TT, Lipo of Arms, Upper/Lower Back & Inner Thighs - Houston, TX

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Eeeeeek, so for the last 2.5 years I've been a...

Eeeeeek, so for the last 2.5 years I've been a silent observer watching as many others have gone through their awesome transitions and I'm excited to share my own!

I'm 37, mother of 3, 5'2", 145 lbs and will back my review up with picures soon as those will provide proof of the validity of my review and (hopefully) display some fantastic end results because others pictures is what helped me make my decision.

After several years of researching different doctor's profiles online, reviewing pictures and people's experiences, I narrowed my visits to 4 consultations: Dr. Vitenas, Dr. Steely, Dr. Caravino, and Dr. Basu.

First, I'd like to say they are all well known and I respect each of them and their work.

The only experience worth mentioning- other than the doctor I choose which I'll disclose shortly- is a negative one.

My visit with Dr. Vitenas wasn't very pleasant. The office is beautiful and clean, the staff was professional, and while Dr. Vitenas is extremely knowledgeable, he made several comments that made me extremely discouraged and I left feeling more insecure than when I arrived. For example, when I asked recovery time of arm lipo, he responded "that would be the least of your worries" (ouch). When I said I felt the 2 set if implants he recommended appeared larger than I wanted, his response was something like "I'm not forcing you to do anything" (ummm ok), lastly the quote provided was almost 27k for TT, lipo of upper/lower back and inner thighs (ummm is anyone else getting the feeling he wasn't feeling compatible with me either? lol).

This may have been "an off day" for him, or maybe he's so busy, he can pick and choose his clients, and I wasn't "chosen"... Regardless, I cannot tell you how terrible I felt. I'm sharing this portion of my experience because I was so discouraged that I almost gave up but ladies, if this happens to you... MOVE ON. There are too many great doctors available for you not to keep searching for one that makes you feel comfortable, appreciated, and like YOU matter. Yes, I may have been lucky to have Dr. Vitenas as my surgeon, but I wanted a surgeon with awesome credentials that also seemed excited to work on me. And each of you deserves that too.

With that being said, I chose Dr. Steely. I immediately felt secure with his staff and with Dr. Steely. The visit wasn't rushed and he took the time to understand my concerns and then explained various options with no fluff. I left with a renewed faith in continuing my journey.

Fast forward 2 consults later and I returned last week to Dr. Steely to reserve my surgery for Tuesday October 13 (yes, this Tuesday coming- eeeeeek).

Alright, sorry for the novel. Time for bed. I'll keep you posted. Good night!


Did anyone else go through a nesting phase before surgery? I am washing clothes, cleaning the floors, organizing my kids shoes, I removed my acrylic nails, debating on cutting my hair... what is going on??? It's like I'm ready for a new me, including cleaning out the old junk that I've put off. Maybe it is parallel to being ready for a lifestyle change; less clutter, less baggage. I don't know, maybe I'm all by myself there, lol.

I had my pre-op blood work yesterday. Things are getting more real. Exciting!

Before Pictures

I can't believe I'm posting these, but here it goes.


Emotionally, I'm excited and ready for surgery tomorrow. Physically my back is completely knotted with stress knots and aunt flo has decided to come two weeks early! According to the staff this is super common, so ladies one more thing to possibly expect... and don't forget only Tylenol and no tampons allowed (good times).

Aside from my meds, ointments, and Mederma, I bought Depends, a shower seat, and I rented a medical bed. This way I don't have to buy/throw away granny panties or kill myself trying to the toilet. The shower seat was only $22 and will allow me to sit in case I get woosey and it's adjustable so I can stand without using ab muscles. And the bed was SO reasonably priced ($200 for 2 weeks) and will allow me to adjust my position for greater comfort and a tad more flexibility. It came with sheets that don't seep through, so I won't risk soiling my bed (lol).

If anyone has any last minute suggestions, I'm all ears!


OMG, i just got my first peak, and all I can say is WOW, my doctor rocks! Here's my first peek, can you believe that this is me SWOLLEN!! Amazing!

If you have multiple surgeries and have the option, stay overnight at the hospital! Having the nurses and medicine at the press of a button and the catheter was HEAVEN!

Got to go for now, medicine is kicking in.

Post Op Day 2

I had written a few words of today's experience and lost it when the page refreshed, and now meds are hitting so quick recap:
Today is better than yesterday. Most reviews say days 1-3 are the worst so I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Yesterday and this a.m. was rough! but I'm forcing myself to get up and walk around every 2-3 hours because if I don't everything tightens up making moving around way worse.

Even with the swelling, things look great!

Yesterday was a ROUGH one

Let's start with the positive: Everything is looking great! On Monday, my stitches and my drains were removed, which I'm so happy about because I would drop those bad boys often, causing crazy pain so yes, I'm a happy camper!

Tuesday was a whole different story ... Emotionally I broke down. I believe it came on due to the combination of not having had BM since last Tues, which my doctor said may be due to the medication, so I had not taken them in almost 48 hours, along with my inner arms and thighs having the worst burning sensation, and the final straw came when I swelled up so bad that my skin felt like it couldn't hold it making me feel claustrophobic and hot in my garment until I finally broke down and CRIED! After a good cry, I took my meds, slipped a few ice packs under my arms and between my legs, and took a much needed nap.

And when I awoke, the swelling had reduced, I felt like a million dollars, AND and I had a BM!! So the day ended great after all.

Updated pictures

Oh my goodness, round 6 attempt to upload my pictures. Fingers crossed that it will finally work.

Ok, now without the garmet

These were taken last night, with the same bathing suit as my before pictures. I'm excited because things look great even though I'm still very swollen.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Steely and his staff has been phenomenal from the beginning. I called many times with various questions and even elected to hold off on the BA a few days before surgery. Even then, there was no pressure or any sense of being a burden. They truly are an amazing group of individuals.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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