Full TT, Hernia Repair, Lipo of Flanks, & BA - Houston, TX

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Hi, Im so happy to join this community and have...

Hi, Im so happy to join this community and have the company of others who understand and know why Im doing what I doing! I know no one who has even considered Plastic Surgery, and while Im open to talk about it to others if they ask I too have questions and fears.
I'm a mommy to 5 beautiful children (11, 6, 3, 2, &9 mo.) and we had a miscarriage in-between. MY babies are my life, and I have always put them first. I have decided that since we are done I wanted my old body back, so now I'm doing something for me.
Tha biggest problem is I am terrified of the scars! I know its awful, but I take so much pride in the fact that I have ZERO stretch marks on my tummy and only one tiny mark from a busted vein during the last pregnancy. Now deliberately being cut to repair the internal damage is really toying with my emotions :/
After talking with my OB, I did it. I finally made the decision to go forward and talk to a PS. My OB has been with me through all my births and knows my fear of scars, so he recommended a colleague that specializes in craino facial plastic surgery and moving scars for a better appearance.

I went in a few weeks back and met with Dr Boutros and he and his staff are wonderful. He explained the reason why I cant get my shape back is my stomach muscles have separated 3.5 inches approx. due the pregnancies, also the cause of my umbilical hernia :( While I was there I expressed my desire to regain the fullness in my chest. After nursing 5 kids they are rather deflated and less than appealing with out much volume

So the plans are booked! I m scheduled to have a full TT to repair the muscles, and hernia repair, I choose 400 CC gummy bear implants to replace the lost volume in the chest - which is slightly larger than my fullest point has ever been - he estimates they will be a full C - they currently are about a small 36A, He also provides free lipo of the flanks when doing the TT to give back the waist line and make the hips more flattering.

As the days close in on the procedure Im getting prtty excited and oh so nervous. my Pre Op is only a few days before the surgery, so waiting until then.....

Uploading pre op pics

I have never been a fan of pics of myself I much prefer to be on the other side of the lenses. So here I go hope it works...
As far as stats I'm 30 yrs, about 145, 5 children all natural births.

Profile & placement

Just realizing we decided 400 CC was the right size but didn't discuss profile or placement. I must add tgis to my list of dont forget things to discuss! After reading I'm thinking moderate plus or high profile would fit my frame best. I'm also almost certain under the muscle due to my current lack of natural breast tissue. And if under should I up size to 425cc to achieve the look if 400 expected the muscle to tone down the size a bit? Going for a full C currently 36a . Previously Averaged a very full 36. B while nursing and a small c at my fullest point.

Shopping for supplies

Everyone post use arnica- I've never heard of it before but the reviews are amazing for this stuff! I'm hoping it help me as I seem to bruise with marks that take forever to fade. Ive got both the under toungue tablets and the topical gel in cart
Shopping on Amazon. ;-)

No backing out now - its paid for - sweaty palms

Eeek! Its paid for! I applied for care credit but the approval amount was less than the cost of the procedure and the PS office e only accepts three plans so I decided to split ½ on a 0% for 12 mo CC and ½ on care credit with 14% fin. Over 3 years. Hopefully I will be able to transfer the balance to another 0% offer soon and benefit front he savings

Liquid diet?

My PS hasn't said anything about me needing to take any extra steps prior to the procedure but I have been reading suggested. High protien diets prior to the surgery. Thoughts?


Ok so I have never waxed before, as prep it mist be all gone - no biggie I have always kept things bare via shaving - but I decided to let things go a bit and get waxed instead. Mainly BC there is less up keep afterwards while I'm healing. So any one with any advice? Should I wait until like the day before or do it a week in advance or what? Also any prep to this wax business? Am I going to torture my self and not be able to walk afterwards? Lol idk what I'm getting myself into. But I want to go ahead and book this so any advice is greatly appreciated.

