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I will be having a Mommy Makeover on December 1st,...

I will be having a Mommy Makeover on December 1st, 2016. I went to multiple surgeons and decided on Dr Steely. He was great from the first time I met him. No other doctor that I met even compared to him. I just had my last pre op appt last week. So excited to get this all done. We decided on a lower body lift (belt lipectomy), lipo of flanks, stomach, lower back and saddlebag area, as well as breast lift and silicone implants. Current weight around 185. Highest weight was around 272 back in 2010. I lost the weight with diet and exercise over a few years and have maintained over the last year and a half. I'm at the point that I need my body to look as good as I feel. I'm tired of grabbing my stomach everyday in the shower and wishing it wasn't there. It's time for me now....

3 more days

I've been trying to not be nervous but I think it's getting the best of me. I had a very emotional day and it seemed nothing could go right. I am trying to finish everything I need to wrap up before going out of work and I also still have to deal with being a single mom of 3 kids. I think reality is hitting that I am going to need help (which I hate asking for). The anticipation is killing me. I just want the surgery to happen.

It's done!

I'm home from the hospital! I am in pain but its tolerable. I can't really tell what I look like yet bc I am all wrapped up. As soon as I can take pictures I will.

Day 2

Just finished my first shower at home. That felt so good. The pain is getting better but definitely sucks. Love what I see so far but I am so swollen. I'll keep updating.

Day 3

The pain gets better each day but honestly it's pretty rough. I have a very high tolerance to pain so I am dealing with it. I am SO glad I stayed overnight in the hospital the first night. I'm
Not sure I how I would have dealt with it had I been home. I still haven't had a bowel movement but I am so scared to when it does happen. I have incisions all the way to my butt crack so I need to be extremely careful when wiping. I'm sure it will happen today. Here is a pic of the morning of and yesterday side by side. The swelling is no

Day 5

Day 5 was yesterday. It gets so much better everyday. Only taking pain meds when needed. Went to my follow up with doc. Everything is healing great. Finally had my first bowel movement yesterday morning. It wasn't too bad. It just took longer than I expected to be able to finally have one. Swelling is still very real. Seems to feel the worst when I am sleeping. The upper outer thighs where I had the lipo are the most swollen. I am very pleased with what I see so far. I'll keep updating and taking pics.

Day 10

I haven't updated in a few days. I went on day 8 and had 2 of my 3 drains removed. Ahhhhhhhh I hated the drains. I will have the last one removed tomorrow. The pain is very manageable. I stopped all pain meds by day 7. Only taking Tylenol at this point. I am still not standing straight. It's very tight. I relived last night that the majority of the tightness seems to be in my upper abdomen and my chest. I have been very slouched with bad posture trying to not put too much tension on it but once I realized by fixing my posture it would help, I started slowly stretching out that way. It's been much better today. I'm still hunched but just by rolling my shoulders back and correcting my posture it's an immediate difference. The progress so far has been amazing. I am so pleased.

Almost 3 months post op. Very happy with the progress.

5 months!

I couldn't be happier. Swelling seems to be gone and I love looking in the mirror. Best decision ever.

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