im still in a recliner)rub the knots,just hang out so I dont feel alone. I do think having love & support makes all the difference. I do miss laying in bed w/my hubby,listening to his heartbeat & touching his skin, I miss hanging outside w/my kids,riding 4wheelers & such, I miss playing w/the pets...the cats,the dogs....our pups are getting big quick but as my great support team keeps reminding will be ok,this will be worth it,they r here & we can do all that again soon :)

Well we had a scare last op day 11 &...

well we had a scare last op day 11 & I was taking a shower suddenly felt light headed & nauseated so knots on wall for hubby to come,he walked in & i sd catch thing I know Im up again the wall sitting on the floor. He caught me & sat me down,sd he almost called 911 because my eyes rolled back,I was talking out of my head then he thought I stopped breathing! Very scarey & on top of that after getting myself together,I finished my shower & discovered I had puss on each breast where they T together so that worried me as well,changed out streri strips & went to bed because luckily I had my 1st massage & a post op appt the next morning. Today is post op day up & ready,went to massage & she removed my strips because she sd she could use lotion or dr would do it dry :/ would say it the massage was nice but was expecting more pressure on all these knots,I want them gone & the pain over!! Then I was off to the dr where they took out the stitches that were left on my sides,nipples,& edge of breast (however the right edge breast one was missed so idk how Im getting it out??) they looked over everything & sd I am healing very well. There is no more puss & they sd it was normal for some ooz as long as it didnt smell but that these areas already seemed to have dried up,yay! Also they switched out my belly gauze for an earplug to keep my belly button a nice,round innie. My strepi strips were replaced w/smaller flesh colored ones since it seemed the others were irriating my skin. As for the fainting he sd it worries him but that it could be my blood sugar from not eating enough or my bp from not waiting long enough after taking off my garment b4 getting in the hot shower so now I have to take off the garment,sit for 5 mins then the garment suppresses the blood flow so when I remove it the blood flow changes & effects my bp so to give my body time for it to adjust b4 changing my temp w/a shower....hope that's all it is!! I was given more steri strips & earplugs & now go every 2 wks. With everything that was going on I forgot about the cd of pics til we were headed back home so I had to call & they sd they would mail nice. I had been waiting to post his so they would all be in timely order but since it couls be awhile I guess I will upload the pics I have taken & then do the dr's once I get them....

Sorry for all the mis prints but cant really proof...

sorry for all the mis prints but cant really proof read on my cell!! But Im sure u ladies can decode the above :)

After a day & 1/2 & having to do 4 pics at a time....

after a day & 1/2 & having to do 4 pics at a time...8 updates later I finally have some post of pics uploaded!! Hubby left for work today so now it's just me during the day & kiddos w/me in the evening....trying not to over due anything but washed 4 loads of clothes & I guess the bending was bad because my belly is really swollen :(

Still stuck in the recliner,tried the couch &...

still stuck in the recliner,tried the couch & lasted a whole hr...called around today & was able to find a place to do my massage 30 mins from home instead of almost 2hrs away so going on the 19th for that. Really tired,cant sleep because I cant get comfortable & the swelling in my back & the knots especially in my left underarm are so painful Im miserable!! Praying massages help,so ready for a good nights sleep & this pain to be gone!!!! I've also noticed I been breathing funny since surgery,almost like Im not getting enough air....weird. I do feel better though since took of my garment & walked around free then tried on panties,bras,bikinis....seems I have went from DDD/E to a D & from 7-8 to 6-7 from lg to med & my scar is covered in everything I've tried,Hell yeah :)

Day 16 & I actually drove kids,my mom & I 20 mins...

day 16 & I actually drove kids,my mom & I 20 mins to DQ for lunch. It was scary & sort of painful but I managed. Felt good to get out of the house other than riding w/the hubby to the dr & back & to have a lil independance again....hopefully things just keep getting better.

Finally got the dr's cd in so uploaded some of...

Finally got the dr's cd in so uploaded some of those pics....some or kind of u've been warned!

So today marks 3wks! I am off all meds even pain...

So today marks 3wks! I am off all meds even pain pills,I am walking up right...unless I sit or sleep too long then Im humped over for a bit til I loosen back up. I am now sleeping in recliner & on couch as I still cant get in & out of my bed :/ Both breast underneath where they T together arent draining anymore but do have yellowish patches that concern me but Im praying is normal & will find out the 1st when I go back to the dr. I still have painful lipo knots mainly on left breast,left underarm,left side...I do have some on my chin,flanks & inner thighs as well but they arent painful like the others. They screwed up my massage appt the 19th in Victoria so I didnt get one,now Im scheduled for one on Fri,hopefully it helps! My left breast is still swollen so it is now bigger than my right...Im hoping they are the same when all is healed!! My right side of tummy incision is more swollen then the left but the incision is looking good. Im concerned that my right hip might have a small dog ear showing up & Im praying not because I dont want to revise anything after the pain I've been through & am still going through! My belly button looks weird to me but I guess time will tell. On a positive note,Im down 11lbs from surgery day & I was able to go get 2 victoria's secret bras size 36D & 5 panties size M....I posted pics :)

Well it took til day 24 for me to actually get to...

Well it took til day 24 for me to actually get to sleep in my bed,however I woke up majorly swollen. After getting up,removing my garment for 20mins then redressing I felt better. That was until I went outside & one of the dogs jumped up & hit my right side,hip,stomach area,it hurt like hell,now it's been swollen & hurting all day. Praying it didnt mess anything up. I dont go back to the dr til the 1st so pleae pray all is ok!!

Today marks 4wks (28 days) & Im making...