Pre op day

I have been such a ball of nerves lately. Today is pre op and I get ask all those last lil lingering questions and reassurances... so excited so scared


Yesterday was pre op and all went well - I got all colored on as my PS showed me where exactly to expect the scars - then I went in to get the lady bits waxed. I was really shocked at how it was not neatly as painful as I had prepared myself for. Lol I had this vision of being forced down and crying corckadille tears . Haha that imagination of mine ;)

And nerves

As far as my nerves - I just can't sleep - my brain won't shut off - I'm nautious - and I have allergies and can't breathe .... sigh..... all will be good ... tommro is the last day of this me! Last day of looking 3 months pregnant - last dayl of small deflated boobs- last day of the umbilical hernia I got with pregnancy of my son - last day I get see my one and only stretch mark caused by baby #5 - sentimental - lol ;-/


Wow the cleaning seems more excessive than nesting? I'm so worried the laundry won't get washed dishes done food cooked lol 5 kids and I'm a sahm while daddy works he is taking a month off not only to fill mom shoes but adding caring for me .... I just be extra prepared for him. I even bought him tons of oven and microwave food ..... keep telling myself they'll be ok. It'll be fine. So long as the house stands the laundry might all turn pink and they might order pizza hut way more than anyone but it'll be ok .... am I crazy? I'm just freaking out a lil ya know!

Crazy night bef9re surgery

Wow i5has been a whitl wind of an exerience. To start the night before we spent in theER with my toddler . I notmally kepp all drugs up on top of the fridge but with surgery the next day i put what was needed bedside. Well i found the toddler sitting in tge center of an open bottle of tyl3nol. After calling the pedi and po8s8on conteol it turns out if she ate more than 4 she eas toxicso to the er we wenr. Thankfilly she was negative for toxicity but the test showed àlkaline posphate lvls the highesy theyve ever seen....so now to follow up pn that

A stitch busted

One day post op a stitch poped. They steri striped it and all was fine

Drains removed yaya

Drain on removed tuesday drain 2 removed friday!

Wow bruising is almost gone!

My ps was shocked that the bruising is so minimal. Ihad lipo ans was black and blue from my center of back down to the mid thigh and its amazongly almosy gone. Ive use rhe arnica 30x tablets and the topical cream and its only been a week! This stuff rocks!

Hydrocodone = crazy night terrors / nightmarrs?

Ive been alternating valium and hydrocodone / atecetemophine 10/500 all week but the dr wants me awake during the day and sleeping at night so wanted me to switch to just hydro daily and valium nightly. But omg ive been eoken up twice on just hydro crying fratically in my sleep terrifying the kids - for one
Im not staying awake on them 2 the dreams omg out of this world crazy shit. I need to call dr monday and tell hin this just isnt cutti g it!

Compairson pics

Check it out side by side the blue bikini is one wk post op the black is pre op. And im still pretty swolen but wow! Excited to see as the weeks progress and swelling goes down.

New button

Im not quite how sure i feel about the new belly button. Apparentlt my hernia pretty intense and there was bo way to save the old so they had to skin graaft a new one

My dr has uped my walking from 15 min indoors to daily outdoor mail box trip

For those who know me well know i do not wear nor have purchased tenni shoes in many many years as i choose to solely wear flip flops . That said yup those are my feet and now my shoes after a riddicolous amount of time shoe trying on yesterday i finally choose a pair. Additionally today i made my first very slow walk to the mailbox and back ( which is not at the end of my driveway its at the end of the block) the begining of my daily progress in walking as prescribed for recovery - slightly painful but proud

Also i went sports bra shopping for one that opens in the front

Mind you i have never been sports bra shopping before AND i have no idea what size i am since the BA but all i can say is DAMN! Those things look huge! Lol i was so inspired to go buy gym clothes just jist bc i was so pleased with how flipn awsome i looked! Go ahead laugh ive also never been in a gym .. unfortunatelty tho i have come to the conclusiin that a 36c was way too tight and will need a 38 which of course was not in stock. But once again wow! I mean i know they are still high nut they look freaking great! Cant eait to get out shopping again and get some the right size!

This morning marks 2 weeks!

