39, 5 Kids, Getting BA with 375/400cc Silicone, TT with Muscle and Hernia Repair and Hip/butt Lift - Houston, TX

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Hi Realselfers! I'm a 39 year old mother of 5...

Hi Realselfers! I'm a 39 year old mother of 5 beautiful kids, ages from 13, 11, 7, 4 & 2. I'm 5'9" and 155lbs with a barely there 36B cup. I have been reading so many amazing updates, it really gives me comfort in knowing how happy so many of you are post-MM.

When we got pregnant with my 4th I told my husband I would be getting a MM. Then we got a big surprise with our sweet 5th baby. He's a joy! Now that he's 2, I'm on a mission to get ME back.
I am 2 weeks away from surgery day and it can't come fast enough. I have moments of being overly anxious, then I'll get a very calm feeling. I'm just ready to get past all the waiting and get on my road to recovery. I feel like I'm getting more and more disgusted by my stomach and hips every day. I just keep thinking about how I will look & feel 6 months down the road and I can't stand to look at myself with all this extra skin anymore ;)
I walk/jog regularly, but get frustrated easily when my stomach just gets more and more saggy. So, I usually keep about 10 extra pounds on so it's not so wrinkly. But, really, is more fat better than saggy skin??? Who knows...I'd rather not think about it and just make it go away!!
Like many of the other moms on here, I'm getting a BA (400/425cc), TT with muscle and hernia repair and I'm also getting a hip/buttock lift. I knew that if he stopped the incision at my hips I wouldn't be happy because I have lots of loose skin/fats pockets around my hips. So, at his suggestion, I'm having him take care of it all at the same time. I know it will make my recovery a little more intense, but I'd rather do it now than have to think about another surgery/recovery later.

I am sending my husband and 3 oldest kids away for the first 5 days post surgery, and my mom is coming in town to take care of me and the 2 little ones. Hopefully this will work out the best for everyone. My hubby gets queasy easily, so he wouldn't be much help anyway with the drains and all.

It's getting really real!!! Yesterday, I started my VitaMedica Recovery Support program that my doc gave me.

2 weeks til the big day.

Can't wait!!!

7 day countdown...

So, I'm officially 7 days away from surgery. I'm having a very calm feeling at this moment. I'm just ready. I think the only thing I have concerns with are my boobs. Am I going too big with 400/425?? I keep looking at others with similar height/weight measurements to compare. But, it's hard to really know. So I just keep looking at this pic of me with the sizers in. They seem just right in this pic, but then again my gut is in this pic. Wondering if my boobs will look bigger without the gut. Doc says they'll be a Full C/small D, which I think is just right for my height.

I've been taking my vitamins the doc gave me this week. I've rented a lift recliner which will be delivered the day before surgery. I have my shower seat, female urinal, and walker ready to go. I bought a handheld sprayer to easily wash my hair in the sink if needed. I have all my Rx's, cough drops, Chapstick, constipation meds, Flushable wipes, face wipes, etc. ready to go. I've even made a spreadsheet for my mom to use for keeping track of all my meds. I've made a few meals for the freezer my kids will eat, so my mom doesn't have to deal with that. I've made some low sodium soup and it's in the freezer, ready to thaw when I need it. I made some yummy egg white cups with veggies that will be good breakfast protein. Got some smoothie packs in freezer to just put in blender add coconut water and blend....I could go on and on.

Needless to say I'm prepared!!! Just counting down the days and trying to keep my eye on the prize!! 6 months down the road I'll be feeling great, and looking fantastic!! Tick tock, tick tock ;)

Here are my current measurements:
1) Across Nipples: 35 1/2
2) Under breast: 31 3/4
3) At belly button: 35 1/2
4) Upper Hip: 41
5) Lower Hip: 40 1/2
Hopefully these will help me get a realistic idea of where I am afterwards, for comparison.

Trying photos again

Last try...


So I have 6 days till surgery and for some reason I've been VERY lazy in the last couple weeks. I mean, usually I get up and walk the dog for about 45 min, and now I cut it short so I can get home and check out Realself!! What?? I'm spending WAY too much time on this site. It's helpful seeing others go before me, but I'm already losing muscle from sitting in the couch all the time. I'll have time for that next week!
Anyone feeling lazy before surgery??? I mean, I have zero motivation right now!

Almost time...

Tomorrow is my big day! I'm ready for this change. Here are some other attractive views...sorry lol ;)
I also got my recliner delivered today, my new home for the next week, then I have wedge pillows for the bed.
Good luck to all the other beautiful ladies who are going in tomorrow!! See you on the FLAT side!!!

Starting to feel better

I made it to the FLAT side!!!! I'm not gonna lie, yesterday was pretty rough. But, I got a good night sleep and I feel much better today so far. I haven't gotten a good peek yet, though I should today since my doctor is having a home nurse visit me today. I am supposed to shower before she gets here. That makes me a little nervous since this binder is making me feel very secure.
I'll post pics later when I get some.
Hope everyone else is doing well.

PO Day 3

Today was an eventful day, to say the least. I woke up feeling great. I are breakfast then went to the restroom (still no BM, but not uncomfortable yet). Guess who decided to pay me a visit 2 weeks early....that's right, Aunt Flo!!! I got my freaking period and not a light one either. So that brought my mood and my energy level down a notch. So I rested, got over it and felt better.