Today marks 4wks (28 days) & Im making progress,slowly but surely. The scars are softening & fading a bit,the swelling is decreasing as well. Im still concerned about the T area of my breast as they are still a yellowish color & red around them. Im also still concerned my left breast is bigger than my right so still praying it's just swollen & needs to drop & then they will be the same :/ I still dont like my belly button,havent from the me it looks like the bottom is pulling downward & it needs to go to the left a tad,also I no longer have the upper arch/cap at top of navel like my old navel before all my sureries & scars but I guess I will have to get use to it & of course its a better trade off than it sagging & scars there! My tummy scar has been smooth sailing since the beginning,Thankfully!! But by far the worse is still the lipo! I have had 3 massage treatments,have a 4th on 3/4/13 & while some of the knots have gotten smaller,gotten better the one on the left area that I posted pics of is still terrible & painful!! I think if it wasnt for that I'd be good to go but instead Im still miserable dealing w/this constant pain & it really limits me!! I go to the Dr for my ck up tomorrow so Im going to address all this w/him & hopefully there is something he can do about the massive knot that feel like hard plastic & had indentions in it so that I can actually use my left arm normally....since Im freaking left handed! Will update on all that later. Oh also tried uploaded 4wk pics but they arent going so will try later.....

Went to my 4wk ck up & was told while the breast T...

went to my 4wk ck up & was told while the breast T area is a concern it's a common 1 & to keep cleaning like I have been & they will continue to get better. The tummy is all good,scar is healing nicely. He sd the navel will go in farther once the swelling goes down completely & it wont look so stretched yet there's no way to make it look as straight as I'd like. As for the chin & body knots I just have to continue w/massage therapy & give it time :( So I guess all in all Im healing well & he was really happy w/the way Im looking. He sd "wow u are looking awesome,especially w/it only being 4wks,u will continue to get smaller & tighter looking & even better once u are completely healed" Also I only have to wear steri strips & garment for 2 more weeks,got my scar therapy packet to start in 2wks,can take baths starting today & see him again in a month.

Oh when I went to dr they sd they didnt measure...

oh when I went to dr they sd they didnt measure the breast amount taken but that the lio was 2350cc & belly was 1740 grams so est 9lbs from that so I say w/that & my breast going down 3 inches around & 3 bra sizes at least 10lbs total was taken off my body!! CRAZY!!
Also some may say TMI but we are all adult so here it the 4wk mark my hubby & I got intimate,his 1st day home in 15days...he hadnt seen me since my 2wk mark,guess he was happy w/the new bod so far lol....we took it slow & carefully because I was scared & he was scared,neither wanted to hurt me :) it was nice,weird & kind of tummy felt like a charlie that normal?? I know some women had sex sooner than 4wks so I was just wondering if there were any issues. I had to wait 6wks after childbirth & c-section & a whole 12wks after hysterectomy so far us waiting on 4wks seemed too soon....anyways thanks for any input u might have...

Tomorrow marks 5wks....I went to the dr fri,while...

tomorrow marks 5wks....I went to the dr fri,while there I sd I have a bump on my breast,he sd man u look closely & sd it was fine.Well my breast has been swollen & sore,tonight I went to adjust garment bra & felt something wet,opened it & ooz was coming through the strip,took the steri strip off & a pus ball came out then ooz & blood,now I have a hole. Figure its a spitting stitch but need to know can I treat it or do I have to go in to have suture removed?? Emailed Eva & hope to hear something tomorrow a.m,if not I will be calling by noon!! Thought things were looking up :/

Im at 5wks today & will say Im feeling...

Im at 5wks today & will say Im feeling better,doing better. Can move more,do more,I am now able to sleep in my bed & on my side a bit to relieve my back some at night. I have been putting bacitracin on my T areas where they are trying to heal & triple antibiotic on my spit stitch (which has already closed...Thank GOD) Hoping this means things are looking up & getting better!

Im at 6wks now! I have been doing better.The knots...

Im at 6wks now! I have been doing better.The knots are slowly getting smaller & less painful,thank God! Im still doing massage therapy for them which I believe is why they are getting better. My lipo incisions are starting to smooth out but still have a few that dip in :/ My tummy scar is looking great! My left breast is almost completely right one however is still being stubborn,since I rolled over the other night & it tore a tiny bit & bled. My chin still has knots & I feel like there isnt much of a difference which Im not happy about...was really hoping not to have a double chin in our anniversary pics :( Also I still dont like my belly button. Its not like my old one,cute,little innie w/a's more of a longer,stretched downward innie that goes alittle to the right...idk I just dont like it but guest I'll get use to is better than the scar that was down it from my prior surgeries. I tried going w/o the garment a few days. I wore reg clothes w/the garment & went to a baby shower,the next day I wore reg clothes w/o the garment & went to a bday party,the following day I wore reg clothes w/o the garment & bought my new ride....I think all that was a little too much too quick because by that night it was swell hell! Had to sleep in the garment & wore it the whole next day & was back to athletic pants because reg pants wouldnt button...I went w/o the garment yesterday but wore yoga pants,then slept in it last night & Im not a swollen so I guess for me I will be sleeping in it a bit longer :/ I start scar therapy today as well so guess we will see how well that works! Overall Id say so far Im happy w/my seemed to have taken forever for the pain,the knots,the swelling,the wounds to all get better but thankfully in time,it did. Hoping to have the wounds healed,the scar therapy to go well,the knots to dissolve,the chin & belly button to improve & the swelling to stop within the next few weeks/months so I will be ready to go come summer time!

Im now at wk 7. The positives are that I like have...

Im now at wk 7. The positives are that I like have smaller breast & a flatter tummy. I look better in my clothes,more confident around people & can wear bikinis,cute tops,sexy bras :) no more muffin top or love handles & am down a size & 12lbs since surgery. The negatives are that my right breast is now smaller than my left post-op when it was bigger pre-op,so I still have uneven breast :( I still hate my belly button...its lop sided & weird! Will be asking about a revision there!! Also Im still having to go to massage therapy to get these lipo knots to dissolve & Im worried that the lump on my left hip isnt just a knot but an area that will have to be revised. Also my left tummy to crotch area is flat however the right is still pouched/swollen & I have about a 4-5inch area along my incision right above my crotch that is a hard as a rock...praying Im wrong. I know it takes months to heal so Im trying to be patient. Over all even w/the negatives I know my body looks better than before,better than it has in 7-8yrs!!