Omg I'm still amazed hubby is taking me shopping today! I'm sure the trip will be short but excited! Oh and time to update my weekly swim suit pic! I still don't know if I love my belly or my boobs better!

Progression pics!


2wk po no collage


1wk po no collage


Scar healing progression .

I made a collage to actually show my TT scar and how it is progressing as it heals


More scar pics from week 1

Arnica os AMAZING

Anica Montana everyone talks about this stuff but I wanted to show you. The tablets are arnica Montana 30x (take 4@ time dissolve under tongue ) and arniflora arnica cream. I started both of these immediately after surgery 4xs a day each. I had liposuction and was bruised from the center of my back Clear down to my upper thighs. Also slightly on my sides. The brushing went away so fast my dr was amazed as was I this stuff is amazing!

Re my hydrocodone exp.

I switched to a lower dosage 5mg hydro 500mg tylenol and am doing much better it manages the pain I can stay awake now and no night mares- I just think the initial dosage of 10 mg was way too high for my body to handle

So wanting not to need pain medication - im just not there yet

Up late taking meds 2wks PO the surgery has gone amazingly well as the recovery -yet I can't wait to no longer need the medication round the clock to manage . They say I will wean at 5wks PO as by then my muscles should have gained a good amount of strength by then and I can start trying motrin at 3 week vs the Vicodin.. not only do I not want to need the medication I also dont want to feel like a mother of a newborn up every 3 hours- just tending to myself ;-/

Today i was slammed with the strangest headache

Mid day I had just taken message maybe 39 min prior and was doing some online shopping and bam it hit me like a brick wall felt almost like a migraine but not - I felt like I was going to throw up the computer hurt my eyes my head throbbing - the kids brought me a trash can just in case and a wet towel to lay on my head then I felt very tired but almost lethargic they brought me a pillow and I jut literally didn't move from the computer chair and slumped over the keyboard. - the hubby seems to think it was a severe caffine withdrawal - since the surgery now 2 weeks I've had nothing carbonitated or with caffine. After about 45 min I was able to move to the couch where I took a nap and awoke feeling fine. It just the strangest headache I've ever had.


Message ^^ supposed to be meds auto correct was way off in this. .a massage tho off tangent sounds like an amazing idea.

My very thoughtful surgeon and his staff

I also have failed to mention my very thoughtful surgeon and his staff had a beautifully bouquet of flowers delivered to my home a few days post surgery. My hubby brought them to show me and then sat them in the counter and forgot to take care of them - considering he is on vacation caring for my 5 kids and being Mr mom washing dishes cleaning house and doing laundry I by no means am upset that the flowers were neglected. I am sad tho that I failed to get a photo while they were thriving. I suppose I could take a pic of their current status for remberance but they really are sad now lol and well I think I'd rather just have the memory of what once was ;)

Do you give your surgeon a gift?

I am a caker and own a home based business and create custom cake art. Www.sweet-designstudio.com. I'm sure drs love gifts as much as I loved the flowers. And I can't wait to have the green light to get back into the kitchen. I was thinking of baking up a batch of chocolate chip cookies mainly for the staff and presenting the PS with a nip tuck sorta inspired cake maybe a nice women's torso with a lil curvurature at the waist some nice boobs and a few incision lines maybe a scalpel? What do you think - over the top? Before I make such decisions ill be sure to ask on my next PO visit if one they will even touch a cake or cookies and feel it out ya know everyone is so I'm on a diet on going green and health nutty these days! - don't get me wrong I have plenty of clientelle and am happy not everyone is anti cake just don't wana make all the effort if they aren't the type to eat a cake and cookies ya know?