I've had lots of itching today which means things are healing, good news.

Got my second shower today which feels very good but oh so exhausting. And, my mom and I can't seem to get the binder on as well as the nurse did yesterday at the home visit...or maybe I'm just itchy and can't get comfy.

Yesterday, the nurse told me to start breast massages 6 times a day. Feels good while doing them. They look bigger in pics than in real life. I'm loving them!

I'm definitely going to like my shape when all is said and done.

Hope everyone is healing well!! Have a great night sleep, I know I will ;)

PO Day 5

Holy BM!!!! Y'all don't need all the details, just know it was a doozy!

I went to the doctor this morning, got my drains out (woohoo!) and I no longer have to wear my binder with all that padding. They gave me 2 CG's that go from my knees to just below my breast and holy moly is it tight!! He also gave me a Rx for an anti-inflammatatory, the hubs will bring home later.
Today has been my best day so far, but not gonna overdue it so I'm relaxing in my recliner again.
Happy healing!!

PO Day 8

Here are a few updates from PO Day 8:
-Slept in my bed last night, not the best night sleep as I sweat in my CG, ended up turning on my side somehow. Wanted a 2nd Xanax half way through the night, but thought better of it. Happy to back in bed next to the Hubs. I sure missed laying next to him!!
-Walked 1/2 on treadmill yesterday (per PS instrux I should be doing it twice a day starting PO day 7...started with once to see how it goes). Today I'm going for twice!
-Standing straighter, back hurting less. But takes a few minutes to loosen up if I've been sitting for a while.
-Love my Boobs!!
-Love my new shape!!
-Hate my CG from doc....I sweat like a pig in it and it's too tight around my ribs. Can't pee in it bc it gets on the cut-out for that area. And it digs into my hips which are the most tender area of my body...whew, feels good to vent! Trying not to complain around family, since I asked for this ;)

Hope everyone is healing well and happy with their results! I'll post pics soon, I'm giddy with how everything is looking!!

2 weeks PO

2 week post op, 2 days late:

I'm feeling great! I've been able to do my regular grocery store runs, head to the mall with my daughter and take family walks around the neighborhood. I'm standing straight and my boobs are starting to drop and feel softer. It doesn't hurt to cough or sneeze anymore.
I'm getting used to my new shape and it'll probably take me a while before I feel comfortable with it....don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT! It's just so different, that I feel like I'm still a little self conscious if I wear something tighter. (Plus my hubby wants me wearing granny clothes until we get the go ahead to start having sex again-hahaha!!!)

I'm sleeping in my bed, although I'm surrounded by pillows so that when I turn to my side I can be comfortable with a pillow between my knees and boobs.
All in all, I am extremely happy!
My tummy and breast scars are healing very nicely. They've had a special clear mesh-type tape over them since surgery day and I haven't had to touch or mess with them at all. The scar around my backside didn't have that tape, my doc doesn't use it there because it tends to roll up and doesn't work well there. So I've been having to clean that scar twice daily. It has a couple of sensitive spots that didn't like the steri-strips. Since they got agitated, my doc has me doing a wet to dry dressing over them. So I soak a gauze strip in Saline and cover the incision line, then cover the wet gauze with dry gauze and tape into place. It's a process!
I'm out of my first CG that clipped and zipped up the sides. I'm now into one I just pull up and I feel like Houdini trying to get it on and off around the wet to dry dressing.. .lol!
Hope everyone else is feeling well ;)

3 weeks PO

Wow! I can't believe I'm already 3 weeks PO. My how time flies.

I went to the doc Tuesday for an unexpected check up. When changing out my wet-to-dry dressing on my lower body lift incision Monday, I thought it looked infected and also it started bleeding. Let me just say, I was scared!! I took pics and sent to doc's nurse, she immediately got back to me and said it looks OK but wanted me to come in just to clean it up. When I went in, thankfully all was good and bleeding actually means that it's getting good blood flow, and I had most likely just pulled off a scab. Phew!!!
While there, the nurse removed some stitches and the tape under my breasts and I got an ear plug for my belly button.
I'm actually glad I got the extra appt, just for confidence that I'm doing everything right.
Oh I almost forgot....I also learned that because I have Allergan implants I get Free Botox for me and a friend...whoop whoop!!!! Been thinking about doing it anyway, so now that it's free I'm going for it!!
Wednesday, I went in for my complimentary massage appointment at the docs office. Ahhhhhhh!!! Such a nice treat! I scheduled another massage appt for next week and my complimentary microdermabrasion appt too. I'll be an all around new woman by the time I completely heal.

Happy healing everyone ;)

4 weeks PO

Can't believe a month has already gone by. I am extremely happy with my results so far, I think I have the best doctor ever!
Im down 8lbs. from my pre-op weight and it's only getting better!!

My TT and BA incisions are healing nicely and my breasts are dropping and getting softer...love them!!

The only hiccup in my recovery is the LBL incision that has a bit of necrosis. But I'm being patient and the doctor said that once it's healed he will do a revision to clean it up to be consistent with the other incisions. Glad he brought it up and I didn't even have to ask. I'm just being patient and positive with the healing in that area.
All in all, everything is great! Hope everyone else is doing well too!

Loving everything about Dr. Patronella and his office staff! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

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