Ok so Im at 8wks today. I dont want to sound...

ok so Im at 8wks today. I dont want to sound completely negative because my body still looks better than before,no doubt! I love my dr & believe he really does care about his patients & dont regret choosing him as my surgeon. I know many people end up needing revisions,I was just hoping I wouldnt be one of them. But I realized that when I laid down my right side felt different than the left then I bent to get clothes off the floor & caught a glimse in the bathroom mirror. My right side had extra skin!! Like enough to need a revision to remove it! My sister measured & its over 2inches when I grab Im posting pics,hope u can see what Im talking about. Also Im still hating the lopsided navel & everytime I take the earplug out it closes up. On top of that I still have pain & lipo knots :( I go for my 8wk ck up tomorrow & this will all be addressed & will post how it goes!

I had my 8wk ck up today & addressed all my...

I had my 8wk ck up today & addressed all my worries w/Dr.P. He told me Im too critical of myself & that I need to be patient...(Im not good at that!) He sd the left breast is still swollen due to the knot on the side/underarm area so that could be why my breast seem uneven but that they are healing well. He sd the knots have gotten smaller & in a few months if they don't seem to change from today he will give me shots to help dissolve them, the looseness I see could be because the right side has relaxed & the left hasn't due to knots,he cant cut that w/o leaving a scar on my side & it would have to be lipoed to thin it out. He sd if I work out it should thin out on its own...again give it time. As for the navel it's closing up because the tissue is still swelling so I need to keep packing it & its tugging due to the swelling & possibly scar tissue but we have to wait & see once swelling has ened...which will be several more months. He did say if he & I see & agree on things needing fixed after 6months or so he would be happy to fix it! Anyways after my visit I do feel better!! I know I need to be patient & less critical & to remember Im still healing & I need to be patient!! I go back to see him in 2 months so in the mean time Im going to try focusing on the positive & enjoy that my body looks better now than pre-op!! :)

Today is my 9wk mark & Im feeling good! Had my 8wk...

Today is my 9wk mark & Im feeling good! Had my 8wk check up,got a few of my issues talked over & giving everything more time. Im still seeing changes so Im staying positive. Also Im excited & not letting anything bring me down!! Tomorrow my hubby & I are going out of town for our 16th anniversary which is actually 4/12(and we will be together 20yrs ion 4/24) My younger sister wil be watching my kids & we just told the family we are going to a bed & breakfast. What only our kids know is that we are also renewing our vows! :) We bought clothes & new rings,wrote our vows this time & everything. I have a friend who for a living does hair & makeup who's going to do that for me before we head out of town,then get there,checked in,changed & do the ceremony & sm reception. They marry you,take pics,let u video,provide a sm cake & wine for the toast. Then sat we get breakfast at 9am,a 1hr couples massage,a romantic dinner for 2 at 6:30pm.They have a private hot tub on our patio,a nature trail,canoe ride, as well as resturants,wineries,etc near by. We are both so excited!! Im like body,new vows,new rings....even got me a new car...chevolet equinox :) But Im keeping the same awesome man!! :) Im one blessed woman!!

Well Im at 10wks today! 1st off our renewal was...

well Im at 10wks today! 1st off our renewal was AMAZING!! We had such an awesome,romantic,relaxing time. I will be posting a pic of me in my bikini & in my dress( going by measurements I bought a 12 to fit my D breast but & had to have it altered down everywhere else to an 8 & even had to have the top taken up a smedge too :) Anyways I started working out again & been doing fine but this week my daughter & I started Jullian Michaels 20 mins kickboxing workouts along w/Brazil 18 min tummy tuck ab workout. I was fine Mon did no abs,then Tues a lil swollen after ab work,after Wed workout including abs I was really swollen & by bedtime I looked 4-5 months pregnant,stomach cramping,tight ass hell & hurt to rub! SCARED me!! But after sleeping its back down,yet til tight & hurts....guess I wont be doing abs or maybe not so much ab work at once or as aften....anyone have advice on that? Other than that I think my healing is moving along,scar treatent is going well & I only have those 2 stubburn knots left on the left underarm/shoulder area & the left love handle area :/ Posting body pics of this wk as always...

Sorry for typos in previous post. I forgot to say...

sorry for typos in previous post. I forgot to say I am also tanning now,well in a tanning bed. Im rubbing a sunblock stick over the scars & wearing a thong w/a strapless bra as to make sure the scars are covered as well as wearing a round silocone sheet over my navel scar so hopefully it fades & doesnt darken....ok I think that's it for now :)

Im now at 11 wks. Nothing has really changed since...

Im now at 11 wks. Nothing has really changed since last week other than the tummy not swelling due to me stopping all ab workouts. Im still doing my other workouts,clean eating,tanning,scar treatment,everything else & seem to be moving right along. :)

Im at 12wks now & things are going fine. My navel...

Im at 12wks now & things are going fine. My navel is starting to finally stay a lil open in the center but still isnt "normal" & still lopsided. Im posting pics of the navel scar & my breast scars...might not be really clear but w/the lighting & doing it myself it's the best I could get. I dont go back to see the Dr for anothe month so guess we'll see how it goes.

Ok not trying to come off as rude here but I been...

ok not trying to come off as rude here but I been looking on the sight & realized I have been complaining about issues w/my body & realized many women are having or have had worse issues w/their results than me. I also noticed so many have had infections,busted incisions,spitting stitches,ones who are bruised EVERYWHERE from lipo while I was only bruised on my lowerback/love handles & they are bloody-on incisions,through their gauze,etc I wasnt...mine were neat & clean from day 1,no blood & nastiness other than the lipo pads having oozing fluid which I changed anyways guess I shouldnt complain. Many are unhappy that their incisions are high,that they cant wear the sexy undies or bikinis they were hoping for & Im able to do guess instead of harping on what I'd like to revise I need to stay more positive on the good results I recieved! My Dr really is amazing,as a person,as a dr,as a surgeon. I look so much better than before & have a new found confidence in my own skin that I have never had,even younger,at 105-115lbs,before cellulite,stretch marks,scars & babies. I do realize he did an amazing job w/what he had to work with,that I look good now & should be happy about it! While Im hoping the right side can be tightened a bit to even me out & while I think the navel is just gonna stay this way...I say overall Im still Lucky! The navel isnt such a big deal,after all I had a 1 1/2 inch scar down it before from a hysterectomy along w/4 other scars on my belly from the surgery so a lil scar around it & it being a lil's is still better than before. As for the tummy scar,Im so happy it is as low as my c-section was so Im able to wear skippy stuff if I want :) As for the boob scars,I dont mind them because honestly I'd rather have them then ther huge breast that made me even more self-continous. Anyways I will work on being more positive & take things as they come!!