Ok ladies shopping for me is like a high for one I love. Good sale so couponing make me happy. I'm by no means extreme but on avg savings 30% on typical groceries. I'm not capable yet of of the massive hour long 5 kid basket full grocery trip. So yesterday I did some online Kohl's shopping for new work out clothes and such for the hubby and I. I know the feeling isn't quite the same online shopping vs actually in store but the savings high is still amazing!!!! I had to return some stiff I had bought pre op NC of guessing wrong sizes and stuff thus I was credited about $89 I spent $115 got back $20 Kohl's cash $10 in Kohl's rewards and about$6 (6% ) going through shop at home cash back (Comping ebates cash back) any who I saved over $330. The hubby got 2 wo shirts I got 2 wo shirts I got 4 yoga pants (those babies were on clearance for $3 down from $36 (wow) and a 3 new wireless bras all part of the $12.99 sale reg $36-$38 ea) and he got 2 wo shorts and I snagged a cute top. Talk ab ut feeling accomplished! I lo e shopping.


I'm aware with stomach surgeries such as gastric bypass and such that you really minimize the amount out food you are physical ally able to eat. However I was unaware that by lacing my stomach muscles back together would have the same effect. I literally eat like a kids portion or less and I eat more frequently. I also feel like. My taste are so sensitive things I used to love two weeks ago I now won't touch. Like hypersensitive taste buds too salty too sweet ....all very new and weired to me. Btw I eat subway daily ....I just like it best so far.

Compression garment

My cg is very much a girttle in nature it has hook and eyes bottom. To top up each side and zippers on top of those. My complaints is that 1 the hook and eye hurts when I ty to lay on my side 2 the zippers pucker as I sit at my legs and its highly uncomfortable. That's said I tried sleeping in a wrap type binder I received after birth of the baby . While much more comfortable it raises and is loose. Thus I went shopping for something w/o snaps hooks or zippers. I ordered one online after trying it on instore. I am hoping it will be a happy medium .....on another note I'm by no means huge 146 #pre op size long large generally. I find it a huge confidence buster that a large did not fit and was labeled 7/8 - wth since when is a 7/8 large - and how must this effect the self esteem of anyone who have to buy "x" anything. I had to get XL just to go over my hips. IMHO this is ridiculous. I'm just sayin'

Wow crazy day!

Today my hubby had a firearms class that was a must attend. That said the first day attempting mommy w all 5 kids alone. At first I thought well be ok my oldest is a huge help and what I can't do she can we'll survive. - wrong! To start last night I was up and down myself with loose stools mind you I've been taking a laxative but it work in 6 hours and I'm done this wad not the case- also I quit my pain killers cold turkey and switched to tylenol/ motrin although. BC should anything g happen while I'm alone I need to br able to drive the kids not under the influence of narcotics - which are known to cause constipation - so maybe that is mu issue thrre- but then 4 of my kids were up and down all night including the oldest running fever complaining of nasuea and sore throat. Come 9 am I have a baby crying, toddlers fighting, a zombie mommy, and a sick non helpful child ;-/ do I call in reinforcements. Yes I call my mom she comes and brings lunch gets them down for naps while I had finally managed to get the baby to sleep.
The day noe looking up u got in a few hours of shut eye and get up and eat around 1 pm and withing about 30 min bam the weirdness hits me again.
The room starts spinning I feel nautious and weak like I'm gona faint. I make to my bed and pass out for three hours straight.
I awake feeling fine again. I start thnking now I fainted a lot when pregnant and am known to have very low blood pressure. While pregnant they encouraged me to eat salt and protein to help. Since the surgery#1 I eat very little and no salt to prevent swelling so could this be the culprit? The hubby also suspects lack of caffine. As I have not had s coke in over three weeks and just stopped cold turkey -
Anyone have any thoughts?

Driving yay! Whohoo!

Eventho my morning yest3rday was awful I felt great when I got back up so I begged the hubby to let me drive he was do opposed but eventually agreed since I hadn't taken any rx all day. I decided to try and take on a lil cake order this weekend and ease back into my norm - turns out the lil order turned huge and I needed a HUGE list if supplies! So I agreeded to take my phone and call if I had any problems and keep him posted. I took one kidding to help me load thing into the basket since I'm not allowed to lift anything yet. Surprisingly it went really well. It was ine if those type stores where the guy walks you to your car and loads all the groceries in for you too. He was so curtious about all the baking supplies and I so grateful I didn't have to do thee work being only 2½ wks PO I tipped him $5 and gave him a business card he even said have a blessed day- made me feel.so good all of it especially the independence and all - mind you over had extreme bed rest with 3 of my pregnancies and now all the ruled that come with this just make independence such a great feeling!


