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I FINALLY scheduled my Mommy Makeover for June 16....

I FINALLY scheduled my Mommy Makeover for June 16. I chose Dr.Camille Cash in Houston,Tx. I will be having full tummy tuck,lipo on sides,breast lift with small implant. Dr. Cash is the right surgeon for me.
I am busy preparing for surgery day. I appreciate this blog. I have learned so much and will be using some of the suggestions. It is nice to know so many have had similiar journey.
I have started my own blog about the journey.

6 more days until surgery............ugh

I am busy nesting, preparring,cleaning,gathering....just like I did before I had my babies. My To do list is long. I have terrible shin splints from my work out but I plan to keep pushing until the final day.
Anyone else feel this way before your surgery?

No working out,really

I have a love ,hate relationship with working out but mostly love. I mostly love how I feel strong and I test my mind to push harder . Today is my last to work out until I recover. On the positive side,maybe I can go to gym without 2 sports bras.

3rd day post op mommy makeover

Today is better then yesterday ,celebrating this. I'm spending more time in chair,this seems to be helpful without adding pressure to planks that were lipo I wish I could say I don't need meds but that is not the case. I do better taking meds every 5 hours. I am still swollen but know that will improve. I have to take binder off for a few minutes...yes my body says. I am so grateful for all your posts,gives me insight and inspieation.

Items everyone needs for recovery

Day 4 post op mommy makeover.
Everyday is getting better!
A few items that have been helpful for recovery.
1.long tank top that I put under garment. It just feels better against incision lines and lipo areas.
2. Water bottle for bathroom hygene. I used a salad dressing bottle it's perfect with the long nose. Dreadfully I started my period so really trying to wash area with water. Also has given independence in bathroom.
3. Big hair clip
I use this to hold up my drain tubes whole I waddle to bathroom or getting adjusted in bed. I also use to hold up my dress. Hands free!
4. Dresses,maxi,cotten ,dark colors
I find going to bathroom,changing bandage,adjusting garment easier with a dress. I have had some leakage so having a couple handy is good. keeps me motivated

5 days post op feeling better each day

Hang in there ladies, day 2,3,4 were kinda rough. Today I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of my new me. I'm still swollen,taking pain mefs,need help but I'm improving. Hope all of you are as well

Drains removed let the shower begin!

7 days post op mommy makeover. Dr.Cash pleased with my progress and on the right path for recovery. Tubes removed today,slight sting . I still have alot of swelling that is expected but celebrating no more edema. I'm standing straighter,bruising going down, getting off pain meds,energy improving. ....only up from here. I will be taking a shower for the first time post op,I'm expecting to be tired. The body wipes have been good but nothing compares to shower!
I hope everyone is healing and on a healthy path.

Wowzers compression garment

At my first post op appt. 2 lovely ladies squeezed and wrestled me into my compression garment. I instantly felt snug but I could stand straighter. Later I became really uncomfortble with the straps digging in my skin and the top of band so close to breast incision lines. Too solve this I wedged a maxi pad under garment at my breast and 2 round face cleaning pads under the strap closures. I also switched to a 2 inch band vs 1 inch front closure bra. I still dont see 4 weeks in this garment. I live in tx. Known for 100% humidy.
All these helped me,hope it can help you.

Texas Mom to 2 Teens,worked Hard for a Mommy Makeover

I have a great husband, daughters,career but always missing true confidence for my body. I had complicated pregnancy that involved bed rest,gained 70 lbs . I worked with vengeance in the gym and nutrition to loose weight but the skin was still loose on my stomach. I was finally diagnosed with Hashimotto Thyroid which explained the quick weight gain on first pregancy. I soon become pregnant with second,great pregnancy,only gained 22 pounds. The loose skin got worse, so I did years of intense work outs and tried every diet known but no improvement. I had REALLY big babies that I carried very low,both should have been c section but that is another story.
My mommy makeover journey started 18 years ago but I just started to justify it emotionally,physically and financially 2 years ago. I have really felt guilty for spending the money,time and the message my teen daughters would receive about body image. My girls have seen my actions in the gym and nutrition .
Like I said, this has been a long journey.
I finally dedcided I could honestly say I had invested sweat equity to change as much as I could and I needed a mommy make over to complete my dedication. So June 16th is the day and I chose Dr.Camille Cash .

2 weeks post mommy make over

Embrace it! Scar therapy.
Started scar therapy today and my incesions said "ahhhhhhh".
Dr. Cash and staff were great in education and application of embrace scar therapy. I instantly felt a release of tension ,tightness and my incesion hydrated. I will wear this for 2 weeks and then apply another set of embrace. All of us that have invested in a mommy make over emotionally,physically, financially want the end result to be a thin,light,flat scar as possible. Hope all of you are healing well.

3 weeks post mommy make over

Feeling fabulous 3 weeks post mommy make over. The right doctor is crucial to results but also recovery. My bruising was brief for me. I still have some swelling but not much.I never got emotional,sad or down during my recovery. Dr. Camille Cash prepared me for realistic expectations emotionally and physically. When I would talk about getting back to work after 2 weeks or focus on my family,she would gently redirect my type A personality. My energy is improving everyday. I was able to shop,pedicure and lunch out with my daughters today. I still need to adjust my old body image with my new body. Today I kept reaching for thick strap dresses to cover my old big strap bras and things that covered my stomach. I still can't get excited about bathing suit shopping like I have so many posters. I'm more focused on work clothes that are professional,work with Houston heat and my compression garment. I work in outside sales . Im shopping for dresses but not in love with anything I have found. Suggestions welcomed from post mm!

Back to work

I'm a little over a month post surgery and feeling great. I was working from home day 4 post surgery and back to full time outside sales within 2 1/2 weeks. Many of us on are concerned with the time required to recover in order to return to work or family demands.
My doctor used Experel pain mangement during surgery that allowed me to get off pain meds quickly . The surgeons skill set for incesions is a true art and decides recovery time. My incesions are healing beautifully and I couldn't be more happy. I will post pictures of incesions progress soon.



Never thought I would get excited by a scar but I am. I have seen some scary scars from mommy make overs. At first I just focused on not having the excess loose skin but once that was removed and you see your new body's potential, you want a future light and thin scar. I see alot of post regarding incesion scars. There are so many philosophies and scar practice that each doctor has but it's important you trust your doctor'said technique and you have as great attention post surgery. A mommy make over is an investment but so is scar recovery. Dr.Camille Cash uses embrace scar therapy,and her post care is awesome. Looking forward to a even better looking scar!

Wish I had done surgery sooner

I'm 3 months post mommy makeover.
My only regret,is that I didn't do this sooner. I'm back at the gym full time and love that my that body is evolving and changing. I'm still having to work on old habits of buying clothes that camouflaged my stomach. I'm rediscovering clothes in my closet that just fit and look better on me.This surgery has helped my spirit and confidence flourish.
I plan to keep working on being my best self. I hope if you have doubt or questions about a mommy make over,you see my post to help you.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I did 5 consultations and knew Dr.Cash was the right doctor for me. She and her staff were very patcient with all my questions.....and there was alot of questions. I preferred a female surgeon. Dr. Cash great listening skills,bed side manners, empathy,understood my goal to look natural,excellent attention to details. I'm amazed with my results. Thank you Dr. Cash for implementing my vision I have dreamed of for 18 years !

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