Im at 13wks now & pretty much body wise everything...

Im at 13wks now & pretty much body wise everything is the same,Im still trying to tone up overall & get a few more lbs off to were Im in my happy place weight wise...I went in wed May 1st & got custom lasik on both eyes so now Im healing from that....the down side though is no exercise for 2wks!! or tanning....Really wanting to lose another 10lb by summer & this is another "set back" but so worth no more contacts & glasses after 20yrs of having them! :)

Im at 14 wks as of thurs. Getting aggrevated due...

Im at 14 wks as of thurs. Getting aggrevated due to weight gain :( I have not been able to work out in over a week due to lasik & I have gained 6lbs back!! It's crazy how hard u have to work to maintain results :/ Really hoping to get bakc on track once released from lasik dr....

Im at 15wks since makeover & 2 wks since lasik

I finally get to start working out...again....since the eye surgery! Im so mad right now! Im now up 8lbs & boy can u tell! To me I look "fat" "pudgy" whatever.That means about 4lbs each week that I couldnt work out :( insane I say! I have to get it back off before my next checkup or Im sure I'll hear it from Dr. P!! I uploaded pics & u can see where the right side of the tummy scar is drooping,where my navel is lopsided even inside,but you can also see how my breast,navel & tummy scars are fading well. I also uploaded a pic of my eyes so you can see the broken vessels have almost completely healed. Its weird to not wear contacts or glasses but my night blindness is still worse than before & each day I have to do drops before I can even see to get out of bed. It feels like sand in ur eyes...hopefully this goes away!! Went for my 1 wk checkup & apparently my right eye seems to be healing faster than the left. Just ready to bwe done healing from everything....Anyways I guess that's it for now.

Im at 16 wks today & at 3wks since lasik

Getting very upset w/my weight gain! Im up 8lbs & u can see in my lastest pics. Looks as if my braline/underarm area is "fat" again as well as my love handles...I can finally get back to working out!! Another thing is that 2 months after surgery I was fitted for victoria secret 36D wireless bras & again 2wks ago when I went back to get underwire ones yet today as u can see in the pic they are now too small :( I put on my old 36DD & it fits....frankly beyond pissed! Apparently my hormones are allowing them to still grow more which has been an on going problem for 7yrs & sadly was a chance I knew when I had them reduced...hell should have chopped them to a freaking B!! But on a positive note I can see clearly now! Lasik is healing well & it's weird to be able to read from distances I couldnt before...anyways posting some body pics in pockadots :)

I went yesterday for my 4 month ck up (tomorrow will be 17wks)

I once again addressed the looseness on my right side & under my arm pit next to my breast,the lump on the left love handle,the lump by the left side of navel which seems to tug at my navel,the loose skin in the right side of tummy scar,as u can see in my pic the scar goes down,droops there & I once again addressed the belly button because I was shown w/ a pen drawn on me where my scar would be inside yet it's around the outside & still looks lopsided.He told me that Im looking great,am being too harsh on myself,give it time,Im still healing,that the knots will continue to get better & go away...mind u I've been doing massage therapy since 2wks post op & still have 2 more knots to get rid of,but the major one under my left armpit did finally dissolve,however the area beneath my tummy scar like 2 inches or more is as hard as a rock no matter how much I massage! He told me there's only so much skin he can take off & can only make it so tight. Sd he doesnt like to do revisions til at least 8 months of healing time. SO IM STILL WAITING! I will say I am happier w/the post op body compared to the pre op body but I pd ALOT of money for this....I can handle the boobs,the lipo areas & even the belly but I dont like the belly button or how the right side seems looser than the left...I dont expect perfection but I want damn close for the money I spent & the yrs I waited to do so! He told me to keep working out & to work out my belly muscles,that it would all help even everything out & I would see the difference. I go back in Aug so guess we will see how things are by then. For now Im trying to be positive & focus on enjoying the summer w/my hubby & kids & go from there....

did my post update yesterday

so Im posting just pics today...updated ones,comparing ones,etc

forgot to upload this pic w/the rest!

18wks since mommy makeover & 1 month since lasik

1st off, I went to my lasik ck up yesterday which went ok but apparently my right eye is 20/25 & my left is 25/30 even though w/them both together Im 20/20??? Idk but anyways I have to go back in 1 month to see the surgeon to make sure the left eye is healing ok & doesnt need farther correcting. 2nd I have been back to working out & back down to 145lbs....I weighed 150 before surgery & 153 when I came home....139 has been my lowest since surgery & 150 has been my highest...when I wasnt able to workout after lasik :/ my overall goal is 130-135 because I need to have the 11lbs that were cut off plus 3 more lbs down in case revision is an option down the road. So far I've noticed my tummy is getting flatter but I still have the mulitiple knots along my incision line above my crotch & I still have a knot on my left hip/love handle,however my scars are all healing great! I have switched from just using the Dr's scar treatment to doing treatment in the a.m & p.m as usual but also sleeping w/silocone sheets over them & they seem to be lightening even more,faster this way. So thats about it....also up loading this wks p[ics of course :)

been 19wks since my surgery

I have started Plexus & have been working out far Im only down 2lbs but several inches overall & seem to be toning. I actually had someone see a pic of me on fb & tell me I look thinner in the face then when they last saw me(about a month ago) so guess Im not the only one who can see it,guess it is really working :) Other than that not much has changed as far as healing.scars,my concerns,etc so posting my weekly pics as usual :)

20 weeks since surgery

I have been on plexus 9 days,down 5lbs & several overall inches including 1/2in above & 1/2in below my navel :) I have also noticed Im not so swollen by the end of the day nor am I retaining fluid like I was seems to be working & helping alot! Today is my sons 14th bday & tomorrow we will be having a pool party w/the family doing burgers,cake,gifts....& I get to wear a swimsuit,w/o a cover up & a bikini at that! My hubby & son got trunks & my daughter & I got bikinis all in camo to go w/his theme so Im posting my pics wearing it :)

at 21 wks & not much to write.