And driving was pretty easy the hardest part was I have lots of back pain from the lipo do turning to visually see yo backput of the parking spot was hard but that's all even the seat belt didn't bother me.

Lets talk SEX

We have 5 kids one miscarriage - clearly our sex life thrives! Funny thing I go out with the Cree and always get asked " are all those yours? " yup and they have the same daddy! Lol not to offend anyone buy round here that seems rare and ppl seemed shocked by my answer - any who trial #1 last wk simple oral it was INTENSE! My stomach muscles were so tight and hard my breast turned from soft to rock hard my nipples so severely sensitive- I cold hardly enjoy- mind you he was so excited I had to stop him several times just to relax - eventually he git me there but slow going worked best e/o the crazy lightning that wasn't comfortable.
Last night we decide to weed through the old lingerie and swim collection we made a trash and keep pile - some of this was f'n hilarious! Others Gawd damn made me feel better than ever before others we didnt make it to and will try again later. Cuz one thing lead to another and well ya know! So first we grief traditional him on top he was weird being too cautious of hurting me or the scar - so switched positions - and wow! While had minimal movement due to pain from the stomach muscled he could go wo worries. It was passionate and enjoyable! Fyi my dr has not released me or approved such activities but wth I'm good he's good and wow. So for those who care to share how was is it? That first time - btw attached a pic of one of the old outfits I'm sure vs and I will fall back in love again. I boycotted since deflation and circurmfrance made it no longer with avalible correct size ti fit but I'm sure they got it now ;)

Ok so called the office

Here's what I got q&a
Q- my TT scar still has minimal scabbing should I Stary the recomendend treatment massage at 3w PO as advised.
A- no wait til all scabbing is gone.

Q- re my fainting headache spells twice now - and I've completely cut salt and caffine from my diet is this related possibly? Also due to history of low BP and fainting during pregnancies and borderline anemic
A- add some salt (ie Gatorade - since I've been w/o salt I don't care for the taste but Gatorade is loaded w salt)
Also I can add some minimal caffine back in (so yay! Can have a coke Evey so often.) * I must incense water intake if adding salt to try to prevent swelling

Q- switching off rx to alt tylenol / motrin safe and ok at this point?
A- yes * but I must still take Valium.and wear strap at night

Q- can the Valium be taken.w they tylenol or mortrin?
A- yes but only tylenol.

Q- can I change compression garments since the book sand eye bother the mess outa me?
A- yup so long as its equally as tight I'm good
also its only required 6w PO nit I can wear longer should I choose.

Q- (after I've already committed the crime -uh hummm) when is sex allowed?
A- 6 wk PO reason increased blood flow can cause problems from internal bleeding to other issues ( so poor hubby now has to wait 3 wks to get lucky again- he'll survive!)

Q- I have zero bruising but my back and sides still have pain why?
A- lipo is aggressive and he could have hit a nerve or still retaining fluid from lipo - I must massage or have someone massage it daily - it will hurt but will heal faster

Q- should I go to a professional to get a massage vs self done?
A- I can and it hurt a lot more but I will heal a lot faster - my choice - her opinion - not nessiscessity she doesn't see the point in spenong the money or adding pain to increase recovery time.

Q- o have what seems to be fishingline type material at the ends of my scars mainly on the right side - will this have to be removed- and what is it?
A - I can cut if I want other is disolvable stitches but will not dissolve outside the body. Otherwise they can remove them for me at my next visit. ( my choice just keep them covered with butterfly closures so not to snag on my clothes and let them do it 1 I don't wana cut myself. 2 I don't wana trim not enough and have short sharp harder to removed if I do t do a good job.