The pool party was a hit & Im posting a pic of me in the bikini :) we took a family pic so I had to crop it...Also Im still doing the plexus but failed the candida yeast test so started probiotics to rid my body of it to help w/weight loss as well as started a bio cleanse to detox my body & multi vitamin....hoping to see more progress soon! Guess that's about it. No change in body or scars so....until next week...c ya

it didnt post pic w/update :/

here u go

22wks & pics of concerns!

Im a few days late on my weekly updates but been really busy w/kids & summer! I havent complained in a bit but as time goes by & the next ck up draws closer Im getting more annoyed w/my body concerns & the fear that I will once again just be blown off when I try to address them...AGAIN! So I am posting pics so that yall can see that it's not all in my head,proof is in the pictures! Im praying that the dr actually addresses my concerns & is willing & able to fix them before my deadline for him having to do revisions free of charge! Please wish me luck on getting all this handled by Dec....

23wks as of Thurs

a few days late but been super busy! Nothing has changed so not much to say other than I helped my younger sister do a realself page because she is wanting Boobs! Crazy how I chop mine 3 sizes & she wants to up hers a bit. I use to be smaller than her before kids but after we had kids mine grew & hers shrank. I was an E & went to a D,She's an A & wants a B or C...4 girls,2 of us have big boobs,2 have older sister loves that hers are huge...seriously like a I...the youngest doesnt mind that she's like a I guess it's just us two in the middle are the only ones who mind it :/ On another note we finally get to take our summer vacation & will be leaving at noon my next post will be late too :) Have fun ladies....

at the 6 month mark

not much has changed,just waiting for my next appt to see if any revisions will be done....vacation was a blast & we went to my brother's wedding last night....all in all same ol same oh & just living life :)

at the 25wk mark

slowly but surely shrinking back to down....really hoping to be my 8wk weight when I go the 20th for my 6 month ck up...doubt it though :/ but on a better note Im enjoying life,time w/hubby,kids,family,friends...even went to a family reunion today where people could see a change but wasnt sure why :) well except for the family memebers that already knew....well there's not much to say at this time so just posting a few more pics although for some reason the lighting kept looking weird no matter how many pics I took....& I always take them in the same place,weird!!

at 26wks

I am still on plexus but this week I have changed up my workout routine. m-w-f I did treadmill in the a.m & then slim n 6 dvd workout in the p.m. On t-th-sa I did slim n 6 workouts. Today is rest day....1st wk down 2.5lbs so I say yay!! :) week 2 I will be doing a harder,longer dvd routine but still doing treadmill & 2 a day workouts. Hoping to meet my goal by 6wks. I had my youngest sisters baby shower sat & luckily they did tuna sandwiches & chip w/salsa,sodas, I was able to eat the tuna & brought my pink drink of plexus so the only bad thing I ate was cake...cant give up my cake lol. Sat evening we had a swim party & it was pizzza,cupcakes,cookies,sodas....I had a piece of mushroom pizza & my water so wasnt too bad but I did realize how much people have unhealthy foods at events :/ But it did feel good to get to strip down to a bikini & jump in :) Ok I guess that's about it....just living life


still working out & eating healthy,trying to get these last lbs it's hard!!!! Havent lost anything wk 2 which is really pissing me off but hoping Im slimming & toning,maybe building some muscle & I will see a change on the scale soon :/ Idk but posting pics of me in a new pair of jeans....until next time,laters

Im at 7 months today

Im still working out & eating right. I have 3 more weeks before I go back to see the Dr & Im hoping to have the weight off by then but it's not looking likely....I've only lost 1 more lb this wk so in 3 wks I've lost 3.5lbs :/ However my finally hubby made it home & he sd he can see the difference & feel it when he hugs or touches me,sd I feel firmer,that even my booty & legs seem firmer too so thats good. Others have sd they can see a difference so even if I cant I guess thats something....anyways here's more pics of me

Im at 29wks now

Im a little behind on my update but we been having some family issues w/my cousin & w/my ex bro n law so I been kind of busy :( ...anyhoo, im still working out & Im back down to 145. I need to be 139 within the next 2wks before the dr ck up,hoping I'll meet that but been pretty stressed lately so that sure doesnt help! Either way I go back Sept 17th to see if revision is a possiblity. The right side still has me unhappy w/the tummy & the breast. They still seem to be looser & sag. It seems losing weight & working out makes it more noticable for me instead of less so. Hopefully the dr realizes it as well....wish me luck!! I have tried several times to upload my pics but they wont go so I will have to try again later :/

Im at 30wks

as of yesterday & havent lost anymore weight :/ still holding 145...time is running out,but I can say I have lost some inches because my younger sister commented on me looking "thinner" hoping all goes well at my next check up & I can go from there,here are some pics

Im 31wks now

I have a Dr appt tomorrow...& Im dreading it!! I was suppose to be at 139 but Im at 144 :( Im sure the dr will have something to say about it. He keeps telling me to diet,workout,slim up,lose weight....I have busted my ass for a mere 4.2lbs :/ Guess we will c how it goes!! Here's some more pics