Best and worst day all rolled into one

First I trying to be full-time mommy - I took the oldest mg biggest helper to the pedi - she has tonsillitis ;-( so while she is down it makes life si much more harder for me. I'm happy to be driving but I went to put gas in the van and omg that did it lifting the pump thing seemed incrediblely difficult by the time imade it home I felt horrible.
after about 30 min of down time Its np tine the hobby gets the toddlers and baby down and then grabs me lunch the oldest rx. And has to stop off at the police station to submit smell paperwork ( he's an officer) .
So a but of peace and quite. He makes it home and finds a package at the door step whoo hoo. I love packages ! It was my khols order. I was so excited to try on stuff! First off finding a wireless bra has been challengeng in store - I decided what size I was bases in in store trial and error but lack of optionsled me to online . .
khols is amazing earnings.g Kohl's cash I find fun ans the easiest return policy ever. . So I'm officially a 38 full c! All the wireless bras I got online fit amazingly and they say unblwviable Unh wired ill post a pi. Of the pic the bras are from Warner and on sale for a whopping $12 down from $38 ! And they had $38 yoga pants for a whopping $3.60 hell yeah! O ly 2 shirts didn't fit but otherwise love shopping online ;)
New phone time! Soooo needed this one is crap dies constantly amongst its list of badness that I just hate so we pa k kids up head yo best buy - it was a mad house so we decided to try again tommro when they open.
So re head to Wm I needed something for a cake and then to grab dinner and back home. No sooner for I get my clothes off someone knocks on the door - lol I was so swollen from.being up all day I thought I'd take a breathers unclothed and relax - bit nope my parents drop by bringing food ....lol we gave the kids options of sonic or what they brought and just enjoyed the company. Then to try to stay up to bake * I run a small home bakery making custom cakes ( think cake boss not Walmart) any. Who I'm on lifting restrictions so the hubby had to lift all the bowls and pans pour all the batter - sigh. Up til midnight - si grateful he was here ti help but I'm definatealy doing too much by the time I was done I wad so swollen and actually in pain. I took tylenol and Valium and crashed - unfortunately tho I'm still stuck on this damn med schedule so here I am up can't Aleppo no good reason ;-(

3 wk 1d po pics

Ive had such a busy week - so happy it's over. I took my first cake orders this week " going back to work "- I own sweets & treats design studio- its a home based business- creating custom cakes. it was hell - so tired so much pain my body just isnt ready yet! So ive decided hold off another 3 weeks before my next order.

eeek! something popped!

Omg! This morning the toddlers came into the room and smacked me in my head with the sippy cup asking for milk . I jumped raised my arm up and I heard and felt it . Very rubberband ish. Right under my right boob.
at first I wasnt too concerned bc ive had butterfly closures over the stitch knots that have not disolved. So I was thinking it was just the bandaid - but upon further inspection the bandaid stayed intact. This must have been internal as I have no external stitches under breast.
Im almost 4 wk po tomorrow so hopefully they have healed enough that im a ok. But calling ps first thing as soon as they open! Bc now im worried :/

whew all is a ok!

Omg so I got to really worrying what if the stitches unlace will my boob fall to my belly button? Lol so I gently held it until I made it into the ps office this morning.
She could see and pin point exactly where the stitch popped internally ..but said I was healing fine and nothing would fall! ....whew put my mind at ease!

Also they are officially dropped perfectly and no more valium and strap at night! - I can choose to stay on the valium for my sore back muscles if i choose but its not nessicairy!

And since all my scabs have finally fallen off I got the go ahead to start scar therapy.
My ps wants me to mix equal parts. Silicone scar gel& hydrocortisone cream and mederma and massage the scars daily.

I also had them cut out the fishing line type knotts that were remaining at the end of the scars!