Idk how i got my wks off but Im actually at 34wks now :/

Anyways...I went for my appt,finally took time to do a detailed look over & address my concerns. He has agreed on a revision!! I was hoping to have it done in Nov but of course he was already booked up into Dec so I go in on Dec 12th w/ an out patient procedure,about an hour surgery,an hr recovery & then can go home. He is doing lipo on the right side boob that I posted pics about it sagging,on the right waist line so it will be more defined like the left & on my love handles as well as removing extra skin on the right TT scar line where I posted pics about it sagging. I addressed the 2 sagging areas he decided the rest needed to be touched up as well. So...YAY hopefully this will improve everything & as of Dec I will be done! I plan on doing my blog up to 1 full year from the day of my original until Jan 31st...then will be moving forward in life from there :)

Im 35wks now

& not much has changed....just trying to keep up w/eating right & exercise while waiting to have my revision & praying all goes well & I will be done. That's about it...sorry but todays post is gona be short & sweet...laters :)

Im at 36 wks

& weighing 145 at the moment....getting the last amount of lbs off is insanely hard!! I dont have much else to say so here r some pics :)

didnt post 37 wks & will be 38 wks tomorrow

not much has changed. Been super busy planning & doing my daughter's sweet 16 party,selling old furniture,buying new,setting up house,painting walls,etc, so frankly,honestly didnt make much time for eating clean or working out so no lbs lost!! No lbs gained but none lost.....Hubby left for work today & schedule slowed way down so Im doing a freshc start & praying I hit my goal in time....

didnt post 39 or 40 wks & was 41 wks Thurs :)

went to Dr P Tues for my pre-op,went over what will be done during revison,got my pre-op vitamins,prescriptions,supplies,papers,etc. He sd Im seeming more toned so Yay! I ordered Shaun T's T25 & am on wk 2 of it...really liking it & think it's working....SURE HOPE SO!! I have around 4wks to continue working out & toning up b4 surgery because then I have to take 2-3wks off for recovery...again :/ After this I will be done because everything has to be finished within 1 yr & because I refuse to pay more money or go through more surgery or deal w/more pain after this. Once revision is done & I hit my 1 yr mark then my post will probably stop as I start a new chapter of life "post,this journey" :)

Im at 42wks as of today.

Sat will mark 3 wks of doing T25 & I have seen a lil progress. I looked back at my measurements b4 surgery & the last ones I took as of last sat at the 2wk mark of doing T25 & it is crazy how many inches are gone,ESPECIALLY off the tummy! Of course they cut & sucked about 10lbs off but I have gained some weight back so I am down 5lbs as of right anyways here they are**
Before**weight 151 After**146
Neck 13 3/4 -1/4 neck 13 1/2
Left Arm 10 1/2 -0 left arm 10 1/2
Right arm 10 1/2 -0 right arm 10 1/2
Chest 34/breast 42 size E -2 inches 3 sizes chest 34/breastr 40 size D
2in above navel 32 1/2 -1 1/2 2in above navel 31
Navel 36 -4 navel 31
2in below navel 38 -4 2in below navel 34
Hips 39 -0 hips 39
upper left thigh 23 -1 upper left thigh 22
upper right thigh 23 -1 upper right thigh 22
lower left thigh 19 - 1/2 lower left thigh 19
lower right thigh 18 1/2 - 1/2 lower right thigh 18 1/2
left calf 13 1/2 -0 left calf 13 1/2
right calf 13 1/2 -0 right calf 13 1/2
TOTAL of 14 3/4 overall inches!!

ok so measurements didnt post like they should have,hope yall understand them :/

here are a few more pics as of today....hoping the revison helps define my waist more & straightens & flattens the right side of breast & tummy for better results! ok that's it for now....laters!

about 45wks now

Wow I hadn't realized it had been so long since I updated! I totally lost track of time. Well I been eating right & doing my work outs. I did the Rushfit 7 day shred where u do 2 workouts a day a a.m & a p.m workout w/5 meals a day & was feeling pretty til Monday when I did something to my left shoulder which really sucks because I'm left handed. On top of that I was told to do a fleet enema b4 surgery to cleanse & all day my stomach & left kidney has hurt like hell! Praying it goes away soon since my revision is Thurs! Praying all goes well & things look better so I can move forward from this journey. I have to say Im more nervous this time then the initial surgery. I'm scared that my body did so well the 1st time & I got good results that it might not do so well this time & it might make things worse.... Trying not to freak out!!!! Pray these pains & issues go away & pray that surgery goes smooth w/great results!!

had revision on 12/12/13 marking my 45wks exactly

Ended up doing more than was planned! Did lipo to fix the under side right breast where it was sagging by making a hole in my right under scar,lipoed both side of waist lines,both love handles,both sides above the tummy scar as well as cutting,lifting & removing some on the right side of scar where it was sagging. Marked 3 inches but ended up doing the whole side over once he got in there & seen how much extra he had after lipo! Sd I had a thicker fat pad on the right then on the left. I kept telling my hubby,sisters & mom that there was extra there,that I could feel it when I do workouts or bend over .....should've mentioned my thighs,maybe he would've fixed them too!! Sadly its too late now cause I'm done!! No more surgeries & pain!! Now just back to healing time. So I have 6 lipo holes & a 12inch scar!! Just thankful it is still very low like b4!!!

here are a few more pics from my 45 wks & revison after I was abke to shower & clean up a bit

just hoping all heals well & issues are fixed. No sagginess,no lopsided hips,no bumps that dont go away....but it does seem like my navel got pulled a lil to right when tightening :/ We measured from ny neck to crotch down the center of my torso & it runs within that line but still looks a lil to the hubby,kids & sister reassured me that it looks fine....