Otherwise all is great!

scar treatment

Ok day one of scar therapy. My ps wants me to mix a concocution equal parts silicone scar gel - mederma- and hydrocortisone and massage twice daily.then shower at night and use a silicone gel scar sheet on all 3 scars over night.. the silicone sheet thing is weird and gummy and just sticks right to you its weird yet I felt protected wearing it. It w a s really easy to get on but felt very weird peeling it off. The massaging cream is very silky. It says you should see improvements by 3 months but I'm thinking much sooner. Cant wait see the puckers smooth and the raised line to flatten...oh my ps gave me the silicone sheet for tt its newgel brand.

boob grabbing and gawking!!!!

Ok I've been very open with the whole experience but where does the line draw?
I went with my hubby to go see one of his friends (female) and she asked if I was touchable - me thinking she wanted to give me a hug or something - WRONG she grabbed my boob - lol ( shocked I stumbled back a step or two speachless. ) I was able to continue the convo but omg!
I mean I was used to random ppl touching my belly while prego but idk how I feel about just randomly grabbing my boob !
The seperate occasion this past saturday a friend came over to pick up her cake order and she said ok I gotta see. She loved them (clothes on but no bra) as I carried the cupcakes to her car she ask her hubby to get out and come look - again- HELLO - she proceeds to tell him she wants her boobs back and is jeallous and he is trying to look but not stare...
.smh I dont mind talking about it or sharing photos but this in person stuff I just dont know....
its a lot to take in im feel like a walking interactive advertisement ....
then in the ps office yesterday the nurse grabs the other nurse to "come see" that nurse grabs the receptionist (who is contemplating the procedure herself 4 kids) to " come see . Then they tell me they are so excited they cant wait for 6 mo and ask if id be willing to let them post 6mo po before and after in the website.
im happy with my results im happy everyone else is happy with them too. Ive just always been so priviate and this is soooo open I just dont know. .....smh.....its definitely an experience

new phone = new camera =

New pic odd angle :) my thighs scream TONE ME but the rest of me is still in shock ! Wow this IS ME ?!?

one month today!

Wow one month! Time flies!
Overview- the first week I was asleep all week- on drugs heavily - in so much pain I could hardly move and had to be waited on hand and foot. And I popped a tt stitch right on the hip bone.
Week two I was chaos as I took my first cake order due on the 3rd which was just past my 3 wk point - but my head didn't do the math not realizing I would be working during 2wk recovery period. ... my body was screaming go lay down ...my head saying youll get through this .....
my3rd week was just relaxing. Lots of online shopping and I stopped all rx but I poped an internal stitch under the boob.
now on week 4 im still waking up in pain at night not use a to not having the muscle relaxers at night and my sides kill me.
Also the hubby went back to work so my first week as a full time mommy of 5. This has been challenging since im still on lifting restrictions and cant even pick up the baby. Thank god my oldest is such a help.
I challenged the store with all 5 once 20 min and I was ready for a nap....otherwise driving good, feeling good, minor pain that tylenol and motrin can handel. I still start hunched and as I walk I slowly erect to upright. Im feeling great just still wish I could sneak a nap in every now and then ;)
I still start the day the skinniest and as the day progresses my belly swells.
this week I also started scar treatment.
I have a feeling this scar is going to look amazing and to think it was my greatest fear ...I apply (massage the scar 2xs daily) an equal mixture of hydrocortisone, mederma, & silicone scar gel .then shower nightly and use silicone sheets over the scars all night.
As far as the results im in love with myself ;) the best $12000 ive ever spent
over the moon happy

chest pain?

I w a s shopping on ebay this morning just laying in bed and my hand started tingling and feeling numb (like when your leg falls asleep?) and so I readjusted and sat up and then shooting stabbing pain dead center of my chest clear through to my back. I got up and started breathing heavy short tears falling from eyes.... my hubby had gone down the street to grab breakfast..one of the kids heard me and came to see what was wrong...I could barely describe what was going on .... he didn't know what do with me when he got home...he held me and within about 5 mins it was over. My hand felt normal my chest still had a dull constant pressure but no more pain..... very strange.....ive read ppl have pressure and discomfort from the implants when you first get them . But I have had nothing until now.... any tuoughts?