46wks after makeover & 1 wk after my revision

seems this time around was sooooooo much easier than last time! No being hunched over other than when I first get up to walk & slowly straighten up,no toilet riser,no walker,no crying!! With the makeover I spent 26 days sleeping in the recliner,this time its occasional when I cant sleep or my side starts throbbing or lower back starts aching & I grab the heating pad. The bruising & the swelling is nothing like last time either!! Gonna post some pics of wk 1 so u can see what a difference it is just in the last 7 days!!

lovely!! Pics from 1 wk didnt go in the last up date so putting them in this one


today 12/22/13 marks day 10 & here are some pic

I was able to put on a bodysuit & wear jeans to lunch! Also w/the makeover I couldnt button the top of the garment & the bra was on the last snap,this time the garment snaps all the way up & the bra is on the tightest snap....yay :)

these pics are from Day 14 on Thurs 12/26/13

I seem to be moving along ok. Some of the swelling has went down or disappared but still have some swelling & knots. Went for my massage appt Fri 12/27/13 & she sd I need to bring up the knot on my left hip because it seems to be a bit too hard & concerns her! Sd that she wants me to make sure to get Dr.P to ck it to make sure it's not blood or that my fluid & blood flow are ok. Also I have a burning tingling pain about 2 inches on the right of my navel so gonna ask about it as well...since Im not sure exactly where the lipo tube went wanna make sure it's a normal pain in that area & not an issue. Still not liking the navel looking even more lopsided now so hoing when the swelling goes down it will shift back a lil to be like it has been before revision at least!

I had sd left hip but I meant right hip....on incision where the garment rubs

my bad!! :)

today marks 3wks since revision

Things have gotten better. The burning tingling has lightened up,some more knots have gotten smaller,the swelling is slowing going down as well. Still not liking the look of the belly button....seems offset now :'( also looks like there might b a small dog ear on the left but of course trying to remain calm til all the swelling & knots are gone!! I have another massage therapy appt tomorrow & that should help. I went to a funeral tues & had someone ask me how much smaller was I gonna get because I could blow away...haha I'm not that small 145lb but i'll take the compliment :) here is a pic of me & my family while I'm in the dress I got that & other compliments for. I did feel pretty good in it :)

wk 4 since revision & wk 49 since my makeover

Things are still healing & still getting better. Went to Dr P Tues & he sd the belly button looks off set when swelling is there but that it won't be very off since u have a navel stem that can't be moved, but that sometimes the skin on the outside heals a lil lopsided due to scar tissue but as more swelling goes down it should end up pretty much where it was b4 revision! I hope so!! Gonna post some pics so u can see the knots & the navel to know what I'm talking about :)

wk 5 since revision,wk 50 since makeover

Things are looking better! Most knots are gone, along w/the soreness & swelling. I have 2 more massage therapy appts this month & hopefully they do the trick. I actually was brave & took some "sexy" pics in my new lingerie :) so gonna be ballsy & share them here :/ as well as pics of my scarscar & how it is healing & fading nicely. I wish I would have known about the bioCorneum scar treatment at the time of my makeover because it seems to work better than the treatment I got from the dr but it is helping to fade my old breast n tummy scars as well so hopefully they will fade nicely as the new one seems to be. Guess Thats about it for now....

wk 51 of makeover & wk 6 of revision

Things are coming along well. I still have tidges on my right rib cage,a knot on my right hip & what looks like maybe a small dog ear on the left hip :/ but pretty sure I will just have to deal because I'm not getting knocked out again or paying anymore it is what it is & guess I will just be stuck w/a dog to get these knots gone & I will be fine to move forward & get to wear jeans & workout soon as well! On a good note I got my rib tat :)

1 year since my moomy makeover (52wks....7wks since my revision)

Well here we has been 12 months, 1 whole year since my mommy makeover & 7 wks since my revision!! While it has been a long journey of ups & downs,twists & turns,I am so thankful I was able to finally afford it & glad that I did do this for myself!! I know that no one is perfect,that even a skilled dr cant make you so,they work w/the "canvas" they have put in front of them to do the best of their ability to "rebuild" "makeover" your body to be as close as u once were or sometimes even better. So with all that being said I will say while my body still isnt perfect,it wasnt perfect when I was young & in shape,it damn sure wasnt perfect before starting this journey but it is close enough to perfect for me now :) I met my goals of being comfortable in my own skin,in fitted clothes,in a bikini,in lingerie & naked w/my hubby so anyone who has known me knows what a massive leap that has been because I have always been the skinny girl who covered up til i turned into the fat girl who knew to keep doing so...well now I feel free!! Free to wear what I want & go on w/life in this skin,this body that through all of this I have found a new apprecation for!! As crazy as it may sound or vain,shallow,whatever....this had made me a better person in that I dont harp on my insecurities so much,that Im not so self continous,that I appreciate this body the way I always should have!! Anyways Im posting pics of my scars as of 1 year. As well as how the revision one is coming along & a pic to compare,my body journey....also me at 15 vs me at 35....not bad if I do say so myself :)

I missed last week & posting a lil early this week...(wk53/wk8...& Wk54/wk9)

as my sister has a wedding & so I have been & will be busy for a bit. Not much has changed lately. Mainly no swelling,no more weight gain but sadly no weight loss either. Im sure my birthday lunch at tokyo grill & the slice of my birthday cake w/family didnt help :/ but was soooo worht it for a day,after all you only turn 36 once! :) :) My revision scar is fading nicely & my other old scars are fading a lil more as well thanks to the new scar cream. I still have a knot on my right hip/side area but sadly the massage therapist thinks it might actually be fatty tissue & if so then I guess Im suck w/it just like I am w/the left side now being a lil looser than the right :( because Im not having anymore surgery & damn sure not spending anymore money on this body!! Oh well gonna have to learn to deal & keep reminding myself no one & no body is perfect!!

forgot the pics...

tomorrow marks 55wks since my makeover & 10 wks since my revision.