5 weeks today

5 weeks po - feeling great - I still have a very swolen & sensative spot in the upper abdomen I can feel the stitching (scar) under the skin as I begin to massage deeper.
I have been wearing the silicone scar sheets at night and massaging with my scar therapy cream 2xs daily. the scar is responding already.
I tried on my old jean but I'm still too swollen to button them and they sit right on the hip bone and are too tight painfull pressure in the scar. So I will continue to wear yoga pants -
All of my online shopping has arrived and im loving it cant wait to actually try stuff on before I buy it ;)

6 weeks

Whats happened in the past week ???The dr gave the "all clear" this week (on tue). ...specific instructions to the hubby "stay away with sharp objects, otherwise your good to go" smh lol anyways lifting the kids (my baby will 11 months is a beast at estimated 25+ lbs..) baking ect all a "go". I am to continue scar therapy for at least another 6 months then re evaluate the effectiveness. The chest pain I had again shorter but still painfull this time it felt more as if my muscle was trying to relax? When the pain stopped the center of the left chest felt very soft not tense and hard like the right....Idk the dr doesnt seem concerned but does say eventho they have dropped my muscles are high in the center of my chest and continue massage outward and down... I go back in 4 1/2 months...wow. crazy no?
So far im very sore - muscles in the tummy area and hips sides .... so ive been taking aleive . Orherwise im feeling great. Trying to get last min school supplies and prepare for open house etc. Get a cake ready for pick up.
Ahh the joys of being a stay at home mom/ small business owner.
oh and last week the hubby got promoted yeah! Exciting. Unfortunately that mean his shift changes back to nights and he moved to a new assignment ;/ but at least he gets to learn something new and a raise ;) other non related stuff the 2yr old's visit to the hemotologist was rough she once again didn't bleed and had to be stuck twice and now they want a new ultrasound trying to get to the bottom of her weird medical anamonalies....sigh hoping and praying for positive news.
Thats about it for the week.... happy healing.

blue jeans falling off

Ok so dont laugh ....I never imagined weight loss...I was unhappy looking 3 months pregnant, but ive weighed about148 for quite awhile....I was surprised when i found out my baby belly was due to seperated muscles..so I know going in my belly would look flatter but I had little extra skin and didnt expect weight loss from the surgery...I got on a scale and im down 10pounds ...wow I was shocked!
So I also decided it time to try on jeans (been waring yoga pants since surgery)...I hadnt before now bc my scar sits right on my hip bones and was afraid the jeans would be too tight and irritate it. But they litterally were falling off .... guess I need to find some shopping time ;)

wiggily scar

Also wanted to note that my scar that ince was a stright line is now wiggling all over the place...the ends of the scar near on my hip bones has dropped alot and the center is all wavy as it too is dropping and moving. ...

wishfull thinking jeans fit!!!!

HAPPY DAY;)Did you ever keep that one pair of jeans for wishfull thinking? I did- it sat in the back of the closet...size 7 (juniors) from 579....havent worn a 7 since my first pregnancy when I was 20!So if your wondering ....yes ...despite the first week of hell...the chaos my house experienced while recovering. ...the busting stitches. ..and all...YES id have the surgery again in a heartbeat!

8 weeks

This week I've had several sharp tail ends of stitches bust through the outer layer of skin. Cutting them is tricky trying to juggle tweezers in one hand and scissors in the other ...Needless to say I knicked myself ;/ I dont know if id I mentioned before- my upper thighs (really high top of leg) and lower belly are still numb. Weird bc none of the procedures had anything to do with my legs. I have feeling but not normal ....hopefully complete feeling will return soon. Otherwise since restriction have been lifted- ive noticed low back pain when standing for long periods ...idk if I just need to be re acclimated to standing or maybe my body is adjusting to balancing its new porportions?
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Boutros and his staff are beyond welcoming and Listen to what complaints I had to address. He is honest in his opinions and suggestions and Im excited to see the final results. He made art of me I love the results unfortunately he was called away during my initial consult so I scores a star lower there but otherwise A+ amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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