I was able to start working out again about 2wks ago (2/6/14) it was like starting all over :( my body hurts,Im exhausted....I gained 8lbs not being able to workout even though I have been eating pretty well 95% of the time,so I bought the pure trim shakes & products from awareness life & am hoping they work as well for me as they have for others but to be honest I havent seen a change on the scale yet & I am getting very aggervated!! I go back to the dr on 3/7/14 & really need to be back to the weight I was before my revision since it will be arouned 3 months since surgery & frankily I dont see that being the case :( idk y it has become so hard to maintain or to lose weight & inches but it has!!! MY gyno says because of my hysterectomy & my hormones,well it SUX!!!!!! I do all this healthy,clean eating, healthy products,daily workouts & for what?? see nothing,no benefit,no change...just very discouraging & depressing....I know I need to quit stressing but I always feel like Dr.P wonders if Im really trying or really care to keep the work he has done & I DO I just dont know what exactly I need to do to make it all work for me! Anyways enough of my venting & whining....On a positive note I got to surprise my cousin w/a visit for our bdays (we are both born on the 10th but he's 2 yrs younger,me 36,him 34),my younger sister (32)got married,my hubby's 39th bday is today & he is headed home from working his 14 days :) I will have to post recent pics separately since they are on my cell....

here are my pics-did seprately since they were on my cell

Around 55wks makeover/10wks revision

wow I missed a few weeks! Im at 57 wks & 12wks post revison

hadnt realized I missed that much. Been super busy! My hubby has a mass on his left pec that we had to get a sonagram for to rule out cancer & hopefully it is just dense tissue that can be removed. Go back to the surgeon to see what is next on the 25th. While waiting on that he started haviong vision problems in his right eye. He is usually 20/20...the sd he has an edema,elevation & hemorrhage of the optic nerve so they did an MRI to rule out a tumor or an aneurysm. That all came back clear so now they are think it's a circulation problem & have to run more test! So we are still waiting to go back the 21st to see what's next for that too....His job is sending him home monday to give him 3wks off instead of 2wks to try to get everything handled so we arer keeping a tight nip on the money in case he has to be off even longer....Please pray all goes well,issues are found out ,addressed & fixed!! He is only 39!! As for me w/all the stress I cancelled my appt for today & rescheduled for April because there's just too much going on & Im just way stressed...I have gained another 5lbs in the last 2wks..SO NOT GOOD,NOT GOOD AT ALL!! Definately dont want DrP to think Idgaf but I have alot more to deal w/than eating clean & working out! We literally spent 12 hrs in 2 days dealing w/drs,bloodwork,test....So anyways there's no pics at this time & idk when I will have time to log back on but again please send some prayers,thanks!!

so thurs marks 60wks since my makeover & 15wks since my revision

As for my hubby seem his chest test all came back normal & that it is an overgrowth of tissue so he goes back every 3months for the next yr to ck on it unless it grows or becomes an issue & needs to be surgically removed. As for his eye he has ION Ischemic optic neuropathy. his optic nerve had a mini stroke,it takes up to 3 months to heal & he is suck w/the results because there is no fix & no cure. His good eye & the area in his bad eye that he can see out of is 20/20 so we have to wait & see. Now as for me I am back on track w/eating clean & working out daily. I go back to Dr P 4/22 & hoping to be back where I need to be by then! I have been super busy so no new pic at this time....

Tomorrow marks 66wks since my makeover & 21wks since my revision

Basically I have been super busy....because,well life happens! I had another appt w/Dr.P on 4/22/14 & he was happy w/everything. Told me results were nice,I looked beautiful & to keep up the hard work & good job. SD he will see me back in 1 yr & he took new pics. I seen on his website that he had already added my earlier result pics so idk if he will switch them or what. I have usually posted weekly....up until recently due to my computer having issues & now the fan is out so I am doing this from my cell & praying it works! Basically I see it as this is where my journey on realself ends. All my surgeries are done,I am healed & moving forward in life,w/a whole different & more positive outlook on my body & myself. I would like to say thank you to all who took the time to read my journey,who shared theirs,who answered my questions,who asked me theirs. I was a joy to be part of the realself family for over the past year & I wish everyone the best of luck & happiness ????

had my 2nd & final revision WAY BACK on Jan 5,2015 so I figured it was time for an update!! :)

I haven't been on here to update since May 2014!! So there are photos of my make over journey as well as my 1st revision. However, I have since had a 2nd & final revision back in Jan of 2015 that I never took the time to post about....until now! After a year of working out, healing up, living life,etc I ended up having to go for an in office appt to get a small dog ear on my left hip removed. Frankly because no matter how much I worked out it didnt go away or improve & Dr.P agreed it was best to just cut it off & did so free of charge! Yes,free of charge because he is awesome like that!! So anyways, here are some pics that my sister took while Dr.P had me prepped & marked, when I was cut open, stitched up & as I healed. In the final photo u will see the difference of before & after & as w/everything else, I know it still isnt perfect but is a sure improvement :)

TODAY marks 3yrs!

Today marks 3 yrs since my mommy makeover. I had an extended tummy tuck, a breast lift & reduction & lipo. I had a revision on my right side after a yr to removed extra skin & fat tissue & then a revision on my left side after another yr to remove a small dog ear that wouldn't go away. While my breast were cut from an E to a D & have since grown back to a DD (YES grown back) I can still say I'm all done w/surgeries/revisions & I am still extremely happy w/my end results!! I have since started dressing different, viewing my body different, have found a new appreciation for the skin I am in. I have also added muscle & Ink to this physique haha ;) Here are pics of me over the 3 yrs! In dresses, shorts, leggings, jeans, swimwear, sexy pics as well :) lol. Yep I took alot of pics to keep myself motivated not to screw up my results!! My body & my weight change from time to time & keeping the results is definitely a full time job. I eat clean, workout, lift weights, do lots of crunches & as u will see from the pics u can tell when I would slack vs when I put in the work. For me Dr.P was God sent! He is an amazingly talented surgeon as well as a genuinely nice person who really cares for his patients & their well being. I would recommend him to anyone who wants this body & life changing procedure.

I found Dr. Patronella while researching online. I wanted to make sure I had the perfect Dr. after waiting so long to have this surgery done. After talking on the phone,doing online consults & in person consults with several drs I just knew he was the one for me & thankful my husband felt the same way. I never felt rushed,ignored,or uncomfortable.He was very detailed in answering questions. During evaluations he was through & actted genuinely concerned & interested in my questions & in my care. He has a very caring & qualified staff. I would highly recommend him!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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